South Africa’s most expensive schools 2018

One more basic cost of living increase could quite easily see Hilton College, South Africa’s most expensive school, become the first one in the country to charge over R300 000 per annum by 2019. As expensive as the top private schools appear to be in relation to top state schools (roughly three times the cost) and in spite of the state of the economy, SA’s top private schools don’t seem to be slowing down in terms of popularity. The likes of Kearsney and Michaelhouse are even undergoing expansions to allow them to take in more students.

Thanks to data provided by the website here is analysis of the 20 most expensive schools:

# School Reported in 2014 Reported in 2018 Increase % Incr
1 Hilton College KwaZulu-Natal 209,000 276560 67560 32%
2 Michaelhouse KwaZulu-Natal 192,000 265,680 73,680 38%
3 St Andrew’s Eastern Cape 182,700 252,990 70,290 38%
4 Roedean School for Girls Gauteng 181,140 252,341 71,201 39%
5 Kearsney College KwaZulu-Natal 181,350 242,220 60,870 34%
6 Bishops Western Cape 168,140 240,380 72,240 43%
7 St Mary’s School for Girls Gauteng 166,155 234,540 68,385 41%
8 St Andrew’s School for Girls Gauteng 174,860 233,810 58,950 34%
9 St Stithians Gauteng 166,691 232,640 65,949 40%
10 St Martin’s 232,120
11 St Alban’s College Gauteng 181,000 229,410 48,410 27%
12 St John’s Gauteng 178,523 227,815 49,292 28%
13 Kingswood College Eastern Cape 158,355 221,370 63,015 40%
14 Diocesan School for Girls Eastern Cape 157,590 219,420 61,830 39%
15 St Mary’s DSG, Pretoria Gauteng 209,675
16 Somerset College Western Cape 167,736 208,515 40,779 24%
17 St Cyprian’s Western Cape 148,560 204,000 55,440 37%
18 The Wykeham Collegiate KwaZulu-Natal 154,820 196,600 41,780 27%
19 Treverton College KwaZulu-Natal 142,400 191,840 49,440 35%
20 Herschel Girls’ School Western Cape 157,560 190,150 32,590 21%

Note: the Hilton fees list above was not part of the Businesstech article.

The detailed Businesstech article is here:

These are the 20 most expensive schools in South Africa in 2018


  1. That is the price not the value. Many of those proud institutions offer so much more than just schooling, they offer a world class education with the best educators money can buy. They offer a network of influence in many cases that last well beyond the formal schooling years. Some may seem or even actually be overpriced yes, but some on that list could even be under priced, depending on what they offer and what your perspective is on education. Worth paying so much? If you can afford it most definitely. Their continued existence certainly seems to suggest so. There are however many other schools out there which are less pricey but offer tremendous value as well. Even if you look at that list you can see very intense competition among that market segment to keep costs affordable for parents.

  2. @Quagga: The bottom line is, it costs big cash to maintain the facilities and run the programs offered by these schools. All things considered, there are numerous fantastic schools in SA, producing well rounded kids, some private that don’t appear on this list and some government. When one considers the academic results of schools like College and Rondebosch, you realize how much they are doing right.

  3. @Wyvern: When I was teaching in the Albany that would be a point I would make to a number of kids who would ask my opinion about attending a private. On a different note the St Andrews college boys must get much better food or they eat more than the DSG girls.

  4. @Quagga: value is extremely relative and definately in the eye of the beholder. Value for one would be glitter and gold, for another a warm hug from a loved-one. The issues you raise are all quite true, but I question the values pertaining to the value you raise. Having a huge head start to 99.9% of your fellow South Africans just because you know someone can be perceived as very unfair and easily be labelled as “white monopolistic capital”. Not that it is in the realm of “white” any more, at all. I do not believe that is the true reason for all these parents to send their kids to these prestigious schools. The other benefits you have touched.
    There is however also a law of diminishing returns. Probably all of the real education and growth benefits can be provided by any good government school at a marginal cost. THAT is real value. You also do not go through life irritating the crap out of others with a privileged air (not true to all).

  5. Your children are the most important possessions a parent has. Forget all your luxury items. Take that money and spend it on your kids education. House did wonders for my son. Of which I’m exstremely grateful. As a parent I can’t put a price to that. I would pay that money over again. 2 3 House 2 3 Education

  6. @Veg: I’ve always wondered why there’s a difference in sac and dsg fees. Maybe a sac/dsg parent can shed some light????

  7. @Djou: I gave up drinking and sisters for 3 years. Sold my Maserati bought bicycle with a bell on it.


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