HSTOP200’s New Zealand Top 50

A big thank you to Herschel Fruean, a New Zealand school rugby guru.

Check out Herschel’s website at http://hstop200.com and his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/High-School-Top-200/ for all sorts of indepth details on players and matches played.
School Region Record
1 Mount Albert Grammar School BLUES 11 – 0
2 Hastings Boys High School HURRICANES 11 – 0
3 Sacred Heart College BLUES 10 – 1 – 1
4 St Kentigern College BLUES 10 – 2
5 Hamilton Boys High School CHIEFS 9 – 2
6 St Peter’s College BLUES 9 – 1 – 2
7 Otago Boys High School HIGHLANDERS 8 – 6
8 Southland Boys High School HIGHLANDERS 6 – 4
9 Rotorua Boys High School CHIEFS 7 – 3
10 Kings College BLUES 7 – 5
11 St John’s College Hamilton CHIEFS 11 – 2
12 Wellington College HURRICANES 9 – 3
13 Christchurch Boys High CRUSADERS 12 – 1 – 2
14 Christ College CRUSADERS 13 – 2
15 St Paul’s Collegiate CHIEFS 8 – 5
16 Rosmini College BLUES 12 – 1
17 Rongotai College HURRICANES 8 – 3
18 Westlake Boys High School BLUES 11 – 2
19 Shirley Boys High School CRUSADERS 9 – 4
20 Nelson College CRUSADERS 10 – 2 – 2
21 John McGlashan College HIGHLANDERS 14 – 0
22 New Plymouth Boys High School CHIEFS 8 – 6
23 Feilding High School HURRICANES 7 – 3
24 St Patrick’s College Town HURRICANES 7 – 4
25 Scots College HURRICANES 8 – 6
26 Auckland Grammar School BLUES 8 – 6
27 De La Salle College BLUES 5 – 5
28 Tauranga Boys College CHIEFS 5 – 6
29 St Patrick’s College Silverstream HURRICANES 7 – 8
30 Napier Boys High School HURRICANES 5 – 5
31 Palmerston North Boys High School HURRICANES 6 – 7
32 Gisborne Boys High School HURRICANES 5 – 7
33 Massey High School BLUES 8 – 5
34 Tamaki College BLUES 10 – 0
35 St Peters School Cambridge CHIEFS 6 – 1 – 2
36 Timaru Boys High School CRUSADERS 9 – 6
37 Wesley College CHIEFS 5 – 2 – 4
38 Waimea Combined CRUSADERS 7 – 6
39 Burnside High School CRUSADERS 7 – 6
40 St Bedes College CRUSADERS 8 – 8
41 Kelston Boys High School BLUES 4 – 6
42 Marlborough Boys College CRUSADERS 6 – 2 – 6
43 St Andrews College CRUSADERS 5 – 1 – 8
44 Manurewa High School CHIEFS 7 – 4
45 Waitaki Boys High School HIGHLANDERS 9 – 4
46 Lindisfarne College HURRICANES 5 – 7
47 Aorere College BLUES 2 – 8
48 Dilworth School BLUES 2 – 1 – 8
49 Bishop Viard College HURRICANES 8 – 6
50 Wanganui Collegiate HURRICANES 7 – 7


  1. @Beet: thanx, interesting. Blues region seem to be well represented at the top but same cannot be said about Crusaders territory.

  2. Right, let’s get a big sponsor and BHP’s Top30 teams fly over and play these guys!

  3. @Hooit: #9 was the champs last year and they got the invite to Sanix. Just in case there is the wrong perception again.

  4. @Vleis: @Randy: @Hooit: @Greenman: Monnas sent their 4th team to Sanix? As far as I know the Sanix annual event is a prestigious event any team should want to attend and players will cherish memories of their ‘international’ exposure to different styles and cultures. A school is sent as a prepresentative of South African schoolboy rugby. Why on earth would Monnas do that? I find that extremely hard to believe that from one of the top rugby playing schools in South Africa. That would constitute complete disrespect towards the sport and all the participants of the tournament. Something is awry. Is it because Monnas finished 9th and because of poor performance it was reportedly a lowly team they sent, or were there real reasons for a fourth team going over, if that was indeed the case?

  5. @Die Ken: Correct. I think as Sanix clashed with Wildeklawer or something they thought it best for the 1st team to play at Wildeklawer.

  6. @Hooit: @Die Ken: ja dit kan sin maak, die groep ná die WK groep, dalk kort kennisgewing of iets, nie ‘n 4e span nie. Chins ???

  7. @Quagga die Wolf: Would like to know how teams get chosen. Everybody say it is the best team from each country but it is not the case in SA for most of the years or is the Sanix for well known rugby schools?

  8. @Hooit: @Randy: I am still in search of an answer to your question, but for now let me comment as follows:

    It seems that the Sanix Int Youth tournament is a bit of a mixed bag in terms of quality. Countries such as NZ, France, England, Australia, Japan and RSA feature, among others send a representative schoolboy team to participate. The ‘SANZAR’ countries tend to send the strongest teams in the competition who then battle it out, but not necessarily the number 1 team in the country for a particular year, or even for the preceding season.
    :!: In 2014 Boishaai went and lost 15-11 in the final to Hamilton Boys High who are currently ranked 5th in NZ.
    :!: In 2015 Paul Roos went and beat Brisbane Boys College of Australia 35-3 in the final. That year the NZ representation came from Scotts College who are currently ranked 25th in NZ and probably explains why they did not feature in the final.
    :!: In 2016 Glenwood won it against NZ Rotorua Boys who were their top ranked team the previous year. They are currently ranked 9th.

