School Rugby fixtures & results – week ending 13 July 2024

School Rugby fixtures & results – week ending 13 July 2024
Wed.10Jul BOR Hudson Park vs Lilyfontein BOR
Sat.13Jul KZN Durban HS x-x Parktown LIO Cancelled by Parktown
Sat.13Jul KZN Maritzburg College 37-39 Affies BUL
Sat.13Jul KZN Glenwood 24-27 Rustenburg LEO
Sat.13Jul BOL Hopefield 05-31 Drostdy BOL
Sat.13Jul BOL Charlie Hofmeyr x-x Hugenote BOL Weather
Sat.13Jul BOL Swartland x-x Strand WP Weather
Sat.13Jul SWD Oakdale x-x Paul Roos WP Weather
Sat.13Jul WP HJS Paarl BH x-x Stellenberg WP Weather
Sat.13Jul WP SACS 27-10 Bellville WP
Sat.13Jul WP Paarl Gim x-x Bishops WP Weather
Sat.13Jul WP Durbanville x-x Boland Landbou WP Weather
Sat.13Jul WP Rondebosch x-x Hottentots Holland BOL Weather
Sat.13Jul WP Wynberg x-x Brackenfell WP Weather
Sat.13Jul WP Strand x-x Tygerberg WP Weather
Sat.13Jul WP Milnerton x-x HTS Bellville WP Weather
Sat.13Jul WP Parel Vallei x-x Worcester Gim BOL Weather
Sat.13Jul BOR Selborne 29-23 Hudson Park BOR
Sat.13Jul BOR Ooskus Gim vs Queen’s BOR
Sat.13Jul BOR Cambridge 39-05 Hurricanes BOR
Sat.13Jul EP Graeme 14-17 Pearson EP
Sat.13Jul EP Kingswood 27-15 Nico Malan EP
Sat.13Jul EP Daniel Pienaar 08-14 Port Rex BOR
Sat.13Jul EP Muir 13-38 Brandwag (EP) EP
Sat.13Jul EP St Andrew’s 42-14 Marlow EP
Sat.13Jul EP Framesby 19-17 Grey HS EP
Sat.13Jul BUL Pretoria BH 05-18 KES LIO
Sat.13Jul LIO Monument 31-47 Jeppe LIO
Sat.13Jul FS Fichardtpark vs Witteberg GRF Wesgrow SSS
Sat.13Jul FS Jim Fouche 26-28 Trio GRF Wesgrow SSS
Sat.13Jul FS Sentraal 12-59 Voortrekker (Beth) GRF Wesgrow SSS
Sat.13Jul GRQ Diamantveld 45-07 Goudveld GRF Wesgrow SSS
Sat.13Jul FS Landboudal vs Duineveld GRQ
Sat.13Jul GRQ Upington 37-06 Kalahari (Kuruman) GRQ
Sat.13Jul LIM Merensky 24-29 Potch Gim LEO NV Bowl
Sat.13Jul LEO Potch Volkskool 27-44 Eldoraigne BUL NV Bowl
Sat.13Jul LIO Randburg 21-18 Dr Malan VAL NV Bowl
Sat.13Jul LEO Wagpos 19-29 Alberton LIO NV Bowl
Sat.13Jul BUL Waterkloof 31-29 Helpmekaar LIO NV Cup
Sat.13Jul BUL Menlopark 22-62 EG Jansen VAL NV Cup
Sat.13Jul LIO Noordheuwel 31-24 Marais Viljoen LIO NV Cup
Sat.13Jul PUM Nelspruit 30-29 Garsfontein BUL NV Cup
Sat.13Jul BUL Montana 15-14 Zwartkop BUL NV Plate
Sat.13Jul BUL Oos-Moot 41-50 Ligbron PUM NV Plate
Sat.13Jul LEO Klerksdorp 23-14 HTS Middelburg PUM NV Plate
Sat.13Jul PUM Middelburg 40-07 Kempton Park VAL NV Plate
Sat.13Jul LEO Lichtenburg 27-14 Hugenote (Springs) VAL NV Shield
Sat.13Jul LIM Pietersburg 24-27 Jeugland VAL NV Shield
Sat.13Jul PUM Secunda vs Ben Vorster LIM NV Shield
Sat.13Jul VAL Heidelberg VS 29-32 Die Anker VAL NV Shield

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    #195 Dynamo

    @Ploegskaar (Comment #194)
    I watched the game after your comment. Would definitely not describe the field as an absolute cow patch (or maybe you know more about cows and patches…). BL made a lot of unforced errors and looked a bit off. Maybe just a bit rusty after the long lay off. Durbanville definitely pitched for the contest though. Hopefully BL can rectify it on Saturday against Bosch…

    18 July, 2024 at 12:54
  2. avatar
    #194 Ploegskaar

    On a lighter note, Landbou managed to scrape through 27-22 on an absolute cow patch in Pampoenkraal yesterday. Game provided good optics of how influential the field and conditions are going to be 3rd term. With more rain heading this way Thursday and Friday, teams will have to adapt quickly, otherwise a few big slips are on the cards

    17 July, 2024 at 13:15
  3. avatar
    #193 Grasshopper

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #186)
    Twee rye spore loop! 😉

    16 July, 2024 at 13:31
  4. avatar
    #192 OUD ANKER

    @Grasshopper (Comment #190)
    You are certainly not on a soapbox….

    16 July, 2024 at 13:31
  5. avatar
    #191 Deon

    @Grasshopper (Comment #185)
    I have no obsession with the article. I just get p1ssed off if someone posts it to substantiate a claim, but when it is proven not only wrong but a deliberate lie to peddle passports or similar, the commenter disappears without apology. That is disturbing. My opinion may not be the most informed from a rugby point of view, I am not as knowledgeable as e.g. Kaya85, Kantman, Agter-die-pale-Pa, beet or Tzavosky, etc. but to me the blog will be much poorer without you, as in much poorer. I just wish you would cut back on certain opinions I find to be antithesis to constructive-teambuilding-kakpraat if such a thing exists.

    16 July, 2024 at 13:31
  6. avatar
    #190 Grasshopper

    @OUD ANKER (Comment #188)
    I’m of Irish/NZ/SA decent, as mongrel as you can get. Get off your soapbox, I’m not on one….

    16 July, 2024 at 13:20
  7. avatar
    #189 Grasshopper

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #186)
    The pot calling the kettle black 😂

    16 July, 2024 at 13:19
  8. avatar
    #188 OUD ANKER

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #186)
    It didn’t take Sir Hopper long to forget Hennies’ House Rule no 1…..what the Sir Hopper does not get is that there are some mixed/confused/proud/ Boere/Souties (like myself) on this blog that does not give a flying toss about the “tales we talk” and just enjoy schoolboy rugby…..

    16 July, 2024 at 12:47
  9. avatar
    #187 Smallies

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #186)
    Nee my bra moenie die man so brand nie 😆😆😆….jho jho jho daai gaat merke los

    16 July, 2024 at 12:44
  10. avatar
    #186 Kaya 85

    @Grasshopper (Comment #182)
    Hopper go eat a Cornish road kill pie.
    In future why don’t you go hang out at UK English school rugby blogs, then you don’t have to stoop so low as to engage with another language…oh be careful not to take your language intolerance to the Welsh, they will skin you alive, same with Scots who won’t stand for your self-importance…do me a favour and don’t tell anyone there that you are S Africa or ex-S African, it’s eejits like you who give Saffas a bad name.

    I hereby permanently revoke for ever your position on the k@kpraat list, you WISH you could tell a yarn or an interesting story with the wit and verbal dexterity of so many bloggers. The Afrikaans language used by many of the bloggers is rich, varied, humorous, with slang, jargon, idioms, regional expressions and everything else rolled into it…

    Why bother reading HOPPER posts because he says the same thing over and over and over…

    16 July, 2024 at 12:39
  11. avatar
    #185 Grasshopper

    @Deon (Comment #183)
    Your obsession with that article is a little disturbing, we all know a huge number of highly qualified doctors, lawyers, engineers etc have left SA, taking with them their taxes and spending in the country. Maybe let’s use capital flight stats instead. There will never be accurate stats because the SA border control, has no idea and they cannot connect databases up. Also, there are thousands who had European passports who just got up and left. Stating something on this site using a source is not dishonest, I was just the messenger. English schools in KZN and other schools in SA used to mock Glenwood for having Afrikaans calls, we didn’t care about it. Glenwood is a middle income school with no reason for prejudice. I will ignore daft comments from you and others like this in future, I won’t stoop to low IQ debate.

    16 July, 2024 at 10:29
  12. avatar
    #184 Deon

    @Grasshopper (Comment #182)
    Then beet must make a rule and say English only, only from traditional KZN English schools. I am not sure Glenwood will fall within that ambit, :lol: maybe you will get fired.

