SA Schools 2018

10-Aug 14-Aug 18-Aug
W43-40 L21-28 W41-22
1 1 PR Thabiso Mdletshe 179 97 u18 1 of 3 Glenwood 1 of 6 KZN Sharks
2 16 2 HK JJ Kotze 184 96 u18 1 of 4 Paul Roos 1 of 9 WP
3 3 PR Hanro Jacobs 184 105 u18 2 of 4 Paul Roos 2 of 9 WP
4 4 LK Lunga Ncube 194 105 u18 2 of 3 Glenwood 2 of 6 KZN Sharks
5 5 LK Adrian Alberts 194 94 u18 1 of 3 HJS Paarl BH 3 of 9 WP
6 6 FL Tristan Dullisear 183 96 u18 1 of 1 Monument 1 of 2 Golden Lions
8 19 7 #8 Celimpilo Gumede 190 95 u18 1 of 2 DHS 3 of 6 KZN Sharks
8 8 #8 Evan Roos 191 109 u18 2 of 3 HJS Paarl BH 4 of 9 WP
9 9 9 SH/FH Thomas Bursey 178 76 u18 1 of 5 Selborne 1 of 6 Border
10 10 10 FH Juan Mostert 191 87 u18 3 of 4 Paul Roos 5 of 9 WP
11 29 11 WG Stavino Jacobs 178 86 u18 1 of 1 Paarl Gim 6 of 9 WP
12 12 CT Brendan Venter 182 78 u18 4 of 4 Paul Roos 7 of 9 WP
13 13 13 CT/FB Muzi Manyike 175 78 u18 1 of 1 Jeppe 2 of 2 Golden Lions
14 14 FB/CT Sibabalwe Xamlashe 179 80 u18 2 of 5 Selborne 2 of 6 Border
15 15 FB/FH Darren Hendricks 170 69 u18 1 of 1 Boland Landbou 8 of 9 WP
2 16 HK Jacques Goosen 180 95 u17 3 of 5 Selborne 3 of 6 Border
1 17 17 PR Dewald Donald 183 101 u18 1 of 1 Affies 1 of 2 Blue Bulls
3 18 18 PR Herman Agenbag 180 117 u18 1 of 3 Grey College 1 of 3 Free State
4 7 19 FL Sibusiso Sangweni 188 95 u18 1 of 1 Kearsney 4 of 6 KZN Sharks
20 20 LK Uzile Tele 190 95 u18 1 of 1 Hudson Park 4 of 6 Border
5 21 21 LK Emile van Heerden 199 94 u18 3 of 3 HJS Paarl BH 1 of 1 WP B
6 22 22 #8 Keke Morabe 188 94 u17 1 of 1 Welkom Gim 1 of 1 Griffons
23 23 FL Jarrod Taylor 186 98 u17 4 of 5 Selborne 5 of 6 Border
24 24 FL De Wet Marais 190 95 u18 2 of 3 Grey College 2 of 3 Free State
25 25 SH Jurich Claassen 174 63 u17 1 of 1 Garsfontein 2 of 2 Blue Bulls
12 26 26 CT Mnombo Zwelindaba 187 88 u17 5 of 5 Selborne 6 of 6 Border
15 27 27 CT/FH Rynhardt Jonker 181 89 u18 3 of 3 Glenwood 5 of 6 KZN Sharks
11 28 WG/CT Wyclef Vlitoor 178 86 u18 3 of 3 Grey College 3 of 3 Free State
7 28 CT Lwandile Menze 178 81 u18 2 of 2 DHS 6 of 6 KZN Sharks
Inj Inj Inj FL Mhlali Mgolodela 184 97 u18 1 of 1 Rondebosch 9 of 9 WP
Inj Inj Inj FH Lionel April 186 84 u18 1 of 1 Hermanus 1 of 1 Boland
14 Inj Inj PR Banele Mthenjane 182 104 u18 1 of 1 Nelspruit 1 of 1 Pumas



The SA Schools team will meet on Sunday 5 August 2018 in the Western Cape as usual.

They will play the following games:

 Friday, 10 August 2018 (at Boland Landbou)
14h15 – England vs France
16h00 – SA Schools vs Wales

Tuesday, 14 August 2018 (at Stellenberg)
14h15 – Wales vs England
16h00 – SA Schools vs France

Saturday, 18 August 2018 (at SACS)
12h15 – France vs Wales
14h05 – SA Schools vs England



  1. @Smallies: ‘n Paarl Interskole wen of verloor bly jou verewig by, ek het dit vanjaar weer ervaar toe die 1978 1ste spanne van Gim en Bois weer by mekaar gekom het na 40 jaar. Maar moet se dat die vriendskappe net so belangrik is. Terwyl jy rugby speel, speel jy om te wen, die vriendskappe is ‘n uitvloeisel van die rugby wat later meer waarde kry.

