Pretoria East schools out of action due to Covid

Affies, Garsfontein, Menlopark, Waterkloof and Wilgers will not be active in sport for the next couple of weeks in an attempt to curb the spread of Covid-19. They hope to return on Saturday 29 May.Pretoria Boys’ High head into weekend two of their mandatory sit out and will hopefully resume sports from next week.

News letter from Garsfontein

Affies document


  1. @AbsolutMenlo: i think the schools wants to be seen as pro-active,co-operative and reducing risk. This will in future boast well when decisions regarding play is taken by GDE. We might loose the Versekerbeker concept this year but might gain some nice local derbies against affected schools

  2. …. and the risk will still be there after 29 May … just can’t understand these decisions.


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