Golden Lions Craven Week, Academy Week & Grant Khomo Week teams 2018

1 Sibusiso Shuze 1 of 1 Marais Viljoen 1 Brendan Pawson 8 of 11 Monument
2 Morne Brandon 1 of 11 Monument 2 Max Motaung 11 of 13 Jeppe
3 Ruben Westraad 2 of 11 Monument 3 Quintusz Geyser 1 of 5 Helpmekaar
4 Junior White 1 of 13 Jeppe 4 Hendre Fourie 9 of 11 Monument
5 Ewan Roode 2 of 13 Jeppe 5 James MacIndoe 1 of 1 St David’s
6 Tristan Dullisear 3 of 11 Monument 6 Alec Skidder 2 of 5 Helpmekaar
7 Franco Schutte 4 of 11 Monument 7 Paki Lauww 1 of 3 Parktown
8 Lindokuhle Ncusane 1 of 8 KES 8 Zander du Toit 3 of 5 Helpmekaar
9 Zihan Coetzee 5 of 11 Monument 9 Justin Lambert 1 of 1 Noordheuwel
10 Declan Raubenheimer 3 of 13 Jeppe 10 Tiaan Botes 4 of 5 Helpmekaar
11 Tokolla Molotsi 2 of 8 KES 11 Kagiso Nyamande 10 of 11 Monument
12 Bookie Tsatane 4 of 13 Jeppe 12 Douw Scheepers 11 of 11 Monument
13 Muzi Manyike 5 of 13 Jeppe 13 Ngia Selengbe 4 of 8 KES
14 Hugo Monteiro 6 of 13 Jeppe 14 Munashe Chaitezwi 1 of 1 St Stithians
15 Tino Swanepoel 1 of 1 Florida 15 Neil Hoffman 5 of 8 KES
16 Karel Zowitsky 7 of 13 Jeppe 16 Kayleb o’Donoghue 6 of 8 KES
17 Jason Cloete 3 of 8 KES 17 Kyle Everton 12 of 13 Jeppe
18 Sibusiso Shongwe 8 of 13 Jeppe 18 Tsepho Kalyamodimo 2 of 3 Parktown
19 Emmanuel Tshituka 1 of 1 Northcliff 19 Simon Dionisio 3 of 3 Parktown
20 Izan Esterhuizen 6 of 11 Monument 20 Vincent Nqaba 13 of 13 Jeppe
21 Kabelo Mokheti 9 of 13 Jeppe 21 Reece Botha 7 of 8 KES
22 Henco van Wyk 7 of 11 Monument 22 Christiaan Bezuidenhout 5 of 5 Helpmekaar
23 Sipho Vayise 10 of 13 Jeppe 23 Joseph Iye 8 of 8 KES


  1. St David’s fullback Leo Michael is really unlucky not to have made any of the Gauteng teams.

  2. @TheGoose: having watched Munashe Chaitezwi play against Kearsney, I thought he must either be unlucky not to make the CW A team or the guys ahead of him must be really good.

  3. Not one single player of Helpmekaar in Craven side? But 7 Moument players? 10 from Jeppe? Same old same old every year. Show now run by Jeppe and Monnas. I wonder who the coaches will be for the Craven Week side??? Think it is a easy gues.

  4. @TheGoose: be realistic…Monnas extremely average,they have seven players in the side,ag kom aan man.Murrayfield terug by monnas?

  5. Congrats on your inclusion , nr. 8 : Lindokulhle Ncusane , ex Stellenberg player ( 2015 -2017 ).
    Go Lindo !

  6. @Riempies: I don’t watch all the schools in Gauteng play, and while I don’t disagree with you that there is selection bias – I have only watched the Jeppe side play a handful of times this year and they seem a pretty accomplished team this year and probably deserving of their spots.

  7. @Smallies: That they are – keep an eye on the flyhalf too, I think he is a gem. My understanding is that he played 8th man in the u16’s last year, and the first team coach suggested that he give flyhalf a go. He has looked good to me and with another year next year to play he will only get better.

