SACS marginal favourites but Wynberg form adds spice to the 2016 battle for Cape Town

Wynberg may be described as one of the biggest underachievers of 2016 but they have also just accounted for one of the biggest upsets of 2016 by beating Boland Landbou 37-34. That result implies a massive turn around in form for Berg and although already out of title contention,  they have opportunity to play a vital role in determining who eventually has the right to call themselves the best team in Cape Town in 2016 as the four Southern Suburb heavyweights go head to head over the last three Saturdays of their respective seasons; and perhaps even win a triple crown along the way. After the second term derbies, SACS finds themselves narrowly ahead with their recent play against HJS Paarl being convincing enough to suggest that they are still the team to beat. Rondebosch are nipping at SACS’ heels but are set to be without stand out finisher Mike Mavovana (SA Schools duty) for Wynberg and SACS rematches. Bishops are always a lively team but may find themselves fighting to avoid fourth spot rather than having a shot at the top during the second half of August 2016.

Sat.07May SACS vs Bishops 38 19 Won Home 4 1 5
Sat.14May SACS vs Rondebosch 28 28 Drew Home 2 1 3
Sat.11Jun SACS vs Wynberg 24 12 Won Away 4 1 5
Sat.13Aug SACS vs Bishops Away 0
Sat.20Aug SACS vs Rondebosch Away 0
Sat.27Aug SACS vs Wynberg Home 0
Sat.09Apr Rondebosch vs Wynberg 29 8 Won Home 4 1 5
Sat.14May Rondebosch vs SACS 28 28 Drew Away 2 1 3
Sat.11Jun Rondebosch vs Bishops 15 14 Won Home 4 0 4
Sat.13Aug Rondebosch vs Wynberg Away 0
Sat.20Aug Rondebosch vs SACS Home 0
Sat.27Aug Rondebosch vs Bishops Away 0
Sat.07May Bishops vs SACS 19 38 Lost Away 0 0 0
Sat.04Jun Bishops vs Wynberg 38 7 Won Home 4 1 5
Sat.11Jun Bishops vs Rondebosch 14 15 Lost Away 0 1 1
Sat.13Aug Bishops vs SACS Home 0
Sat.20Aug Bishops vs Wynberg Away 0
Sat.27Aug Bishops vs Rondebosch Home 0
Sat.09Apr Wynberg vs Rondebosch 8 29 Lost Away 0 0 0
Sat.04Jun Wynberg vs Bishops 7 38 Lost Away 0 0 0
Sat.11Jun Wynberg vs SACS 12 24 Lost Home 0 0 0
Sat.13Aug Wynberg vs Rondebosch Home 0
Sat.20Aug Wynberg vs Bishops Home 0
Sat.27Aug Wynberg vs SACS Away 0


  1. The thrashing Bishops handed out to SACS today was testament to a side on the rebound albeit a tad late in the season. Scoreline flattered SACS…..score should have been in the fifties. Once the Larkan threat factor had been nullified with aggressive Bishops defence, SACS looked very average.


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