  2. @Honey Badger: ek ontken glad nie dat wen nie belangrik is nie wat ek se is dat die vriendskappe wat jy maak baie meer waarde het as die wen of verloor, oor 20 jaar is dit lankal nie meer ter sake wie gewen het nie, maar koos en piet sal nog steeds pelle wees

  3. You will only enjoy it if you win, and if you don’t play to win, then why even bother to keep score.

  4. Wat n VOORREG! om nog n SA SKOLE span met gesonde jong manne te kan sien rugby speel en dat ons so wonderlik vermaak kan word.Ek hoop elke seun wat daarvoor gekies is , geniet elke oomblik van die laaste bietjie wat oor is tot more. ONTHOU!!! Gee jul BESTE!!!! en GENIET!! Twee onafskeidbare elemente. GENIET! en BESTE!!!!

  5. @chief: I agree. SAS should not be selected solely judged on CW performances. Use CW to assess players but part of moving forward should be to develop better systems of monitoring player progress from the start of the season. A debatable point is in making SAS selections do you just honour the players who perform well at school level or do you also factor in future potential to succeed after school and ability to press on to play SA u20 in a couple of years time.

  6. SA has to measure it’s rugby progress relative to the rest of the world. For a long time our school age-group and even junior rugby structures were better than those available in Europe. However Euro rugby is making progress at senior level and that progress is gradually filtering down to their age group rugby below u20. I expect that they will eventually have systems in place that are on par with those of football youth setups. This will improve their strength at u18 level. It’s coming at a time where more and more questions are being raised about the inefficient outdated manner in which SA rugby is run. We’re becoming the followers and are in danger of not being able to keep up with the leaders. You stay ahead of the curve by being sharp. If SARU truly want SAS to be a ray of hope or at the very least a team that lives up to expectations, they need to realise that better performances are required. Those in charge must not rest on their laurels. Don’t have an SAS setup with a weak administrator like leader, second rate vision lacking selectors and poor planning. Get the right people in and do the right things to make SAS a nationally celebrated team.

    I’d hate to think what would happen to the SAS team if they had to travel to Europe in February to play in a 4N u18 tournament (the roles reversed with SA coming out of the offseason and far from home). Away from the comforts we might end up feeling very depressed about the results.

  7. @Hooit: Soos ek verneem het is albei 0/18 spanne, Die Franse speel met hul span soos aan die einde van die noordelike halfrond se vorige seisoen, en die Engelse met hul span soos aan die begin van hul nuwe seisoen.

  8. @dammetjie: Spanne is o/18 maar England meestal o/17. Laasjaar was die Franse en England spelers albei o/18 en baie groter as die jaar.

  9. @dammetjie: jy klink soos sekere skole wat nie teen ander wil speel nie omdat hulle 0/19 spelers in hulle spanne het. Met die talent wat ons in die land het is dit die laaste ding wat ons oor moet kla, die beste span moet net gekies word.

  10. Manne, kyk net ‘n fyn oog na die Franse spelers. Vergelyk fisies met ons s’n. As jy baie SBR kyk dan het jy ‘n idee hoe ‘n onder 18 speler lyk, selfs met ‘n paar uitsonderings. Sal nie glo hulle is onder 18 voordat ek nie ‘n geboortesertifikaat sien nie. Die kaptein is ‘n sprekende voorbeeld. Ons, die Walliesers en Engelse lyk onder 18.

  11. @chief: That’s incorrect. They’re all under 18.Its the England u18, Wales u18 and France u18 sides.
    Their biggest advantage is that they have been together for months while SA Schools has a few weeks. Also a number of them would have finished school in July meaning all they’ve been doing is rugby for the last month. That would also explain the beards, and “mature” looks :mrgreen:.

  12. @Kattes-Strofes: They were certainly a breath of fresh air from the disappointing sides we’ve become used to. The coaches and selectors seem to have had it spot on for a change by selecting a team and not just a combination of super stars.

    That Goosen kid is definitely one to watch in the future. He’s an immense player.

  13. @Playa: Good one Playa :wink: On a serious note ! I was pleasantly surprised by the Border team. Yes ! They do have some very talented boys in their squad (hooker Jacques Goosen is a monster and will become a star at senior level, if he stays focussed). The team also seemed to be well coached and they were playing for each other, which normally helps a lot. Well done to all involved.

  14. As far as I know, this is an u/19 competition, similar to our schools competition. Therefore we will , for most of the time, be at some disadvantage, because the SA team is mostly, if

    not exclusively, selected from Craven week, which is u/18.

    Having said that. The England squad of this year, comprises mostly of u/17 boys, and their results thus far also bears testimony to the fact, that age do play a very important role in

    age group competitions.

  15. @chief: I’ve seen the point you made, that the other teams are u19, mentioned a few times on other social media platforms, but does anyone have any evidence of this?

  16. @Playa:

    Om spelers dmv Craven Week te kies en nie na die jaar as ‘n geheel te kyk nie is die probleem waarmee die SA Skole span nou sit. SA Skole sal nooit ware kragte kan toon op hierdie toetse met ons politieke sisteem nie.

