Livestreaming. Possibly another Frustraturday on the cards

The motto is “hope for the best, prepare for the worst!” Schools are encouraged to have a YouTube channel back up plan for streaming in case things crash.

Spare a thought for school staff. They are unlikely to ever get the recognition or appreciation they deserve for the manner in which they have kept education on the right track though difficult times. Now with regards to school sport, they are often stuck between a rock and a hard place in their efforts to please everyone at an affordable price. School leaders, teachers and coaches are often performing functions that go beyond their job specs to make things happen. Yet they are bearing the brunt of criticism from unhappy parents and old boys about streaming related setbacks which are often out of their control. Expectations often exceed the budgets and other resources available.

Life is not much easier for the companies providing the streaming services. Reasonably no one should expect them to run at losses in order to fund free viewing. They did not bring about Covid and in as much as it provides an opportunity to get on the board, expanding without a viable business plan is risky. Just like many businesses out there at the moment, things are tough and not made any easier with the economic uncertainties that exists.

For parents who would love nothing more than to be there in person at sports events to support their kids, support their affiliated schools and just be part of a normal worthy healthy lifestyle experience, it’s a punishment all on its own to be limited to reliance on streamed content. When that fails to deliver even the basics, it is a frustration of note. We know, we’ve all been there in recent weeks.

So best wishes to all parties with vested interests. Hopefully all can emerge as winners on Saturday!

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  1. Brilliant article to put everything in perspective. We are living in difficult and challenging times. Good luck to everyone involved


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