Easter Rugby Festivals – 28/03/2013

Kearsney 09h30 Kearsney  25 8 Framesby
Kearsney 10h45 Selborne  36 36 Nico Malan
Kearsney 12h00 Glenwood  10 15 Paul Roos
Kearsney 13h15 Grey College  50 13 Boland Landbou
Kearsney 14h30 Outeniqua  57 34 EG Jansen
Kearsney 15h45 Paarl Gim  46 7 Westville
KES 08h30 Garsfontein  106  7 Golden Lions Inv
KES 10h00 KES  40 12 Hudson Park
KES 11h30 Parktown  10 12 Trinityhouse
KES 13h00 Marlow  22 39 Centurion
KES 14h30 Eldoraigne  22 20 Hentie Cilliers
KES 16h00 Menlopark  36 3 Lichtenburg
St Stithians 09h45 St Benedicts  36 13 Wynberg
St Stithians 11h00 St Andrews  31 12 Helpmekaar
St Stithians 12h15 Invitation XV  33 36 St Albans
St Stithians 13h30 St Stithians  31 41 Windhoek
St Stithians 14h45 Pretoria BH  23 10 SACS
St Stithians 16h00 Bishops  29 13 Hilton
St Johns 09h00 New Orleans  5  8 St Johns (Zim)
St Johns 10h15 Presidents XV  0 52 Nelspruit
St Johns 11h30 Waterkloof  57 0 Noordheuwel
St Johns 12h45 Prep: St Johns  14 5 Prep: Orchards
St Johns 13h30 Marais Viljoen  17 45 Windhoek Gim
St Johns 14h45 Paarl BH  36 14 Daniel Pienaar
St Johns 16h00 Filton  35 29 St Johns
Bizsport 08h30   Benoni High 10 31 George Campbell
Bizsport 10h00   Ben Vorster 35 21 Ben Vorster
Bizsport 11h30   Brandwag (EP) 18 22 Kempton Park
Bizsport 13h00   Merensky 53 24 Ithembelihle
Bizsport 14h30   Stellenberg 26 25 HS Middelburg
Bizsport 16h00   Tygerberg 35 7 Jim Fouche
Krugersdorp 09h20 Warmbad 58 0 President
Krugersdorp 10h40 Falcon College (ZIm) 32 39 Linden
Krugersdorp 12h00 St Davids-Inanda 29 24 Standerton
Krugersdorp 13h20 St Georges (Zim) 7 32 Rustenburg
Krugersdorp 14h40 Club Viadana (Italy) 7 18 St Charles
Krugersdorp 16h00 Krugersdorp 14 10 Jabulani Club


  1. @BOG: Heard a similar one involving a white dude and a black dude at the urinal where the only visible letters on their respective ‘meneere’ was WY. The white guy brags that it expands to “Wendy” – his wife’s name. The black guys says his expands to “Welcome to Bophutatswana. I hope you enjoy your stay”. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  2. @Tjoppa: No, on the contrary, I am/was large all round- and Im not boasting, but Im reminded of the young bloke who stood next to an old man at the urinal and his eye caught the tattoo, “oom” on the old mans penis. When he asked the gentleman about it , it was explained that he had a tattoo done when he was young– “die disselboom van Potchefstroom”, but with :lol: age, things have shrunk a little, and all that remains, is “oom”

  3. @beet: There was a card in the Selbourne / Nico Malan game. Also for repeated infringements.

  4. Horsie and to all at DHS

    shocked to hear this sad news – my sincere condolences to all at DHS

  5. @GreenBlooded: It was a good day for disciple – only that one yellow card. Westville seemed to have stemmed the tide at that point and Gim looked to be out attacking ideas but the card really knocked the wind out of the Wvl sails and I think Gim got 2 tries while Martin was in the bin.

  6. @Westers: “A big increase in the heart department is needed” – your words. I though that many of the Westville boys gave up and it showed int he body language and in some of the tackling. There was a Westville photographer on the far side goading the boys to “put your bodies on the line”. I think he saw what I saw.

    Don’t agree on the yellow card – Westville were infringing repeatedly at the breakdown (a typical scenario in a one-sided game) and were warned several times. It was always going to happen. An experienced ref like Stu Berry doesn’t get big calls like that wrong.

