South Cape Sports Tours (SCST) Festival 2017

Here are a few of the many sports matches that will be played this week at the massive annual South Cape Sports Tours Festival taking place in George.

A1 03-Apr Bergsig Hopetown
A2 03-Apr Wonderboom HJS Paarl 3rd XV
A3 03-Apr George President
A4 03-Apr Duineveld PW Botha
A5 03-Apr Witteberg DF Malan
A6 03-Apr Grey College 3rd XV Pacaltsdorp
B1 03-Apr Duineveld George
B2 03-Apr Clifton Kathu
B5 03-Apr Primrose Brandwag
B6 03-Apr Duineveld Werda
A1 05-Apr Witteberg HJS Paarl 3rd XV
A2 05-Apr Kalahari PW Botha 2nd XV
A3 05-Apr Duineveld Brandwag
A4 05-Apr Hoopstad Swellendam
A5 05-Apr DF Malan George
A6 05-Apr Kathu Outeniqua 3rd XV
B2 05-Apr President SWD President XV
B3 05-Apr Grey College 3rd XV Wonderboom
B6 05-Apr Clifton Hopefield
B7 05-Apr Woodridge DF Malan Inv XV
A1 07-Apr Duineveld Wonderboom
A2 07-Apr DF Malan Brandwag
A3 07-Apr Hopefield Outeniqua 3rd XV
A4 07-Apr Swellendam Hopefield
A6 07-Apr HJS Paarl 3rd XV George
B1 07-Apr Kathu Witteberg
B2 07-Apr President Duineveld
B3 07-Apr Bergsig HJS Paarl 4th XV
B7 07-Apr Primrose Hoopstad

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