Easter Festival Predictions 2017

Since I can no longer use the old prediction pool plugin, here’s an experimental prediction template for all 4 major Easter Festivals but you’ll need a newer version of MS Excel.

Click on the link to download the MS Excel file ->  2017 Festival Predictions

Fill in your name and email.

Enter your scores using the drop-down arrows.

You can either complete on a matchday by matchday basis or the entire 3 matchdays all in one go, just as long your email is received before 8:00 on the relevant matchday.

Email your completed, saved and attached file back to beet@schoolboyrugby.co.za

Any suggestions regarding a point scoring system would be great.



  1. Here are my predictions for day 1:

    Kearsney by 1
    EG Jansen by 8
    Queen’s by 7
    Monument by 25
    Glenwood by 18
    HTS Middelburg by 7

    Noordheuwel by 14
    Ben Vorster by 13
    Eldoraigne by 15
    Waterkloof by 20
    KES by 1
    Rondebosch by 11

    Helpmekaar by 94
    HJS Paarl BH by 90
    NSW Combined Sch by 5
    Affies by 18
    Paul Roos by 4
    St John’s by 10

    St Andrew’s by 16
    Maritzburg College by 26
    DHS by 20
    St Stithians by 14
    SACS by 7
    Grey HS by 5

  2. @beet: Have you changed the Excel file to accommodate the 3rd day changes at KES? I’m away for the weekend and will try my luck without knowledge of the earlier games’ results!

    Scoring system?

  3. @beet Im glad to see that you are rating Noordheuwel so high. I dont think they will take it by 14 though, if that big centre of Northwood get some time with ball in hand he could keep Noordheuwel quite busy. They just came back from the “woestynfees” in Namibia where the team bonded very well, so hoping for maybe an upset or 2 at KES, but Id rather say they beat Northwood by 6.

  4. My predictions for KES, Saints and St Johns:
    Nories by 10 over Northwood
    BV v Kingswood = draw
    Eldos by 15 over Hudson
    Klofies by 10 over Marlow
    KES by 3 over Wynberg
    Rondebosch by 15 over Jeppe

    Helpies by 70 over SJC (Harare)
    HJS by 80 over EOTT
    NSW by 10 over Parktown
    Affies by 15 over Hilton
    Paul Roos by 14 over Nellies
    SJC by 1 over Florida

    St Andrew’s by 8 over St David’s
    Maritzburg by 30 over Bennies
    St Alban’s by 2 over DHS
    Saints by 5 over Graeme
    SACS by 6 over House
    Grey by 7 over Ville

  5. @beet: 2 points for correct result, 1 point for within 7 of result, 0.5 for within 14 of result and 1 point bonus if you get all 6 results at a festival correct?

  6. As per what CharlesZA has for his scoring of the matches, would it then not be easier to predict which team is to win and by how much? Instead of a score for each team. I guess if we do adopt that type of points scoring we could just put the winning margin in and leave the other team as 0.

  7. The Michaelhouse team for the SACS game is as follows, this looks like the same side that beat Westville.

    1.Odi Losaba
    2.Mpho Mthethwa
    3.Keynon Knox(Capt)
    4.Luke Jonsson
    5.Oliver Calvert-Evers
    6.Christian Opperman
    7.Nicholas Kershaw
    8.Fraser Jones
    9.Tom Price
    10.William Glassock
    11.Michael Gomes
    12.Wesley Turkington(Vice-Capt)
    13.Dane Fisher
    14.Kuhle Khumalo
    15.Liam England
    16.Solomon Marx(sub)
    17.Liam Friend(sub)
    18.Ant Fleischer(sub)
    19.Matthew Myers(sub)
    20.Troy Nijland(sub)
    21.William Norton(sub)
    22.Thomas Rorich(sub)
    23.Marco Parau(sub)

  8. @Vleis: Brave calls on DHS and Graeme

    Kearsney by 10
    Selborne by 5
    Queen’s by 1
    Monument by 10
    Glenwood by 20
    HTS Middelburg by 15

    Noordheuwel by 10
    Ben Vorster by 13
    Kingswood by 3
    Eldoraigne by 5
    Waterkloof by 5
    KES by 10
    Jeppe by 10