    16 July, 2024 at 09:54
  13. avatar
    #183 Deon

    @Grasshopper (Comment #178)
    Come on Hopper. You said millionSSSSS, stop being dishonest, and quoted a number above 2 million and then I pointed out to you that the fake site you quoted from, itself referred to information that proves them wrong, complete contradiction in their own reference, and I stated that the average person accepting the stats do not possess the cogitation and/or will to detect the clear mala fide in the article and independently verify your article’s claim, which turned out to be a bizarre lie. We can revisit your posts anytime, if you want to deal with the embarrassment to now be proven dishonest too. “Audited stats” lol. Why would anyone mock Glenwood as Afrikaans? What to mock for? Do you think it should be something to mock about? That inferiority complex again, an abyss as deep as the Mariana Trench. The people that mocked you and Glenwood over the years mocked you for very different reasons and were mostly from “traditional English KZN schools” as you put it.So do not blame anyone else. You do not absolutely have to communicate with us, ignore us, and only speak Beowulf kitchen Dutch if you want.

    16 July, 2024 at 09:53
  14. avatar
    #182 Grasshopper

    @Smallies (Comment #179)
    Strength in diversity is my work teams motto. The site was English speaking to start, I didn’t create it & that’s a fact, no hatred or discrimination at all. I just prefer to chat in English rather than colloquial & swearing Afrikaans. I was taught the pure farm stuff….Rooikoos Willemse books

    16 July, 2024 at 08:49
  15. avatar
    #181 Grasshopper

    @Smallies (Comment #180)
    He wasn’t of my era, I watched from the early 90s onwards when Uli Schmidt ruled. His name never jumped out at me like Rudi Visagie, Wahl Bartmann, Adri Geldenhuys etc. He was obviously known more outside of KZN then, my dad never mentioned him once & he was a DHS old boy. Never hated Afrikaners, in fact the opposite, I admire their faith, tenacity & honesty. I have very many Afrikaans friends here in the UK who too saw the light 👍

    16 July, 2024 at 08:44
  16. avatar
    #180 Smallies

    @Grasshopper (Comment #177)
    To state that Gage was “Pretty good ” makes a mockery of your rugby knowledge…he was the best schoolboy player KZN produced in a genaration ,SA Schools ,SA defence force ,SA students ,SA u 20 ,SA A and finally Springboks he was on course to be the nr1 choice hooker for Kitch Kristy tragedy prevented that …if he did not die his name would’ve been mentioned in the same groups as Du Rand ,Smit,Burger ,Venter ,Du Toit and Etsebeth….

    16 July, 2024 at 08:01
  17. avatar
    #179 Smallies

    @Grasshopper (Comment #177)
    The vernacular of the internet is by default english ….doesn’t mean its exclusive to English speakers but yea I forgot that you kinda look down on Afrikaans people …

    16 July, 2024 at 07:55
  18. avatar
    #178 Grasshopper

    @Deon (Comment #163)
    Those were not fake stats boetie, over a million Saffas have left, some officially most not. 70% of my Saffa mates here had European passports already. Point was those ‘stats’ were poor and undercounted at best. I wrongly used plural for million, to say millions, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the official audited stat was 2 million. Those GOB detractors were current management and OBs involved at the school, of course they won’t like to be called out. Happy to discuss it with them face to face in an adult way. Search Mbembe Payi of DHS, the other one caught that no speaks of. There have been many others caught and swept under the carpet, mostly by other KZN schools scared of catching the same bad press……leafy suburbs and capital Duzi rats. Glad your school is 150 years old with 50 Boks, Glenwood is 114 years old and has 8 Boks, not too bad, probably ranked in the Top 20 schools for Boks produced. My son is probably going to go to a school here which is 600 years old, perspective is key. Glenwood is no longer an ‘Afrikaans’ school as many detractors used to mock us for, more likely to be Zulu now. I don’t have an inferiority complex, I don’t give a F what others think, too old to bother and I’m very happy with my position within my industry. You do you and I’ll do me….

    16 July, 2024 at 07:51
  19. avatar
    #177 Grasshopper

    @Smallies (Comment #170)
    The clue comes from the words ‘school’ & ‘boy’, not skool and seuns, but yes it’s for all people BUT originally it was for KZN bloggers to debate in English. Yes, Shaun Gage was pretty good, so was Brent Moyle, Andy Aitken and many other souties. My point was the blog became a free for all & full of Afrikaans twak that many English bloggers got bored of…literally glazed over hundreds of posts, many mocking other bloggers in Afrikaans….

    16 July, 2024 at 07:40
  20. avatar
    #176 wanza_15

    @brentsw3 (Comment #174)
    KES definitely win the u15A game. Our u15s are out of sorts.

    The KES u14A team too. They probably record the biggest score on the day. I heard KES splashed the cash on like 10+ of these u14s? I saw they beat Boys High by damn near 50 points and that Boys High u14A team is highly rated as well.

    KES away is still a bruising fixture across the board for us. We won’t win many games. 1st XV as is the case most times, holds the best chance; even the 16A game I give KES by 10, there’s a chance we may throw a spanner in the works in this game but I doubt it.
    Maybe 2nd team also, especially now given this midweek game you make mention of, but I’d still tip KES.

    Something interesting against Monnas I noticed that when we were in the Monnas half and Monnas had possession, we had a man in our 22-ish or there about hugging the touch line, I think this is in preparation for Moyo’s boot on Saturday and that 50-22 that put us under immense pressure last time around – someone there to recieve it and launch a counter attack. Additionally I think there needs to be 3 designated forwards tasked at upsetting Moyo and these kicks, a very aggressive chargers if KES look to set it up.

    15 July, 2024 at 23:58
  21. avatar
    #175 OUD ANKER

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #172)
    Don’t worry @Kaya 85….keep those predictions coming…we really forgive you for your moment of weakness last week end….!

    15 July, 2024 at 22:15
  22. avatar
    #174 brentsw3

    @wanza_15 (Comment #171)
    Seems very odd, the EG Jansen practise fixture? I’ve subsequently heard it has been cancelled but strange either way… Anyway, Saturday is going to be epic. Fixtures that worry me, 1sts, 16A, 15A… boys were in good spirits and equally good form against PBHS. I feel they’ll be going into the weekend bouyant and highly motivated!! 2nds/3rds do have a midweek fixture against a touring Welsh side. Not ideal at all… hopefully no injuries and everyone is fit and firing come Saturday!!

    15 July, 2024 at 21:32
  23. avatar
    #173 Kaya 85

    @Jakes (Comment #168)
    Happy to hear this…EG on a roll…looking forward to another trip out to Boxburg…maybe the NV semi

    15 July, 2024 at 21:04
  24. avatar
    #172 Kaya 85

    @OUD ANKER (Comment #153)
    Puplic Apology: To Oud Anker for underestimating Die Anker’s performance and hereby congratulate Brakpan’s fine rugby players.
    By the way ol’ pal, I found an old picture of you from your rugby playing days…if u send Beet a whatsapp I will ask him to forward it to you….

    15 July, 2024 at 21:02
  25. avatar
    #171 wanza_15

    @brentsw3 (Comment #165)
    I am not in the know but I hope not.. That would be an almighty “practise” session.. One that won’t feel much like a practise game lol. Why such strong opposition and physical opposition the week of KES? But I wouldn’t be overly shocked if it true, Jeppe is weird. They’ll even make it Away to further complicate their lives leading up to Saturday; anything to make life harder for themselves, count Jeppe in.

    @Ringo, you proper Jeppe man, these kids must beat KES end of story. For all the reasons you are saying without actually saying them. The only school in the history of planet Earth that beats Grey, puts 50 basically on Monnas in Krugersdorp, and then fails to beat like for like English boys groomed like them that are 4km from them. It’s nonsense, Jeppe can never just be complete, there’s always a weird narrative that takes the lead on year on year basis, and warranted most times. KES can’t win twice.
    Hit them and hit them hard. Leave it all out there. I don’t want to watch the b*ll I watched in Kensington. KES won’t be hospitable, let it be ugly and unpleasant if it must be; we go in to the lions den and we win, because we are able to.

    15 July, 2024 at 20:32
  26. avatar
    #170 Smallies

    @Grasshopper (Comment #158)
    So nowhere on this blog’s name do I see English schoolboy from KZN rugby blog…I also never noticed that there is a difference between English schoolboys playing rugby and Afrikaans schoolboys playing rugby exept the language….I’ve said it here on this blog before ,my absolute favorite rugby player of all time was Shaun Gage a tough as nails soutie hooker from DHS ….rugby players are rugby players mate leave them to be that and leave bullshit like language and so on out of it

    15 July, 2024 at 18:13
  27. avatar
    #169 Smallies

    @OUD ANKER (Comment #166)
    Ne voir jy weer sien speel hulle cup rugby….

