Grey College provisional rugby fixtures for 2017

There is never a shortage of interest when it comes to the Grey College fixture list. They are still the only school that travels to all the major regions of South Africa to play against well-established rugby schools: Western Cape, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng are all covered on the biennial travels.

Sat.11Mar Grey College Waterkloof
Thu.16Mar Grey College TBA Bloem City League
Sat.25Mar Maritzburg College Grey College
Sat.01Apr Grey College Framesby Union HS Festival
Mon.03Apr Grey College Marlow Union HS Festival
Sat.22Apr Grey College TBA Bloem City League
Sat.29Apr Grey College Boland Landbou Wildeklawer
Mon.01May Paarl Gim Grey College Wildeklawer
Sat.06May Grey College Affies
Sat.13May Grey College HJS Paarl BH
Sat.20May Selborne Grey College
Sat.05Aug Grey College Grey HS
Sat.12Aug Grey College Glenwood
Sat.19Aug Paul Roos Grey College
Mon.21Aug TBA TBA Kovsie Liga Semi Finaal
Sat.26Aug TBA TBA Kovsie Liga Finaal


  1. Always great to see Grey come up against Paarl Gim. I’m sure it will be a cracker of a game.

    Pity there is no room on the fixture list for Monnas. Those have also proven to be very tough encounters.

  2. Always the team to beat…Must say they have a very long break between 20 May and 5 August, any reason for that? I know there is a three week holiday.

  3. I see they like the coast, most of their games are against schools from the coastal unions.

  4. @Stier: I am guessing it’s a way of managing the boys seeing as pretty much the whole team plays in the Youth Weeks.

  5. @beet: 2012 game was legendary in the sense that everyone saw that Grey Bloem is beatable . The 2014 clash was also a massive battle with the Wildeklawer running clock (on the final game that was not televised) spoiling a very intriguing end. Paarl Gim trailing by 2 with a scrum on the Grey 22. An injury ran out the time and the final whistle blew without the scrum taking place. I do not say that we would have won, only it was an intriguing “plot”.

  6. @Stier: This only provisional. There will be changes and additions. Also keep in mind the exams start end of May,early June.
    @Gimoldboy: Grey teams are well coached in all the rugby rules. I saw a game in George 2015 where running time applied with a minute left. Grey team ahead on the scoreboard by 4…3 sudden injuries???,with opponents attacking in 22. Attacking team managed to get penalty after penalty ???with time already run out. Advancing team managed to close out game with a try and a 1 point win.?

  7. @Couchmavin: Grey is almost as good at closing games out as they are at just completely dominating opponents. Also, the Grey boy who got injured that day was really hurt and out for the season, which was very sad.

    I am trying to point out how the running clock system at Wildeklawer (I don’t know if it has been stopped in the meantime) spoilt a situation that every schoolboy on that field have waited for, for their whole life- the stuff dreams and legends are made of.

    Lets hope the 2017 clash is of the same quality, just without “what ifs” afterwards.

  8. @Gimoldboy: Pity about that running time and not playing time used for that final game of the day seeing that it would not have delayed the kickoff of the next game and was not on a TV broadcast schedule. But rules are rules.

    It’s very difficult for festivals to operate efficiently without running time clocks.

  9. @beet: Hi Beet,
    I also watched a junior U/14 A game in the Western Cape a few years back that was also obviously played with running time rules. Late in the second half with about 15 minutes left a boy got seriously hurt and was taken to hospital. All the rest of the players waited on field for the player to be stretchered of into an ambulance. The running time expired and the ref decided to carry on with the game. In this instance fortunately it didnt effect the outcome because the one team was comfortably ahead. I am just curious to know if the ref would have done the same if it was a very close game. The one group would have asked to have the game stopped according to the rules and the other team would feel robbed because playing time was less.

  10. @beet: Running time is evil as this lead to massive issues off the field.

    Teams manipulate this and I have seen this on plenty of times with fake injuries to make sure the clock runs down in close matches. What better to have a prop or hooker act injured with a min or 2 on the clock and a 3 point lead.

    Whats the difference in playing time for these youngsters playing running vs playing time.

  11. @Rugbymal: Yeah outside of festival restrictive match scheduling there don’t seem to be that many plus sides to using the running time system.

    Here in KZN there have been a few occasions when matches have come close to being completed in the dark because of running behind schedule. Oddly I’ve most often encountered it at schools that have plenty of fields and therefore few excuses for cramping games onto the main field. :mrgreen:

  12. Steroids, opkikkers, performance enhancing drugs is nie nodig by Grey om hulle sportmanne te motiveer nie….lyk my daar word goeie prestasie beloon met lekker lang soene van hulle dames personeel :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


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