Garsies business breakfast with Blitzbokke coach Neil Powell


Hoërskool Garsfontein bied op Vrydag 20 Oktober 2017 sy jaarlikse Besigheidsontbyt aan. Die gasspreker vir 2017 is Neil Powell.

Die ontbyt vind by Utopia Place, Union Caterers, plaas. Die belangstelling is groot en die aantal tafels beperk. Indien u belangstel, kan u mnr Retief Smith by 082 5111 401 of Gustav Theunissen by 082 829 7490 skakel.

Dit is ’n vyfster geleentheid en die ontbyt self van ’n baie hoë standaard. Neil Powell se toespraak sal handel oor sy suskesverhaal as 7’s afrigter van die BlitzBokke. Hierdie is ’n ideale geleentheid om u personeel te bederf.

Datum : 20 Oktober 2017
Plek : Utopia Place, Union Caterers
Tyd : 06:30 – 09:00
Prys : R350 per persoon
Prys per tafel : R3 500 (10 persone per tafel)

Maak spoedig kontak om teleurstelling te voorkom.

Nogmaals dankie vir u ondersteuning.


  1. I wonder whether AC and his team will listen to/learn from Neil and be open to his advice. Or whether he is allowed to provide some inputs from lessons learned. At least he managed to beat the All Blacks numerous times. And yes @Kattes, I know it is 7’s, but Neil turned almost guaranteed losses against the All Blacks and Fiji around to wins or close losses. He must have something they can can use, as will school and other coaches. Will be very interesting to learn from him.

  2. @Smallies: Is this for sure? Without being disrespectful to what the Blitzbokke have achieved of late and the vision of the coaching staff to change up the playing style this past season to something that now sets the bar for other nations to follow, but how do we know that the guys picked are actually the best on offer and that we don’t have better players who are not included?

    How does an aspiring 7’s player prove himself worthy of the opportunity to represent the Blitzbokke?

    I really don’t know much about the setup but to me it looks like selection is by invitation. Once a player is in, yeah then he has to produce the goods to stay part of the squad.

    I ask this because there have been a few seasons in the past when I’ve thought the BB’s as a team were underachievers who could have performed better on the circuit.

  3. @beet: i honestly believe that there are no better sevens players currently in our system,i will agree with you that there might be better out there butthey are not in the system thus they do not count…i think the experiment with de allende ,de jong and habanna showed very clearly that our sevens players are way above other south africans in this format of the game,


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