    15 July, 2024 at 17:45
  28. avatar
    #168 Jakes

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #121)
    You made my day with that comment. Thank you😬😬😀😀😀

    15 July, 2024 at 17:17
  29. avatar
    #167 Grant

    @brentsw3 (Comment #164)
    He will be scarred. For life 🤦🏻‍♂️🤌🏼

    15 July, 2024 at 17:09
  30. avatar
    #166 OUD ANKER

    @Smallies (Comment #150)
    Hel @Smallies, ek sien die Brakpan spanne kook, jou alma mater het ‘n goeie HTS John Vorster gestamp!!…@Kaya 85…be warned predict against Brakpan at your own peril!

    15 July, 2024 at 17:05
  31. avatar
    #165 brentsw3

    @KES Oldboy (Comment #159)
    Chinedu very much a like for like replacement for Sam. Wonder how comfortable he is on the flank? He seems quite versatile having started his REDS season off at lock. I’d go JK at 6, Chinedu 7 and KB at 8. Hope all the boys are fit and ready to go. PBHS was horribly physical! Their results this season belies their actual on field ability. 5 representatives in the Bulls Craven Week side is probably a truer reflection. They brought proper mongrel on Saturday and made life incredibly uncomfortable for the REDS.
    Anyway, looking forward to Saturday. It has the makings of yet another classic between these 2 arch rivals!
    Can someone in the know clarify, Jeppe’s 1st/2nds have a trip to EG Jansen on Tuesday afternoon for “practise”?

    15 July, 2024 at 16:26
  32. avatar
    #164 brentsw3

    @Grant (Comment #162)
    Nah, just needs a place to sit. Maybe The Firm can accommodate him…

    15 July, 2024 at 16:13
  33. avatar
    #163 Deon

    @Grasshopper (Comment #158)
    Eish Grassy, what a divisive post. Wrong on so many levels. I truly cannot recall bigger kakpraat than you posting those fake stats from a fake site on expatriate numbers, and disappearing without a manly apology after your bullshit has been called. Although I deliberately excluded myself from any gang attacks on you, as I do not understand it or approve of it, I did follow them, and they were very disproportionately from traditional English KZN schools. A GOB also participated. So were the yesteryear attacks on GW. They were mostly from KZN “traditional” English schools that refused to accept GW as a traditional English KZN rugby school, regarded by them as a wannabe despite the historical stats you posted. You are barking up the wrong tree really.Your problem lies in KZN. I doubt any school had a Siya Tom like situation. That was extreme. I felt very sorry for him back in the day. Just a young man that got lost and stuck in the hopes of others who never cared for him in the least. My Alma Mater produced more than 50 Springboks and is more than 150 years old, yet I believe will be much poorer, especially in terms of rugby and friendships, without the new kids on the block, or wannabe’s as you call them. I am sad for Glenwood’s hard time, and hope these pass soon. Perhaps they should have their lineout calls in the language you feel threatens you and the blog. It worked last time, works for 4 WC’s, cannot be that bad for rugby. Good luck with your inferiority complex.

    15 July, 2024 at 15:07
  34. avatar
    #162 Grant

    @Ringo (Comment #161)
    Ringo , you need counselling boet….

    15 July, 2024 at 14:54
  35. avatar
    #161 Ringo

    @wanza_15 (Comment #160)
    I like how you write not fuelled by anger and not wielding a keyboard machete like I often do…. as a casual not so casual fan I mean me and my buddy drove to Krugersdorp which is very far I mean I passed more border post than when we go to Affies and PTA Boys High…. so what I am trying to say I follow the boys around like I said earlier in the year it is cheaper than Therapy.. and judging by what I saw on Saturday to be perfectly honest this may well and truly be the best Jeppe 1st team ever ….. in Krugersdorp we cracked open a couple of beers backed the bakkie up against the the school fence and thoroughly enjoyed the rugby great seats those we had on Saturday must say proper VIP section ….. great game despite that refs and his assistants best attempts with our luck we will get him again this coming Saturday…. I know we old boys well atleast some of us well let me say used to have this obsession with Kes ….. but in all honesty we do not need to win this coming Saturday … cause you know what after speaking to the number 9 don’t know how that kid does it he is shorter than me and number 8 what a decent and humble boy well done to those kids parents stunning job they have done raising two fine gentleman. After the win this past weekend I mean to beat Monnas at Monnas those kids are awesome well mannered kids and deserve all the rugby accolades they get…. they will be a success in whichever endeavor they choose in life …. but on the people over the hill 4 km away ….. I will give their bad hosting another skip thank you no thank you 😊

    15 July, 2024 at 14:21
  36. avatar
    #160 wanza_15

    @KES Oldboy (Comment #159)
    Got you. Yes that 8 looks good as well.
    So it is only Sam out for the weekend?
    Man we really need all the luck we can get because we really need to win on Saturday. I will be very sad if we lose.. I felt like in Kensington, the KES big 3 really came to the party more than our big 3 who on paper is Poulton(1), Khosa(8) and Rashivaga(13). I would throw McMillen our 12 in there as well I think he had an unfortunate Craven Week. But the backline in general were poor against KES. I think playing in front of your own old boys is a lot more pressure than going Away. I hope this is the case for our sake on Saturday.
    The occasion last time round I think was too large for those poor Jeppe Boys, it’s never been that full of Jeppe old boys.

    Looking forward to Saturday. KES is hostile for Jeppe, not much designated seating as well – as it should be according to me. If you’re a Jeppe punter and you come after 10am you might as well stay home. For me it’s among the hardest grounds in SA to get a result. But we will be present and rowwwddyyyyyyy, and it will be the meat of Teddy Bears that we are hungry for!

    15 July, 2024 at 10:42
  37. avatar
    #159 KES Oldboy

    @wanza_15 (Comment #146)
    Bruwer(7) broke his tibia. Kobrowisky had an injury but is back this week. 8 on Saturday is also an AW player but started the season playing lock for 1sts & then moved to 8 for 2nds – very good player.

    15 July, 2024 at 10:25
  38. avatar
    #158 Grasshopper

    @Deon (Comment #156)
    Well Beet started this as a lekker spot for English speaking KZN school supporters to chat, lekker days with old Gungets Tuft etc BUT over the years it’s rapidly been taken over by Afrikaans bloggers supporting wannabe traditional schools. Not all, of course there are legends like Boishaaipa BUT the majority are kak praaters now, stirring up bloggers like me. I’ve been tempted to start my own blog many times but just never got around to doing it. Beet deserves a huge amount of credit for keeping this platform open for so long and dealing with all the kak, from bloggers, headmasters, coaches etc. I’m sure he’s even been threatened a few times. I was back in the day, hence my awol period. It got too heated and no longer fun. As time goes by my affiliation with Glenwood has decreased, the school isn’t how I remember it BUT once a GOB always a GOB. For us the whole Trevor Kershaw thing became an embarrassment and then the constant hatred about Glenwood’s relative success, we were never world beaters, we just became competitive with the top 10. I mean one win and a draw vs Grey Bloem in 20 years isn’t exactly setting the world on fire. Now that Glenwood is battling the knives are not out. It’s funny how things Glenwood did 10 years ago are now all fine and dandy. The Siyabonga Tom age issue didn’t help BUT I can assure you many schools had that age issue but swept things under the carpet. Glenwood unfairly got a lot of stick for that. I like the banter here, as long as it stays clean and fun. Look forward to next season….may watch from afar….

    15 July, 2024 at 10:22
  39. avatar
    #157 Deon

    @OUD ANKER (Comment #147)
    Nee ou vriend, I never said Paarl is not in the Boland, I just reminded you that the Boland is in the WP. I never claimed the effect of altitude is a myth, to the contrary. But thank you for agreeing with me.

    15 July, 2024 at 09:37
  40. avatar
    #156 Deon

    @Grasshopper (Comment #133)
    No doubt you have been here the longest of us all. I started blogging here in about 2013 , and you were already an established kakprater. I also went awol for years.

    15 July, 2024 at 09:34
  41. avatar
    #155 Deon

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #121)
    I agree with this ranking except having a certain blogger as number 3 fisherman on the blog. I would say he is number 1 in that regard.