    Let’s just hope that they can put this behind them, find some character and dig deep for their match on Saturday. A team is defined by how it sticks together when the chips are down. We can’t let Kearsney be the only team that flies the KZN flag.

  7. @BOG: Agreed. What amazes me is how many of these ” huge ” packs do not get much of an advantage in the set pieces. I still believe that height is a great leveller in the front rows. More often than not, a short strong front row will have the advantage over heavier taller opposition. When I see some Springbok front rowers measuring 190cm, I think that the coaches/selectors have never played in the front row themselves and therefore do not get it.

  8. @Westers: Agreed. It will be interesting to see how Kearsney and Glenwood shape against Gymies. I wish them well.

  9. And it reminds me of an incident in the 70s when a supporter of a well known W-Tvl school said: Ons het julle darem lekker geskrum, ne?” The response? “When you “scrummed” us, we were scoring tries. The score was well in the 40s

  10. In business they say that the three most important factors are location, location, location. In rugby, I suppose one could say, skill, skill, skill—. Size ? Contributes less than 5%

  11. @Amalekite: Maybe I am being a bit harsh on the boys. It also looks like they have injured players in the squad who did not play yesterday, thus limiting their resources on the day. Hope they are fit enough for tomorrow and Monday.
    Agree with you on the yellow card. Apart from being a bit harsh, I also thought the ref gave it to the wrong player.
    The key for me is the speed at which the teams play the game. Paarl were slick and the support for the ball carriers was superb. It seemed that they always had more than one pass option and if a player went to ground they were quicker to the point to protect the ball.
    Like I said, I dont want to judge after this game. It was always going to be tough. Lets wait until Monday.

  12. EG Jansen showed a lot of character in their game. I think that they will give Paul Roos a run for their money.

  13. Outeniqua’s backline is full of talent. Westville’s backs better stop them in their tracks, or it could get ugly….

  14. Selborne versus Nico Malan was definitely the most entertaining game of the day. Real festival stuff ! The score was probably a fair reflection of the game.

  15. @Amalekite: there were also a couple of excellent breakouts by Glenwood from their own 22. In the first half Jonas stepped his man and they attacked well but could not find a pass inside the PRG half to keep the move going. Then late in the game Corne Vermaak broke out and fed Joubert but that move also got stopped.

    One of the features that was really bad was the GM clearance kicks. The boys should have just kicked the ball out but just like against Kearsney they kicked ball out of their 22 that went nowhere near touch and just invited PRG to run it back at them from a good field position. As a result the PRG no15 had a good game.

  16. Kearsney are playing very well. Chris Lines is classy. They defend very well and retain possession nicely. Not too many weaknesses. They are the team to beat in KZN.
    Good luck against Gymies !

  17. Grey Bloem are a very classy outfit. They are not that big, which proves that it is not all about size, but are a pleasure to watch. Very clinical.

  18. @Westers: Westville were outclassed by a strong Paarl Gym side. They never lost heart and were actually trying right until the end, but Gymies clearly superior. The yellow card was a bit harsh, and just added to their woes as 2 tries were scored during this period.
    There a certain players that are slipping tackles week after week. These guys need to buckle up or be replaced by players from the lower teams that are prepared to tackle. No matter how good you are with ball in hand, if you are not prepared to defend, then you should not be in the 1st team.
    Their contesting at the lineouts is poor. The props are not lifting their jumpers properly and giving them a chance – Lazy.

  19. @Grasshopper: I thought that Glenwood could have won that game. There were some crucial first time tackles that were missed and led to tries against them.
    Unfortunately, they had a penalty about 20 m out and kicked it over the dead ball line instead of into touch. This was towards the end and could have changed the outcome.
    They can hold their heads up high.

  20. My condolences to DHS and Madoda’s family. No one knew that he had meningitis and he was taken to hospital with suspected concussion/head injury. Apparently his kidneys failed which led to his death. The doctor’s from Entabeni have checked out the rest of the team, taken preventative measures and will keep an eye on the boys for the next few days. It is so very tragic and my thoughts are with that U15 team and all others affected by this tragic death.

