Union High Rugby Festival 2017 – featuring Grey College

Grey College 1st XV and their 2nd XV Cherries will be back at the Union High School Rugby Festival in Graaff-Reinet in the Eastern Cape for a second year running. The Cherries have two potentially interesting contests lined up but its bound to be one-way traffic for the 1sts who could quite easily rack up a lot of points during this festival. 

A1 01/04/2017 Camps Bay High School Linkside High School
A2 01/04/2017 Hoërskool Andrew Rabie Winterberg Hoër Landbou Skool
A3 01/04/2017 Grey Bloem Cherries Swartland
A4 01/04/2017 Gill College Hoërskool Grens
A5 01/04/2017 Hoërskool Volkskool Pearson High School
A6 01/04/2017 Hoërskool Charlie Hofmeyr Grey High School Unicorns
A7 01/04/2017 Grey College Stirling High School
A8 01/04/2017 Union High School Cambridge High School
B1 01/04/2017 Muir College Westering
B2 01/04/2017 Paarl Gim Daisies Grens 2nd
A1 03/04/2017 Paarl Gim Daisies Grey Unicorns
A2 03/04/2017 Grey Cherries Grens
A3 03/04/2017 Grey College Muir College
A4 03/04/2017 Gill College Cambridge
A5 03/04/2017 Pearson Swartland
A6 03/04/2017 Westering Camps Bay
A7 03/04/2017 Volkskool Stirling
A8 03/04/2017 UHS Charlie Hofmeyr
B1 03/04/2017 Grens 2nd Andrew Rabie
B2 03/04/2017 Winterberg Linkside


  1. @Queenian: @Hustle: I reckon Stirling will do better than they did last year. They’ll still get a massive score nonetheless. I am worried about Muir. But they’re a school known for guts so they may just do better than what the papers expect them to do.
    But you’re right Hustle – the boys must just participate and have fun. Run around like you’re playing “shadow” when you have the ball, tackle like you’re playing “open gates” when you’re defending. Get out of there with a story to tell your grandkids one day.

  2. and just to clarify – lower tier = schools that done beat Grey Bloem year in and out.

  3. Hope the boys have some fun here as well. :wink: If I were from a lower tier school would be great to say that played against grey and scored – just participate :wink: .

  4. @Queenian: Saw that Muir prop last year he’s a monster well at least it will be a learning curve for the boys. I see Muir have basically there whole backline back but surely there forwards will battle this year as most were in grade 12 last year. And the Under 16 group last year were really weak.

    But good move by Muir putting Gert Van Wyk as coach I really rate him had a chat to him a few months ago and he recon 2019 will be a good year for Muir so he wants to build towards that.

    Went past Queens the other day and they really seem to have the making’s of a really good team.

  5. @beet: Also the one centre will be away due to cricket commitments which will rob the game of a mouth watering encounter between the great pair of Grey Bloem center’s and Tole and this kid.

    Great Pity

  6. @beet: @beet: Muir going to have a hard time here as 3 of there front line players will be overseas during this period. Real tough day at the office I think, pack will face there biggest challenge of there lives with the prop/lock not there both potential Craven week players.

  7. Now that Grey is out of Easter Festival rugby I would really like them to join the Noord-Suid, a festival that seems to be a perfect fit for them.

    I have a feeling this will be a year to get really excited about Grey’s prospect. This team has the backline elements of their unbeaten teams of recent times. When Grey has a good centre pairing like this year’s combo they seem unstoppable. Still the whole team has to gel though and overcome tough obstacles, so a long road ahead.

    Even if the schools at Union can match Grey in the setpieces and tighter phases, I can’t see them coping with the high tempo helped on by quality handling. Even well organised school defences are just not geared to match high speed execution attacks. Players/teams only really start to get their faster reacting D systems sorted out by u21 level.

  8. @BOG: Yip agree with you there was original talk of GCB not going to this but going down to Queenstown to play a warm up game against QC which would have included all the age group side which I would think would have been a much better test for them for the pre-season.

    Ye agree Muir with only 353 boys in the Senior School will be stretched to be competitive against GCB lucky its only 20 min a side games. They have a couple of very good backline players but forwards will be to light, there biggest plus I think is there new coach who did wonders with there Under 15’s last year same chap who nearly beat Boshaai with Union a few years ago. But ye GCB by 40+ at least.

  9. @Queenian: Muir has a long rugby tradition, but are they at the same level as years ago? Even so, I think that even now, they are substantially stronger than Stirling- generally speaking. The latter is probably the weakest team in EL, or am I wrong? Perhaps they embarked on a major recruitment drive since last year? Im surprised that Queens is not involved, because this would have been an ideal opportunity to match GCB and QC, a widely anticipated and exciting prospect.

  10. @BOG: Don’t under estimate Muir might turn out a bit less than a 100 points.

    Anyway last time Grey played Muir was in 1966 which landed up in a 3 all draw.

  11. No disrespect, but last year when GCB played Stirling, the score was around 100, having stopped the game early. And if my memory serves me correctly, there was a serious injury to a Stirling boy. Just my opinion, but this is a mismatch of note. :?:


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