Newlands Rugby Day 2019 – maybe the last one at the famous old ground

: Tue 12-Mar-2019
15h00 Collegians RFC <0> <10> Busy Bee Click here for match link
15h46 Kasselvlei <5> <25> Parel Vallei Click here for match link
16h32 Milnerton <5> <0> Brackenfell
17h18 Wynberg <15> <0> Bellville Click here for match link
18h04 SACS <25> <10> Stellenberg Click here for match link
18h50 Rondebosch <10> <10> Boland Landbou Click here for match link
19h36 Paul Roos <5> <0> HJS Paarl BH Click here for match link


  1. @beet: Beet you have the Kasselvlei v Parel Vallei score the wrong way around. Parel Vallei won 25-5.

    Beet reply : Fixed. Thank you.

  2. @beet: DHL Newlands Schools Day results:
    Collegians 0-10 Busy Bees
    Parel Vallei 25-5 Kasselsvlei
    Milnerton 5-0 Brackenfell
    Wynberg 15-0 Bellville
    SACS 25-10 Stellenberg
    Rondebosch 10-10 Boland Landbou
    Paul Roos 5-0 Paarl Boys

  3. @Gifappel: Dankie my mater, so dis meestal in die agterlyn. Julle agterlyn van gisteraand het goed gelyk maar die forwards het baie werk. Seker gisteraand was miskien net die regte medisyne vir Boishaai. Sterkte vir die seisoen.

  4. @Stier: Stier ja, ek was self verbaas oor hul spel maar ons moet onthou dat dit net n opwarmings wedstryd was. Brugstraat gaan PRG se grootste wedstryd van die jaar wees. Dis n lang seisoen wat voorle.

  5. @PaarlBok: 10 sal 15 toe skuif, regte 10 kom in, 11 n straight swop, Venter is n fetcher en 15 sal dan moontlik tweedes toe skuif.

  6. @PaarlBok: That PRG team is going to be right up there just like last year. It’s a pity that Reagan is out but it’s still a very strong team. I think you guys have yet another year of good rugby to look forward to. That team only lost one game since grade eight if I remember correctly.

    @Kattes-Strofes: Yes there is hard work ahead, but that is how it goes and now they will just have to work hard.

  7. @beet: Beet simple question: Why cant we post links?


    1. Make a comment
    2. Post your comment
    3. Edit your comment (within the prescribed time frame) and add your link
    4. Save your comment
    5. Voila!!!

  8. @Kattes-Strofes: Ek weet dat Regan vd Westhuizen met ‘n kniestut by skool rondloop, maar andersins was dit seker PRG se bestes.
    Sterkte vir die naweek.

  9. @Gifappel: Giffie ! Jy is reg oor daai 3 manne. Maar vanaand se span was die beste wat Boishaai in die veld kon stoot.Ons weet nie of die Rose ook spelers nie beskikbaar gehad het nie. So ! Al is dit nie lekker nie, moet ons vir hulle geluk sê met die sege. Dit was n fisiese stryd, wat voorlangs beslis is, en ek moet erken dat Paul Roos was vanaand daar bobaas. Ons het veral in die lynstane, en op die grond gesukkel. Hulle het baie goed gedoen met hul “counter rucking”

  10. @Grizzly: al die wedstryde is beskikbaar op daai blad. Weet net Bosch en Landbou was 10 elk.

    Beet kan jy asb die link plaas

  11. Ook eind telling. PRG gaan weer n lekker pak forwards he, het eintlik gedominate as ek so deur my een maroen oog gekyk het.

  12. Paul Roos and HJS both putting out full strength sides tonight at Newlands?!
    If so, should be a decent 20 mins of rugby.

  13. Why don’t they invite some of the smaller schools like Fish Hoek High, Camps Bay high, Spine Road High? (just some that came into mind). I have seen some decent rugby played by them in the past.

  14. @Vleis: I agree that there is a lot more interest in 1st XV rugby and the crowd pulling power is easily between 5 to 10 times that of u16A. That said the union’s main objective is little to do with providing an adequate preseason platform and a lot to do with marketing their facilities. It’s generally been a win-win situation. If they are not going to get in the Gimmies, Bishops and now Durbanville etc 1st XV squad players, that’s at least 25% of the target market missing. They may as well try aim for 100% at u16 level, get the boys to see what’s on offer and get an early look at the talent coming up through the ranks.

  15. @Kattes-Strofes: @BoschBoy: @beet: I agree with Kattes. Also, I would keep it as a 1st team festival. These shortened, no-kicking games do not ‘count’ towards a team’s results, but they provide very good preparation for the season in a less stressed fashion and in a great setting. Also, with due respect to the u16A, I think that people would be way more interested in the new 1st teams…even if they are missing some players.

  16. @BoschBoy: Making it an u16A festival sounds like a good idea.

    I guess the success is also about the hard work put in. Look at the Bulls Loftus Day. They have attracted a number of good schools. I imagine some people worked really hard behind the scenes to make it happen. It is a value for money event to attend as a result.

  17. @Kattes-Strofes: Very fair point. I remember when this first started, it was always a very big event, but as you said given the extensive fixture list these schools have, fielding second-string players etc., one does question it.

    I think your solution of having other schools play is a good one. Or, alternatively, maybe make it an U16A festival?

  18. There are a number of Schoolboy rugby supporters, from the so-called bigger rugby schools, who are questioning this annual day,s relevance. The fact that, according to these supporters, most of these schools, will not be playing with their first choice players, due to their commitments to other high profile festivals.

    My oppinion on this is quite simple. Why not withdraw ? No-one can force you to play ! I also do not think that this shortened, no kicks for goal matches, will give anyone an indication of a team,s possible performance in the regular season.

    However ! I am convinced that the oppertunity to play at the hallowed ground of Newlands, is still a lifelong dream for most youngsters, of which the vast majority will never be able to do so again. Especially more so now, that it could quite possibly the last oppertunity for schoolboys.

    I am also dead sure that players from other schools, will relish this oppertunity.


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