Eastern Cape rugby schools 2015 run-down

Thank you to Eastern Cape school rugby supporter “Rugbyfan” for this blog about many of the leading contenders on the Eastern Cape scene:

Grey PE
Being past Grey a few times and there is a lot on the go, looking at the squad training they look to have a well rounded team, with Bosch and Vers still there backline looks good also a new kid at centre who they say was at Southdown’s and Dale before that he looks the real deal. Also a massive prop in the squad who was at Newton Tech last year, they say he is a SA Schools hopeful. So look at Grey giving Selborne a good challenge for the Eastern Cape No 1 this year, well as long as they get past there bogie Queens first.

Went round there last week and the vibe at their training is really good, they have a very difficult fixture list for the year, and by looking at the forwards training and slick backs expect them to come away with a few big wins this year. A lot has to be said how Framesby is trying to get themselves established as a permanent Top 20 team.

Being past there a few times and training well under way, the new coach Jaco Van Schalkwyk (Paarl Boy High Old Boy) he really seems to be on the right track. Backline looks good but forwards looked very light to me especially if they want to challenge the bigger schools.

After 3 visits eventually I saw the squad out and about was getting worried nothing was happening. By looking at them training Selborne should have a super hot year, there is size/skill and speed so I think only they can let themselves down. Did chat to the coach he seems very confident, wow not sure how long he has being around but remember seen him coaching Selborne nearly 15 years ago.

Well being at the Graveyard the other day there was a buzz around the training and the squad that people will under estimate Dale at their own cost this year. You can always see the difference when Griffy is around. Saw the boys that came from the Leopards and the talk was it will give Dale a well rounded team. I think Courtney Winnaar will be the key this year and the talk of a weak Dale team is as far from the truth as you can get. I see they believe that Grey PE visit to the Graveyard will be a difficult one this year.

St Andrews
Only got to see one training day and everybody was very quiet about what there chances are this year so not too sure where they will be on the ladder but expected them to be competitive.

Pearson have a better fixture list than they have had for years a lot of new faces in the squad so I think the cheque book has been brought out help. So let’s see how they do not very familiar with their set up.

Must say was there last Tuesday and the believe in their team the next two years is very high as they have had a good age group of boys (a few ex Dale boys) that have come through. Just hope they don’t put too much pressure on them and put the bar to high as this would destroy what looks like a golden two years for Kingswood.

Well after listening to a lot of coaches the last 3 weeks most expect QC to quite weak or say in a rebuilding phase with good young age groups coming through. I saw two training sessions the last two weeks and I could see a passion being brought out by John Duncan and think that a lot of people might be under estimating them they have the makings of a very good front row and have some very exciting backs be that they maybe young expect them to be a bit better than the folks are saying.

Well I usually don’t go passed them but did the other day the general fibe I got was that they would battle this year but I think that Wolram fighting spirit will always be there.

Did not get to Hudson, Cambridge and Graeme so not sure what they look like.


  1. @BoishaaiPa: Can tell you Brandwag have a big pack but do agree I don’t think they have the back’s to go with it.

    DP have lost two boys 1 went to NZ and the other went to Outinique I think biut they should be quite decent.

  2. @Rugbyman, if 2 Dale Boys who are in their 3rd year at Kingswood constitutes a team mainly made of Dale boys, then you are definitely not all that well informed.

  3. I will try get feedback on DP, Brandwag and Nico Malan. Always good players at all three schools.

    I also made inquiries about Cambridge but no feedback from supporter yet.

    Hudson Park I will add on tonight

  4. @QC86: Yes, that as well…Lumbering around the park from one set phase to the next…Seen many of them around school grounds in my time.

  5. @rugbyfan: I believe Daniel Pienaar lost a player or two to some southern cape schools, but don’t quote me on that!..Brandwag seems to have a big pack every year, but how effective are they really?…Big doesn’t always equate to good. I always look at the quality of the individuals in the pack…Is he a ball player..or a “voetboller”…That is why Grey College have always been effective over years..They don’t always have the biggest packs or players, but very effective ones..and good “voetbollers”,that can play as a unit. A pack like that is much more valuable than one huge pack with less skilled individuals.

  6. @BoishaaiPa: Correct that’s him.

    Sorry did not get around to either Brandwag or Danial Pienaar this year but I hear from Queenian that Brandwag have a big pack of forwards.

  7. If the Muir coach is the same Jaco v Schalkwyk who played for the Kings, he is actually a Paarl Boys old boy…

    What is happening at Brandwag?..Seems Rugbyfan is not rating them at all this season.

  8. Thanks for the update on the top schools in the area,i have been away for some time and would like to get reacquainted with whats happening,especially at Grey ,could anyone give me any details on this years squad at Grey,names etc.


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