    Helpmekaar by “Mismatch”
    HJS Paarl BH by 40 (EOTT not as bad a bunch as you think)
    Parktown by 15
    Affies by 18
    Paul Roos by 20
    St John’s by 30

    St Andrew’s by 20
    Maritzburg College by 25
    DHS by 3
    Graeme by 3
    SACS by 4
    Grey HS by 10

  9. Kearsney by 7
    EG Jansen by 15
    Queen’s by 12
    Monument by 18
    Glenwood by 15
    HTS Middelburg by 20

    Noordheuwel by 9
    Ben Vorster by 18
    Eldoraigne by 25
    Waterkloof by 5
    KES by 7
    Jeppe by 3

    Helpmekaar by 32
    HJS Paarl BH by 36
    Parktown 3
    Affies by 34
    Paul Roos by 15
    St John’s by 3

    St Andrew’s by 14
    Maritzburg College by 5
    DHS by 28
    St Stithians by 18
    SACS by 20
    Grey HS by 15

  10. Kearsney by 4
    EG Jansen by 27
    Queen’s by 9
    Monument by 6
    Glenwood by 11
    HTS Middelburg by 23

    Noordheuwel by 12
    Ben Vorster by 15
    Eldoraigne by 8
    Waterkloof by 3
    KES by 7
    Jeppe by 1

    Helpmekaar by 38
    HJS Paarl BH by 45
    Parktown 13
    Affies by 21
    Paul Roos by 17
    St John’s by 9

    St Andrew’s by 5
    Maritzburg College by 7
    DHS by 11
    St Stithians by 9
    SACS by 16
    Grey HS by 28

  11. @Wyvern: Without a score for each team on the excel you have a “void”. margin by 4 impossible for 4-0 result. :-) 14-10 is workable.

  12. @Playa: Yep, if St Alban’s defence is up to scratch, I think they’ll win. They drew with BV in a pre-seaon game and, according to many, had the better of the territory and possiession away v a highly rated KES team, but were thwarted by great KES defence.

    Normally, I’d back Saints to beat Graeme by plenty, as even the poor Saints team of 2016 beat Graeme; however, Greame’s very close result v Selborne a few weeks ago has me scratching my head!

  13. @Vleis: LOL! Predictions at the end of the day, I guess. Sometimes we make predictions while scratching our heads, and sometimes we make them hoping that we’re wrong (Dale vs Monument in my case :-D )

    Let the good times roll.

  14. @Playa: Monument very beatable this year according to Die Ken

    I’ll watch the game tomorrow and see for myself……..let the best man win

  15. @Playa: So you say both Ben Vorster and Kingswood are going to win their feature. It sounds a bit like quantum mechanics to me!

  16. It is a bit late and I don’t know how the rain has changed conditions. Those who predict Jeppe’s death will be surprised over the Easter weekend.
    Kearsney Fest

    Kearsney by 3
    Selborne by 15
    Queen’s by 7
    Monument by 17
    Glenwood by 35
    HTS Middelburg by 15

    Kes Fest

    Noordheuwel by 14
    Ben Vorster by 7
    Kingswood by 13
    Eldoraigne by 15
    Waterkloof by 15
    Wynberg by 10
    Jeppe by 3

    SJC fEST

    Helpmekaar by plenty
    HJS Paarl BH by 50
    Parktown will tie
    Affies by 28
    Paul Roos by 25
    St John’s by 30

    St Andrew’s by 20
    Maritzburg College by 15
    DHS by 13
    Graeme by 6
    SACS by 4
    Grey HS by 10

    I know they are late and I might be trolling some of the other Gauteng schools. But the blog has been so pleasant lately. Late stir up anarchy. Draws and loses for all my foes. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  17. Net-net wen vir Rooibulle, hulle het baie swak gespeel is seker ma di skool vakansie met amper geen oefening wat hulle vandag gevang het. :(

  18. Wonderlike paasnaweek gewees. My geliefde Wit Bulle het onoorwonne geeindig (alhoewel ek glo hul gaan lelik sukkel oor die volgende 14 dae). PRG het die trots van Hilbrow net-net gewen. Framesby het mooi teruggekom en Nelspruit het balle gewys in hul laaste game.


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