Affies rugby fixtures for 2015

21-Mar: Helpmekaar vs Affies
28-Mar: Paul Roos vs Affies @Paul Roos 150th
02-Apr: EG Jansen vs Affies @Kearsney Easter Rugby Fest
04-Apr: Affies vs SACS @Kearsney Easter Rugby Fest
06-Apr: Framesby vs Affies @Kearsney Easter Rugby Fest
18-Apr: Affies vs Westville
25-Apr: Affies vs SARU @Wildeklawer
27-Apr: Affies vs Paarl Gim @Wildeklawer
09-May: Grey College vs Affies
16-May: Affies vs KES
23-May: Affies vs Waterkloof
30-May: Affies vs Jeppe
06-Jun: Affies vs Menlopark
25-Jul: Affies vs Maritzburg College
01-Aug: Glenwood vs Affies
08-Aug: Pretoria BH vs Affies


  1. Affies vs Prg always an epic encounter!!!! Cant wait for 28-03-15 Great history between these schoolsB-) 8)

  2. @Cappie: Cappie thank you for the fixtures BTW.

    @PRG 4 Life: Not just for PRG supporters but really for everyone from the W/Cape region it’s a wonderful opportunity to see a really good team from the North. It’s not often that the Affies 1st XV travel that far South.

  3. @PRG 4 Life: Is PRG’s fixtures for next year already released? Would be interesting to see what games you play before we meet. Affies play only one, that against Helpmekaar.

    @Beet: Do you maybe have their fixtures, or for that matter some other interesting news on games to be played over and above the festive games?

  4. @Cappie— 20 March -Swartland ,24 March Newlands Rugby Day TBC , so its 2 games sir!!!! One more than Affies :mrgreen: :wink Our manne dont need many games to get started!!!lol

  5. Well balanced programme for Affies in 2015. Playing Kloof and Parkies from Pretoria, the school in Greystaat, PRG and Paarl Gim from the Cape and the big schools from KZN. Johannesburg, Jansies and KES. The school I would have loved to see on this programme is Monnas.
    Jaits! Is it just me or has the PRG and Affies game on the 28 th of March all the makings of a traditional North/South (Northern Transvaal/Province or Tukkies/Maties 1980’s) derby. The “klein” Maties and “klein” Tuks game could be one of the games of the season! I suspect both PRG and Affies will have Mother of teams in 2015 8-O

  6. @Woltrui: Stem saam die PRG / Affies wedstryd gaan groot wees – die matriekgroepe van volgende jaar was onderskeidelik no1 en 2 op die o/16 ranglys 2 jaar terug

  7. Prg was No1 @ Under 15 and under 16 ‘ Two unbeaten seasons, so 2015 could be huge, lots of hardwork ahead , !!!!!! 8)

  8. Always an honour for Glenwood to play the Witbulle, but to be completely honest a better match up across the age groups and teams would be with their English neighbours, PBHS.

  9. @beet: Off topic, could we start a separate thread on the 2009-2014 cumulative rankings you have listed on the site, that will create some interesting debate…

  10. @PRG 4 Life: Affies beleaguered first team this year had on average nine gr 11’s in the line-up on any given occasion. chinwags run around between the present gr 10’s, which will next year be gr11’s, that they will outnumber them in the first team next year, meaning that they belief there would be yet again more gr 11’s than gr 12’s in the team. This remains to be seen. Nevertheless very hale and hearty rivalry for a place in the Witbulle side to look forward to.

  11. I think we are all looking forward to the new season after a nightmare 2014 season. Will be very interesting to watch the new group of boys with the new structures of coaching at Affies.
    I for one would like to think that we can again achieve those results of 2013.
    The PRG game will be big and both sides would like to not lose this encounter Also great new opponents like E G SACS and Parkies this year.
    An awesome season round the corner, lets hope schoolboy rugby to be the winner.

  12. @Cappie: I think Glenwood are always competitive at A & B team, but after that it’s a hammering vs Affies and Grey Bloem. Those sides are the ones that need the best coaching and fitness regimes to be competitive. It seems at Affies and Grey there is so much depth that even the C & D teams could give the A team a good game. I did hear that Grey sometimes gets up to 30 provincial players in grade 8, that is 2 strong teams already…..

  13. @Ooorkant Loftus: Always a honour to play against a team like Affies. The EG – Affies game came one year to late.