  17. @Smallies: ai-dis seker darem goed dat in jou mind jy nou naby jou genoemde 9 grey mannetjies in sa skole is :lol: 8-O 8-O 8-O

    stem oor kriel maar daar is beter 9s as braude-alhoewel hy ook beter is as die selborne speler

  18. After watching the SA Schools game versus France on Tuesday a couple of my observations and views;
    1. Our forwards are technically proficient, big enough, skillful enough and powerful enough to man up against the best the northern hemisphere has to offer.
    2. Our coach is good enough, Sean changed tactics to keep it amongst the forwards in the second half and used the driving maul which paid dividends. Also the timing of the the substitutions in the forwards in my opinion was spot on.
    3. The SA selectors got it right in our forward selections.
    4 The SA selectors got it wrong in our backline selections.
    5. Our midfield was found lacking in inventiveness on attack and physicality on defense.
    6. The distribution from the base of the ruck/scrum wasn’t up to standard on the day.
    7. This is one of the best/if not the best, SA schools forward packs that I have seen in years.
    8. I know the horse has already bolted but my SA schools backline ( combination of pace, skill, power) to combine with that forward pack would have been:
    Ross Braude at 9
    Mostert at 10
    Stravino Jacobs at 11
    Kellerman at 12
    Diego Apollis at 13
    Vlitoor at 14
    Richard Kriel at 15
    Substitutes to bring on in the second half if one is chasing the game due to their X factor: Mills, Jonker, Hendricks

  19. @dammetjie: Die ander spanne is u19/20. Is elke jaar nog so gewees.

    Dis hul voorbereiding vir die 6 Nasies aan die einde van die jaar.

  20. Kyk nou hoe hierdie sa skole span die franse laat les op sê dinsdag. 2, 3 bokke!!!!!!

  21. Ek wil nie te krities wees oor hierdie vertoning nie, want mens kon duidelik sien, veral op verdediging, dat samespel nog kortkom. Ons het ook onverwags bietjie gesukkel in die skrums.Ek gaan ook nie “name and shame” nie, maar liewer konsentreer op die positiewe. Voorlangs was no. 2 Kotze, no.5 Van Heerden (veral in lynstane) en no.8 Gumede, baie goed. Agterlangs was no.10 Mostert en no.12 Zwelindaba vir my die beste.

    En die bonus is dat Ploegie ook nou n TV stêr is Ha-Ha !!

  22. Wat ‘n teleurstelling vanmiddag. As dit is hoe ons gaan speel, sien ek swarigheid vorentoe. Skrymwerk was goed, maar nie veel meer nie. Hoekom kies hulle vir Mostert op 10 as hy elke keer die bal van ‘n voorspeler ontvang ? Sy talente is nie gebruik nie. Die helfte van die pak staan in die agterlyn. Hmoet kom. ier sal ‘n groot ommeswaai moet kom.

  23. Span wat glo begin teen Wales:
    1. Donald
    2. Kotze
    3. Agenbag
    4. Sangweni
    5. van Heerden
    6. Morabe
    7. Mihlali
    8. Gumede
    9. Bursey
    10. Mostert
    11. Jacobs
    12. Zwelindaba
    13. Manyike
    14. Menze
    15. Jonker

  24. Menze added to the squad making it 5 from the sharks. Who is he replacing ?

  25. My stukkie useless information oor interskole. Ek stem saam dat elke seun en skool se interskole is vir hom en sy ondersteuners net so belangrik soos die Paarl derby.

    Uit persoonlike ondervinding was die Parow interskole van ons (JJ du Preez) teen Tygerberg n helse ding in die ou dae. Ek was bevoorreg om vir drie jaar 1ste span te speel in ons interskole. En al was dit al 46 jaar gelede, onthou ek nog goed hoe gemotiveerd ek destyds was en gebewe het van die opwinding en spanning.

    Ek help mos nou bietjie vir Brakkies. Hul interskole teen Tygerberg vind op 25 Augustus plaas en sal ook die 1ste keer gebeeldsend word deur Supersport. Ek ondervind reeds n groot opgewondenheid en geesdrif onder die plaaslike gemeenskap. Daar word reeds hard beplan en gewerk om die geriewe en velde op hul beste te kry, planne te maak om genoeg sitplekke, kos, toilet geriewe ens. te hê vir al die ondersteuners.

    Die paarl interskole se geskiedenis en tradisies oor baie jare het egter legendariese status bereik. Ek wil glo die feit dat dit tussen twee van die land se top rugby skole geskied, dat beide skole se passievolle old boys van heinde en vêrre kom om dit by te woon, reunies te hou, saam te kuier vir n week lank, en dat daar al soveel bekende spelers al daaraan deelgeneem het, het baie hiermee te make. Dan het die tv dekking ook nog n verdere bydrae tot die grootsheid van geleentheid gemaak.
    Dit bly n voorreg om te deel te wees van hierdie geleentheid, al is jy nie n old boy nie, maar net n ondersteuner van een van die skole.

