KwaZulu-Natal school rugby fixtures & results 2015

1 Thu.17Mar Voortrekker (Pmb) 5 15 Lost DHS 150th – 20min/half,no kicks
2 Thu.24Mar St Alban’s St Stithians Fest
3 Sat.26Mar Graeme St Stithians Fest
4 Mon.28Mar St Stithians St Stithians Fest
5 Sat.09Apr St Charles Home
6 Sat.16Apr Port Natal Home
7 Sat.23Apr DHS Away
8 Sat.07May St Charles Away
9 Wed.11May Hilton Home
10 Sat.14May Pinetown Home
11 Sat.21May St Andrew’s School Home
12 Sat.28May Voortrekker (Pmb) Away
13 Sat.04Jun George Campbell Home
14 Sat.11Jun St David’s Away
15 Sat.18Jun Port Shepstone Away
16 Thu.23Jun Kearsney Away
1 Sat.12Mar Hilton 23 11 Won Away
2 Thu.17Mar Kearsney 22 26 Lost DHS 150th
3 Thu.24Mar Bishops St Stithians Fest
4 Sat.26Mar St Stithians St Stithians Fest
5 Mon.28Mar St Andrew’s St Stithians Fest
6 Sat.09Apr Northwood Away
7 Sat.16Apr Westville Away
8 Sat.23Apr Clifton Home
9 Sat.23Apr Port Natal Home
10 Sat.14May George Campbell Home
11 Sat.21May Kloof Home
12 Sat.28May Glenwood Away
13 Sat.04Jun Maritzburg College Home
14 Sat.11Jun Michaelhouse Away
1 Thu.17Mar Michaelhouse 25 5 Won DHS 150th – 20min/half,no kicks
2 Thu.24Mar EG Jansen Kearsney ERF
3 Sat.26Mar HTS Middelburg Kearsney ERF
4 Mon.28Mar Dale Kearsney ERF
5 Sat.09Apr Framesby Home
6 Sat.16Apr Michaelhouse Home
7 Sat.23Apr Kearsney Home
8 Sat.30Apr TBA SANIX 6 Matches
9 Sat.28May DHS Home
10 Sat.04Jun Monument Away
11 Sat.11Jun Westville Away
12 Sat.30Jul Affies Away
13 Sat.06Aug Maritzburg College Away
14 Sat.13Aug Grey College Home
1 Sat.12Mar DHS 11 23 Lost Home
2 Thu.17Mar Northwood 10 5 Won DHS 150th – 20min/half,no kicks
3 Thu.24Mar Paul Roos St John’s RF
4 Sat.26Mar Lions Inv XV St John’s RF
5 Mon.28Mar Parktown St John’s RF
6 Sat.16Apr Kearsney Home
7 Sat.23Apr Westville Home
8 Sat.30Apr St Charles Away
9 Sat.07May Michaelhouse Away
10 Wed.11May Clifton Away
11 Sat.21May George Campbell Home
12 Sat.21May Voortrekker (Pmb) Home
13 Sat.21May Port Natal Home
14 Sat.28May Northwood Away
15 Sat.04Jun Kearsney Away
16 Sat.11Jun Maritzburg College Away
17 Sat.18Jun Michaelhouse Home
1 Mon.29Feb Pionier 16 8 Won Away
2 Wed.02Mar Sarel Cilliers 25 14 Won Away
3 Sat.12Mar Westville 9 6 Won Home
4 Thu.17Mar DHS 26 22 Won DHS 150th
5 Thu.24Mar Noord-Kaap Kearsney ERF
6 Sat.26Mar SACS Kearsney ERF
7 Mon.28Mar HTS Middelburg Kearsney ERF
8 Sat.16Apr Hilton Away
9 Sat.23Apr Glenwood Away
10 Sat.30Apr Michaelhouse Home
11 Sat.07May Northwood Home
12 Sat.07May Port Natal Home
13 Sat.21May Maritzburg College Away