    My son had the honour of playing against Affies as a u/14 boy in 2010 and never again.

    We talked about it the other day, and with EG playing most of the other big teams in his 2 years of first team rugby, Affies are one of the teams he would have loved to play against.

    Hopefully this fixture can happen more often in future.

  14. @Grasshopper: Saying that more than 30 provincial players enter Grey at gr 8, chit chats and chinwags do the round here in Pretoria that almost the entire Blue Bulls u’13 team goes to Menlo Park next year, where they use to came to Affies. That must be through the inspiration of Menlo’s new Monnas headmaster.

    Menlo Park, starting last year already, is focusing on becoming a dynamo in rugby as they are known to be in athletics. The headmaster even went so far in tempting the hockey and the rugby not to be played during the same time in the season, as the hockey is taking his rugby youngsters away. I am not sure if that can be achieved; against whom will they play if everyone else is not playing.

    Nevertheless some interesting happenings. Would be rousing to see four schools from Pretoria in the top 10 next year.

    @Grasshopper: Talking about depth; this year after the 10 open teams have been selected at Affies, there were still some 30 reserve players left. The 10th team still got a hiding of 85-0 against Grey in that event. The day will come where 36 rugby matches between Affies and Grey would be played. 12 Open, A-H in all under age groups. Presently it is limited to 30 games.

  15. @ Cappie , I heard Garsies got most of the Blue-Bulls CW u/13 team ?, not that they performed anyway …

  16. @scrummie:Maybe between Menlo and Garsies they share in the recruits of the U’13 Bulls, but as you rightly said, they were not spectacular in any way. I know that Affies each year have a big intake from the Platteland, presently more than before, due to the deterioration of the smaller schools in the smaller towns. Knowing Boereplaas Affies, they will continue market themselves through their traditions and conducts.
    Each school will receive a reasonable stake of talent from the gr 7’s, however the evolving part starts next year and it will become a matter of who can endorse the best encouragement and passion amongst the learners by the school for performing to their full aptitudes. Hopefully the “poaching” of players in the midst of schools after gr 8 will be sorted out and eradicated to a judicious spread. Admiration for the children and the co-schools should be heartened.

  17. Looking forward to coming up in July for the Maritzburg College match – I just hope it’s not too cold….

  18. I tell you what if you can only make it to watch one game of SBR this season: 28 March 2015 might be the day. Early season game but PRG vs Affies could go a long way to determining top of the pile in 2015

  19. Menlo Park’s fixtures also counts for interesting reading. Very tough fixtures:
    14/03 Helpmekaar
    21/03 Grey College
    02/04 Westville (Kearsney Week)
    04/04 Selborne (Kearsney Week)
    06/04 Glenwood (Kearsney Week)
    18/04 Diamantveld
    25/04 Noord Kaap (Wildeklaver)
    27/04 Boland Landbou (Wildeklaver)
    09/05 Waterkloof
    16/05 Glenwood
    23/05 Garsfontein
    30/05 Rustenburg/Ben Vorster
    06/06 Affies
    13/06 Florida
    22/07 Pretoria Boys High

    Gevolg deur 5 weke van makro skole Beeld rugby.

  20. @cappie. menlo se westryde lyk vir my meet kompeterend as Affies sin…as ons skole rankings in ag neem?

  21. @Cappie: daai game teen affies lyk darem maar gevaarlik naby aan die eksamen… ek hoop nie daars n ontrekking op die kaarte nie…? 8-O

  22. @Rugbyman: Dink jy regtig hulle sal twee jaar in ‘n ry dieselfde fout maak? Ek het gehoop die ou koeie is nou begrawe, en ek het geen begeerte om die “most popular post” weer oop te maak nie. Daar was baie foute gemaak met daardie hele episode, en ek glo darem almal het iets daaruit geleer om nie weer ‘n herhaling daarvan te maak nie. Menlo speel nog ‘n wedstryd die naweek na hulle teen Affies gespeel het teen Florida, so hulle sal in die eksamen speel.

  23. @cappie. Ek dink jy inligting rakende die hoeveelheid Cravenweek spelers wat affies toe is is verkeerd. ek verstaan dat die koshuis net plek het vir 72 st 6’e en dat daar verseker nie 43 cravenweek spelers in die koshuis ingeklaar het nie. Voeg daarby dat daar geen Bulle is nie maak die syfer nie sin nie


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