New Zealand recognition for Global Top 20

The NextGenXV website’s efforts to unite the schoolboy rugby communities from around the world are starting to gain good traction. Their carefully considered Global Top 20 gained increased publicity in New Zealand via an article in the leading publication, The New Zealand Herald.

Traditionally Saffas have come to believe that their South African schoolboy rugby circuit is the strongest in the world. It’s often been an opinion that this strength translates to having the strongest 1st XV’s. However the Global Rankings suggest that a greater concentration of talent within a handful of elite schools in other countries with far fewer competitive schools, puts them right up there amongst the best in the world and able to hold their own against the best SA has to offer.

Schools Rugby: 2023 Global Top 20 | The best 20 1st XVs of 2023

NextGenXV’s Global Top 20 for 2023

1 (5) Grey College South Africa
2 Harrow England
3 Sacred Heart New Zealand
4 Kings Parramatta Australia
5 (19) Garsfontein South Africa
6 (20) Westlake Boys New Zealand
7 (14) St Michael’s College Ireland
8 (3) Paarl Gim South Africa
9 Kirkham Grammar England
10 (7) Nudgee College Australia
11 (4) Hamilton Boys New Zealand
12 Gonzaga Ireland
13 St Kentigern New Zealand
14 Outeniqua South Africa
15 (6) Blackrock College Ireland
16 Southland Boys New Zealand
17 Boland Landbou South Africa
18 Waverley College Australia
19 Ipswich School England
20 Llandovery College Wales
(1) Millfield School England
(2) Barker College Australia
(8) Paarl Boys’ High South Africa
(9) St Peter’s Auckland New Zealand
(10) Sedbergh School England
(11) St Joseph’s Hunters Hill Australia
(12) Affies South Africa
(13) Napier Boys New Zealand
(15) Clifton College England
(16) Anglican Church Grammar Australia
(17) Monument South Africa
(18) Rotorua New Zealand

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