  26. ja dis nie beter of groter as ander interskole wedstryde nie -kry maar net n bietjie meer publsiteit. in my dae was Durbies teen Df die grote 8-O 8-O

  27. @Gooi n enkel maar maak dubbelseker: Jy is besig om ons alma mater se naam deur die modder te smeer. Verwyder jouself van die die blog asseblief. Hier het ons respek vir mekaar en ons onderskeie skole.Sulke gedrag sal nie geduld word nie. Dit is die rede hoekom ek nie hier blog nie, hierdie alewige gemoddergooiery en grootpraters en eiewysighede wat ons kwytraak walg my.

  28. @Rainier: Daar is ook hele paar wat absoluut geen affiliasie met die skool het nie en net die trui aantrek om skade te berokken…Dis nou die trolle waarvan mens so hoor…Soek net reaksie.

  29. @Rainier.Moet sê dat party manne goed te ver vat.Die Paarl Interskole is baie groot en spesiaal maar dit beteken nie ‘n man moet die ander Interskole en derbies in SA geringskat nie.Smallies jys reg -elke speler dink sy game en Interskole is die grootste !!Daar is maar baie manne wat deur die grootsheid van die Paarl game verblind word en dit lei tot arrogansie en gedrag waarvan meeste Old Boys van die skole hulle definitief distansieer.Maar nou ja party manne wat so aangaan was gewoonlik nie Old Boys nie en hulle is die wannabee Old Boys waarvan mense praat in die Paarl.

  30. Ek is seker Beet het ‘n arrogansie toets wat mens moet neem om ‘n HJS trui op die blog te dra, en as mens die toets dop en jy is nie arrogant genoeg nie dan mag jy nie die truitjie as avatar kry nie. Ek aanvaar daar is uitsonderings soos Kattes en BHP, maar hulle is in die minderheid en skaam hulle seker vir die ander manne se uitlatings.

    Wat vir my die ergste is is dat die uitgesproke manne moontlik nie eers op HJS was nie, of nooit regtig presteer het op skool nie – die trui is vir hulle soos ‘n bywoningsertifikaat of hulle was padpatrollie lede gewees en nou kom pronk hulle hier op die blog.

  31. @Gooi n enkel maar maak dubbelseker: and so says every schoolboy of every inter schools match in south africa, again if you have ties to the two paarl schools it is the biggest thing in the world…. For other community’s and other old boy clubs uuuuuhhbhh not so mutch, dis jou eie persepsie van die geleentheid wat dit groots maak…

  32. @Smallies: The audience, crowd, stories, hype, vibe, interest, publicity hereof speaks for itself. Its not called the biggest rugby interschools in the world for nothing Sir.

  33. @Gooi n enkel maar maak dubbelseker: niks jaloers omtrent dit nie, julle manne kan nou maar net nie verstaan dat daar vir al die skole in die land wat sport speel behalwe tweetjies is die paarl belangriker games is nie… Ek volg die paarl interskole al n hele ruk maar laat ek jou vertel as my seun op daardie dag speel dan mis ek dit sonder om n oog te knip

  34. @Gooi n enkel maar maak dubbelseker: nie vir die eerste spanne van bv Aliwal-noord en Burgersdorp nie, en ook nie vir die eerste spanne van Dale en Selborne nie, vir julle is hy die grootste game van die jaar en ook in terme van bywoning, maar ek belowe jou daar is vir geen speler n groter een as sy eie skool se tradisionele interskole game nie… Die emosies is vir die laaitys van Burgersdorp net no groot as vir BH se seuns, probeer vir die Oos londen manne vertel daar is n belangriker game as Selborne Dale, of vir die Bethlehem manne dat die Voortrekker Witteberg game nie regtig belangrik is nie…

  35. @Gooi n enkel maar maak dubbelseker: Elvis, whether you are joking or not, this is the reason guys love to give HJS stick when you aren’t having a great year and even more of a reason to knock you off your pedistal and gloat when your chips are down.

  36. @Smallies: Daar is werklik maar net een interskole en dit is die Paarl interskole tussen Bois en Gim.

  37. @PaarlBok: Jy het alweer die kat aan die bal weet. Fokus. Norieman praat van PRG 12. Gaan s.t.a.d.i.g deur die thread hierbo,van bo na onder.

  38. @kokkie dan weet ek nog nie van n swak wedstryd van hom nie. Al 3 op st Johns was goed en al 3 op CW was goed. Shame ek hoop die seun kan eendag sy eie stukkie son kry en erken word vir die goeie speler wat hy is.

  39. @Norieman: uitstekende game gehad, kon speler van die wedstryd gewees het, 2 of 3 driee gedruk, sy verspreiding was baie goed

  40. @Smallies: You’re very safe. My sense prevails. Sevens have worked hard to be title contenders consistently. Kellerman will rise to the top and if it is on the Sevens circuit, I will be excited for him.