    15 July, 2024 at 09:32
  42. avatar
    #154 Grasshopper

    @OUD ANKER (Comment #147)
    I’ll accept the crown in honour, it’s to try and break up the huge amount of drivel on this site. Saffas seem to think the world revolves around the tip of Africa, it doesn’t. The best beef, the best mountains, the best beaches, sorry chinas, it’s not. The Argies have the best beef and by miles, check out their U20 side handing the baby boks their own asses. My own Aberdeen Angus billies kills all the kak I’ve tried in SA. I don’t live in Cornwall, I was just there on holiday, it’s a beautiful place and is actually an equal to the Cape, check our Porthcurno beach. I live in Hertfordshire, a town called Harpenden, in a lovely 4 bed house, with granny flat, my own brick braai, skottel, weber, ouni pizza oven, gazebo etc, with horse paddocks surrounding me, not in a pokey flat like most Saffas think we do. Glenwood have been kak this year, it was expected, years of lack of funds to recruit like the rest. If people think DHS’s success isn’t bought, they are deluded. Same with Hilton, Michaelhouse, Westville etc. Northwood’s success is more organic and sustainable. Glenwood is located in one of the worst areas in an already run down city, so tough to attract the best. If I was the head of Glenwood I would be looking at grounds in Ballito asap. Glenwood will be back in the coming years BUT not top 10, we will leave that to Grey Bloem, Monnas, Affies, Paarl Gim, Boishaai, Paul Roos etc. SA need to shift the emphasis on schools and to clubs and U20s, or the Boks won’t be WC for too long…

    15 July, 2024 at 09:25
  43. avatar
    #153 OUD ANKER

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #16)
    Dear Mr @Kaya 85, with reference to your very poor predictions re. Die Anker’s game on Saturday, I would strongly advise you from refraining making such shocking predictions…old folkes actualy trusted your judgment and now they have lost their houses, their cars etc etc on the bets they made according to YOUR bad predictions….and to top it all, lots of Brakpan people are suffering psychologically this morning, because of the derogatory statement you made that Brakpan is a zoo!…Shocking!

    15 July, 2024 at 09:14
  44. avatar
    #152 Palma

    Queens 48-17 Ooskus. Most probably not a full strength Queens 1st xv so that players could rest

    15 July, 2024 at 08:35
  45. avatar
    #151 Surgite

    @wanza_15 (Comment #148)

    Not entirely sure. I know the decision was made back in April though. Hopefully this is a once off. The tour down to Durban has always been a highlight!

    15 July, 2024 at 07:30
  46. avatar
    #150 Smallies

    @Palma (Comment #134)
    Totally not Grey do that after every single game …..

    15 July, 2024 at 06:03
  47. avatar
    #149 Smallies

    @OUD ANKER (Comment #147)
    Dalk moet BHP n ranking system ontwerp…..fok hier gaan ek al weer….

    15 July, 2024 at 06:01
  48. avatar
    #148 wanza_15

    To your knowledge, or anyone else’s, why did Parktown cancel against DHS?

    15 July, 2024 at 00:11
  49. avatar
    #147 OUD ANKER

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #121)
    The title for biggest k*k prater is for sure between @Deon that keeps on telling us that the Paarl is not in the Boland and that the influence of altitude on a rugby player is a myth!…but the title must go to Sir Hopper that has proof that UK road kill was ranked above yellow fat biltong during a blind tasting in Cornwall!

    14 July, 2024 at 21:22
  50. avatar
    #146 wanza_15

    @KES Oldboy (Comment #142)
    Broken leg? Ouch! Who?
    If I am reading this correctly it sounds like you have 3 forward players out at the minute?
    When I watched towards the end I noticed your AW flank wasn’t playing, Kabriowsky I believe – he is really good I like him.
    I didnt recognize that 8th man yesterday as well but I noticed Maake was moved from 8 to 6, in line with his SA Schools position, where I believe he will have a longer career in rugby.

    14 July, 2024 at 21:18
  51. avatar
    #145 Palma

    @KES Oldboy (Comment #143)
    Yes they did, at the end of the 2022 season Kingswood took a few players from that great u16 side, this caused Hudson to cut ties with Kingswood. Hudson have done well to get some great results this year despite losing players to other schools.

    14 July, 2024 at 20:54
  52. avatar
    #144 wanza_15

    Does anyone know the DHS/Parktown score?

    14 July, 2024 at 20:27
  53. avatar
    #143 KES Oldboy

    @Palma (Comment #141)
    But haven’t Hudson lost some key players to Kingswood?

    14 July, 2024 at 20:25
  54. avatar
    #142 KES Oldboy

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #123)
    KES & PBHS both had 5 CW selections. KES had 5 AW selections but 1 had to withdraw due to injury & is still injured. KES were without a key loose forward (AW) & then lost another flank with a broken leg 15 minutes in. PBHS have improved and are a good team with a solid pack of forwards who have always mauled well. Remember that this group beat Jeppe at U16 level 2 years ago. They never looked like winning yesterday but defended well & put up a good fight. The KES/Jeppe game this coming weekend will indeed be a massive game.

    14 July, 2024 at 20:23
  55. avatar
    #141 Palma

    @Knight_CHS07 (Comment #140)
    If I am not mistaken this Hudson team at u16 level beat Selborne twice in 2022. So you are correct. Hudson vs Dale in a few weeks will be massive for the Eagles.

    14 July, 2024 at 20:20
  56. avatar
    #140 Knight_CHS07

    @Palma (Comment #134)
    I stand corrected, but I think this is the first time this current Hudson u18 group have lost to Selborne, so I understand the emotions on from both sides. It was a great game of rugby.

    14 July, 2024 at 20:11
  57. avatar
    #139 Kaya 85

    @Dixon’s (Comment #132)

    14 July, 2024 at 17:53
  58. avatar
    #138 Smallies

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #137)
    Shaved it off ,now go seven days between shaves, it is more intimidating to the inmates as it makes me look tougherer….

    14 July, 2024 at 17:36
  59. avatar
    #137 Kaya 85

    @Smallies (Comment #136)
    You still have that beard?

    14 July, 2024 at 17:02
  60. avatar
    #136 Smallies

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #130)
    🤣🤣🤣 very close@Kaya 85 (Comment #130)
    🤣🤣🤣my muscles are just resting a bit more

    14 July, 2024 at 16:08
  61. avatar
    #135 Smallies

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #130)
    🤣🤣🤣 very close

    14 July, 2024 at 16:06
  62. avatar
    #134 Palma

    @Buthelezi2 (Comment #119)
    It was a tense game and Hudson had a serious shot at a triple crown this year. Yes Selborne are going through a rough patch but the boys were happy after a tight win, don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed about.

    14 July, 2024 at 15:15
  63. avatar
    #133 Grasshopper

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #121)
    Beet should do the analysis, who has been on here longest and who has made the most comments. I went awol for about 3 years so new kak praaters came along.

    14 July, 2024 at 15:03
  64. avatar
    #132 Dixon’s

    :cry: :cry: :cry: Saturday was not a good day. Glenwood lost to a last second penalty. Boks lost to a last second drop goal. and i was there in person for both!!!

    14 July, 2024 at 13:14
  65. avatar
    #131 Smallies

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #130)
    Will do

    14 July, 2024 at 12:00
  66. avatar
    #130 Kaya 85

    @Smallies (Comment #129)
    Ok…let me know when u get it…

    14 July, 2024 at 11:56
  67. avatar
    #129 Smallies

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #128)

    14 July, 2024 at 11:51
  68. avatar
    #128 Kaya 85

    @Smallies (Comment #127)
    I will whatsapp it to @Beet…then u ask him to whatsapp you?

    14 July, 2024 at 11:49
  69. avatar
    #127 Smallies

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #126)
    Im proparbly going to regret this….but I’ll take the bait ….nope

    14 July, 2024 at 11:41
  70. avatar
    #126 Kaya 85

    @Smallies (Comment #124)
    I think I found an old photo of you and Old Anker in your rugby playing days…did you see it?

    14 July, 2024 at 11:31
  71. avatar
    #125 Smallies

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #122)
    Nothing wrong with the school they draw some of the best in the Freestate, good hostels and fine teachers 👍

    14 July, 2024 at 11:30
  72. avatar
    #124 Smallies

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #121)
    Mate you have to be near the top seeing as you actually get paid to praat kak as a stand up comic ….

    14 July, 2024 at 11:27
  73. avatar
    #123 Kaya 85

    @KES Oldboy (Comment #98)
    PBHS getting stronger as year progresses….surprised KES with their 3 SA schools players + dozen CW and AW lads battled like that….
    I’m not missing next week’s derby!

