Hilton flex their strength & depth muscles

At one stage Hilton commanded a 38-0 lead against Durban High School at their beautiful Gilfillan facility in the Midlands. The final score was 38-14. The regular season opening DHS game was a potential banana skin, so even just a close win would have worth celebrating.  Making the 24-point margin result extra impressive is how reliant Hilton were on fringe players to get the job done in the absence of dual sportsmen who had won through to the end stages of the national T20 cricket competition. A few others who were initially selected for this rugby match were late withdrawals due to illness. Hilton normally defines the profile of a KZN private school who typically struggle to plug the holes with quality replacements once injuries hit. This year is different though. Once they are at full strength, they will have the luxury of being able to turn to various back up players without losing much overall ability. It spells realistic chances of performing well in 2018.

More about how their core 1st XV performed at u16 level. From the Hiltonian

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