  41. Ek sien PRG het n goeie wen gekry teen Wynberg. Hoe het die Bokpa se seun toe gespeel ?

  42. @Playa: Hey Playa trust you are well. The Boerewors curtain came down on me for just thinking one of their Star players had a bad game.

  43. @Stier:

    Ek weet nie of ek die enigste Grey ondersteuner is wat soms naar raak as julle praat van ‘n Vrystaat/Bloemfontein skeidsregter nie? Besef julle hoeveel keer het hulle al foute gemaak teen Grey? Ek sal via email vir jou met liefde ‘n hele paar foute van skeidsregter uitwys van Grey VS Boishaai 2017.

    Bygesê sal dit julle goed doen om julle self te bekommer oor julle eie wedstryde soos die jaar aangaan. Ons is nie in 2015, 2016 of 2017 nie.

  44. @CharlesZA: stem saam, groot jammerte, dit sou n great game gewees het om volsterkte spanne teen mekaar te sien, veral om dit die laaste game van die seisoen is vir meeste van die seuns. Net soos Grey en Hjs, moes Prg ook menigte male sonder sterre soos Damian Willemse ens klaarkom, maar dis nie die punt nie, dit bly n anti klimaks

  45. @Kattes-Strofes: Dink oom mis die punt, dit gaan nie oor die skole wat voel hulle speel met swakker span, dit gaan meer oor die feit dat die grootste game van die jaar speel die 2 top spanne sonder hulle top spelers. Dis die toeskouers en skole rugby supports wat uitmis. Ons gaan seker nog vir n paar jaar 2015 HJS stories hoor…

  46. Varkie Greyling se pa is Marco Greyling. Self ‘n baie goeie rugbyspeler gewees en ook in Grey se 1ste span gespeel. Weet net nie watter jaar nie.

  47. @Kattes-Strofes: ek dink nie Grey worry regtig so baie oor dit nie, hulle is die situasie darem al redelik gewoond, verlede jaar ook 3 uit gehad, en die vorige jaar 5 dink ek, en se jy kies jou beste span en jol, al wat bad is vir my is dat daar outjies is wat nou die laaste game van n 12 jaar proses gaan mis e dit is vir my baie hartseer…

  48. @PaarlBok: Hmm… Now, why would the Sevens Academy invest in a crashball player? Very much un-Neil Powell and un-Marius Schoeman, I think.

  49. @Smallies:Net iets rakende die nie beskikbaarheid van SA Skole spelers vir belangrike wedstryde. Ek besef dat die Grey/ Paul Roos wedstryd kan bepaal wie vanjaar se top rugby span is, en dus baie belangrik vir beide skole is.
    Jammer om weer die geskiedenis op te haal. Maar Boishaai se onoorwonne 2015 span moes die naweek, net na die hoogtepunt van hul 1ste sege oor Gim na vier jaar, na Riversdal reis om die omgesukkelde sterk span van Oakdale te takel. Laasgenoemde het 11 Craven week spelers in hul midde gehad , wat ysters soos Chrisjan du Toit(stut), HP Van Schoor (haker), Adre Smith (slot), Renaldo Ferreira (no.8) en Boeta Hamman (no.10) ingesluit het. Al hierdie manne is steeds by unies in die noorde gekontrakteer.
    Nou! Dit is n feit dat dit reeds baie moeilik is om spelers weer te motiveer na die opwinding en glorie van n interskole sege.
    Boishaai moes, benewens bogenoemde, boonop speel sonder hul 5 SA Skole spelers (wat die invloedryke bul slotte Ruben de Villiers en Salmaan Moerat, asook senter Manny Rass ingesluit het ) asook afrigter Sean Erasmus (wat hulp afrigter by die SA span was) klaarkom. Daarbenewens was die 1ste keuse no.7 flank ook beseer.
    Die Boishaai skoolhoof, mnr. Swart, het ondanks besware van ouers en ondersteuners besluit ons sal nie kop uittrek nie, al was die span se onoorwonne status na 18 wedstryde op die spel. Sy gevoel was, dat ongeag wie gekies word, die spelers verteenwoordig die skool se 1ste span.
    Wel Boishaai het hom deurgetrek met 25- 19 en daarna nog 2 wedstryde teen Drosdy en Outeniqua gewen.
    Miskien het ons almal hieruit n les geleer om maar te aanvaar dat alles nie gaan soos mens hoop nie, en (wat rugby terme betref) maar steeds jou span te ondersteun, wie ookal die trui oor die kop trek. Sterkte vir beide skole ! Ek gaan hom beslis met arends oë dophou.