14 Sat.28May St Stithians Home
15 Sat.04Jun Hilton Home
16 Sat.11Jun St Benedict’s Away
17 Sat.18Jun St Charles Away
18 Sat.18Jun George Campbell Away
19 Thu.23Jun Clifton Home
1 Thu.17Mar Westville 10 10 Drew DHS 150th – 20min/half,no kicks
2 Thu.24Mar Dale Kearsney ERF
3 Sat.26Mar Selborne Kearsney ERF
4 Mon.28Mar EG Jansen Kearsney ERF
5 Sat.09Apr Grey College Away
6 Sat.16Apr Pretoria BH Home
7 Sat.23Apr Michaelhouse Away
8 Sat.30Apr SACS Wynberg 175
9 Mon.02May Wynberg Wynberg 175
10 Sat.07May KES Away
11 Sat.14May Northwood Home
12 Sat.21May Kearsney Home
13 Sat.28May Westville Away
14 Sat.04Jun DHS Away
15 Sat.11Jun Hilton Home
16 Sat.23Jul Affies Home
17 Sat.30Jul Pretoria BH Away
18 Sat.06Aug Glenwood Home
1 Thu.17Mar Glenwood 5 25 Lost DHS 150th – 20min/half,no kicks
2 Thu.24Mar Wynberg St Stithians Fest
3 Sat.26Mar Pretoria BH St Stithians Fest
4 Mon.28Mar Grey HS St Stithians Fest
5 Sat.16Apr Glenwood Away
6 Sat.23Apr Maritzburg College Home
7 Sat.30Apr Kearsney Away
8 Sat.07May Hilton Home
9 Sat.21May St Charles Away
10 Sat.28May St John’s Home
11 Sat.04Jun Westville Away
12 Sat.11Jun DHS Home
13 Sat.18Jun Hilton Away
1 Sat.12Mar George Campbell 36 18 Won Home
2 Thu.17Mar Hilton 5 10 Lost DHS 150th – 20min/half,no kicks
3 Thu.24Mar Queen’s KES Festival
4 Sat.26Mar Eldoraigne KES Festival
5 Mon.28Mar KES KES Festival
6 Sat.09Apr DHS Home
7 Sat.16Apr Parktown Away
8 Sat.23Apr Jeppe Home
9 Sat.07May Kearsney Away
10 Sat.14May Maritzburg College Away
11 Sat.21May Westville Away
12 Sat.28May Hilton Home
13 Sat.04Jun St Charles Home
1 Thu.17Mar Port Natal 25 5 Won DHS 150th – 20min/half,no kicks
2 Sat.19Mar DF Malan SCST
3 Mon.21Mar TBA SCST Fest
4 Wed.23Mar TBA SCST Fest
5 Sat.09Apr Clifton Away
6 Sat.16Apr George Campbell Home
7 Sat.23Apr St Andrew’s School Home
8 Sat.30Apr Hilton Home
9 Sat.07May Clifton Home
10 Sat.21May Michaelhouse Home
11 Sat.28May St David’s Away
12 Sat.04Jun Northwood Away
13 Sat.11Jun St Alban’s Away
14 Sat.18Jun Kearsney Home
1 Sat.12Mar Kearsney 6 9 Lost Away
2 Thu.17Mar Maritzburg College 10 10 Drew DHS 150th – 20min/half,no kicks
3 Thu.24Mar Grey HS St Stithians Fest
4 Sat.26Mar Wynberg St Stithians Fest
5 Mon.28Mar Bishops St Stithians Fest
6 Sat.09Apr Affies Home
7 Sat.16Apr DHS Home
8 Sat.23Apr Hilton Away
9 Sat.07May Jeppe Away
10 Sat.14May Pretoria BH Away
11 Sat.21May Northwood Home
12 Sat.28May Maritzburg College Home
13 Sat.04Jun Michaelhouse Home
14 Sat.11Jun Glenwood Home
15 Wed.15Jun Voortrekker (Pmb) Away