    14 July, 2024 at 11:27
  74. avatar
    #122 Kaya 85

    @Smallies (Comment #120)
    But very good to hear that the school is still tops…

    14 July, 2024 at 11:22
  75. avatar
    #121 Kaya 85

    @Jakes (Comment #116)
    I feel you were more accurate with ‘Baie k@k’…here is my estimated top 5 k@k praters on this blog
    1. Deon (I dub thee Sir K@kprater, primus inter pares)
    2. Hopper (flying the flag for SA k@kpraat amongst them English, chomping a Cornish pie)
    3. Smallies (Top amateur k@kprater + fisherman in South Africa, )
    4. Oud Anker (retired Champ + King of the northvaal)
    5. Djou (prins van Pretoria level bull$#itter)

    99. Kaya (straight talker no bull$#it)

    14 July, 2024 at 11:20
  76. avatar
    #120 Smallies

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #118)
    I thought it might be like that seems like Sentraal is the Menlo of Bloem, a great school but with a lot of problems in their rugby program, they are coached by x England player Hendre Fourie…

    14 July, 2024 at 11:12
  77. avatar
    #119 Buthelezi2

    Biggest shock for me this weekend was seeing Selborne running onto the field after beating Hudson. How the mighty have fallen

    14 July, 2024 at 11:10
  78. avatar
    #118 Kaya 85

    @Smallies (Comment #113)
    Tralies 12 – 59 Voortrekker according to SASS

    14 July, 2024 at 11:09
  79. avatar
    #117 Smallies

    @Jakes (Comment #116)
    🤣🤣🤣🤣anders as die Bokke het jy het NIKS om voor sorry te se nie …

    14 July, 2024 at 10:35
  80. avatar
    #116 Jakes

    @Deon (Comment #114)
    Sorry Deon, Smallies en Oud Anker.Sal nie weer sé die mense praat baie k.k nie. Net ‘n bietjie k.k, maar nie baie nie.

    14 July, 2024 at 10:31
  81. avatar
    #115 Smallies

    @OUD ANKER (Comment #111)
    Ons matriek SkeiNat klas het n uitstappie na pelindaba gehad in 1990 dis al rede hoekom ek weet van daardie reaktor ,ek het gedink dis al uit bedryf gestel….ek sien dit word tans gebruik vir die vervaardiging van radio aktiewe isotope en is blykbaar n wereld leier op die gebied ….en dan se ou grashopper ons is n klomp dommies hier in SA anyway ek dwaal af ,ja klink my Affies Maritsparra was puik …ek wag vir egg chaserss rugby om sy indrukke te gee ,hy het dit blykbaar bygewoon

    14 July, 2024 at 09:11
  82. avatar
    #114 Deon

    @OUD ANKER (Comment #109)
    Dankie Anker, waardeer. Ek het maar bietjie geskrik vir Jakes se opmerking want ek het deur die jare baie respek vir sy mening gekry.

    14 July, 2024 at 08:25
  83. avatar
    #113 Smallies

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #99)
    Score ?

    14 July, 2024 at 08:12
  84. avatar
    #112 Smallies

    @Jakes (Comment #108)
    Ou Jakes ek praat seker die meeste stront op hierdie blog ….ek gaan my ADHD gerieflik die skuld gee hiervoor indien ek weer begin ramble se ma net vir my Dude jy dwaal af van die punt af…

    14 July, 2024 at 07:39
  85. avatar
    #111 OUD ANKER

    @Smallies (Comment #106)
    Jys reg @Smallies, Safari 1 is die ding se naam en contrary to popular believe is daai outjie meer as ‘n toets reaktor.

    14 July, 2024 at 07:25
  86. avatar
    #110 OUD ANKER

    @Jakes (Comment #107)
    The Affies/Maritzburg game must be an exception then, since I notice a few comments of scrappy games on Saturday. It was an absolute brilliant school boy rugby game with no signs of a long break noticed in either team. A humdinger and much better than any of the Saru crap dished up in the previous 6 weeks.

    14 July, 2024 at 07:19
  87. avatar
    #109 OUD ANKER

    @Deon (Comment #105)
    Prof, ek kon wragtag nie toelaat dat jy en @Smallies die enigste k*k praters is wat @Jakes van die blog wegjaag nie!

    14 July, 2024 at 07:12
  88. avatar
    #108 Jakes

    @OUD ANKER (Comment #102)
    Ek gaan my bes probeer om nie ‘n suurgat te wees nie. Voel beter vandag. 😬😬

    14 July, 2024 at 06:45
  89. avatar
    #107 Jakes

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #101)
    Jip I saw Garsies lost against Nelspruit. There are always a surprise in some of these games just after a very long break. I think it was about 6 to 7 weeks since they last played.The Waterkloof/ Helpmekaar game was also scrappy in the last 10 minutes. Handling errors caused the lead to change about 3 times in the last 10 minutes with Waterkloof ending up to be the lucky winners due to a fatal error from Helpmekaar in injury time.

    14 July, 2024 at 06:43
  90. avatar
    #106 Smallies

    @Deon (Comment #105)
    Daar is n toets reaktor in Pelindaba as ek reg onthou ….sorry Jakes

    14 July, 2024 at 05:30
  91. avatar
    #105 Deon

    @OUD ANKER (Comment #104)
    Hey Geroeste Anker, goed om jou te sien. Ek het altyd gedink Koeberg is die enigste.

    Knap gedaan EG!!!!

    14 July, 2024 at 00:43
  92. avatar
    #104 OUD ANKER

    @Deon (Comment #76)
    Nee prof julle het nie die enigste kern reaktor in Afrika nie….

    13 July, 2024 at 22:42
  93. avatar
    #103 OUD ANKER

    Helse game tussen Affies en Maritzburg…skole rugby op sy beste en nie die k*k wat in die laaste maand deur Saru se skole weke opgedis is nie. Affies wen in laaste sekondes 39-37. Well done to Maritzburg…die souties het Affies behoorlik raak gery!

    13 July, 2024 at 22:36
  94. avatar
    #102 OUD ANKER

    @Jakes (Comment #91)
    Ag ou @Jakes moenie ‘n ou suurgat wees nie….wie anders gaan nou Boksburg se naam hoog hou op die blog!

    13 July, 2024 at 22:31
  95. avatar
    #101 Kaya 85

    @Jakes (Comment #91)
    Big win for Jansen…did I see right, Garsies lost? …

    13 July, 2024 at 21:44
  96. avatar
    #100 Kaya 85

    @wanza_15 (Comment #89)
    Ok that was a whack…you also called it. Next week KES / Jeppe going to be good.

    13 July, 2024 at 21:43
  97. avatar
    #99 Kaya 85

    @Smallies (Comment #25)
    You called it Pappie

    13 July, 2024 at 21:42
  98. avatar
    #98 KES Oldboy

    KES beat PBHS 18-5 in a scrappy game after a long break for both schools….7 weeks since last matches!

    13 July, 2024 at 20:32
  99. avatar
    #97 Kantman

    Charlies telling?

    13 July, 2024 at 20:28
  100. avatar
    #96 Palma

    Dale 41-10 Stirling

    13 July, 2024 at 20:15
  101. avatar
    #95 Grasshopper

    Glenwood lose 27-24 to Rusties in the last secs to a penalty, now officially our worst season since 1996, almost 30 years. Only positive was U15A winning 21-0….well done Rusties

    13 July, 2024 at 19:57
  102. avatar
    #94 Kantman

    Noordheuwel telling?

    13 July, 2024 at 19:15
  103. avatar
    #93 Smallies

    Daar piesang skil die Bokke big time ….soos hulle die eerste helfte gespeel het moes hulle eitlik glad nie terug gekom het nie…

    13 July, 2024 at 19:09
  104. avatar
    #92 Smallies

    @Jakes (Comment #91)
    Ons praat maar so kek terwyl ons wag vir games en uitslae….moet toggie te pissed of raak nie ou Jakes

    13 July, 2024 at 17:06
  105. avatar
    #91 Jakes

    Wow the people can talk a lot of sh.t and irrelevant topics on this blog these days. That is why I decided that it will be my last year to contribute any comments on this blog. Hopefully EGJansen will win the Noordvaal Cup this year. Over and out

    13 July, 2024 at 16:33
  106. avatar
    #90 Palma

    Selborne 29-23 Hudson. Selborne score in the last minute to win it.

    Port Rex 14-8 Daniel Pienar. First time Port Rex has beaten DP in more than 20 years.

    13 July, 2024 at 16:23
  107. avatar
    #89 wanza_15

    MONNAS 31-47 JEPPE

    Was confident we’d win but I didn’t think it would be this well.
    Very very proud of the boys, the performance wasn’t perfect but we handled the monents well. Our fullback Simelane gave 4 penalties away by himself, that needs to improve.
    The u19s, Coetzee, Klaasen and Zulu who didn’t get a chance to go to the Provincial Weeks really looked fresh and like they missed playing rugby, they had good games.
    We will be in Houghton next week – we just want to have a discussion with KES 😊
    13 July, 2024 at 16:06
  108. avatar
    #88 Deon

    @Smallies (Comment #84)
    Enigste haaie wat in varswater swem is bull/Zambezi haaie. Breederivier mond hou al die wêreldrekords, maar getrou aan ons aard is ons stil en nederig daaroor.

    PS : Vind niks van ‘n seuns-of rugbyskool in Bloem nie. Net iets van ‘n 7/31 teen Affies en minder teen PRG 2023.

    13 July, 2024 at 16:03
  109. avatar
    #87 Deon

    @Smallies (Comment #85)
    Ai sy was pragtig, is steeds. Pragtige voetjies, net genoeg om in my mond te pas, en bene so lank dit was tot in haar armholtes. Haar boeta was in ‘n St Andrews skool, ek dink in Bloem. Ek was, in retrospek, ‘n sensitiewe, skrander kind.