  50. This hurts and I will probably get my ODU colors stripped off but Selborne deserves the number they got. To be blunt, Grey gave them a hiding, Paul Roos probably would too. Glenwood who I think are 3rd best in the country would have a hard time against the Baboona. They are the best team in the EC.In my book possibly 4th in the country…if not 3rd.They had 16 in an unbeaten Border team that beat Free State. This is me swallowing my pride and saying… “Well done Selborne”. No one can tell you that you don’t deserve what you have achieved. See you at the Graveyard in August.

  51. @Gooi n enkel maar maak dubbelseker: Ek dink die WP B-span sal gereeld een van die sterker spanne op die week wees. Ek kry die BB seuns jammer – Apollis was ‘n skaduwee van sy gewone self en het glo met ‘n besering gespeel, hoekom beide skrumskakels wedstryde uit posisie moes speel verstaan ek glad nie, die vaste fasette was baie swak en hoe spelers soos die Bere 15 en WK 12 nie daar was nie weet niemand behalwe die keurders nie.

    Ek skud maar net my kop en slaan my oge op na die hemel…

  52. @Rainier: Wat dink jy van die WP b span wat die NTvl a span geklop het op Craven Week?

    Skreiende skande sou ek reken.

  53. Baie geluk aan die blogger wat April op 10 gekies het….

    Baie dankie. :wink:

    Donald is myle beter as enige ander loskop in die land.

    En geluk aan Jurich Claasen, lyk my die Bere weet maar net hoe om die beste uit 9’s uit die Kaap uit te kry.


  54. @BoishaaiPa: :wink: ??? @Norieman: No doubt the schools that currently fall under Boland will be the biggest losers in the highly unlikely event of such a shift ever happening again and, in any event, with the current CW format of allowing a couple of WP teams to participate, if it’s to remain, there’s also not much reason any longer for the other WP “regions” to complain too much – there are now opportunities for many more players. Bottomline….it’s actually to the benefit of the schools of both regions and should stay exactly as is IMHO.

  55. @boerboel: wel ou bul ek het donnald goosen aggenbach alberts marais flitoor en gumede gecall… Wie het jy gekies…. Ek dink nie jy het enigsins die balls gehad om n span op te sit nie, jy weet jy laat my aan daai maargat outjies dink wat hier rondom die fight rondspring en net die heeltyd blaf soos damm stoep kakkertjie….

  56. @Stier: “ can’t compete with a bok dad it seems…” is myns insiens baie onbillike kommentaar teenoor die betrokke speler en sy ouers. Daar’s al telkens op hierdie forum genoem dat die seuns nie hulself kies nie. Ek weet ook van minstens twee ander Bokpa’s se seuns wat CW vanjaar gespeel het en nie gekies is nie. En beide die twee seuns, net soos die een wat wel gekies is, is ysters.

  57. @PaarlBok: Asb man. Trek net daai trui uit, want jy doen geen maroen ondersteuner of seun enige gunste nie. Jou bek is te groot!!!!

  58. @BoishaaiPa: Almal ken Serfontein se se verhaal wat Grey high hulle self moet vra is of hy wel daar in die skool was toe hy gekies is… En ja ek het so pas gesien dat ek soos my gat gelees het

  59. @Stier: Gaan kyk my span daar by die CW fixtures en results blog…Dink ook Kellerman baie ongelukkig om nie die span te maak nie, maar hy is nie die eerste of laaste ou met wie dit gebeur nie. Hy verdien die erkenning en soos BuffelsCM tereg opgemerk het , het hy eintlik uit posisie gespeel m aar nog steeds uitgeblink.

  60. I can’t believe Kellerman didn’t make it, you can’t compete with a bok dad it seems. Nobody or very few didn’t have Kellerman in their team and hardly anybody had the pick that made it.

    It’s a pity that the Grey and PRG game is not going to be with full strength teams. PRG is going to miss their hooker the most. The 3 and 10 they should be able to cover with good players and the 12 even easier with Reagan and Ruben to name just two. I still think PRG will be to good for Grey but those Freestate refs might now have a bigger say.

  61. @Mountainview: Why a backlash?..The story is as old as the competition itself and already debated to death. It is not the schools that determine where they play but the rugby administration cronies. Around 2000 or 2001 the wineland schools played for Boland. The Boland schools did not want that either as very few of their players came into contention because of the presence of the Big 4 players. WP don’t want to relinquish these schools as they provide the bulk of their CW players and the WP record over the years at CW speaks for itself. So what to do with these 4 schools then?..WP admin wants them..the WP schools don’t want them because their Southern and Northern Subs players gets overlooked. Boland schools certainly don’t want them either so they are the victims of their own success.

    The only solution is to add a Winelands province to CW and dump the WP XV. Then all schools from Stellenbosch, Paarl and Wellington area can compete as the Winelands team at CW. Or they can be called Boland central or something, only problem is that WP Rugby would oppose this as it will take away their strongest feeder schools. These schools have been playing for WP since inception of CW and will most probably still play for them in years to come despite all the normal murmurs about them being in Boland. So until there is an official split from WP, these schools will remain part of them.