  1. Clearly the rumour mill is not to be believed. Heard many times that GW and MC would break a long tradition and only play once next year. Nice to see that is not the case. WV and MC with a double is a great improvement to the fixture list. Now need a GW vs WV double to complete the trifecta.

  2. Correct Bog. College Grey is missing and if my sources are correct the fixture is on the date of the proposed second College Glenwood date

  3. Sorry the fixture lists of Glenwood, College and DHS are not official so they are subject to changes.

    With Glenwood vs College in the 3rd term, this was an assumption based on history as is the PBHS vs College and the Glenwood vs Grey College.

    Since there is a question mark about Gwd vs MC in the 3rd term, I have removed it for now.

  4. Beet – The Top Schools day at Kings Park – would this be an evening event as was last year – I hope so , a great atmosphere

    Also any news on the Port Natal Nite series ?

    My wish list is that Gelofte don’t have their nite series at the same time as Porties

  5. Glenwood TBC 8 August

    Hopefully this would be a return game against Westville -if not maybe
    Gwd can klap another visiting Pommie team

  6. @CyndiAtRugby: @Greenwood: unfortunately in spite of a couple of efforts I can’t get confirmation of who is or isn’t attending the Port Natal Night Series

    I think it will be
    George Campbell

  7. @Thumper: @Bwana:

    GW and MC have played home and away every year for decades. Very sad that this is coming to an end. Was this a conscious decision taken by College – a “Hilton” protest so to speak?

  8. Beet, please check 9 May for Hilton – do they play George Campbell or Northwood? and 20 June for Kearsney – do they play George Campbell or Clifton?

  9. @CyndiAtRugby: Since GC plays NW prior to the Hilton and Clifton before the Kearsney fixture, it’s reasonable to assume that the results of those games will determine who plays the 1st XV match and who has to settle for a 2nd XV curtain raiser.

  10. @beet: the arrangement is based on the result from the previous year. Therefore, Clifton 1st XV will play Kearsney 1st XV and A on A in all the age group fixtures.

  11. GreenBlooded

    can’t see College pulling a “Hilton” over Gwd

    College are made of sterner stuff and from what I hear I predict they may have the better of Gwd this year and if they can do it twice all the better for them

  12. @Greenwood: Depends which version of the Hilton story we are referring to. The official one (we don’t like how you are operating) or the unofficial one (we don’t want to catch a klap from you like that again)…… :mrgreen: In terms of College I was definitely referring to the former – they would certainly never back away from ANY matchup.

    If the dropped fixture is due to a logistics or timetabling problem then all well and good. But if it is a protest – then Glenwood need to sit up and take notice. This is their biggest rival and traditional powerhouse in KZN. Dropping the double against GW and picking it up against WV may well be due to timetable clashes etc – but if not then it is an indictment that we need to be concerned about. Hope we get an answer to this.

  13. Its based on next years result. The team that wins get the A teams. That’s how it should be and I think that’s how it will be.

  14. Any idea of the junior teams going to the easter Festivals?

    As far as I know – MC will be sending
    U14 toGlenwood
    U15 to Affies
    U16 to Jeppe (special 125th Anniversary tournament)

  15. @burra: the arrangement has been in place for five years now and only in the last two year’s has Clifton beaten Campbell, so to change it now only favours one school. Both schools know whats on the line when the fixture gets played. Btw, Campbell never won a single game from u14 to Opens in the 2014 fixture.

  16. @burra: added to that, the Kearsney fixture has often been before Campbell and Clifton fixture necessitating the stagger to be based on the previous years results. Not an ideal world but it has worked well in years gone by and makes the game between the two schools very interesting.

  17. @star: squad of 32 training twice a week on field skill sessions and twice a week with the Sharks Academy gym on conditioning, so well under way. At this stage plenty of competition for places ( which is a first! ) so boys need to fight for a first XV jumper in 2015. :-D

  18. @burra: scoreboard was incorrect, Clifton actually won. you can verify that with Gerald Pyoos, my mate and the coach of campbell on the day :wink:

  19. @seabass: On the issue of who will get the A team game(s). Will be determined by who wins in 2015. The kearsney game is prior to the Clifton game. So whoever wins there will get the first team honours. That’s only fair cos in my opinon.

  20. @GreenBlooded: It has noting to do with either of those matters. It has to do making space for their Grey fixture and finishing the season without infringing on the grade 12 trials exams and football.

    I think GW A&B teams play Framesby on the 8th of August away.


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