SBR Fixtures & Results – week ending 08/03/2014

Mon 03/03/14 Vryheid 0 57 Kearsney
Wed 05/03/14 Pionier 10 35 Kearsney
Sat 08/03/14 Paul Roos 42 17 San Isidro (Arg)
Fri 07/03/14 Voortrekker (Pmb) Greytown Voortrekker Night Series
Sat 08/03/14 George Campbell 13 18 Port Natal
Sat 08/03/14 DHS 45 7 KZN Development
Sat 08/03/14 Maritzburg College 38 17 Saral Cilliers Wartburg Festival
Sat 08/03/14 Westville 38 3 Clifton Wartburg Festival
Sat 08/03/14 Dale 53 0 De Vos Malan
Sat 08/03/14 Gill 14 45 Brandwag (Uitenhage)
Sat 08/03/14 Nico Malan 19 12 Oudtshoorn Gill College Sports Day
Sat 08/03/14 Noord-Kaap 27 16 Marlow
Sat 08/03/14 Grey College 53 0 Potch Gim Fichardtpark Sports Day
Sat 08/03/14 Jim Fouche 34 22 Voortrekker (Beth) Fichardtpark Sports Day
Sat 08/03/14 St Andrew’s (FS) 19 29 Union Fichardtpark Sports Day
Sat 08/03/14 Sentraal (FS) 25 23 Hentie Cilliers Fichardtpark Sports Day
Sat 08/03/14 Fichardtpark 35 16 Grens Fichardtpark Sports Day
Sat 08/03/14 Louis Botha 16 13 Diamantveld Fichardtpark Sports Day
Sat 08/03/14 Duineveld 10 3 Welkom Gim Fichardtpark Sports Day
Sat 08/03/14 Rustenburg 20 22 Klerksdorp Tuks-Reeks
Sat 08/03/14 Marais Viljoen 3 30 Kempton Park
Sat 08/03/14 Florida 20 20 Die Anker
Sat 08/03/14 Montana 22 7 Standerton
Sat 08/03/14 Middelburg 49 7 Hoogenhout
Sat 08/03/14 Vereeniging Gim HTS Middelburg Tuks-Reeks
Sat 08/03/14 EG Jansen Centurion Tuks-Reeks – postponed
Sat 08/03/14 Ermelo Pietersburg Tuks-Reeks
Sat 08/03/14 Eldoraigne Transvalia Tuks-Reeks
Sat 08/03/14 Helpmekaar Menlopark
Sat 08/03/14 Ben Vorster Nelspruit Cancelled due to wet field

PREVIEW BEFORE WEEKEND: A major highlight of this weekend’s rugby is the kickoff of the Noordvaal region’s Tuks-Reeks Super 16. Elsewhere in the highveld region, friendlies as they like to call their non-cup matches, provide opportunities to measure the strength of the likes of Nellies, Kempies and Menlopark. The Eastern Cape also gets things going with a King Williams Town derby featuring Dale and De Vos Malan. There’s also some good rugby in stall at the Gill College Sports Day where Marlow, Nico Malan, Die Brandwag and Noord-Kaap will be in action. Grey College are expected to field a team that bearing a close resemblance to their first choice for 2014 at the Fichardtpark Sports Day. In the Western Cape another powerhouse with high expectations, Paul Roos will give their enthusiastic support base an idea of what’s to come this season. In KZN, Port Natal and George Campbell are bound to find themselves involved in another closely matched encounter following their Night Series game from a few weeks back which ended 8-0 to Porties.


  1. It is raining cats and dogs in Tswanetoria. With most schools not being able to have trails due to waterlogged pitches, I don’t think there would be much rugby played this coming weekend in the Noordvaal. :-x

  2. @Pinotage: Westville involved in the final. A couple of 1st team players might be included for selection for the 1st rugby team.

  3. @BOG: Only the Grey 1st team still involved in cricket. They will compete for the National T20 title from 14 to 16 March in Pretoria. No potential first team rugby guys involved.