    13 July, 2024 at 16:00
  110. avatar
    #86 Kaya 85

    @Smallies (Comment #68)
    @Deon (Comment #69)
    Apparently Benoni is getting a new zoo…they’re putting a fence all around Brakpan.

    13 July, 2024 at 15:21
  111. avatar
    #85 Smallies

    @Deon (Comment #81)
    Jy vertel nou net hoe jy n St Michaels girl gevry het nou weet jy kastig nie wat die seuns skool langs aan se naam is nie

    13 July, 2024 at 14:01
  112. avatar
    #84 Smallies

    @Deon (Comment #82)
    Net jammer jule het nie julle gutters onderhou nie ,dan sou die haaie nie in Dorp str rond geswem het nie geswem het nie ne….

    13 July, 2024 at 13:59
  113. avatar
    #83 Smallies

    @Deon (Comment #82)
    Moet eintlik sy wees ne hulle kan net soveel kak maak as n vrou…het jy al gesien hoe dit lyk as een van daai goed opstart?

    13 July, 2024 at 13:56
  114. avatar
    #82 Deon

    @Smallies (Comment #78)
    Sy, nie hy nie. Ja , onderhoud is ‘n Little Europe/Kaap ding.

    13 July, 2024 at 13:51
  115. avatar
    #81 Deon

    @Smallies (Comment #80)
    Ja maar dis in Grahamstown.

    13 July, 2024 at 13:50
  116. avatar
    #80 Smallies

    @Deon (Comment #77)
    Gaan Google bietjie St Andrews…

    13 July, 2024 at 13:46
  117. avatar
    #79 Smallies

    @Deon (Comment #76)
    Hell dis nogals n plan ons kan by elke tronk n ry treadmills instaleer wat ons aan n alternator kan koppel ….laat die donners werk vir ons .Ek sal sommer more vir oom Pieter mail

    13 July, 2024 at 13:43
  118. avatar
    #78 Smallies

    @Deon (Comment #76)
    Is hy nie tans closed for renovations nie….

    13 July, 2024 at 13:36
  119. avatar
    #77 Deon

    @Smallies (Comment #74)
    @126 is my Bloem huis. Jislike, ek google en google en vind niks….

    13 July, 2024 at 13:35
  120. avatar
    #76 Deon

    @Smallies (Comment #72)
    Ons het die enigste kernreaktor in Afrika. Trap jy maar die fiets met die dinamo.

    13 July, 2024 at 13:34
  121. avatar
    #75 Deon

    @tzavosky (Comment #73)
    Vir my is Bloem, sowel as jou geboortedorp in die Kroo en jou huidige woning net wonderlike plekke. Ek dink nie daar is enige plek in SA waarvan ek nie hou nie maar ou Bloem en Limpopo is super spesiaal. Snor City/Djouville/Petoorsdorp ook. Oh donner maar Limpopo, Loskop, ou Bloem is darem maar pragtig. In die 80’s het ek ‘n herhalende winter (tromboon!!!) vakansie romanse met ‘n St Michaels girl gehad. En voor dit het ek het altyd gedink Engels is onbekend in die Vrystaat. Die een ding wat Bloem voorsprong gee is Naval Hill. Laat darem maar so bietjie dink aan Red Hill in Simonsstad, Simonsberg Duikskool ens…. Inelkgeval, ek moet nog goeie seunsskole in Bloem raak google, verskoon asseblief dok.Ek kry dit net nie reg nie…..

    13 July, 2024 at 13:32
  122. avatar
    #74 Smallies

    @tzavosky (Comment #73)
    Ja die Ramblers is nogals n landmark in Bloem….baie gewild as n onthaal venue met die klipkerk net n entjie op in die straat….weet nie hoe lank nog nie die middestad ,soos alle CBD gebiede in SA het groot probleme

    13 July, 2024 at 13:30
  123. avatar
    #73 tzavosky

    @Deon (Comment #69)
    Stem oor Bloem – in my prille jeug was ek een Paasnaweek ‘n ere-lid van die Ramblers Klub toe ons daar was vir die Intermedics sportnaweek. Lekker plek!

    13 July, 2024 at 13:11
  124. avatar
    #72 Smallies

    @Deon (Comment #71)
    Die parafin wat julle isp’s gebruik in die wes kaap is papnat gereen of weg gespoel ….se ma as ek moet help ,ons gebruik mos son panele en batterye hier in ons valley

    13 July, 2024 at 10:39
  125. avatar
    #71 Deon

    @Smallies (Comment #70)
    Moet nog nie name gee nie, ek sal later vandag google.

    13 July, 2024 at 10:13
  126. avatar
    #70 Smallies

    @Deon (Comment #69)
    Daar is actually twee ,en drie gatskop goeie meisies skole…

    13 July, 2024 at 08:52
  127. avatar
    #69 Deon

    @Smallies (Comment #68)
    Alle dorpe het hulle weergawe van mynhope, glo my Stellenbosch en my hede ook. Die Oos-Rand as sulks is ‘n juweel, en ek wens meer mense was bewus van sy trotse geskiedenis. True grit en vasbyt en kop soos min. Ek het al ‘n benoude oomblik by Brakpan Dam beleef. Wat Bloem betref, mal oor ou Bloem, pragtige dele, ryk geskiedenis great mense. Kort net ‘n goeie seunsskool :wink:

    13 July, 2024 at 08:32
  128. avatar
    #68 Smallies

    @Deon (Comment #67)
    Nee jissie daar is hope beter as jonkershoek..daai myn dumps tussen Brakpan en Boksburg as ek sommer so vinnig moet dink….Dan is daar natuurlik die juweel van die Oos Rand ….Brakpan dam…

    12 July, 2024 at 20:36
  129. avatar
    #67 Deon

    @Smallies (Comment #66)
    Jammer Smallies, nie besef jy is ernstig nie. Ek dog ons steek gek en skeer draak. Smaak verskil, maar Stellenbosch is glad nie vir my nie, ek vermy die dorp. Ek is uit die Kalahari. Nou woon ek al 29 jaar by die see. Ek dink egter nie die deursnit Suid-Afrikaner se smaak sal beter kan vind as Mosterdsdrif of Jonkershoek nie. Vir my, soos Jan Rabie gesê het : En Oseaan. Nite

    12 July, 2024 at 20:26
  130. avatar
    #66 Smallies

    @Deon (Comment #65)Daar is plekke in die Wes Kaap wat Skelmbos maar ordiner laat lyk ….

    12 July, 2024 at 19:41
  131. avatar
    #65 Deon

    @Smallies (Comment #62)
    Jammer, nie besef Bloem het ‘n seunsskool nie. Ek bly so nou en dan daar in Alexandra avenue en Deale en Dan Pienaar oor vir halfpad rus. Dis seker maar ok-erig vergeleke met die res van SA verder Noord, maar geen match vir die Wes-Kaapse juweel nie. Ander wêrelde, in fact, ander tydperke. Stellenbosch is die glimmende kroon van Afrika.

    12 July, 2024 at 19:30
  132. avatar
    #64 Smallies

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #63)
    Eish chom….blerrie tsotsies….

    12 July, 2024 at 17:28
  133. avatar
    #63 Kaya 85

    Cape friends take care out there. Up here Rand Water informs us that when they do their much needed and long neglected maintenance next week, Joburg and Ekurhuleni could be without water for 5 -7 days….!! Don’t worry, they will send a Jojo tank to the circle. Oh, now we have electricity load reduction or the tsotsis steal cables…no electricity no water.

    12 July, 2024 at 17:02
  134. avatar
    #62 Smallies

    @Deon (Comment #61)
    Jy sal nie glo hoeveel ringnekke hier rond vlieg nie ….en Bloem het nogals verbasend min potholes….veral daar by die Seunsskool rond….dis asof alles daar net so n bietjie beter is as die res van die land…beter rugby span ,beter holkie astros beter krieket geriewe selfs beter takeaway plekke as die weskaap …

    12 July, 2024 at 12:55
  135. avatar
    #61 Deon

    @Smallies (Comment #60)
    Ons het nie hordes potholes soos Bloem om ons rommel in te bêre of te swem nie.Julle het nie papegaaie nie, net minas.

    12 July, 2024 at 12:36
  136. avatar
    #60 Smallies

    @Deon (Comment #59)
    Oh ja het vergeet al julle papier le in die gutters gn wonder julle papegaaie swem in damme nie

    12 July, 2024 at 12:24
  137. avatar
    #59 Deon

    @Smallies (Comment #57)
    Ons in die Wes-Kaap voer ‘n gevorderde papierlose bestaan. Ons het rekenaars en bidets.