    Photos will be up later today – early highlight photo is a tackle made by KZN development on a Westville player.

  21. @beet: you were there so I trust your opinion, but to lose to Paul Roos by 5 points ain’t a disgrace. Very scared for Monday though as Gim smashed Westville. Selborne tomorrow is Glenwood’s best chance of a win or draw. Seems Selborne have a big pack too. No easy games at this festival. Not too sure how the kids bodies will hold up for Monday. Hopefully the coaches do some rotation for tomorrow…

  22. @Grasshopper: Those stats don’t make sense to me coz they suggest that Glenwood was the better team on the day. I sat with a Glenwood with vested interest in the team. Glenwood defence was good and discipled – no kicked penalties to PRG. It looked like 80% of the match took place in the Glenwood half. In terms of visits to the 22 being turned into points by PRG, this was low.

  23. @GreenBlooded: You right on the button about Westville. They were poor. I unfortunately only got to see the Outeniqua game part way through the first half and then the Westville game. Outejiqua have a sizeable pack but IMHO the front row is too big and not mobile enough in the modern game. They do have some impressive backline players.

    As for Westville, they were not good. A big increase in the heart department is needed. They really need to work on their defense in the backline. Missed too many tackles and always seemed to be outnumbered. This is not a new problem. I reserve further comment until the end of the weekend on Westville.
    Unfortunately (or fortunately where Westville is concerned) I am going to miss the rest of the festival. I hope the weather holds for the organisers and players.
    Based on what I heard about the games yesterday and the little I saw the top teams will be Grey and Paarl Gim.
    Enjoy guys.

  24. @GreenBlooded: why are Glenwood struggling in the line out? They have the timber now, is it the throwing? They need to keep it simple and use the 2 jumper as much as possible. Beet was tweeting about how Glenwood had no possession but then the stats show they had more than 50%. What do you think is lacking? X factor player?

  25. Predictions for Day 2

    Highbury will thump the KZN Development side in the U13 match as did Westville SP on Day 1. I really hope the tourney organisers will rethink this – alternatively invite 2 more high schools to fill the gap and do away with the U13’s. It serves no purpose and is not entertaining.

    Nico Malan vs Boland Landbou – Nico Malan by 20 with Selvyn Davids scoring at least 3 tries.

    Outeniqua vs Westville – Eish, Westville will need to up their game for this one. Having said that, the much fancied Outeniqua team did not have it all their own way against a very spirited EG Jansen team who gave as good as they got and ran in some impressive tries. Close for most of the game – the lead was only really stretched in the last 20 mins. Outeniqua by 20.

    Kearsney vs Paarl Gym – Will be the match of the day. Will be neck and neck for most of the game but Gimmies will take it by 12 in the last 10 minutes.

    Glenwood vs Selbourne – Also a close match-up. Selbourne are full of running. Hard to call – maybe another draw? If Glenwood do not get the first time tackles sorte however it may become an expensive outing.

    EG Jansen vs Paul Roos – EG Jansen are very under-rated at Kearsney. They stood up to Outeniqua and got some good tries past them. Paul Roos by 5 in a high scoring game.

    Grey College vs Framesby – Grey by 60+. Grey are far and away the best team at Kearsney. Framesby looked flat yesterday.

  26. @GreenBlooded: I respectfully disagree with the “all the way”.

    Grey Bloem were my team of the day. They wreaked havoc in the first half but Boland came out and played with a lot more purpose in that second half. They protected possession better and took the game to Grey. I think the second half score was 12-10 to Grey. 2 tries apiece. Overall GCB probably the better team in the second half as well but the scoring tide was stemmed by BL’s added commitment after the break and for that first passage of the 2nd half they were the better team on the pitch IMHO.

  27. The end of a family. May God be with you. And then maybe not even that will be good enough. RIP.

  28. The most entertaining game – Selbourne vs Nico Malan – tries, tries, tries run in from anywhere and everywhere.
    Most impressive player – Selvyn Davids (Nico Malan). Seem to remember him from last year as well. Can make something out of nothing with blistering pace and elusive footwork. Scored several tries.

