School Rugby fixtures & results – week ending 15 June 2019

Wed.12Jun EG Jansen 26 34 Waterkloof Virsekerbeker Cup
Sat.15Jun Michaelhouse 08 28 Hilton
Sat.15Jun St Charles 18 10 St Alban’s
Sat.15Jun Kingswood 20 21 St Andrew’s
Sat.15Jun Victoria Park 14 22 Cambridge Westering Festival
Sat.15Jun St Stithians 78 22 Kearsney
Sat.15Jun St Benedict’s 15 24 St John’s


  1. Sorry this was meant to go on this thread.
    Big Game on Meadows this Saturday. Much like Northwood finishing on a high, Hilton could be the Highest in KZN ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️

  2. This will give a good indication on BB chances for CW,FS must be up there with Province as favourites.

    Congratulations to Rainhard Roets as captain and Jurigh Claasens as vice Captain for BB.2…3..Bere!!

  3. @Bush: I reckon that Glenwood will finish top, as they only need to beat DHS at home to have a full house of wins, as I believe that the return game v College does not count. Hilton has drawn one game (against Kearsney), so can’t get a full house of wins. Does the same apply for Hilton – i.e. only the first game v House counts for KZN league? If not, a House victory could see Northwood sneak past Hilton into second spot.

    Either way, I doubt that the boys will be worried about such things on Saturday. Good luck to House.

  4. @Grizzly: It was one of the reasons why we lost to Saints a few years ago. Apart from a huge number of injuries, we lost three of our top players to the Bulls at Bondedag…and to top it all, our flyhalf only arrived in the 2nd half as he has been writing an NBT test, which had started late! :lol: :lol: Saints only had one provincial player, who chose to play for Saints instead of the Lions – he is now playing for SA at the u20 RWC: Asenathi Ntlabakanye.

  5. @Vleis: GW will finish on top they have had a good season. Surely the 2nd game against GW and College will count much the same as the game against Hilton and House. Imagine if Hilton win both but can only claim one win. There will be only one team on Meadows tomorrow and that’s 2 3 Grass.

  6. @Bush: OK, I’ve only just heard the news re “High” Hilton. :lol: Sorry, I was slow on the uptake there.

    Re the 2nd game: from the players’ perspective, they are all equally important, but from the KZN league perspective (i.e. to pick the top team in KZN) I seem to remember that only the first game counts

  7. What have Pretoria Boys done wrong that they have to play in the holidays and they not even going on a decent tour.

  8. Per Kearsney:

    Kearsney vs St Stithians. U14A: 62-0; U15A: 59-0; U16A: 24-21; 1sts: 22-78. 8-O As I mentioned a few weeks ago, the fact that Saints stopped recruiting players a few years ago is taking its toll on the junior teams. Also, they only produced 10 teams for today’s encounter. I see dark times ahead for Saints rugby…but today they get to celebrate a massive win for their 1st team.

  9. Well played yesterday HC. Great 2019 season. Was lovely rugby to watch. 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿To your coaching staff.

  10. The final score between St Andrews were 21 – 20 to St Andrews, not 31 – 20


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