Non-school fees payers contribute to the demise of Dale Junior

A very worrying financial dilemma at Dale Junior in Qonce (King William’s Town) has grabbed far-reaching attention.

It should also be concerning for rugby development on a national scale because Dale plays a vital role in giving a high number of Xhosa-speaking youngsters their first proper taste of the sport and serves as nurturing ground, providing a foundation for skill development, teamwork, and a passion for rugby.

For many schools, outside financial support often goes hand-in-hand with the confidence backers have that their funding will achieve the intended objectives, be it short, medium or long-term. Without the internal and external sources of funds or other economic resources to cover the costs of the coaching, the equipment, the facilities, the gear and travel arrangements, there is a good chance that the current net provided by Dale Junior to catch talent would be lost forever. Since there isn’t a viable replacement for Dale Junior in the region, odds are that many young rugby players would either not have an opportunity to play and an even greater one that those with potential would not be able to develop at a rate and to a level that opens up meaningful high school rugby related opportunities.


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    #10 RuggaFreak

    @Ystervark (Comment #4)
    Saw a letter confirming this, he is off to Northwood.

    11 March, 2024 at 20:47
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    #9 beet

    @Wyvern (Comment #8)
    Anywhere around, support often goes hand-in-hand with a level of confidence. Until OB’s are satisfied that their school is being run at an acceptable level or improving, they pretty much have concerns that their contributions won’t have the desired effect or they harbour worse concerns.

    4 March, 2024 at 10:23
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    #8 Wyvern

    @beet (Comment #7)
    This is incredibly sad to hear. I struggle to see how Dale Junior (and possibly also the College in the future) can recover from this without old boy support. Any old Dalians with insight on what’s being done to rally the old boys???

    4 March, 2024 at 03:55
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    #7 beet

    The Dale Junior troubles seem to have hit on more hard times. A school letter dated 02 March 2024 has been circulated regarding the intimidation of potential SGB candidates.

    3 March, 2024 at 19:42
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    #6 RuggaFreak

    @Ystervark (Comment #4)
    That is huge and a big blow for DC however I don’t blame him, his kids deserve to be in a quality
    environment too and sadly Dale doesn’t offer that.

    26 February, 2024 at 18:29
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    #5 RuggaFreak

    @Grasshopper (Comment #3)
    Last time I checked Dale College was a Sport Focus school with the Department Of Sport
    promising the school funds for bursaries etc, I don’t know what happened to that. Parents at DJ see the school as means of free education and exposure for their sons to get bursaries at KZN schools, Dale is on its deathbed unfortunately

    26 February, 2024 at 18:27
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    #4 Ystervark

    @RuggaFreak (Comment #2)
    Heard whispers he is done at the end of the term and off to a school in KZN.

    25 February, 2024 at 21:18
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    #3 Grasshopper

    Sad times, a once great school and rugby factory, in ruins. The government should have seen this as the source of future Boks, especially POC Boks, and pumped money into the school. I fear it will fall apart altogether. Same with other Gov schools across the country where old boys are not engaged.

    25 February, 2024 at 09:58
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    #2 RuggaFreak


    Sad times indeed, Beet. The issues at Dale Jnr and College are many, however this is nothing but a domino effect and I blame former Dale College rector Mike Eddy and his leadership group that was at the helm in the 2000s and 2010s. Eddy ran Dale College down from a facility point of view there was absolutely no developments and the schools infrastructure crumbled, academics were in dire straits with Dale recording around 40 odd % Batchelor pass rates and 70 odd pass rate. I also blame the Old Boys of the College, Dale also had an dysfunctional old boys system and Old Boys were not putting in time and money into the schools which further hindered developments. I blame the parents too however I do believe because of the way Dale has been ran the parents over some time lost respect for the school hence the non payment of fees which is very wrong. With Garsh Shaw at the helm there have been improvements at the school but the school grounds still remain an eyesore(He has so many things to fix I feel for him) and this up to the old boys to engage with the school and pump in money or else Garth Shaw sooner rather than later will pack it up and take a post elsewhere. Dale as a school is in trouble and it needs quick action from its stakeholders!
    24 February, 2024 at 12:15
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    #1 Smallies

    Wanneer ouers nie betrokke is by die skool nie gebeur sulke goed…Daai absent ouers wat jy NOOIT by die skool sien nie ,en dan bitch hulle die meeste ,veral as hulle bloedjie kak aanjaag en gestraf moet word.Dis gewoonlik ook hulle wat koerante toe hol as iets hulle nie pas nie….maar dan is hulle skoolgeld twee jaar agterstallig…..

    24 February, 2024 at 08:46

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