KZN final trials teams 2017

At Woodburn Stadium, Pietermaritzburg on Wednesday 24 May 2017


  1. @warriors7: I think he’s a good player, however he may not play professional rugby in any position. Why pick him at hooker because it’s the only position he may play professional rugby at? I thought Prinsloo was very unlucky to miss out to him last year. While he was very good in the loose, his lineout work was sub par, I can only assume it would be worse this year, not having played 2 all season.

  2. It seems there will be a few 2nd team GW players on the bench for CW.( possibly the scrum half) I am surprized not to see the Hilton 9 in the mix and the Hilton 13 being so lowly rated. Also I presume that C . Allen is John’s son. If so they had better get the spelling right as he is a proud Scot and the English version will just not do. :lol:

  3. A few players missing due to injury.

    Hilton scrumhalf – concussion
    DHS lock/flank – ankle

    I think they will feature once fit

    Also saw Hilton 8 with a finger injury vs Westville so perhaps that’s a reason he’s not there – he has been great this season.

    There are also a few who have been out for a while so I’m not sure if they will be considered

    DHS scrumhalf, centre and no.8
    Glenwood centre
    Westville flank

  4. @Hooit: Richardson didn’t break his jaw vs Glenwood so should be fine to go in a few weeks.

    Personally I think his play is of the standard that makes him an automatic choice and high on the national selectors radar.

  5. Prinsloo side is fair, not right that Knox is not in that side. The Hilton Hooker was very good at trials. But let’s see how it goes. Will be there on Wednesday then I will submit my team before the final game. The Hilton scrummie is injured. He would be first choice

  6. Amazing how with the right investment schools like DHS and Hilton suddenly have 8/9 players in contention for top spots compared to previous years. If Hilton continue in this vein they might surpass Glenwood soon as the KZN superpower :)

  7. KZN have underachieved at Craven Week for many years now. There are many factors that contribute to this. Some our out of the hands of those charged with the responsibilities of picking and preparing players, however other factors are directly attributable to the wrong people being in key decision-making positions.

    One thing that’s vital is collecting, retaining and reusing CW intel on the positives and negatives of past experiences. Use that as a platform for improvement.

    For example you can’t go to CW with a dysfunctional lineout is a major weakness as 3-4 own ball lost lineouts alone can cost the match. Not being prepared for this setpiece and others will catch up with KZN if not careful and has caught up with KZN in the past. The hard lessons must not be quickly forgotten. They need to be learnt and have some meaning.

    I’m happy to see that a few genuine ball fetchers are now featuring. One of our best CW games in the recent past that helped us topple WP (a very very very rare but not impossible feat) involved having a player who turned himself into a specialist ball stealer at the breakdown – he won about 5 turnovers and contributed to a huge momentum swing.

    Anyway I wish all the kids involved in trials well and hopefully come the end of the July holidays we can look back and say the team performed well. Performing well doesn’t necessarily translate to winning 3 out of 3 either. It can be 0 out of 3 just as long as the boys we see doing well week in week out during the season play close to their true potentials at CW in a team prepared well enough to allow them to do this.

    All the best to the selectors. I hope they bring their A-game to final trials and I certainly hope that there is a concerted effort made to make sure there is honesty and integrity in the selections. No horse-trading or no favourtism or whatever, just pure dedication to picking the best team possible given the youth weeks criteria.

    Something such as a truly independent 3rd party vouching for the authenticity of the voting or whatever decision making process is adopted would be great. Corruption must not be given an opportunity to get set in. If anyone involved has doubts or trust issues about the system and suspects wrongdoing, they need to act on that impulse. This is a process which is ultimately aimed at rewarding the school players for the hard work and form they have shown. It’s not there to serve school marketing or adults personal needs such as financial and other rewards.

  8. @beet: “All the best to the selectors. I hope they bring their A-game to final trials and I certainly hope that there is a concerted effort made to make sure there is honesty and integrity in the selections.”
    That will never happen. You just have to look at the two final teams. There are a few players that should be in the “A” team. KZN Schools Rugby is not interested in performance but School representation. We cry about this every year.

  9. @Bush: In the past players outside the main game have played their way into contention at trials while others in the main game have been excluded for selection altogether.

    Prop is much of a muchness. 4 get selected. Equal gametime at CW and if a player does very well the national selectors will insist that he starts on th Saturday.

  10. The comments about Prinsloo seem unfair to me.

    This is a hardworking player who showed massive dedication both on and off the field and had to make sacrifices for his school team – played prop not hooker in his final year. He was good enough to be selected for CW in gr.11 but didn’t make the cut in gr.12.

    One of the things that struck me is that in his gr.11 year Westville had an u18 selector and the next year they did not. When push comes to shove for the fringe player decisions, it definitely helps to have a voice in the boardroom to help remind selectors how good you are. This may not be right but it’s a reality.

  11. @beet: We will see on Wednesday how fair the selection is. I will be here with my Green Machine and my gas braaier.

