Independent Schools Week 2012

The ISRF kicks off at Penryn School near Nelpruit today. Five Kwazulu-Natal schools  are participating. They are Clifton (Durban), Hilton, Kearsney, Michaelhouse and Thomas More.


DAY 1 – 04 July 2012
Michaelhouse 57 13 St Stithians
St Johns 14 13 St Andrews (Bloem)
Uplands 24 10 Thomas More
Clifton 37 19 CBC Bulawayo
Hilton 26 14 St Benedicts
St Andrews (G’town) 42 5 St Davids
Woodridge 44 26 Penryn
St Albans 38 9 Kearsney
DAY 2 – 05 July 2012
St Andrews (Bloem) 22 0 Thomas More
Michaelhouse 62 26 St Davids
St Andrews (G’town) 52 20 Kearsney
Hilton 31 7 St Albans
St Johns 22 17 Uplands
Clifton 13 9 Woodridge
CBC Bulawayo 34 22 Penryn
DAY 3 – 07 July 2012
Thomas More 22 18 CBC Bulawayo
Michaelhouse 45 19 St Albans
Clifton 13 12 Uplands
St Johns 27 15 Kearsney
Woodridge 11 10 St Davids
St Andrews (G’town) 40 7 St Benedicts
Hilton 27 10 St Stithians
St Andrews (Bloem) 34 11 Penryn





  1. Hilton, Kearsney and MHS all have understrength teams at this festival, so it could be an interesting few days,

  2. Kearsney’s team consists of gr.11 and gr.10 players minus the boys who are at Craven Week, in the UK on cricket tour or part of the choir tour to the USA. So they will be in for 3 really tough days but will hopefully gain good experience out of the event and enjoy being 1st team representatives as well.

  3. @beet – as pedantic says would be very interesting to see the KC team at this tournament (as an indicator of the 2013 year) including the Craven Week boys, Tristan Tedder and any of the boys on the Choir Tour that are in Gr10 or 11.

  4. It seems that St Albans will play all the top KZN schools and so will be interesting from a form line perspective. St Albans have already beaten KC 38-9. MHS have recorded a big win of St Stithians 57-13 who will also be playing Hilton. We will get some indication of the strength of these schools for 2013.

  5. @star
    Nah KC will be way stronger than what they are showing here,many of their stayers aren’t around so this festival won’t tell us anything about them.

  6. I don’t know about KC but as there are only about 4 Grade 12s in the MHS team their performances are very encouraging for 2013. I think they will have the most potent front row in KZN which will give them plenty of front foot ball. Against expectation I feel they will be in the mix again next year for KZN honors.

  7. @star: Who are the returning MHS props? I rate Whitting, believing he might be contender for best scrummager in KZN this year.

  8. In addition to Chris Whiting, Cian Grendon and Cameron Holenstein who is immense.

  9. I find it very strange that you can have a school week at the same time as all the provincial weeks. You cannot even have a genuine grade 11 team or future 1st team.

    Star: I know Khuswayo and I cannot believe that he will still be U19 next year? Hopefully he has always just looked older than other boys.

  10. ALL Black-Khuswayo was at the CW trials and so presume has been checked out. Some people say I look like I am 30 so looks can be deceiving.
    MHS rounded off their week with another comfortable victory over St Albans 45-19. They will definitely be one to watch for next year. I think the 2013 KZN season will follow a very similar pattern to 2012 where there was joustling for position right to the end. The differential will be that “big” win away from home.

  11. Star, level with us. It”s those botox injections that make you look 30 right? :twisted: :mrgreen:

  12. Beet, I am sure it is more to do with those genes which we have discussed before. If I had the injections I would be a bit worried about the tongue in my cheek.

  13. I had no doubt that a “weakend” Michaelhouse & Hilton would still have the better of other schools at this tourny – results so far have proved this

  14. These results have dampened Kearsney’s great season a little even if the Kearsney side was more like a 3rd’s/4th’s they still played as ‘Kearsney’. Playing this tournament in the middle of Craven, Grant Khomo and Academy weeks was not very bright. It definitely played into the weaker schools hands as they would have been at virtual full strength with only a couple of provincial reps. If it’s seen as a developmental type tournament preparing for 2013 then fine BUT St Johns etc who were quite weak this year can now claim a big scalp and the year book won’t say it was a significantly weaked Kearsney side. If I was a Kearsney Old Boy I would be slightly irritated……

  15. KC should have gone down to this fest as Kearsney “Invitational team” same as Glenwood did when they played in Port Natal NIte series & played in chappie wrappers kit – maybe KC should have played in 2nd team jersys – too late now
    but at least us blokes in KZN know how strong KC are

  16. This tournament can’t count as games towards rankings et al. Everyone knows that KC had a very junior team there. Their coach is not even present with him being the CW coach.

  17. It does irritate me and the players on the season. It’s a crazy tourney to go to, with hugely under strengthh side. The result willbe reflected in the year book, and would irritate me too! The boys should go a “Stayers” and possible wear a “Stayers Strip” .heard a couple youngers guys saying, cool, we have a three 2012 caps…but this is not right!!!

    Irritated old boy.

  18. @grasshopper

    Only Matt Reece Edwards did, and he played fly half. I think there may have been one or two guys who played one or two games this year, but no, mainly stayers.


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