Dale’s remarkably good season continues as they top Eastern Cape

Dale scored 2 tries in the last 10 minutes to rally back from 21-12 down and record a memorable 26-21 win at Grey High, where wins have not come easily for Eastern Cape teams in recent seasons.

It’s Dale’s 9th win in a row, making it 13 out of 14 for the season and placing them right up there as one of the surprise package SA school rugby teams of 2016, having put away all contenders in the Eastern Cape to date, although they will be the first to admit that the job is not done until they have seen off the likes of St Andrew’s College and Hudson Park as well as massive rivals Selborne and Queen’s in the their second leg rematches in the third term.

Sat.05Mar Port Rex 40 0 Won Border Rugby Day
Sat.12Mar Pearson 22 3 Won Graeme R/D
Thu.24Mar Maritzburg College 25 16 Won Kearsney ERF
Sat.26Mar Framesby 46 17 Won Kearsney ERF
Mon.28Mar Glenwood 5 32 Lost Kearsney ERF
Sat.09Apr Stirling 60 12 Won Away
Sat.23Apr Selborne 24 19 Won Away
Sat.30Apr St David’s 74 0 Won Grey PE Festival
Mon.02May Goudveld 64 7 Won Grey PE Festival
Sat.07May De Vos Malan 53 0 Won Home
Sat.14May Queen’s 17 3 Won Home
Sat.21May Grens 31 12 Won Home
Sat.28May Kingswood 35 29 Won Away
Sat.04Jun Grey HS 26 21 Won Away
Sat.11Jun Cambridge Home
Sat.30Jul St Andrew’s Home
Sat.06Aug Selborne Home
Sat.13Aug Hudson Park Away
Sat.20Aug Queen’s Away


  1. Congratulations to all on what has been a fairytale season thus far.With feet remaining on the ground, there is nothing stopping you from achieving what you have set out to achieve. The double double – the ultimate prize for the Border Colleges is something that has eluded the Dalians for 16 years (my matric year was the last time we got it), and it would be a fitting cherry on top of this season. Long way to go though, and some tough games sill ahead. Give it horns boys!


  2. @Playa: 24/30 were players of colour. 14 Dale, 10 Grey. That’s just pleasing. Well done. Phambili ngetransformation!
    Please do the double oyhini.

  3. @The Don: Thats an amazing stat,so where does it go so wrong after school???.

    Well done Griffy and Barry,a season that started with no hope has turned into a gem.

  4. @The Don: Double Double season of 2000

    Waterkloof Hoërskool 1 0 1 0 14 22 N/A 14 to 22
    St Andrews College – Ght 1 0 1 0 9 15 9 to 15 N/A
    Monument 1 0 1 0 20 25 20 to 25 N/A
    Michaelhouse 1 0 1 0 19 22 N/A 19 to 22
    Grey High School – PE 1 0 1 0 20 25 N/A 20 to 25
    Cambridge High School 1 1 0 0 79 3 79 to 3 N/A
    Framesby 1 1 0 0 43 3 N/A 43 to 3
    Grens 1 1 0 0 43 7 43 to 7 N/A
    Hudson Park 1 1 0 0 39 0 39 to 0 N/A
    Jeppe 1 1 0 0 27 14 N/A 27 to 14
    Kingswood College 1 1 0 0 20 18 N/A 20 to 18
    Port Rex (EL Tech) 1 1 0 0 19 8 N/A 19 to 8
    Queen’s College 2 2 0 0 49 8 20 to 0* 29 to 8
    Selborne College 2 2 0 0 58 27 40 to 19 18 to 8
    Widnes College – UK Touring 1 1 0 0 99 0 99 to 0 N/A
    Daniel Pienaar – Uitenhage 1 0 1 0 17 27 17 to 27 N/A
    Brandwag Hoërskool (Marlow Festival – Cradock) 1 0 1 0 12 27 N/A 12 to 27
    Bishops 1 0 1 0 10 22 N/A 10 to 22
    Affies 1 0 1 0 17 28 17 to 28 N/A
  5. It’s rich for me to be passing judgement after my school copped a cricket score against Selborne but I think Dale may just do the double double. I get a feeling that Queens aren’t as good as they look and recent results are proving that. The games against St Andrews and Selborne will determine whether Dale can close off the season on a high. Put the Port Rex result aside, I think Selborne are starting to click and building on their potential even though they’re not the mentally strongest team. Beating St Andrew’s at Lower would have been a tough ask but Saints haven’t been the best travellers themselves this season. I’m just amazed at how Dale has clicked this season considering that this group wasn’t very strong at age group level. Then again, 1st XV rugby is a different ball game.

  6. The Cambridge score 8-O maybe our boys got big headed after their draw with Selborne that year.

    I am extremely proud of this Dale side. It just shows that stats don’t always count, considering this team’s struggles at age group level. Well done to the team and coaching stuff thus far.

    @Outside Looking in: Fortunately Dale plays SAC at the Graveyard this year, hopefully that will count in Dale’s favour.

