100m sprint rugby boys catch the eye at the Curro Podium Athletics Meet

Several known rugby boys were in action at the Curro Podium athletics event held by Curro Hazeldean at the Pilditch Stadium, Pretoria on Saturday, 17 February 2024.

Christian Cullen-like SA Schools rugby 2023 flyer Cheswill Jooste is no stranger to the highlights reel. He picked up the pace over the second 50m to cruise to victory in his heat in 10.74s.
Durbanville, who will take part at NMI Toyota Noord-Suid and the Grey High Festival this year, had two 1st XV rugby players in the Top 15 times – Ruvan van der Westhuizen and Dale Martin.
Dean Hall-like Pieter Moller of Helpmekaar was probably the most impressive. The powerfully built youngster who played mainly on the wing for Helpies during 2023 but also helped out at flank ( and can play outside centre), ran a sub 11-second time. Not bad for a unit of his size who during December was playing rugby against top school age-group teams from the England, Ireland and Wales in Thailand.
Tian Aucamp, the Kempies 1st XV dangerman already has a big reputation in the Noordvaal Cup Plate as he can finish from anywhere on the park.

1 Karabo Letebele Grey College 10.54s
2 Cheswell Jooste Noordheuwel 10.74s
3 Watson Magwenzi KES 10.78s
4 Titus Venter Affies 10.80s
5 Omphile Rathebe KES 10.92s
6 Ruvan van der Westhuizen Durbanville 10.93s
7 Pieter Moller Helpmekaar 10.96s
8 Wade Samuels Tygerberg 11.02s
9 Andre De Wit Affies 11.14s
10 Bophelo Letlape Prestige 11.17s
11 Louw Smit Paul Roos 11.21s
12 Dale Martin Durbanville 11.28s
13 Tian Aukamp Kempton Park 11.29s
14 Lean Janse Van Rensburg Hans Moore 11.30s
15 Mo-Eeck Abrahams Paarl Gim 11.32s

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    #13 Grasshopper

    From the archive written by WAF Hortop ‘Toppy’; In 1984 three players – Swanepoel, BG Smith and Baronet were selected for Natal Schools. Swanepoel was the first Glenwood pupil to captain the side since Aylward in 1965. It was a great scrummaging side but lacked height in the lineouts. The backline was built around Baronet’s attacking ability. Seldom has a schoolboy caused so much panic in an opposition backline. The manner in which he carved holes in the DHS defence will always be remembered. The victory, incidentally, was the eighth consecutive win in as many years. BG ‘Big Red’ Smith is probably the biggest schoolboy ever to play for Glenwood. At 17 years he stood 6foot4 and weighed 108kg (240lbs)…how times have changed….

    24 February, 2024 at 11:20
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    #12 Smallies

    @Rainier (Comment #11)
    Hy was hondvinnig gewees….

    23 February, 2024 at 16:05
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    #11 Rainier

    @Smallies (Comment #10)

    Played rugby with him.

    The mal rooinek used to try and Lomu over his opponents instead of just running around them – drove the coach crazy.

    23 February, 2024 at 09:16
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    #10 Smallies

    @beet (Comment #9)
    Glen Elfrink

    22 February, 2024 at 16:51
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    #9 beet

    @Middies pa (Comment #8)
    I remember Riaan Dempers. He posted exceptional 200m times at a young age. I think his hammies didn’t last. Another young talent was Jannie Viljoen.

    22 February, 2024 at 15:53
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    #8 Middies pa

    @Grasshopper (Comment #7)
    It was on a heavy grass track but with proper spikes. I had a look at standing records and Riaan Dempers name is still all over the show.

    22 February, 2024 at 11:21
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    #7 Grasshopper

    @Middies pa (Comment #6)
    I bet all on a track with proper spikes. Those are quick times. Glenwood school record is 10.64 in like 1988 and was on grass. If he had run track it would have been lower..