  4. Beet queens are playing grens, dale play hudson and selborne play Stirling at16
    .00.rovers beat welkom 85 zip, 3 eastern cape boys in rovers side.2 selborne old boys and 1 dale old boy

  5. Just for the record, I am told that the Grey side played as a GCB XV. The athletes and cricketers have not yet been drawn into the fold. So, I gather, very much a trial phase still. The matches on Saturday were played 30 minutes each half.

  6. @star: No Sophie’s choice at all, National Baseball Champs or Rugga vs an arch rival….no brainer! Glenwood should soften Westville up for Kearsney the weekend after…

  7. @ Beet-I can’t help it if I have superb dress sense and standards and that Westville is great at so many sports. :lol: But rest assured the boys are keen to come back and sort K out on the 22nd.I believe it is a compulsory even though it is a long weekend. Such is the nature of true derbies.

  8. @star: Par for the course I’d say. I seem to recall you running to Dubai last time out when you couldn’t pick an outfit for Old Westviltonians day. I think you used cricket as an excuse back then as well. :mrgreen:

  9. @star: Tedder and Visser. 2012,2013 for Tedder and 2013 for Visser. Very close u16 game,lost by Kearsney at the death. They have the desire,will they have the know how? Very interesting.

  10. @Beet- just pulling about proving a point :roll: Let us just say the boys will be up for the challenge. The one big difference between the 2012 and 2014 K teams is the number of boys that would have tasted victory against Westville. I would be surprised if there was one in the 2014 team at any level. Now that could cut either way ie lack of winning culture against the desire to redress the balance.
    The Westville 1st cricket side is playing at the 20/20 nationals on the same weekend as the GW game. Talk about Sophies choice for me. :roll:

  11. @beet: Agree. Some serious size in that side and if they can get enough ball, will be a challenge to any side on the day. Bashford will make sure that they are ready come game day-the first game on the “NEW” Stott and first home fixture for the 2014 KC team. I expect a few spectators from ‘House to make a turn to see how this team is shaping up.

  12. Northwood had a warm-up run against Crusaders u19 yesterday evening and by all accounts things went really well for Northwood. It seems like the boys looked sharp and played creative expansive rugby, a feature that was missing from their 2013 performances. They don’t have much depth but if they can keep their starting 15 fit, it looks like they will have the ability to give a few schools in the KZN Top 6, if I can call it that, a run for their money

  13. @star: Ja sorry I used a bit of vagueness to hide part of my own confidence as a supporter, which is my belief that Kearsney will beat Northwood in their opening game on the Stott, a week ahead of the Highways derby.

    The Kearsney 2010 season was a disappointment in that on paper they looked like a decent team but that somehow seldom showed itself in the way they played their games. I’m not so sure about the Wvl 2010 team’s resolve “to prove a point”. I witnessed a good team with cohesion defeat a team that looked undercooked and struggled on defence. If I recall College also put 30 past Kearsney a week or two later that year. Perhaps a better example was Westville holding out to win by 3 points the following year thanks to some big D against a Kearsney team that looked more ability than their own.

    Fortunately Kearsney broke this losing streak against Westville with a very convincing win in 2012 so a bit of pressure off the 2014 boys in that regard.

  14. @star: I think it will be a close run thing with a try here and there separating the 2. I do think that Westville will miss Jordan Martin’s influence but it is going to be a cracker.
    As I have said in the past, there are no easy games this year and have always said that the 3 to beat are College,Glenwood and Westville, in that order.

    The clash on the 22nd will be close and no clear cut winner here.

  15. @ Beet- yes Kearsney should have some belief going into the match against Westville but remember what happened the last time Kearsney played them on an open weekend.(2010) To lose by 33 points was indicative of a resolve by the Griffon which might be brought about by the desire to prove a point. :mrgreen: I am glad Buffel does not mention Westville as teams that Kearsney is not expected to beat .No pressure on the homeboys then.

  16. @beet: Hi Beet. The EG vs. Centurion game has been postponed until 8 April.
    This means EG Jansen will have 8 games and 2 provincial trails between 8 April and 30 April.
    This include Kearsney festival, Wildeklawer and the Tuks QF and SF.

