Quality Colt Club Rugby weekend coming up

Club rugby will take place at Harlequins this Sunday. 

There is once again an action-packed fixture list.  The games to watch will include the Hillcrest vs Collegians U13A game – these could be the 2 fighting it out at the end of the season. There are some big boys in both sides, with Hillcrest fielding the CW U13 captain, amongst others.  The Quins – Collegians games should be interesting (especially the U15A), as there is a competitive edge between the sides.  The Ballito – Collegians U16 game should be good, as Collegians U16 include players like Webster, Martin, Thambiran and others.  Varsity College U16, with a mixed bag of players, should prove too strong for Pinetown.  Undoubtedly, the highlight of the day will be the 2 U18 games on the A Field.  Crusaders are a good side and are tipped to prove too much to handle for Toti.  All eyes then need to be on the Harlequins – Ballito U18 match.  Harlequins beat Collegians last week, but are up against a Ballito outfit that is always well coached and always competitive. 

Cracking games!


Venue: Harlequins         Date: 05 August  
U13 A 09H30 Hillcrest vs Collegians Varsity College
U13 A 10H30 Varsity College vs Harlequins Collegians
U15 A 11H30 Harlequins vs Collegians Marius Botha
U16 12H40 Harlequins vs Amanzimtoti Wian du Plessis
U16 13H50 Varsity College vs Pinetown Neil van Straaten
U18 15H00 Crusaders vs Amanzimtoti Shaun Weir
U18 16H20 Harlequins vs Ballito A Mike Nicholls
U13 B 09H00 Crusaders vs Pinetown Ballito
U13 B 09H55 Amanzimtoti vs Ballito Pinetown
U15 B 10H50 Hillcrest B vs Collegians B Andre van der Westhuizen
U15 A 11H45 Varsity College vs Rovers Angus McDonald Watson
U15 B 12H40 Ballito vs Queensburgh Jeffrey du Plessis
U16 13H40 Collegians vs Ballito Kent Gravelet-Blondin
U18 15H00 Collegians vs Queensburgh Luan Lotter
U18 16H15 Pinetown vs Ballito B Warren Eveleigh


  1. The Hillcrest vs Collegians U13A match will be an epic battle with both teams fielding multiple representative players. Hillcrest to scrape in here.

    The U18A Quins vs Dolphins matchup will be interesting, a close call but Quins have the benefit of playing a match last weekend and this might work in their favour.

    Varsity College heavily odds-on to score a clean sweep – after their bye last weekend they are up against teams that were all on the wrong side of big scoring games – very soft weekend for them.

  2. will be interestin@Pedantic: who do you think are the strongest u15 and u16 ? or favorites to go all the way
    In saying that what will be the possible logs for u13 and u18?

    possibly hard for Dolphins as most would have played on the Saturday at College , but i think they are match fit , question is where they can bring A game

    What this space for the u16 teams??? a few suprises here

  3. @Pedantic – The U13 Match will be epic as you say. Collegians did not field a full stregth team last week but will no doubt do so this week. VC are an unknown quantity having had a bye last week and will no doubt benefit from the opportunity of seeing the 2 top teams in action before having to play them.

  4. @GreenBlooded: for me the u13 are always an unknown , they come from all over and its a real interesting mix together, team work important

    what do you thnk about the other age groups

  5. would be interesting to see other Colts Rugby from other parts of the Country and games ,logs, match reports etc

  6. You would think That Rovers with Club Champs etc would feature more here, why arent they fully represented ??????

  7. VC U13’s are missing a number of backline players, so it should be a good match.

  8. @Greenhopper: My opinion only, and remember it’s very early in the season…

    U15’s will be close between Collegians and Hillcrest – Hillcrest have a group of players that have been together since Under 7 and will gel as team while Collegians have reportedly recruited many big names from GW and Westvile U15A’s – Hillcrest will be the underdogs without the big names but their team dynamic could pull them through.

    U16’s will be all Collegians this year – this group made up the majority of the IPT team in 2011 and narrowly lost to the Bulls in the final, so the quality is there – also a top coach who will get the best out of them – hard to look beyond Collegians in this age group.

    U18’s will be another hard fought contest – we haven’t seen Ballito yet and they could very well be the powerhouse team this year, they will have to work to get past Quins though, very good looking side. Will be a little clearer after this weekend’s matches.

    What are your opinions GHopper ?

  9. Good games yesterday. Agree with @Pedantic to an extent, although I think the Varsity College U15 and U16 teams will definitely push everyone to the limit. I would go with Varsity College in U15, finals between VC and Collegians in U16 and Quins in U18 (as this is a log based competition – no finals).

  10. After watching a few of the games yesterday, all I can say is that the selectors are both lucky and unlucky for the same reason. There is some incredible talent out there – I saw amazing tackles, great stepping, great scrumming and lovely tries … and I was only watching one field.

    We really are so lucky to have so much depth in our club teams. Here’s hoping we’ll have some winning teams for IPT.


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