    21 February, 2024 at 16:30
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    #6 Middies pa

    Interesting at the TWK Highveld Interhigh at Heidelberg the u/17 boys showed some exceptional pace. The first 5 boys came in under 11 seconds with the winner 10.69. The winner of the u/19 100m race would only have got a 4th place if they had to race the u/17’s. The first 4 guys all ran faster than the 5th guy in the table above. We will have to wait and see if these speedsters will be utilised in their respective 1st rugby teams.

    21 February, 2024 at 09:04
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    #5 Grasshopper

    @Henkies (Comment #4)
    Hey Henks, long time. Ja, agree. Back in the 90s the whole 3rd term was dedicated to athletics and I loved those times. I got colours for Athletics, discus and shotput. I was at Glenwood when we won 5 D&D’s in a row and dominated athletics in KZN, we did have some superstars. I think we won the double in 94, Swimming and Athletics. How times have changed. We came stone last in the recent galas, where DHS pushed Ville for 1st. DHS only 5 years ago was stone last too, so it shows they getting swimmers from DPHS etc. I can’t see this changing for Glenwood unless we get a La Marque type back to attract the swimmers. In the 90s we practiced properly and for hours. Peacock practiced every day, his 2,17m high jump record will stand forever I think. Lucky Hadebe’s 1,500m, 3,000m, 800m will also stand forever. Walsh at Westville did like 14m in triple jump. My favourite was the Richard Kelly at College vs Barret Pardey at Glenwood shot-put battles, both close to 17m! Both muscular and big units playing prop at 1st team level, Richard playing SA schools in 95. The open boys now don’t even get 14m. DHS were always there or thereabouts but I never remember any stand-out performances. Jason Bird at Glenwood was a tiny fella, he must have thrown around 60m for javelin. Rudi de Vry in discus…..Ryan Renaud also a 2m high jumper. Fun times, especially the Pentagular with KES, College, DHS, Glenwood and PBHS…

    20 February, 2024 at 18:58
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    #4 Henkies

    @Grasshopper (Comment #3)
    Yes Grassy I think athletes like Quinn and Baronet were exceptions. Quinn went on to compete for SA in the Olympics if I’m not mistaken. I still think these are exceptional times for schoolboys. I do agree with you on field events like high jump,javelin,shot put. You would think these events would see continuous improvements from the 90s as the boys are so much bigger now as we have seen with the incràease in size of rugby players. I’m not sure if there have been continuous improvements in athletics as we have seen in rugby. I get the feeling that rugby has become the be all and end all of school sport and perhaps athletics has become less important.

    20 February, 2024 at 17:26
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    #3 Grasshopper

    @beet (Comment #2)
    Yep, he was gifted. There were many over the years, Matthew Quinn at Pinetown, Atilla Dudas at Glenwood, Patrick Winter at Westville. They all sort of made decent level rugby but focused on athletics. Baronet was just good at everything. I do find the athletics results, distances & times are nowhere near to where they were in the 90s. I mean Tyrone Peacock at Glenwood jumped 2.10cm in u16 high jump, they barely get 1.80 now…

    19 February, 2024 at 21:33
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    #2 beet

    @Grasshopper (Comment #1)
    Baronet was a gifted sprinter. I can’t remember if he specialised in the 400m? I was at Kings Park one day for an athletics meeting and saw him effortlessly beat his school rivals in the 100m. I think Greg Beukes of DHS was one of those he competed against.
    I’m a complete novice at following the school athletics but a few things I picked up.
    A few of the kids specialise in other events and just use these alternative races to prepare further. I think a lot of them realise that to be a star after your schooldays means you have to be able to post exceptional times in an event.
    The serious athletes are building towards a goal of peaking at the right time in the season.
    They have heats so seldom do top contenders end up running against each other to inspire better times. It’s more of a personal battle against the clock and elements.
    The kid who won the Boys u17 100m ran a time of something like 10.43s I think.

    19 February, 2024 at 12:54
  13. avatar
    #1 Grasshopper

    To think Dennis Baronet at Glenwood ran 10.64 on grass in the 80s, these times seem pedestrian…

    19 February, 2024 at 00:57

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