  17. @burra: No I hear you loud and clear. And definitely not arguing against the desire of the Campbell team to win the game either

  18. @beet: Im not saying it will be a tough encourter what im saying is my money is on my team of choice.

    looking at Saturdays weather forecast looks like it will be a clear day hopefully thats what we’ll get.

  19. @kcob: You had to be there to appreciate the passion. These boys played for each other and it is nice to go into the regular season with confidence. You cannot underestimate the opposition and if one goes on pre season results, this team has a better record than the ” Best team Kearsney has produced”. Please don’t underestimate them. It may be early days but this is no typical Kearsney side. It has metal and will turn a few heads in the process. I am not saying we will beat the likes of College and Glenwood but will give it a damn good try- excuse the pun.

  20. @Mike, @Buffel I dont think one can read into the Kearsney preseason matches. The side is green. It has two stayers from last year, and has a new Head Coach. I think the side will be the typical Kearsney 1st XV, as last year was the best side Kearsney have ever produced. I look forward to watching them; however I think the traditional ‘monster opposition’ will be too strong for them. I would not underestimate schools like DHS, St Charles, Northwood, Saints – they going to be tough fixtures. Remember Buffel; we all like to win; but more importantly its how we win or lose that makes them great men!

    Ah, and the beer tastes better in rugby season, I am pretty sure of this!

  21. @burra: There is no such thing as easy in this PN vs GC fixture, so I’m looking forward to a tough game. Hopefully the weather plays along.

  22. @Mike: Hi Mike. As far as I know it is a full Kearsney squad that has been rotated over the last few days. Just 2 injuries that I am aware of 1 looseforward and 1 wing cum scrumhalf. I think within that squad many of the starting players pick themselves with just a few possies up for grabs.

    Having watched the 3 big state schools in KZN, I don’t think anyone can read too much into Kearsney’s very pleasing preseason prep until they come up against the bigger, faster, more physical schools. The good thing is KC should have quite a bit of self-confidence before the first of these challenges against Westville on 22/03 and this match should adequately prepare them for what Grey PE has to offer. So although they have a few difficult fixtures ahead, it’s a nice break into the season for Kearsney. I think there are a few other schools that wish they could ease into things like this as well but don’t have that luxury.

  23. The Campbell vs Porties game will be very interesting. kick off at 12h50. My money is obviously on Campbell to take it this time :mrgreen:

  24. Kearsney were in good form and should carry this into the 2014 regular season that kicks off on the 15th against Northwood at home. The highlight for me was how the forwards performed in the set pieces and got good ,clean ball for the big backs to do their thing. Pionier were no push over but with discipline the boys shined putting 35 points past them in the process.

  25. Beet any information regarding fixtures and venue for Border Schools Rugby Day scheduled for 15 th March. Thanks

  26. Beet how close to full strength is the Kearsney team that has played the last two games ?

  27. Especially looking forward to the following games: Eldoraine vs Transvalia, Jansies vs Centurion. Would give a good indication of the school strength in the NV the coming season. The Lowveld “derby” between the up and coming Ben Vorster and the giant slayers from the Bushveld, Hoerskool Nelspruit, also interesting.
    Predictions-Tuks reeks: HTS over Vereeniging Gim, Klerksdorp over Rustenburg (to keep Andre T of my back :mrgreen: ), Jansies over Centurion, Pietersburg over Ermelo, Transvalia over Eldoraine and Kempies over Marais Viljoen 8)

  28. Sal rerig exiting wees om te sien hoe hulle vaar… n paar goeie games vir die week!!

  29. Helpmekaar Kollege dalk die nuwe rugby skool om dop the hou. As hulle rugby kan koers kry soos hul atletiek opgetel het laaste 2 jaar, dan gaan daar groot dinge gebeur. Helpmekaar nou die nr 1 atletiek skool in land bo Monument, Affies, Menlopark, Kempton park en Garsfontein. Sal hul rugby bietjie fyn dophou..


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