  12. Bush…more Bluff wors? :-P

    Hooit…Ja ek mis dit vir niks. Skiet maar flair op! Kan ons anker gooi

  13. @Skywalker: Hilton have been investing in players and I was told that the U14A was a reflection of that. I watched them play Westville and while being a good side they were still no match for the little dream team. Hilton’s U15A and U16A were also well beaten. I think like with the other privates they will be competitive and have the odd great season. House have currently been the leader in that regard.

  14. @star: Well the rugby investment at Wetsville is also nothing to scoff at – you teams are well stocked throughout the age groups. Well will be interesting to see – they have all the ingredients for a very strong rugby culture to begin (money, amazing BE, facilities etc) – so will have to wait and see. All they needed was to decide to make it happen. Their 1st team is now top 15 in SA? not sure when last they were anywhere near that.

  15. @Skywalker: And do not forget the coaching. BMH does not come cheap. I was watching the NZ program Breakdown and they were talking schools and the various recruitment drives. One of the guys said he did not have a problem unless the Director of Rugby was the highest paid person at the school. :lol: All I want is for Hilton to smash House on Meadows in a few weeks time and then I can wander over to Bush and his Green machine and sample his Bluff Wors. I might even bring some of McCulley’s Black Labels with me :mrgreen: .

  16. @beet: The Hilton scrumhalf’s father and grandfather played for Ireland, plus his brother has just been selected in the Ireland RWC u20 squad – i.e. he can only play for Ireland from now on. Will that have a negative impact on his CW selection chances?

  17. @Vleis: Hi Vleis, I doubt that will have a bearing, but rather the points well raised by Beet above. He’s the best 9 I’ve seen in KZN. Glad the Hilton 5 and 6 are getting a look in.

  18. @McCulleys Workshop: Yep, makes sense.

    @Blou Trein: His father is from Zim and still lives there today, but played for Ireland in the ’91 RWC. The sons attended primary school in Zim but were offered sports scholarships by Hilton for high school. The older brother played flyhalf for the KZN CW team last year, but then went to Ulster this year. In a very short time, he’s leap-frogged the locals to be one of only five u19 players in the Ireland u20 RWC squad. Apparently, this has caused frustration amongst some locals, who are wondering where the hell this kid has materialised from.

  19. @star: You welcome to ride in my Green Machine anytime, luckily it’s automatic. Bluff Wors is tops. Win or lose we shoot the booze♋️♋️♋️♋️

  20. @Blou Trein: I’m not sure that he was ever going to stay in SA, as his fundamental ties are to Zim and his family ties are to Ireland. Also, I hope that he does well for Ireland, but I don’t think he would’ve had much chance to make it in SA. He was possibly not rated in the top 10 flyhalfs in his age group here last year – certainly not in the top five. The depth of rugby talent in Europe (esp. Scotland, Ireland, Italy) is extremely thin, so a young player’s chances are much better over there.

    My son played against him once and I thought that he was very good, but not stellar, which is what my Hilton mates said about his performances for their 1st team last year.

  21. @Vleis: Yeah it depends if Ireland u20 is their official national “B-team” as to whether the older brother will be country tied for test rugby if/when picked.

    With regards to younger brother’s KZN selection chances, reading between the lines of some of the comments above, it seems like if a player has a Sharks contract he has a fabulous attitude and should be selected irrespective of what his workrate in the gym or performances on the field are like. If on the other hand he’s signed a Bulls contract, well then he can work his butt off but he still falls into the kak attitude category and should not be selected. I assume signing for an Irish club or university after school would place a player somewhere in between the Sharks and Bulls in terms of attitude. :-D

    But on a serious note the selection is meant to be made on merit. The Hilton 9 is a proper bona fide student who has produced the rugby form to justify selection. What he decides to do with his life next year shouldn’t matter.

    He’s not without competition though. I think the Glenwood 9 has been very impressive as well.

  22. @Vleis: He was a good player. He played two seasons of 1st XV rugby and did well. There’s a youtube highlights video of him. Last year was one of those seasons in where there was a lot of compo for 10 in KZN. This year the compo for 10 isn’t at the same level. I think the Glenwood player is easily the best 10 now, he’s the most consistent for sure. From a compo point of view, surprisingly lock has worked out better than usual. There are a few decent options including a few versatile players and a couple who could have challenged for spots were even cut before final trials.

  23. @beet: I agree that the Glenwood 10 is stand out, he was very good at KERF and his reading of the game excellent. He’s still in Grade 11.

  24. DHS had Nohamba and Barnes back vs college does this mean they’ll be considered for trials ?

  25. Here is my final starting XV team.1) T.Mdletshe 2)F.Mbatha 3)R.Knox Capt 4)E.Laubscher 5)O.Calvert-Evers 6)D.Kruger 7)N.Mchunu 8)P.Buthelezi 9) J.Hendrickz 10) D.Pretorius 11)F.Masgongwe 12)R.Jonker 13)N.Mjara 14)M.Van Rensburg 15)C.Zondeki
    Bring your wors to the table

  26. @Bush: Only one GW player in the tight five. Would be a record :lol: JJ will definitely play and although I like your loose forward combination for its balance , a place will have to be found for Richardson.

