Awesome action in KZN

There are three matches on in KwaZulu-Natal that are bound to draw a lot of interest.

At Van Heerden’s field in Essenwood, Durban High School will battle it out with Westville in a match which could go a long way to determining who ends as the number two school in the province. Westville are licking their wounds after a heavy defeat to Hilton last weekend and so they should not need too much motivation to put up a good show. Expect to witness a lot more focused determination to retain the ball and do something positive with it from the Highways school. DHS’s scrumming is a highlight package all on its own this season. If there was a national running for this, they would surely be Top 5 in the land. By comparison their lineout work has left much to be desired. With the latter proving so crucial in setting up attacking platforms, if the hosts can get it sorted out, it will up their odds of winning considerably.

At Riverside, Clifton College from Morningside have arguably their best chance of making history when they take on Kearsney from Botha’s Hill. Day school Clifton, who have never beaten Kearsney has produced a decent set of results this season and the formbook of late shows that their margins are comparable with those of One-Stripes, to the extent that they should be in-it-to-win-it. They will however be competing against a near full-strength visiting team in Maroon. Kearsney will once again give a lot up front in all phases of forward play but it is the lacklustre backline play that has plagued their rugby for too long, that holds them back a lot of the time.

If you enjoy schoolboy rugby and you are new to KZN, for the ultimate experience, it is highly recommended that you either attend a Hilton versus Michaelhouse match or go to Maritzburg College on Reunion Day. It is the latter on Saturday and there has not been one since 2019, so all that can be said is good luck to the driver of car arriving a few minutes before the main game kickoff. Finding parking will be a mare and the walk from there to the ground will be more like a hike in distance. The weather is expected to be good, so no one will be making alternative arrangements. It is going to be packed on Goldstones period. The vibe will be something else. The hometeam’s season has been on a slow downward spiral for a while so they will be looking to pick up the pace for the big occasion. The message has to be fight hard to get the ball and retain it and then try to recapture the magic that made the team a highlight at the start of the season. Also tackle like your life depended on it because as an end reward there is no greater feeling than winning on Reunion Day. Opponents Hilton have set the bar very high in the province in their 150th year. They are unkind divorce lawyers, motivated to break up any sort of relationship opponents have with the ball. On attack they aren’t sensational but they are organised and well-drilled to play in the right parts of the field and they have the right sort of patience to eventually pry open a path to the tryline. A very committed team.


  1. @Kantman: I actually want to comment on DHS. Thus far they are actually in my opinion the team of the year in the whole country! Look at where they started the year with regards the rankings. They are the team that made the most progress AND they have not played Micky Mouse teams in the process. Big credit must go to Peter Engledow and the boys off course.

  2. DHS vs Westville
    u14A 39-3
    u15A 10-6
    u16A 14-8
    2nd 16-0
    1st 33-23

    DHS first team were down 7-16 at halftime so a great comeback at home on Founders day. Great atmosphere. The DHS 13 Sibisi is a brilliant attacking player, every game I have watched you just know he will create magic and he delivers but a great performance all around from the 1st team and all the other main games on Van Heerdens.

  3. As an aside, there was a really special moment on the field before the Hilton v College game where the players from both teams stood together in one huddle and shared a moments silence for the Hilton student who tragically passed away this last week. It was so good to see the schools come together like that. May he Rest in Peace

  4. @Kantman: I watched bits and pieces of all three games online. Hilton appeared to dominate all facets of the game. To put 30 on College, on Goldstones and on Old Boys day is no mean feat. I think Clifton can be really proud of their performance. They conceded a try in the first two minutes, were down at halftime, and then went on to win the second half 19-5 for a great result for them. What I’ve heard from DHS is that it was an action packed affair as well with some great running rugby from both sides. So I’m afraid I can’t exactly answer your question as to how awesome the action was, but everything I’ve heard and seen points to some great schoolboy rugby!

  5. Thanks Beet, should be a great day of fixtures. I have a feeling all three away teams are going to put in big performances. My predictions:

    Hilton to win by 10
    Kearsney by 12
    DHS by 3


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