    12 July, 2024 at 11:48
  138. avatar
    #58 Deon

    @Kantman (Comment #55)
    Toe Simon van der Stel in 1679 op Stellenbosch kaarte optrek het die Eersterivier nadat hy Suid van vandag se Spier by Compagniesdrift oor die rivier is, het die Eersterivier in twee groot strome gevloei voor PRG verby, een in Noordwal, een in Suidwal, en daar was ‘n eiland vol hardehout bome voor Prima, Nova en die Kweekskool. Boonop was die rivier toe nie gekanaliseer in ‘n sloot in nie, maar gelyk met vandag se teeroppervlakte. Die rivier was vol, nou uitgestorwe spesies soos die Eersterivier witvis en Eersterivier rooivlerkie. Nou is dit vol ongekultiveerde vis soos karp en Clarias. Ek dink die konneksie met die Theewaterskloofdam via die Kleinplaasdam in die 70’s het ekologies baie skade aangerig. Net die Jakkalsvlei rivier in Jonkershoek het ‘n voorbeeld gebly van wat kon wees…..

    12 July, 2024 at 11:47
  139. avatar
    #57 Smallies

    @Deon (Comment #52)
    Bouplanne wat op kak papier geteken is ja…..

    12 July, 2024 at 10:23
  140. avatar
    #56 PRondersteuner

    @Kantman (Comment #55)
    Stormwater en rioollyne wat nou al vir jare nie onderhou is nie, is die groot probleem. Dis so 5 strate in Strand wat elke jaar probleme optel as dit baie reën. Daar is ‘n “karavaanpark” reg langs die rivier wat elke jaar oorstroom as dit baie reën. Die rivier was toegegroei, maar niks word daaraan gedoen nie.
    Wat die sluit van skole aan betref is dit maar ‘n moelike situasie. By bv PRG, LS Eikestad, HS en LS Stellenbosch is alles ok en die kinders sou kon skoolgaan, maar in bv Kayimande en Cloetesville is dit nie. Nou moet hulle ‘n hele streek se skole sluit. Net so in Paarl.

    12 July, 2024 at 09:57
  141. avatar
    #55 Kantman

    @Deon (Comment #52)
    @Bungee (Comment #51)
    Ek dink dit is my punt – meeste hiervan is ons eie toedoen. Lank reeds dat ons stormwater nie bestuur nie of foute maak – soos nie die Bergrivierdam se sluise betyds oopmaak verlede jaar nie.
    My probleem is dat ons maar sag raak as ‘n normale Kaapse winter storm ons weer skole laat toemaak – dit is nou al drie dae hierdie jaar wat kinders skooltyd verloor. Leer die manne dan niks uit vorige jare se stormwater probleme nie? Sien darem die Stellenboschers het die Eersterivier se walle oorgedoen en dit het gewerk?
    Voel of Rampbestuur die kitaar slaan in stede van RampVoorkoming – daar is te min insentief om te verhoed, en te veel insentief vir bestuur.

    12 July, 2024 at 09:42
  142. avatar
    #54 Kantman

    @PRondersteuner (Comment #50)
    Ek stem saam dit is sleg – hoop hulle is OK.

    12 July, 2024 at 09:35
  143. avatar
    #53 Deon

    @tzavosky (Comment #47)
    Dankie Oom Dok, goed om te hoor alles is OK

    12 July, 2024 at 09:22
  144. avatar
    #52 Deon

    @Kantman (Comment #48)
    Die Kleinrivier het sy walle oorstroom en elke brug, nuut en oud, gebreek die afgelope jaar, meer as die vorige 30 jaar tesame. Die media blaas dit wel op, jy is korrek, maar dit bly steeds quasi-nood toestande en klaarblyklik later vandag ‘n volswange noodtoestand. As Bettiesbaai se Stoney Point pikkewyne in Draadbaai en Aasbank se strate rondswem in vars water, watervalle oor die Blesberg stort en die Vark se snoet die pad versper, en potensieel Garsfontein kinders karpe doodslaan in die Zoetendal Vlei om te eet, visse wat almal groter is as befaamde papgooier Smallies se PB, dan weet jy……Steeds keur ons provinsie, Little Europe, meer bouplanne goed elke jaar as die res van SA saam. Supremacy het die Wes-Kaap gekies, nie ons inwoners se skuld nie.

    12 July, 2024 at 09:21
  145. avatar
    #51 Bungee

    @Kantman (Comment #48)
    Definitief nie. Ek ry gister werk toe, en op die een stuk van die pad was die water amper ‘n meter diep. Gepaard met dit is die Kaapse wind ook hier. Die paaie is definitief nie veilig nie.

    Maar saam met dit, ek wil nie sê dit is ‘n oorreaksie nie, maar liewers ons wat onvoorbereid is hiervoor as gevolg van agterstallige instandhouding en beplanning.

    12 July, 2024 at 09:05
  146. avatar
    #50 PRondersteuner

    @Kantman (Comment #48)
    Huise en strate wat onder water is, is definitief nie die media wat dit erger maak as wat dit is nie. As jy ‘n 85 jarige oom en tannie uit hul huis moet gaan red, sal jy dalk ‘n ander deuntjie sing

    12 July, 2024 at 08:35
  147. avatar
    #49 PRondersteuner

    @Warrior89 (Comment #44)
    Ek twyfel. PRG se program is Bishops (H), Stellenberg (W), BL (H), Grey (H). Die enigste oop naweek is 10 Aug, maar ek twyfel of PRG Riversdal toe sal gaan ‘n week voor die Grey interskole.

    12 July, 2024 at 08:32
  148. avatar
    #48 Kantman

    @tzavosky (Comment #47)
    Media maak dit baie erger as wat dit is – elke jaar se storie. Moet ‘n stadige nuus siklus wees. En weervoorspellings is presies dit – voorspellings.

    11 July, 2024 at 23:23
  149. avatar
    #47 tzavosky

    @Deon (Comment #41)
    Ons is maar hier rond. Dis net, ons is nie goeie swemmers nie…
    Sterkte vir julle lot daar onder!

    11 July, 2024 at 22:14
  150. avatar
    #46 Jakes


    EGJansen vs Menlopark.Menlopark cancelled some big games before the break so that their injured players can recover for the Noordvaal Cup . EG Jansen must definitely not underestimate Menlopark and must be prepared for the onslaught. EGJ definitely do not want to be caught off guard and forfeit their unbeaten streak in the Noordvaal Cup so far this year.
    11 July, 2024 at 21:11
  151. avatar
    #45 Smallies

    @Warrior89 (Comment #44)
    Ek twyfel sterk ,die skole se programme is redelik vol

    11 July, 2024 at 20:05
  152. avatar
    #44 Warrior89

    Wonder of die PRG / Oakdale game op ander datum gespeel gaan word

    11 July, 2024 at 18:20
  153. avatar
    #43 PRondersteuner

    @Snelvuur (Comment #35)
    Nou gesien Oakdale vs PRG is gekanselleer. Volgens kennisgewing gaan dit oor die pad na en van Riversdal wat gevaarlik is.

    11 July, 2024 at 17:55
  154. avatar
    #42 Smallies

    @Deon (Comment #41)
    Ons los julle maar…

    11 July, 2024 at 17:16
  155. avatar
    #41 Deon

    Drie plaasskole bly oor, wat almal ons kan kantel. Oakdale Boere, en ons nemesis, die Boland boere, en die Bloemfontein gwarre.

    Waar is Oud Anker in die wêreld? En Smallies en Djou en Dok Tsavozki?

    11 July, 2024 at 17:13
  156. avatar
    #40 Kaya 85

    Revised Predictions in Cape of Storms based on deluge and flood and mud:

    Paarl BH 3 – 0 Jade Brigade
    Paarl Gim 8 – 0 Bishops
    Rondebosch 0 – 0 HHH
    Milnerton 5 – 0 HTSB
    Durbanville 0 – 3 Boland Landbou

    11 July, 2024 at 16:40
  157. avatar
    #39 Kaya 85

    @PRondersteuner (Comment #33)
    Will revise predictions….

    11 July, 2024 at 16:33
  158. avatar
    #38 Kaya 85

    @Kantman (Comment #27)
    Charlies 30 – 21 Hugenote
    If Giliomee plays…

    11 July, 2024 at 16:32
  159. avatar
    #37 Kantman

    I have heard all WP schools games have been postponed.
    Not sure if that impacts PRG vs Oakdale.

    11 July, 2024 at 15:40
  160. avatar
    #36 PRondersteuner

    @Snelvuur (Comment #35)
    Gelukkig is daar baie indoor sentrums by PRG waar almal kan oefen. :wink: Maar dit gaan nie maklik wees by Oakdale nie. Sterkte aan almal en veilig ry

    11 July, 2024 at 14:16
  161. avatar
    #35 Snelvuur

    @PRondersteuner (Comment #33)
    Die weer lyk darem oukei in Riversdal vir die naweek. Ek hoop net die manne is nie undercooked met al die reën nie – het al gesien hoe hulle tydens die week hulle lynstane op die teer geoefen het.