    From this it seems like RSA send ONE of the top schools, but not necessarily THE top school.

    Interesting to note based on that 2012 Monnas showing is that Paul Roos went in 2015 with their strongest possible U18 team as did Boishaai in 2014 and I suspect GW this year. Both PR and BH missed the WK but attended their normal Easter Rugby Festivals before going across to Sanix and then coming back to become one of the top teams locally in that year.

  9. @Quagga die Wolf: Yes, I distinctly remember Monnas bloggers saying that the team was a mixture of 3rd and 4th team players, but more 4th team players. They sent such a weak team because they wanted their top teams to play in the SA Easter festivals instead.

    Indeed, the year before that (2011) HJS sent a mixture of 2nd team and 3rd team players (but more 3rd team players) for the same reasons as Monnas. HJS lost to an English school in the semi-final to a last minute disputed try.

    SA do not only send their top teams, as St Alban’s came 3rd in 2003 and Marais Viljoen came 3rd in 2010. However, in the past three years, SA have sent strong schools, who have sent their 1st teams. In 2016, Glenwood won Sanix – Glenwood will probably end up ranked between 10 and 20 in SA this year. In 2015 Paul Roos won Sanix and ended up ranked about 4th in SA. In 2014, HJS sent their 1st team (unlike 2011) and lost by a few points in the final v a NZ school. HJS were ranked about 10th in SA in 2014.

  10. @Vleis: So does GW attend again next year to defend their title? Sort of retoric question as nobody knows.

  11. @Hooit: Not necessarily. Grey Bloem won in 2001, Boland Landbou attended in 2002 and won it, then St Alban’s attended in 2003. However, Glenwood went in 2008 (winners) and again in 2009.

  12. @Playa: as greenman pointed out Rotorura ranked 9. So Glenwood would be 8 in NZ. Maybe they should play in that league.

  13. Guys, we can’t say Rotorua is no 9 and Glenwood number 8 or 6 in SA as the ranking methodology is likely to differ. Maybe Beet can get the ranking methodology from NZ and give to BHP to do a similar one in SA. Only then will we be able to compare apples with apples and se how strong the 2 respective sides really is.
    And perhaps BHP can ask NZ to use his methodology and see how it affects the ranking there. Maybe BHP’s methodology can become the international standards. An exciting thought!!

  14. 2012 was Chris Massyn’s year and at one stage Monnas had 11 regulars injured so yes it was almost a 4th team

  15. My view is that any school that shows such disrespect to an international competition (and South Africa), to be sending a 4th team, should not be allowed to participate (for a long time).
    @Speartackle: if you have so many injuries, so early in the season, then either their conditioning is up to shit (training) or the kids are playing above their “level”. Some early injuries always expected BUT 11?

  16. @BrotherBear: In late 2010 Boishaai was asked to step in to take another school’s place for the 2011 Sanix as the original earmarked participant could not get the funding together nor the required number of players. They had very little preparation time in getting things together and by then already committed to Wildeklawer etc. That is why they sent a 2nd and 3rd string team because half the 2nd team was part of the squad for the local tournaments.

  17. @BoishaaiPa, @Speartackle: another factor then seems to be dual commitments (Sanix and Wildeklawer) in same period. Glenwood committed to one this year – which is then probably the right thing to do. It does disadvantage the junior teams, but hell, the boys play too much rugby as it is.
    School to be selected should thus commit to one only (if calendar constrained).

  18. FYI Glenwood season in 2008 when they last won SANIX

    Played 19, won 16, lost 2, drawn 1.
    Points for: 685
    Points against: 145
    Avg win: 36-8
    Win %: 84%

    1) Richards Bay: won 72-0
    2) Fuchimi Tech Japan (SANIX): won 40-5
    3) Kaiza Kashiwa High Japan (SANIX): won 69-0
    4) St Benedicts UK (SANIX): won 14-12
    5) Gisbourne NZ (SANIX Semi-final): won 15-8
    6) Tarbes France (SANIX Final): won 39-0
    7) Paarl Boys: lost 14-29
    8) Paul Roos: won 26-7
    9) FNB Invitational: won 60-0
    10) Voortrekker: won 35-3
    11) George Campbell: won 76-0
    12) DHS: won 12-6
    13) College: won 47-10
    14) College: won 15-7
    15) Westville: won 22-5
    16) Affies: won 24-7
    17) Kearsney: won 62-0
    18) Michaelhouse: draw 24-24
    19) Grey College Bloem: lost 14-22

    A great season, only losing to Grey Bloem and Boishaai, 2 of the strongest schools in SA. Michaelhouse had a great team too and drawing in Balgowan that year was good, even though they let a big lead go. Big scalps in Paul Roos and Affies, out biggest win over College on Goldstones, beating Kearsney by 60 and winning the SANIX tournament.

    I will add 2008 to one of Glenwood’s greatest years! Shaun Malton making SA Schools that year was the icing on the cake. Also good players coming through now like Francois Kleynheins and John Roy Jenkinsons shows its calibre! Go Green!!


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