  8. @Smallies: @black and white. hopefully Kyknet will repeat the match they broadcast this past weekend. Helpmekaar played EG Jansen. Have a look then go watch some Monnas matches of which a couple were brought cast.
    Nobody will convince me that there is not bias…
    Sorry but are now used to this after a couple of years

  9. @Riempies: I fully agree with you that there is selection bias, there always is. I was told that Craven Week is not the main tournament for the union scouts anymore so hopefully those quality Helpmekaar players don’t get lost to rugby and still get contracts at one of the unions.

  10. @theblackandwhite: I do agree with you. Cream will rise to the top. But the questions is simple. Is this fair to the kids from other schools. Do these selectors and coaches sleep well at night?
    Then worst of all how do the unions they represent allow this???
    This is just a bad example to our youth. Now wonder we sit in the mess we do.

  11. @Riempies: good to see you in the trenches for a change.
    We can probably attribute this extremely skew representation to each selector and representative of a school voting for their school players only. OR voting for another player through a complimentary favour.
    I cannot believe that the Lions snr union do not see the need to intervene. With a a forensic investigator and some video evidence one can unpack this can of worms in one week.
    Surely the chairman; that big guy with the beard from Northcliff high school, must know about all the shenanigans.
    Kind of feels like a scenario where you feast, or be feasted upon.
    See this year there are ONCE again very talented players that are not even part of the teams.
    The fullback, Zack, comes to mind. Had another excellent game on Saturday. The centre; Francois, is another excellent prospect – but missing from lineups.
    So so sad, but few are able to fathom the hurt, grief and disappointment of the deserved, who gets shafted by the unrighteous.
    I do however believe the wheel turns. If you live in a pigsty, the stink will stay with you for a long time.

  12. @Smallies: iemand my nou die dag selfde ding gese. Een meer as Monnas 5 vs 4. Jeppe nog n verdere 3.
    Dit is net jaar na jaar dieselfde ding. Dink da in Vrystaat kan mens dit nog vestaan van Grey se kant af. Maar hier in Gauteng verseker nie. Hierdie gaan nou my sewende jaar wees waar ek dieselfde klagte het.
    En nee ek het nie meer n kind op skool nie. Kyk oral skole rugby.

  13. On the other hand, as a hero would quote; there are deserved players in the teams as well.

  14. @BrotherBear: I heard via the grapevine that the 2 players you nention have withdrawn from selection. Do not know the reason for this.

  15. @Riempies: The reason that I ask about the Grant Khomo team is because it does seem to me that Helpmekaar always get 5 or 6 players in the U16 team and then those same players don’t get into the u18 team two years later – that seems very strange to me. But I do agree with you, it may discourage those players from playing rugby in SA.

  16. @theblackandwhite: Declan is a huge talent for the future , has been playing at scrum half for most of his young playing life then hit a growth spurt and moved into the loose. Brilliant move into the number 10 from his coaches . Great rugby mind .

  17. Perhaps the cream does rise to the top after school; however, not playing in CW/AW makes the task much more difficult. Agents are mostly disinterested…and trying to break in by playing for clubs, etc is also extremely difficult as there are already contracted players in the unions, provinces, academies, etc that are getting first bite at the cherry…and also getting better coaching, facilities, medical back-up, etc, etc..

  18. I like to use the game farmer and coach as the same category person.
    They both just buy what they want hunted that season at all cost.
    The biggest problem in southafrican school is that there are very few institutes still developing players as one woud imagine.
    Its just too easy buying what you need and carry on.
    This results in alot of players already just giving up on the sport at school level before even achieving anything.
    Whats left for the bous coming through the ranks.
    Some play A-side, only to be replaced by a imported player.
    This example there is no incentive for the bench player.

  19. @Skopgraaf243: That is definitely not my experience re SBR and my school. All the interest every Week-end, blogs, websites, TV coverage, WhatsApp groups and there is no development?

    Without the schools, coaches, players and development this would not be possible. You know and I know how many hours these coaches and boys put in … week in week out.

  20. @AbsolutMenlo: im so glad you put your foot in it. As you were the one standing right there when a certain person said we need to get two locks, after one of the Tuks-series games. So please explain this to me ?
    Even after those boys put in ALL the hours etc.