    11 July, 2024 at 12:56
  162. avatar
    #34 wanza_15

    @Snelvuur (Comment #31)
    Oh really?
    Thanks for the information.
    Now that I actually think of it, SA Schools actually does always clash with Grey-PaulRoos
    I just didn’t know it follows that game “no matter what” lol..
    It’s rather unfortunate this year as Smallies mentions because it will be the battle for no.1 spot..?
    So weekend of 17 Aug

    11 July, 2024 at 11:48
  163. avatar
    #33 PRondersteuner

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #15)
    Between 200mm and 300mm since Sunday. The prediction is for another 200mm from today to Saturday.

    11 July, 2024 at 10:29
  164. avatar
    #32 Smallies

    @Snelvuur (Comment #31)

    11 July, 2024 at 09:43
  165. avatar
    #31 Snelvuur

    @wanza_15 (Comment #29)
    Easy rule of thumb is to look at when the PRG-Grey game is. Even if that game is moved to March, the SA Schools series would be on that weekend.

    11 July, 2024 at 08:52
  166. avatar
    #30 Bungee

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #15)

    Check the u20 World Cup. Some games have been canceled already due to field conditions. I believe that with the rain predicted still for rest of the week, we will have the same amount of rain in this week as the rest of year gone by put together.

    11 July, 2024 at 00:17
  167. avatar
    #29 wanza_15

    When is the SA Schools series?

    10 July, 2024 at 23:50
  168. avatar
    #28 wanza_15

    We are going to beat Monnas.

    10 July, 2024 at 23:48
  169. avatar
    #27 Kantman

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #6)
    How could you forget Charlies vs Hugenote?
    This might be an upset …

    10 July, 2024 at 21:25
  170. avatar
    #26 Trots HJS (Tandem)

    @OomPB (Comment #17)
    Yes sir !

    10 July, 2024 at 21:00
  171. avatar
    #25 Smallies

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #21)
    I’ll go Voortrekker to put 50 over Sentraal

    10 July, 2024 at 19:52
  172. avatar
    #24 Kaya 85

    Nelspruit 9 – 46 Garsfontein (Bere bang vir die skoolhoof)

    10 July, 2024 at 19:51
  173. avatar
    #23 Kaya 85

    NV Plate guesses…:
    Montana 24 – 17 Zwartkop (eyes on the hills, there’s help)
    Oos-Moot 29 – 13 Ligbron (plus Moot win the fashion show)
    Middelburg 25 – 27 Kempies (Jannie glimlag Breedt)
    Klerksdorp 30 – 30 HTS Middelburg (N12 derby draw)

    10 July, 2024 at 19:48
  174. avatar
    #22 Kaya 85

    @tzavosky (Comment #14)
    I was actually worried that something happened to Beet for a while there…

    10 July, 2024 at 19:40
  175. avatar
    #21 Kaya 85

    Vrystaat & N. Cape predictions:
    Landboudal 14 – 19 Duineveld (Dunes over dale, they higher)
    Tralies 20 – 39 Trekkers (Voortrekker hauls @$$)
    Jim Fouche 18 – 32 Trio (Kroonstad tough okes)
    Fichardtpark 20 – 29 Witteberg (good attacking skills)
    Diamantveld 36 – 17 Goudveld (locals win the Jewellers derby)

    10 July, 2024 at 19:39
  176. avatar
    #20 Smallies

    @tzavosky (Comment #14)
    Het daai heeltemal misgekyk ,ja hulle gaan lekker wees ,Landboudal Duineveld het ook potensiaal

    10 July, 2024 at 19:37
  177. avatar
    #19 Kaya 85

    @OUD ANKER (Comment #12)
    Lol…any of my mental issues are ‘pre-existing conditions’ 😃 😁

    10 July, 2024 at 19:28
  178. avatar
    #18 Kaya 85

    KZN v Vaal Predictions:
    Durban 50 – 15 Parktown (Horseflies to sting Pkt Prawns)
    Maritzburg 22 – 33 Affies (let’s see if those 2 SA Schools props can live with Affies)
    Glenwood 26 – 20 Rustenburg (Hopper will be hopping…and hoping)

    10 July, 2024 at 19:23
  179. avatar
    #17 OomPB

    @Trots HJS (Tandem) (Comment #2)
    You mean will be cancelled.

    10 July, 2024 at 19:21
  180. avatar
    #16 Kaya 85

    @OUD ANKER (Comment #11)
    Are u prepared to bet on it?

    10 July, 2024 at 19:14
  181. avatar
    #15 Kaya 85

    @Bungee (Comment #8)
    Been raining a lot in the Cape?

    10 July, 2024 at 19:12
  182. avatar
    #14 tzavosky

    @Smallies (Comment #13)
    Kom ek probeer weer!
    Vir ‘n paar dae het ek gedink die blog het toegemaak en/of @Beet het die emmer geskop!

    Itv hoe naby spanne aan mekaar is, is die ghyms om te kyk volgens @tzavosky se onbeskeie en onbetroubare rankings: St Andrews vs Marlow (2 plekke verskil), Potch Volkies vs Eldoraigne (2 plekke) en Glenwood vs Rustenburg (3).

    10 July, 2024 at 18:37
  183. avatar
    #13 Smallies

    @OUD ANKER (Comment #12)
    Ons sal ernstig met die jong man moet gesels 🤣🤣🤣

    10 July, 2024 at 18:21
  184. avatar
    #12 OUD ANKER

    @Smallies (Comment #10)
    Ek sien @Kaya 85 het ernstige mental issues gedurende die Saru sirkus seisoen opgedoen…het jy sy Anker voorspelling gesien!

    10 July, 2024 at 18:15
  185. avatar
    #11 OUD ANKER

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #5)
    Getting brave with the Brakpan predictions….speak to the hand…✋🏻

    10 July, 2024 at 18:12
  186. avatar
    #10 Smallies

    Vegeet van die obvious groot games Oos Moot v Ligbron en
    Die Anker v Heidelberg Volkies gaan kook

    10 July, 2024 at 16:51
  187. avatar
    #9 Smallies

    Skole rugby….dankie tog

    10 July, 2024 at 16:49
  188. avatar
    #8 Bungee

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #6)
    Unless the scores are actually the amount of laps to be completed during this weekends Waterpolo games

    10 July, 2024 at 14:38
  189. avatar
    #7 Bungee

    @Kaya 85 (Comment #6)

    Let’s lower the scores due to weather. I’m scared to see the pitches this weekend

    10 July, 2024 at 14:10
  190. avatar
    #6 Kaya 85

    Predictions W. Cape:
    Oakdale 18 – 30 Paul Roos (tractors and rhinos collide on the farm, no-one hurt but rhinos take the W)
    HJS Paarl 39 – 19 Stellenberg (Paarl winter fortress 01)
    Paarl Gim 55 – 13 Bishops (Paarl winter fortress 02)
    Rondebosch 40 – 22 !ke e: /xarra //ke High (Blues)
    Milnerton 39 – 20 HTS Belville (Mton good run continues)
    Durbanville 26 – 33 Boland Landbou (nice open game, rugby is the winner)

    10 July, 2024 at 13:48
  191. avatar
    #5 Kaya 85

    Predictions Gauteng / Vaal:

    KES 36 – 16 Pretoria Boys (Reds venom back at home, comfortable)
    Monnas 34 – 22 Jeppe (payback in K’dorp)
    Klofies 25 – 23 Helpies (NV hotting up)
    Menlo 18 – 40 Jansen (big win on the road)
    Noordheuwel 58 – 10 Marais Viljoen (bigger win on the hill)
    Heidelberg Volkies 27 – 19 Anker (Anker sinks, sorry @OA)

    10 July, 2024 at 13:36
  192. avatar
    #4 Kaya 85

    Ah…back to school. Nice to have all these games.

    10 July, 2024 at 13:28
  193. avatar
    #3 PRondersteuner

    @Trots HJS (Tandem) (Comment #2)
    That might be. It is very wet and the rain will continue until Sunday. Especially the southern suburbs are extremely wet.

    10 July, 2024 at 12:59
  194. avatar
    #2 Trots HJS (Tandem)

    I will not be surprised if some games in the Cape will not be cancelled as the rain has caused havoc on the playing surfaces of most fields.

    10 July, 2024 at 11:17
  195. avatar
    #1 Snelvuur

    Paar groot games die naweek: PRG-Oakdale gaan moeilik wees in Riversdale. Bietjie bekommerd vir dié een. Monnas-Jeppe en Kloof-Helpies behoort ook goed te wees. Dink HJS gaan net té veel wees vir Stellenberg in die Paarl. As die upset vir die naweek, roep ek Pretoria Boys oor KES.

    10 July, 2024 at 09:00

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