Red card – suspension / no suspension!

If you watched the epic 38-all match of the season nominee involving Paul Roos and Bishops 1st XVs played on Saturday 23 April 2022, there was no getting away from the commentator’s reference to a particular player coming off the bench to make a vital impact, who had picked up two yellow cards and thus a red during the proceeding 2nd XV match.

This is part of the changing face of school rugby. There are more cards being handed out than ever before.

In a time gone by, schools that subscribed to a high standard of discipline would probably have punished one of their rugby boys found guilty of picking up a red by suspending him for the next match and perhaps adding other non-rugby related corrective action to the sanction, depending on the circumstances surrounding the offence committed. This was a distinguishing factor between schools with the extremes being a very hard and rigid line taken versus allowing the player to participate in the very next school match without much recourse.

However these days a player can be carded for being in the wrong place at the wrong time or even committing a technical infringement such as a professional foul with no malice intended whatsoever. If he accumulates two yellow cards or even in instances where he is shown a straight red, there are now grounds for a school officials from institutions that pride themselves on maintaining the highest standard of disciple as part of their educational benefit, to review and dismiss the sending off as “time served”, meaning no further sanction necessary.



  1. I agree I think this is where where things are changing not always for the better , dont t get me wrong I watched the game and it was a tremendous game but at one point just before half time I also heard what I presume were the bishops supporters chanting ‘ what’s the what’s the score’ and whilst I like the singing and chanting I think we just need to be a little careful that things don’t spill over to a soccer like atmosphere and the old fashioned values of respect for the opposition etc are not totally lost

  2. @brum: The songs and chants have been the same for years. Definitely not made up on the day or week before like in soccer.

  3. I have said this on a previous topic as well. I am sure everything was sorted out before the 1st team game started. The 2ndXV referee is known to be trigger happy with cards. Even red carded a boy at the u14a game and not because of foul play. PRG have always disciplined the boys if they were red carded because of foul play.

  4. @PRondersteuner: What does the rules say about a player being red-carded and then playing in the next game?

    The chant “He’s on steroids” when the big PR replacement came on was in bad taste.

  5. @brum
    I think the Bishops supporters’ chants were needlessly provacative (and disrespectful) … e.g. after Jorenzo Julius made another tackle busting run you could hear them chant “he’s on steroids / he’s on steroids” … and at the end it sounds like they’re singing “why’re you happy?” to the PR supporters. I’ve always loved Bishops’ daring style of play, and enjoyed watching them when they’ve come up to Gauteng to play in tournaments. Didn’t expect this level of arrogance from their supporters.

  6. @Kaya 85: Hi Kaya. I think a lot of the time you have to take the warcries and chants in the spirit and tradition they are intended. But certainly no one should approve of derogatory ones like reference to taking roids. People can chuckle about it and I’m sure the kids had a blast singing it but I do think that’s a bit offsides.

    At Oakdale the Grey boys were shouting the usual “why you so quiet!” at the home support when they took a 17-10 lead and earlier in the game, I’m sure Oakdale sang “feel no pressure!” or something like that to the Grey kicker before a shot at goal but they then kept dead quiet while the kick was being taken. All part of the entertainment.

    During this match PRG were down something like 17-38 and their schoolboy supporters were going all out, waving a huge flag and dancing. Something you’d think they reserved for when they were ahead by 20. It was great to watch.

    Every other year Parktown would travel down to Durban for a derby against Northwood. Maybe its because I’m not exposed to much Jozi interschools but for me Parktown are the best of all schools I’ve had the pleasure of watching. They do the full 70-min almost non-stop, a high level of energy and it honestly looks like everyone is having a ball.

  7. @Rainier: I must be honest, I don’t know the rule regarding that. We all thought he will not be able to sub for 1ste team, but like I said. I think everything was sorted out before the 1st team game started.

    With regards to the steroids chant. The boy is just laughing that off, because he has heard that a 1000 times before Saturday. Since he came to PRG in gr9, he looked like that. He’s been tested many times as an athlete and rugby player. And as humble as can be.

  8. @beet: @Kaya 85: My son says there was a lot of needle in their chants, especially in the 1st half, but the PRG boys gave it back just as good.

    The PRG boys enjoyed themselves a lot on the stand, because almost all of them played on Saturday and no PRG team lost a game. As a matter of fact I think 70% of the games 50+ points were scored by PRG.


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