Boksmart crackdown at Vories Night Series

The KZNRU has formally requested the Vories Night Series certified coach to conduct a Boksmart audit before and during matchday 1 of the annual preseason shortened matches festival. The request made on behalf of the KZNRU by a Boksmart trainer read as follows:

A match day audit will involve checking the BokSmart status of each coach, manager and referee involved in the festival. I would strongly advise emailing all the school’s involved in the festival to warn them that a BokSmart audit will take place and that their team lists and the certification status of coaches/managers will most definitely be checked.

Depending on whether the tournament is U18 or U19, BokSmart Schedule A and B forms may required for players where applicable. Please clarify the age-grade of the tournament for me as soon as possible. This especially important for U17 front row players who may not play in the U19 age-grade, and/or U16s in the U18 age-grade without the requite clearance from KZNRU (ONLY Archie S). No player will be allowed to participate in the festival without the correct documentation – this is always a sensitive issue for schools so the more warning they have of this, the better.

Please request that every coach, manager and referee have their BokSmart cards available for inspection, failing this they should at least be in possession of their ID Number so I can verify their status on PlayerCap. Referees will be carefully scrutinized to ensure they conduct ALL the correct pre-match safety checks and that referee match day forms are submitted to you at the end of each fixture (this information will be disseminated by the MRRSS to its officials).

The audit will also involve an inspection of the fields to ensure they are correctly marked and that other controls and safety measures have been put in place (like crowd control, technical zones, medical aid, emergency action plans, venue map etc). If you are unsure of what protocols to follow, send me your cell number and I’ll call you later today to discuss these details. Should you wish to review the match day audit protocols yourself, you are welcome to refer to your BokSmart DVD or go to the website: [audit controls].


  1. This should be done every year and done randomly. Every school should be checked not just some schools. In fact I know that the Amateur Head of each ‘province’ have received, inter alia, such an instruction and should take responsibly for checking.

  2. Go on KZNRU, its great to see it being done. But unfortunately if a school can afford lights to hold a night series then they can easily afford to have all the correct checks in place.

    At the top level like 1st team which this event is, all the correct processes are in place.

    Its the lesser development schools where checking should be done weekly. Former model C or private schools are the ones doing the Bok Smart courses. Go into the rural areas and check on those coaches and the like and you might just see differently (hopefully I am wrong)

  3. Here are more details on PlayerCAP:

    Welcome to PlayerCAP
    If you would like to search for BokSmart Certification details, please enter an ID Number, BokSmart Number or name into the search bar above.

    PlayerCAP is an online rugby management system for clubs, schools and unions and has been developed in collaboration with BokSmart.

    This system, amongst other functionality, allows your club or school to complete BokSmart Team Sheets in under 5 minutes in a fast and efficient manner giving your teachers, coaches and managers more time to dedicate to other areas where they are required.

    The best part about PlayerCAP is that it is extremely cost effective and is never a finished product. We are constantly upgrading the system to make it more accessible, user friendly and with tons of functionality.

    If you would like to implement PlayerCAP at your club, school or Union, or would like more information please contact us on . We would love to hear how we can become part of your solution.

  4. Awesome! Well done KZNRU – and Vories and all involved. We need to be serious about this if it is required.

    Too often when a ref stops a game or get “nit picky” due to Boksmart violations – he is portrayed as the bad guy and not the coaches or tournament organisers who are not adhering to the basics.

    Even worse – too often the ref walks away – then the school involved decides to proceed anyway with their own ref (this defeats the issue completely – and makes the ref out a killjoy – but places the parents and tracher/ref/coach atr risk – but even more dangerously – places the kids at huge risk and liability).

    Hope to be involved in many more of these…… just need to find my Boksmart card now for this evening :oops:

  5. Sorry not accurate scores but something like this
    Westville 2 won by over 50 points vs DHS 2
    Vories 2 28-27 Howick 1
    College u16 17-13 Westville u16
    Westville 1 18-15 DHS 1
    College 1 26-0 Vories 1

  6. This player in the air rule now really need to be looked at. If you do not want to be tackled just jump. Idiotic!!!

  7. Any news on the outcome of the Boksmart audit?

    Also – any other provinces that have done anything similar?


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