Boland Landbou on track to be 22% bigger by 2025

Boland Landbou are in the process of increasing the number of students at their agricultural high school.

They are in the process of growing from 70 to 90 per grade, with 2021 being the first year. This means that by 2025 they will be 450 strong as opposed to the old capacity of 350. The growth is bound to translate to greater depth and more competitive age group rugby teams.

In the changing landscape of South Africa, the Western Cape is becoming a popular migration destination with many of the top schools experiencing demand way in excess of their full capacity for grade-8 enrolment.


  1. Incredible how Landbou can achieve such high rugby standards with only 350 boys. Good news they are expanding.

  2. This can only be good for remaining competitive amongst the other top WP schools , will all the boys still be boarders or will they start allowing day boys ?

  3. Ek dink ek het al omtrent elke sportsoort gekyk, van albasters tot Hot Dog eet kompetisies maar ek was nog nooit so verveeld om hokkie te kyk
    Ek het eendag gesit en kyk hoe my geverfde garagemuur droog word en dit was meer opwindend

  4. @Mate: They have not been throwing any punches for a good couple of years, if we’re honest. Wheels are in motion and should translate to being more competitive from 2024 onwards. But for now the underdog tag is undeserved, until they can cause a few big upsets again. That’s not happened for a while

  5. @Ploegskaar: Marlow also decided to increase the total number of boys in the school and it is definitely paying dividends.

    I believe 11 of the 1st team group this year is /17, they should be very strong next year.

  6. @Ploegskaar:
    Behalwe dat die Landbou boys stadig golf speel is ek eintlik n ondersteuner
    Ek back maar altyd die underdogs
    Ek dink nadat beide buurskole die naweek verloor het is BL nou br 1 in die Paarl
    En met Paarl Roos se draw is BL nou nr 1 in die Boland

  7. @Mate: Dalk nommer een in die Boland, maar met Bishops en Rondebosch se wenne nommer 3 in die Wp.

  8. @Mate: Saterdag donder Grey daai kortstondige oomblik in die son diep in Diamandveld se rooi grond in

  9. @Henkies:
    Agreed, what an incredible rugby nursery. But I do think the full boarding school aspect gives them an edge over day schools.


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