  21. So 70% of the 2 CW teams come from 3 schools (Jeppe, Monnas & KES). And none of these teams are genuine top 10 teams. It is so biased that it is ridiculous and is grossly unfair on good players from the “unrecognized” schools. I’d love to see a scenario where 3 independent selectors from let’s say France attended trial matches where boys don’t play in their schools – I doubt very much that any school would get more than 5 boys in the teams. I suppose it comes down to how you think CW teams should be selected. Is the purpose to reward outstanding players? Or is it to pick combinations with a better chance of success at the tournament? I believe it should be the former & not the latter. But anyway – it’s not the players’ fault. Go out there and enjoy it boys!

  22. @Skopgraaf243: I would have to disagree with you on your point re schools not developing players. What exactly do you mean here? I get your point on it being easy to just “buy” a player, but surely if that player was talented enough to be bought then he presumably had been developed at another school????

    I think generally the traditional independent schools are pretty good at developing talent, given the limited resources (boys) in most cases. The costs associated with “buying” players is simply unsustainable in the long run, so they are forced to develop.

  23. @Riempies: the 2 Helpies players are still participating each Saturday, so injury cannot be a reason.
    Could it be that they are so sick to their stomach of the unjust system that they physically and mentally cannot bear to be part of it? Believe me, the boys know each other, the coaches, selectors and managers very well. They know who is good, and deserving. The coaches try and create a common culture of excellence,but if it takes 3 times as long (than normal) to practice in moves, then good players become agitated.
    Some people say that the “good” kids selected for lower teams should “man up” and be tough enough to accept what has happened with them. I think that is absolute b..l…t. To stay part of such a system means you actually condone the actions and support the managers/coaches/selectors. I believe it is very brave to say that you would rather not be part of such a system and not rape your conscience. For the kids who are reliant on selection to further their rugby career, it must also be quite tough. They must be there and probably block their minds from these issues. For them – After a while it goes away in any case. The kids who took the place of a “deserved” kid are also assimilated and soon feel that they surely must be there and belong. It is those that are not part of the system any more or playing in lower teams that remember what happened and need to continously try and rationalise what happened. If you do not feel anything, it is rather sad.

  24. @Marty: So the rumours are true then, that is fantastic coaching. They have ensured that a talented young player may make a career out of rugby – I have only watched a couple of games this year, but his skillset really stands out.

  25. I also look at the coaches, administrators and selectors that remain part of such a system and shake my head in wonder. Yes, their objectives may be to further the goals if their school and ensure some of their players get opportunities. Not all participate in the shenanigans, at first. But to survive you either change the system or eventually become part if it, partaking in actions which you know is wrong. BUT YOU ARE DOING IT FOR THE RIGHT REASONS, or not? Yes, the world is grey and not always black and white – but wrong us wrong. I repeat the well known saying: “The only thing necessary for the triumph if evil is for good men to do nothing”. Who of us really want to be part of THAT? Come on, think about it.

  26. @BrotherBear: Bear ek weet ek k@k nog steeds in my broek en Sukkel om dit uit my sisteem te kry en ja kerm.In 2012 was CW,AW en “puk” span se hoof afrigter van Monnas,wtf is dit moontlik.So mater daar is nie eers na HMK gekyk nie.”But wait thats not all”daai manne steeds in sisteem en kry dit nog steeds reg.Ek sal moet gaan vir berading :wink: :wink:

  27. @Wyvern: Hi again
    Please dont get me wrong there are some stirling people out there, doing proper coaching as only they know how.
    This comment is based on some incidents as i know factually transpired with atleast 6 known schools. And different age groups too.
    Thos seems to be a common phwnomynon with the schools loaded with talent

  28. @Grizzly: Sy dit baie geniet.Dink die skool doen ontsettend baie om goeie leerders te kry en geleenthede te gee.

  29. Although I’m sure he was wearing his Menlo tie whilst recruiting for Monnas at the Nashua XV Tal week… 😂

  30. @Buddy: let’s give them a high five,they make brilcream look like sandpaper in their game.Captains of the rugby industry


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