    KZN Schools

    Kearsney – good performance against a Framesby outfit which looked different tot he one that played at Kings Park. Stapelberg aside, they seemed lethargic. The test for Kearsney is yet to come but not a bad start to the festival for them. Du Preez very impressive as expected.

    Glenwood – once again, not taking the ball carrier to ground with the first hit. Lineout work is still shoddy. Another game that could have been won. 4 losses in a row now – it is becoming a habit. Mazibuko very impressive.

    Westville – completely out-played in every department. De La Rey very impressive – one of the few Westville players not to call it quits – lead from the front and worked like a trojan until the final whistle. Last gasp try by McHardy save them from a blank score sheet for the outing.

  29. @BOG: “Boland Landbou” playing the better rugby? Rest assured mate, it was Grey College all the way yesterday. They scored their first try from the kickoff and didn’t stop thereafter. Poetry in motion that Grey side. What is significant is that they do not rely on big physical players although they have 1 or 2. They rely on skill, teamwork and obviously well drilled moves and understanding each other. Awesome to watch.

  30. @GreenBlooded: Very sad affair and event , but we need to distinguish between this being a rugby incident or a problem , meningitis , that he had picked up earlier, and how if he was sick at the start of the game was he allowed to play
    What is sad is that this is the 2nd boy in a few years from DHS to contract this in the BE and died

  31. @Grasshopper: i really dont think you can read this into any perspective , SBR i have learnt is based on so many fcators, what you need to do is see teh teams lists from teh two games and then make a perspective call on perfromance

  32. Sad sad sad news, really shocked and lost for words. Condolences to the family, his team mates and friends.

  33. Humble apologies guys. Things were going well with the Paul Roos game, then during the Grey College game, it started timing out on tweets esp the long ones describing what had happened. Continued during the Outeniqua game, I got despondent and threw in the towel. Wont even mention how I got shut out of the website. Irritating. Anyway learning experience. Organisers also had issues with network

  34. I send condolences to his family whom have heard this terrible news all the way from the Eastern Cape.
    Nobody thought anything like this would happen, I certainly didn’t when I saw him at Glenwood today.
    Eish, nothing to say, honestly at a loss for words.

  35. @Gungets Tuft: No idea – to ghastly to contemplate. I had every intention of sitting down after dinner and presenting my views on some of the Kearsney games and respond to some of the comments posted here on the games. That will have to wait for another time – this has completely taken the wind out of my sails. Kids goes off in the morning to play a rugby match – probably didn’t think it would be his last. Eish……don’t know what to say.

  36. You would never meet a more polite kid who made his school proud everytime he stepped onto that field.
    Was just a 15 year-old boy from the Eastern Cape, part of the Eastern Cape U13 Craven Week squad in 2011.

  37. @GreenBlooded: just read it on Facebook. 16 year old DHS boy, Madoda Sonyiki..

    How does one even start to process that. It’s a nightmare, can’t get the picture of my own son out of my mind when he was hurt.


  38. @GreenBlooded:
    Yeah really,really sad news. Just to think that I saw him today just before his match started, a really polite kid with what was a great future in front of him. Great player, one of the best in his age-group

  39. Well done to all DHS teams for walking away victorious today.
    Really sad to hear one of the boys has passed away though after sustaining a head injury. :(

  40. @Tjoppa: No tjoppie, hats off to a great effort by a clearly superior GCB team. I did say the difference between T5 and 15-30 is about 20+ the other day, not? Heads up boys, two though games in NM and KC to come. Bog, maybe we should avoid GCB for another 50 years :mrgreen: . Lastly well done to Stellenberg for a 26-25 win against HS Middelburg.

  41. He told me that MTN had no coverage up there, hence the reason his tweets failed. I will loan him my iPad with Vodacom 3G just to ensure that you chaps are well informed! @QC86 now surely that deserves a thumbs up?