  27. @star: You can always move Laubscher to flank to make way for JJ. Laubscher very useful player to have. Eish is he from GW, what wrong with me.

  28. My team

    15) Zondeki (DHS )
    11) v Rensburg (GW )
    13) le Fleur ( GW )
    12) Jonker (GW )
    14) Buthelezi (DHS )
    10) Pretoruis ( GW )
    9 ) Hendrickz ( GW )
    8 ) Buthelezi (DHS )
    7 ) Mchunu ( MC )
    6 ) Kruger (GW )
    5 ) Ollie (House )
    4 ) Putter ( Hilton )
    3 ) Knox ( House )
    2 ) Richardson ( Kearsney )
    1 ) Zuma ( MC )

    16) Mbatha ( MC )
    17) Mdletshe (GW )
    18) Schwultz ( GW )
    19) Laubscher ( GW )
    20) Jonas ( GW )
    21) Mjara ( MC )
    22) Allen ( GW )

  29. @BoishaaiPa: I really can’t pick JJ of what I’ve seen this year

    Putter from Hilton is an enforcer and Ollie is a great all round player

    Laubscher will make massive impact from bench

    Very strong front row

    GW lacked fire up front against HJS but with these forwards KZN will chow HJS

  30. 1 Clarke (GW)
    2 Mbatha (MC )
    3 Knox (House )
    4 Laubscher ( GW )
    5 JJ (GW )
    6 Kruger (GW )
    7 Richardson ( Kearsney )
    8 Buthelezi (DHS )
    9 Nohamba ( DHS )
    10 Pretoruis (GW )
    11 Zondeki (DHS )
    12 Jonker ( GW )
    13 Le Fleur ( GW )
    14 v Rensburg (GW )
    15 Cele (GW )

    16 Truter (GW )
    17 Mdletshe (GW )
    18 Schwultz ( GW )
    19 Gumede ( DHS )
    20 Mchunu (MC )
    21 Hendrickse (GW )
    22 Mjara (MC)
    23 Menze (DHS)

  31. Flip man I only got 8 okes in the starting team. That 53%. I should have just listed the complete GW team my % wors had been better.

  32. Very proud dad! few words! Big chest! :mrgreen: Congrats to all other boys as well! First things first! DHS Saturday! Will be there

  33. @Greenman: congratulations. He got inspired to play lock while staying at my house. Are u going to be at the braai Saterday after the Monnas game. Seems like Bush needs to get n few things of his chest.

  34. @Hooit: Don’t believe everything you read in the Media. Fake reporting is the name of the game these days.

  35. @BoishaaiPa: With those numbers as least WP CW know they will beat KZN, if they play against each other. As Hoppers Theory goes. GW lost to PB therefore WP will beat KZN

  36. @Bush:I think you know why that theory is only a theory..the sum total of a team is greater than the individuals…If the KZN(GW) team gels better than the WP team, they have more than a fair chance of beating them!

  37. There will be a little change in the traditional sharks jersey! The collar will be green! :mrgreen:

  38. It appears that the dominant rugby school has overall more representatives in the squads. Border 11 Selborne in the starting 15. Oakdale considerable majority in SWD. PH will have the most in WP and surprising Affies has the most in BB with 10 and Waterkloof with 6. Just an observation!

  39. @McCulleys Workshop: Very strange, they weren’t in the final two squads. All the GW 2nd teams okes were. If you don’t make those two squads you can count yourself out. Bloody happy RK made the starting line up. I feel for NK from House as he has had a very good season and trials. But hell there are some amazing loosies in KZN.

  40. Congrats to al players and parents…these are the “coca cola days”let the good times roll.It’s clear Glenwood is the Monnas of Durbs

  41. @Hooit: will you be at KES Saturday? Looking forward to one hell of a match! What number is your son for Monnas – will be watching with interest and my money is on the REDS!!

  42. @McCulleys Workshop: pretty sure it won’t happen – no time – so we will take the win :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    My old mate Hopper still reads this blog it seems and he was tjoep still on Twitter after that Affies game. The KES pack really manhandled their Affies counterparts – Keegan Glade and Travis Gordon are powerhouses and it will be interesting to see how they go against Monnas this weekend.

  43. @Roger: Your mates name rings a vague bell in my distant past, was he the guy that was upset he never made it to House or Hilton?

  44. @Roger: I am not sure. He plays lock. Ask who Kwagga is. Please come say hello. I am already having sleepless nights about Saterday. Will be there early.

  45. @McCulleys Workshop: The same guy that FaceTime’s braai’s with Spear. Compares his pathetic wors to Spears??? I heard something along those lines that he wasn’t accepted into the Silverspoon schools as he would catch a rugby ball on his forehead. He has a Tobasco Hot sister.


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