  62. Baie trots om te noem dat Grey nou amptelik die eerste skool word op 100 SA skole spelers op te lewer. Besonderse prestasie!

  63. Die Grey / Prg game gaan nou n joke wees, So baie van ons het klaar verblyf bespreek, planne gemaak vir die GROOT game van die jaar! Nou sal ons nooit regtig weet nie, nes in die verlede! Te veel ontwrigting in die spanne!

  64. Aon on board as new U18 International Series sponsor

    SA Rugby on Thursday welcomed Aon Insurance brokers to its family of partners as the new title sponsor of annual Under 18 International Series, which will be hosted in the Western Cape in August.

    The newly-named Aon U18 International Series will feature three rounds of matches between the SA Schools team, England, France and Wales, from 10 to 18 August at three high schools, Boland Landbou, Stellenberg and SACS.

    England and France will get the tournament underway at Boland Landbou in Paarl on Friday, 10 August, with the SA Schools team – which will be coached by Sean Erasmus – meeting Wales in their opening game.

    Erasmus’ charges will meet France in the second round at Stellenberg in Durbanville on Tuesday, 14 August, with Wales taking on England.

    The tournament will conclude in at SACS in Newlands on Saturday, 18 August, with the SA Schools team battling it out with England, and France meeting Wales.

    “We are delighted to welcome Aon on board as the sponsor of the Aon U18 International Series,” said SA Rugby CEO Jurie Roux.

    “The tournament marks the pinnacle of schoolboy rugby in South Africa and the first time in the players’ careers that they represent their country wearing the green and gold, and it is fantastic that they will have a well-known international brand such as Aon behind them.

    “With the likes of famous England soccer club Manchester United and the Chiefs’ Vodacom Super Rugby team in their stable of sponsorships, it is pleasing to have the company put their weight behind some of the top schoolboy players in the world.

    “Similarly to Aon who continuously build on their local and international footprint, the steps the players take in this tournament will serve as a significant milestone as they look to build on their careers.”

    Aon South Africa’s Head of Marketing, Mandy Barrett, said: “The partnership with SA Rugby to sponsor the Aon U18 International Series presents a wonderful opportunity to support and grow our rugby talent in the country.

    “Not only will it give our players international exposure against their counterparts from Wales, England and France, it will also serve as an important building block in the players’ careers.

    “Aon is proud to be part of creating an environment where young players are inspired to reach their full potential. The sponsorship opportunity is an invaluable platform to showcase the professionalism and capabilities of our leading young players, and to develop them as ambassadors for the sport and our country,” Barrett added.

    The SA Schools team will be announced in the coming days, while all six matches in the Aon U18 International Series will be live broadcast on SuperSport.

    Aon U18 International Series fixtures:

    Friday, 10 August 2018 (at Boland Landbou)

    14h15 – England vs France

    16h00 – SA Schools vs Wales

    Tuesday, 14 August 2018 (at Stellenberg)

    14h15 – Wales vs England

    16h00 – SA Schools vs France

    Saturday, 18 August 2018 (at SACS)

    12h15 – France vs Wales

    14h05 – SA Schools vs England

  65. Eish Flitoor was nie reg op die CW nie. Venter en Kellerman kombinasie was al 3 wedstryde goed.
    Kyk ek verkeerd of is daar net een erkende skrumskakel?

  66. Ja en kom ons sit in n kring en sing Kumbaya en prys die keurders.Jammer van Kellerman. Kom ons verloor weer drie wedstryde in n ry op tuisbodem soos laasjaar en wonder dan wat het fout gegaan. Kom ons wees tevrede met middelmatigheid. Dit is mos nou die norm. Is ek gatvol oor Kellerman? Ja ek is. Groete tot volgende jaar.

  67. Manne net my 5 cent hier vanaf Noordvaal waar ons beker rugby speel en die 5 Noordvaal Unies(Limpopo, Pumas, Luiperds, Bulle, Lions) saam 5 SAS spelers het.

    O askuus Lions het 2 maar(1 van Jeppe speel nie beker rugby nie) en Bulle het 2 (1 van Affies speel nie beker rugby nie)
    Dalk is die beker rugby vir die seuns belangriker as CW en het hulle terug gehou of DALK kies die keurders verkeerde seuns.

    Die 2 beste senters in die land met alle skole games en op CW was Venter en Kellerman. Saam net so op 12 en 13. Die werk wat hulle sonder die bal doen is nog meer impressive as met die bal. Dis n skande dat altwee dit nie gemaak het nie. Afgesien wie se pa n bok was en wie se pa nou vir NZ speel, ons kan nie daai 2 teen mekaar vergelyk nie hulle het dan saam as n kombinasie gespeel en die kombinasie het dan homself bewys. Kom ons wees eerder kwaad vir die mense wat iemand anders in Kellerman se plek gekies het. Net so was Jonker en Vlitoor ook baie goed maar ek dink Venter en Kellerman was besonders.