  42. @Gawie: Nothing coming through twitter. Beet left his disciples high and dry. Only reason a guy disappear like that. Picket up a mfazi. :cry:

  43. Follow Beet on twitter (@beet_b) for regular updates on players, games and scores during the KERF

  44. Centurion 39 Marlow 22
    Waterkloof 57 Noordheuwel 0
    St Andrews College 31 Helpmekar 12.
    PRG 15 Glenwood 10

  45. @Tjoppa: @QC86: @Woltrui: I think that he was even twitting from the beer tent, going by the comments. Can you imagine- “playing badly” and scoring two more tries. Come on, name the twit(ter) :lol:

  46. Kwaggas 57 Dr EG Jansen 34
    Paarl boys 36 Daniel Pinar 14
    Pretoria boys 23 SACS 10

  47. @QC86: Ai QC86. After the quick updates from EC last week this week is frustrating. Think those guys is having one hell of a party!

  48. Eish!! No updates. Last update 1 hour ago. Score 10-10. Just threw my samsung through the window. About to step on the notebook. Frustrating :evil: :evil: :evil:

  49. @BOG: Bog tomorrow you will read Grey “lucky” to win. Do not worry the Capies always the better teams just unlucky most of the times

  50. The adjacent twitter says “Boland Landbou playing the better rugby–“- with no further comment. In a panic, I rushed elsewhere to see the final score at 50-13. I wonder what the score would have been, “had they played better rugby”? Seven tries- who can argue with that? :?:

  51. @Rugger fan: Saints used to do that in th early days. Its not that difficult to gauge the strengths of the schools beforehand though – a simple phonecall would suffice – “how good is Garsies this year” – “very good” – “right, how do you feel about playing KES and Marlow” – “bring it on” :roll:

    seriously – not rocket science

  52. Perhaps they should rather move to the CW type fixtures where strength versus strength are placed against each other after day 1 fixtures?

    Difficult for the organisers/spectators to plan their watching – but makes for good rugby.

  53. @Woltrui: no idea – they need to pull themselves towards themselves – still – lostof fun here – good vibe.

    Obviously Garsies are a very good team – that’s why it is frustrating to watch them playing glorified touch rugby

  54. @Roger: Rog what’s happening there in Hillbrow Boet. You guys living in a bubble? The organisers don’t seem to follow SBR at all. Suggest you put them in contact with Beet. 8-O

  55. KES win 40-12 – utter bullsh#t – the organizers should be embarrased – Garsies win by 100 and KES by 40 (could have been 60 if they held their passes). KES and Garsies should be playing Centurion, Marlow and each other – not f#cking around in the little leagues :twisted:

  56. @Rugbyman: Hundred percent in agreement. Top 4 now Monnas, Garsies, Kloof and Affies. Any one can be top dog. Just not so sure about KES in that top 10 :mrgreen:
    Rugbyman gaan jy die ander wedstryde ook bywoon? Sal graag wil weet wat gebeur met Centurion en Menlopark?

  57. @Grasshopper: that Lions invitational team is very weak and the “Bere are very good.

    @Woltrui: you miss my point again and again – PBHS have a long and proud rugby history and are traditionally very strong. They may not beat Garsies this year or even next – but over 10+ years they will win more than they lose

    @Rugbyman: are you at KES – Garsies look very strong and looks like they are loving the experience. Just wish KES were playing them.

    Kes currently 28-5 up

  58. @Woltrui: PBH is not nearly the powerhouse they were 15 years ago… I saw the arguments surrounding a Noordvaal top 10 u guys had… 3 years ago Garsies would certainly not ave featured there, but things have changed dramatically! I am confident that currently Garsfontein would be in the top 10 in the Noordvaal along with Affies, Kloof, EG Jansen, Monnas, Nelspruit, HTS Middelburg, Kempton Park, Transvalia and KES in no specific order…

  59. @Grasshopper: I have it on good authority that Garsies started without 10 regulars for this game, basically their 2nd team… I am not sure of the strength of this Lions XV… Garsies does have a very strong 2nd team though…

  60. Just shows how good Garsies are or how weak the Lions Inv side are. The Glenwood loss by 20 odd points its into some perspective…

  61. Hi Guys! First result from KES… Garsfontein 106 – 7 Lions XV…. Game was stopped 10 minutes early

  62. @jakes: Okay please ignore my previous post and ignorance- I just read the article about Affies at MC 150. :roll:

  63. Beet, with the passion for SBR in Sharky world, I’m sure you guys is standing, with a warm cuppa in hand, there next to the pitch at Kearsney. We up north are sure jealous of you guys. :-x Enjoy the weekend!


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