  7. @QC86: You ask about after school, that is a mystery really. Maybe not enough support from the Varsities and Unions. Maybe it’s because naturally the boys don’t grow much bigger. I know Nama Xaba, the Glenwood Headboy of 2015 who got 4 or 5 A’s was a great player but in the senior division is too small for loose forward and not quick enough for backline, they get stuck in no-mans land. Props are different though, they have that size to remain competitive.

  8. @Vleis:

    1993 Cambridge High School 76 to 5
    1993 Grens 21 to 16
    1993 Grey College (Bloem) 26 to 7
    1993 Grey High School – PE 37 to 10*
    1993 Hudson Park 39 to 9
    1993 King Edward the Seventh – KES 48 to 0
    1993 Kingswood College 35 to 5
    1993 Loretta College, Scotland Touring Team 122 to 0
    1993 Paarl Gym 13 to 6
    1993 Pinetown 83 to 0
    1993 Port Rex (EL Tech) 64 to 10
    1993 Queen’s College 12 to 6 & 15 to 9
    1993 Rondebosch Boys 48 to 7
    1993 Selborne College 16 to 5 & 14 to 9
    1993 Tour – UK – Bishop Wordsworth Sch 13 to 0
    1993 Tour – UK – Hurstpierpoint College 48 to 3
    1993 Tour – UK – Hymer’s College 18 to 10
    1993 Tour – UK – Leicester Grammer 43 to 0
    1993 Tour UK Gwent Comb Cnty- Wales 15 to 5
    1993 Wynberg Boys 27 to 3

    P W L D PF PA
    22 22 0 0 833 125

  9. @BoishaaiPa: That Brandwag team was filled with boys who grew up when meat was cheap. Huge buggers, and they had a blitz backline – mind you ours was quick itself. Very good team and they dominated from the beginning to the end of that game.

    @beet: I made an error on that St Andrews score – it was 15 – 9 to Dale.

    @Umtata: I rate that Grey PE flyhalf highly. Awesome ball player. Do you know if he made the EP Craven Week side?

  10. @QC86: I don’t know I think I can bring it down to poor rugby decisions at times.

    @beet: Great stuff. Thanks Beet, also I think I’m ready to shift to the pyjama blue jersey of Grey. Please and thanks :mrgreen:

    @Playa: @Umtata: Lubabalo Dobela. Lubs played craven week last year at wing for some unknown reason. He made craven week again this year. I really like him as well. Reads the game well. He played 15 last year when Bosch played 10. So he is versatile in that respect.

  11. @Playa: Wow, that’s an unbelievable season: 22 games, some very tough fixtures and no team came closer than 5 points to Dale. I presume that Dale will have a huge 25th OB day in two years?

    I remember meeting one of the Loretto boys at the Saints festival that year. Loretto is a very small school from Scotland, so I don”t know why they organised such tough match ups. Anyway, he seemed in good spirits despite the fact that they were getting clobbered by everyone.

  12. @Vleis: @Vleis: It will be massive I tell you! Closest record we’ve had to that since then, was in 1999 – P21 W20, with scalps that included Bishops, Boland Landbou, Boishaai, Grey PE and KES. The loss was to Pretoria Boys High (13-14).

    I cannot imagine the pain those Lorreta chaps felt on their tour to SA. One rugby pundit once put it nicely by saying that looking at the scores handed to them, it seemed they came to SA to be spectators!

  13. @Playa: That was a good win vs a strong Landbou side that only lost 3 that season (Dale, Framesby & PRG) and collected HJS, Gim, Grey PE, Outeniqua and Selborne amongst others along the way

  14. @Ploegskaar: They beat that Gim side which included Jean De Villiers 8-O .

    Very good side it was indeed. I watched them at Cape Schools in Uitenhage that year. Massive team in terms of size, there was an oke that weighed 130kg in the pack. Unheard of in those days.

  15. @Playa: Just, 13-6, but with our abysmal record vs Gym any win is gladly accepted. Actually set the tone for a good period in Landbou’s history, 1 loss in 2000 and 2 losses in 2001 and beating our 3 Winelands neighbours 2000/2001 as well. Interestingly, in the context of Saturday’s upcoming match, this was in the middle of a good stint vs Boishaai, record ’94-’04 P11 W8 D2 L1

  16. @BoishaaiPa: Seker weg gespeel ??? Absolute rukker as jy na res van seisoen uitslae kyk, maar was nog die early days van die “nuwe” era. Boland ook bekend vir ‘n onverklaarbare wind sluk uit nerens, 2002 PW Botha, 2003 Belville, 2006 Tygerberg, 2009 Rustenburg en so kan ek aangaan

  17. @Ploegskaar: Daniel Pienaar het 2001 op die plaas vir Boland landbou geklop 17-3. DP was die eerste span in +/- 20 wedstryde wat Boland op die plaas kon wen (ek praat onder korreksie) Dit kan ook genoem word dat Derick nie daai dag gespeel het nie, hy het vir SA skole teen Frankryk gespeel. Ek was O/14 daai jaar. DP het self n bul van n 1ste span gehad daai jaar. Net teen Grey PE en Outeniqua verloor en teen HTS Middelburg gelykop. Dan spanne soos Waterkloof,Dale,St Andrews en PW Botha geklop


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