Tony Stoops written into Stellenberg history books

Retired Western Cape schoolboy rugby patron Tony Stoops has received an honorable mention by Stellenberg as the man who coined the term “Jade Brigade”.

Tony, a Bishops old boy and former school teacher, was also the co-founder of the recently renamed Tony Stoops Rugby Festival, which opened the door for many players at lesser known Cape schools to enjoy the experience of participating in a rugby festival. The festival now caters for other sports as well.

Tony said “I was there several times before I hit on the name. There is no story. I was just sitting with Duppie and the alliteration/assonance struck me out of the blue.” Duppie being Pierre Du Preez, the long-serving teacher, who is the Head of Rugby and serves as 1st XV manager.

Since the Stellenberg main rugby field still does not have a name, how about “Minkipark” in honour of the school’s most famous alumni Minki van der Westhuizen?

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    #2 beet

    @Kantman (Comment #1)
    Stellenberg plays Nories and Affies at NS and then Garsies and Jansies at WK.
    Garsfontein plays Oakdale and HJS at NS and then Stellies and GCB at WK.

    Those are both seriously tough festival fixture lists.

    14 November, 2023 at 22:04
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    #1 Kantman

    On a side-note. Why would Stellenberg play Garsfontein at both Noord-Suid and Wildeklawer. Source is the schedule published on Ruggas for Garsies season.

    13 November, 2023 at 20:26

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