Paul Roos settle on Pearson headmaster after 9 month process

Pearson headmaster Andre van Staden will replace Jannie van der Westhuizen as the schools rector.  Paul Roos Media Release – New Rector

Van Staden has done a stellar job at Pearson in Port Elizabeth and will be a difficult man to replace. As  an expanding school Pearson makes use of bursaries to attract achieving students including sportsmen. Paul Roos on the other hand is in the privileged position of having a fairly long Grade-8 waiting list every year and has been quite opening about their documented policy of not handing out sports bursaries. Making them unique is that this policy has not impacted (much) on their sporting achievements including rugby. With all their top rivals actively awarding bursaries coupled with the understandable pressure coming from some to perform just a little bit better on the rugby field, one wonders if this change in leadership might also influence a change in Paul Roos’ bursary policy somewhere down the line?



  1. It would be interesting to know who were the candidates that did not make it….Have a feeling that some Noordvaal Head Masters might be grumpy today….just a thought :idea:


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