KZN takes school Sevens more seriously

Realising that school Sevens rugby offers players more opportunities than possibly given credit for in the past, including the chance to represent the provincial under-18 team in a televised game or two, which in turn could open several doors to a player who performs well, the KZNRU under the guidance of chairman Noel Ingle has introduced a welcomed restructuring, with the intention of making the selection of players a lot fairer than in the past.

From the KZNRU HSRA:

A new selection system was adopted at the AGM last year. The new system was to identify selectors from each region in KZN. This was done to afford every player an opportunity to be selected for the KZN team.
The following people were identified to lead the process:
Mr Lungi Kama (Convenor of selectors independent)
Mr Harry Venter (Northern Region) – (from Pionier)
Mr A C Blume (PMB and Midlands) – (from Hilton)
Mr Roland Norris (Durban) – (from Westville)
Mr Ryan Kyle (Southern Region) – (from Creston College)
Mr Ryno Combrink (Coach) – (from Michaelhouse)
Mr Luhkanyo Nontshinga (Assistant Coach) – (from George Campbell)

The squad listed below was identified at the final and main KZN trials.
The process is to continue and will follow the following format.

1. The selectors will nominate further players from their specific region who they believe are of Provincial standard and have not already been part of the process.
2. Schools may also nominate players who are of provincial standard. Please be respect the process. Too many nominations will retard the process.
3. The nominations must reach *** before 14 August.
4. Please only nominate additions to the squad who are of provincial standard.
5. A trial process will take place on Monday 18 August at Woodburn at 14h30. A squad of approximately 21 players will be selected.
6. The coaches will work with the squad and a final trial will take place on
1st September. A team of 12 players and 6 reserves will be selected.
7. The coaches will take over the squad and make changes only if there are injuries or withdrawals.
8. Training will take place once a week leading up to the tournament at the discretion of the coaches
9. Depending upon finance the team will attend a pre tournament camp


1 Keegan Nxumalo Clifton
2 Mbhutana Peter DHS
3 Curtis Jonas Glenwood
4 Donovan du Randt Glenwood
5 Ilunga Mukendi Glenwood
6 Jaco Coetzee Glenwood
7 Jayden Morgan Glenwood
8 James Venter Glenwood
9 Morné Joubert Glenwood
10 Marco Palvie Glenwood
11 Nama Xaba Glenwood
12 Sam Matiwane Glenwood
13 Jayson Gouws Hilton
14 Matthew Dahl Hilton
15 Tristan Blewett Hilton
16 James Hall Kearsney
17 Tristan Dixon Kearsney
18 Tristan Tedder Kearsney
19 Elijah Sibisi Kloof
20 Kyle Rhode Ladysmith
21 Daryn Goodson Maritzburg College
22 Hayden Tharratt Maritzburg College
23 Kudzai Munangi Maritzburg College
24 Mac vd Linder Maritzburg College
25 Xolisa Guma Maritzburg College
26 Bader Pretorius Michaelhouse
27 Bradley Roberts Michaelhouse
28 Schwegmann Michaelhouse
29 Liam Furniss Michaelhouse
30 Mulalo Sidiki Michaelhouse
31 Thomas Walker Michaelhouse
32 Kuziva Kazembe Northwood
33 Karel Terblanche Port Natal
34 Ryan Elliot Port Shepstone
35 Juan Luyke Voortrekker
36 Bandise Ndlovu Voortrekker
37 Adrian Heystek Westville
38 Juan Anderson Westville
39 Kevin Smit Westville
40 Teigan Erasmus Westville
41 Wayne Smith Westville


  1. For 7’s they should definitely have considered Brandon Holder and Matt Kriel. They are made for the 7’s game, elusive and strong on their feet.

  2. Hopefully Glenwood will have the Atlantics 7’s again this year so we can see these guys -Holder & Kriel in action again

  3. @Greenwood: No longer @Lantic 7’s. Sponsor again this year is Toshiba (PhotoNote).

    Will be at Glenwood on 06 September 2014

  4. @Greenwood: Kriel will be there. Holder probably won’t. If memory serves, I think they leave the matrics out of the 7’s squad because it clashes with trials. A great pity – Holder is quite something with ball in hand and a little space to move in. He never seems to get tired either.

  5. Just heard that Glenwood will be hosting annual 7’s Tournament in 2 weeks time – that should be 30th August

  6. 7s is not real rugby….. there has to be at least 2 fat okes in the team for it to be considered rugby!!!! :mrgreen:


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