  68. @PaarlBok: @PaarlBok: As jy mooi kyk sal jy sien ek het geen affiliasie met die Paarl Skole nie, alhoewel ek wyd kyk. Enige persoon wat Kellerman se uitsluiting uit die SA Span probeer regverdig, is of eenogig of het nie ‘n donnerse clue van wat ‘n senter is nie. Kellerman is die HEEL BESTE senter in SA in 2018. Die connected spelers wat bo hom gekies is, weet dit. Die keurders weet dit diep binne. So as die span weer drie tuiswedstryde verloor soos laasjaar, kry vir julle. Dit is belaglik en Duffy Kellerman weet dit. Want hy is die heel beste.
    So verban my. Kruisig my en stik in julle donnerse rooiwyn of Pimms of KWV of wat ook al. Maar moenie my vertel Kellerman verdien nie ‘n plek as EERSTEKEUSE SENTER nie.

  69. @PaarlBok: Terloops jy het mos op hierdie blog gesê:”Kellerman bo Venter? Kellerman is jou tipiese SA stormram senter sonder breins”
    Dis duidelik dat jy oningelig is

  70. @Norieman: So by default you’re saying the R’bosch no 7 is the only WP representative?…brace yourself for a backlash from the Winelands constabulary!?

  71. @PaarlBok: As daar ‘n geskikte 13 was, sou Kellerman 12 vir WP gespeel het. 12 Pas hom beter IMO en ook in verskeie ander mense sê opinie.

  72. @PaarlBok:moenie eers daar gaan nie, ons moet gewoonlik teen julle met n baster eerstespan jol… Kies jou beste beskikbare span en kom jol, julle het mos baie diepte

  73. @PaarlBok: 13 stampkar?? Jammer maar dit was nog nooit ‘n 13 se “werk” nie. Kellerman is in elk geval ‘n binnesenter en het ter wille van die WP-span 13 gespeel

  74. Selbourne, met 5 spelers, d.w.s. n derde van hul 1ste span, het vanjaar die meeste verteenwoordiging in die SA span. Snaaks dat hul rekord vanjaar nie so briljant is nie. Reeds 3 keer verloor (onder meer 62-22 teen Grey Bloem) en min wedstryde teen die gewone grotes. Ek weet nie reig nie, maar hul ander spanmaats moet dan seker nie baie goed wees nie, of hoe ?

  75. Baie bly vir die jongman wat ek tans help. Well done Lionel April ! Sy stelskop werk was maar so-so, maar…. Hy het beslis die x faktor, en lees die spel baie goed !

  76. Well done to Boland having 10 players in the SAS team. By far the most of any Union. A bit dissapointed in Lions only having 2.

  77. @Smallies: Brendan Venter was nog nooit julle Grey lot se gunsteling nie.

    Jnr is n baie beter keuse op 12. Kellerman is n spesalis 13, stampkar is beter in daai posisie.

  78. @BuffelsCM:

    Ek stem 100% ek het vanaf laasjaar by Wildeklawer ‘n baie mooi oog op hom gehou toe ek sy pa voor die toernooi ontmoet het. Hy kan baie ongelukkig voel deur hierdie verkiesing.

  79. @Smallies: Kellerman is in Gim en ek is dalk bevooroordeeld en nie heeltemal objektief nie. Ek glo tog sommige ander rugbykykers sal met my saamstem

  80. @Smallies: Ek is dankbaar jy het die opmerking ten opsigte van Kellerman gemaak. Hy het ter wille van die WP-span 13 gespeel alhoewel hy 12 verkies. Nou het hy die prys betaal omdat hy onselfsugtig was. Ek kan maar net my kop in ongeloof skud.
    Dit is interessant dat die huidige SA Skole-afrigter ook in 2016 die Grant Khomo span van WP afgerig het. Duffy Kellerman was toe in die WP XV en die huidige WP 12 was in die WP A-span. Snaaks genoeg was Kellerman verlede jaar in die WP-Cravenspan en vanjaar se 12 in geen WP-span in 2017 nie.

  81. Well done to all the young adults that made the SAS side. ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

  82. @Hooit: Hooit you getting like Hopper. Take that Lion tail out your ass. KZN were in the final and GW chowed Monnas.

  83. Ek gaan nie uitbrei oor ‘n stelsel wat spelers uit hierdie span hou agv hul velkleur nie maar wel sê sterkte aan Sean Erasmus.

  84. I am going to be honest and take the brunt afterwards. I do not rate the loose head prop Mthenjane at all. I believe that there are far better props than what he has to offer.

    …..that is my story, and I’ll stand by it. Over and out …..last post

  85. @Smallies: I think the international series being held in the Western Cape every year has a lot to do with hosting the 4 teams at the world class Stellenbosch Academy of Sport but I could be wrong. It would be nice to have them play at a few venues in other parts of the country as well but as long as its televised, I think most people should be satisfied.


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