KZN Natal Sharks Craven Week teams 1970-2018

Assistance with first names and schools to complete the list would be much appreciated


  1. This is such a brilliant list. Thanks Beet.

    Would be very interesting to know who the Head Coaches were for each year and to see if that made any difference to selections over their tenure.

    Also to know when Glenwood started their aggressive recruitment and how that changed the makeup of the teams.

  2. 1982: Cliff Torlage (3)1985: Massimo Cuttita(1); Marcello Cuttita(11). 1986: Joe Fernandez(13); Brenton Catterall(19). 1987: Prieur Du Plessis(2); Brenton Catterall(4); Andre Herman(13); Joe Fernandez(20). 1988: Wayne Sharpley(12). 1991: Carl van der Linde(11); Morne van Rensburg(16). 1992: Bevan van der Westhuizen(10). 1993: Hugo Sukkels(6); Pieter Louw(20). 1995: Zane Aszalos(16). 2000: Andres Louw(13). 2008: Louis Albertse(3) Michaelhouse. 2013: Kelvin Elder(23)


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