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Youth Weeks, Camps & u18 Internationals 2022 – initial planned dates

22 May, 2022 beet 6
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Unions commit to supporting self-funded Youth Weeks in 2020

5 Mar, 2020 Admin 8

A bit of good news in a follow up to some bad news about sponsorship money for the national youth weeks seemingly drying up, is that SARU document shows that all the unions have agreed to participate in the self-funded Under-18 Academy Week and Under-13 Craven Week.…

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u18 Elite Player Development (EPD) Camp for SA Schools 2020 hopefuls

12 Feb, 2020 beet 42

Many of the leading candidates for this year’s SA Schools (u18) team are likely to be revealed once the list of players invited to attend the elite player development Alignment Camp is made known. The camp is expected to be held at the Stellenbosch Academy of Sport (SAS) from 27 February to 01 March 2020. The timing means it is unlikely to clash with any of the planned regular season school rugby fixtures.…

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u18 International Series 2019

9 Aug, 2019 beet 27
Day 1 : Fri 09-Aug-2019
13h00 SA Schools B 19 43 France u18 on SuperSport – at Paul Roos
14h30 England u18 19 29 Argentina u18 on SuperSport – at Paul Roos
16h00 SA Schools 23 13 Wales u18 on SuperSport – at Paul Roos
Day 2 : Tue 13-Aug-2019
13h00 SA Schools B 31 31 Wales u18 on SuperSport – at Paarl Gim
14h30 SA Schools 48 14 Argentina u18 on SuperSport – at Paarl Gim
16h00 England u18 29 25 France u18 on SuperSport – at Paarl Gim
Day 3 : Sat 17-Aug-2019
12h00 SA Schools B 12 27 Argentina u18 on SuperSport – at Hugenote
13h30 France u18 14 18 Wales u18 on SuperSport – at Hugenote
15h00 SA Schools 33 27 England u18 on SuperSport – at Hugenote


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SA Schools 2019

15 Jul, 2019 beet 207
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Grant Khomo “Shopping” Week 2019

23 Jun, 2019 beet 98

The retail equivalent of Black Friday has finally arrived. What is meant to be a celebration of some of the rich vein of under-16 schoolboy rugby talent that South Africa poses, turns out to be a bit of a nightmare for some schools who become the victims of the shopping spree conducted by a few well-off school who stop at nothing to buy star players. …

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Piecing together the WP u18 Youth Week teams 2019

31 May, 2019 beet 87

The WPRU High Schools have officially notified each individual school of only the players selected from that school…

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SWD Craven Week, Academy Week & Grant Khomo Week 2019

14 May, 2019 beet 14