KZN / Natal Schools Craven Week teams of the 1980’s

Once again I just want to say thank you to Johan Snyman who updates the website. Without his time and effort to retrieve the info and forward it, presenting the database below would not have been possible.

Any help with first names and schools attended wherever applicable would be appreciated.

1980 1981
Shane Witherden Maritzburg College 1 Kobus Steyn
Tubby Gerber Stanger 2 Wayne Bingham
CF Haden 3 Alex MacKinlay
Gavin Kretzchmar Glenwood 4 Larry de Jager
Oscar Chalupsky Westville 5 Christopher Hattingh Maritzburg College
CB Engel 6 John Mosse  Michaelhouse
Andre Kock 7 Andre Kock
Paul Arnott © Michaelhouse 8 Naas Ferreira Port Natal
GDH Walsh 9 Richard Harrison
Micky Tingle Maritzburg College 10 Henry Coxwell Maritzburg College
JH van Heerden 11 Tim Jaffray
GE Allardice 12 David Polkinghorne Kearsney
WG van Zyl 13 Lance Wilson  Westville
RE Pastorino  Westville 14 Carl du Preez
MAO Leclezio Hilton 15 Jean-Claude Koenig Kearsney
AB Taylor Maritzburg College 16 Brett Walker Maritzburg College
R Renzi Michaelhouse 17 Carl Muller
C van Eetveldt 18 Andrew Everett Michaelhouse
SQW du Toit 19 Kevin Torlage Maritzburg College
MG Holmes 20 Michael Smith
1982 1983
JD Steyn Voortrekker 1 PE Wichman Weston
C Ferguson Hilton 2 BA McKenzie © Maritzburg College
CJ Torlage © Maritzburg College 3 RMW Gunning Maritzburg College
AW Berlein Hilton 4 CD Burns Maritzburg College
JS Boshoff Estcourt 5 TJ van Loggerenberg Kingsway
E Blom Voortrekker 6 CA Barth Westville
Nick Dougall Michaelhouse 7 SG Scheepers Linpark
Naas Ferreira Port Natal 8 Deon Marx Michaelhouse
Brett Lambert Michaelhouse 9 D du Toit Maritzburg College
Cameron Oliver Kearsney 10 R Snyman Maritzburg College
A Steibel Weston 11 TA Rautenbach Maritzburg College
DM Evatt DHS 12 TP Baronet Glenwood
Kevin Torlage Maritzburg College 13 RM Ferreira Kingsway
GA Sonnenfeld DHS 14 JP de Grandpré Michaelhouse
CJ Copland Hilton 15 Neil Penrose Westville
MK Stewart Michaelhouse 16 BE Shaw Hilton
T Deenik Kearsney 17 IM McIntosh Michaelhouse
AA Wilson DHS 18 PF Harrison Hilton
BA MacKenzie Maritzburg College 19 CG Oldfield DHS
Eugene Brooks Voortrekker 20 Bruce Earle Michaelhouse
1984 1985
AE Trusler DHS 1 M Cuittita Pinetown
Shaun Gage DHS 2 W Strydom Empangeni
BG Smith Glenwood 3 Neil Zaltsman Northlands
RV Mitchell Michaelhouse 4 Kem Slade DHS
J Grimbeek Voortrekker 5 Arve Arntzen Maritzburg College
Gary Teichmann Hilton 6 Andrew Aitken DHS
SG Armstrong Alexandra 7 M Carswell DHS
FH Swanepoel © Glenwood 8 Derek Ross Maritzburg College
James Wilson Michaelhouse 9 Shaun Glover Maritzburg College
Joel Stransky Maritzburg College 10 Joel Stransky Maritzburg College
L du Preez Grovenor 11 M Cuittita Pinetown
L van Rooyen Stanger 12 Dennis Baronet Glenwood
D Baronet Glenwood 13 D van Rooyen Stanger
Mike Taylor Westville 14 Mike Taylor Westville
CPD de Groot DHS 15 Kevin Smith Maritzburg College
Victor Anderson Michaelhouse 16 B Smith Glenwood
RG McFarlane Kearsney 17 K O’Connor Maritzburg College
TM Volker DHS 18 James Willson Michaelhouse
I McLeod-Smith Westville 19 Victor Anderson Michaelhouse
Steve Atherton Pinetown 20 B Schreuder Hilton
1986 1987
A Gilson © Maritzburg College 1 B Haydner Glenwood
Philip King Michaelhouse 2 P du Plessis Voortrekker
Bruce Herbert Michaelhouse 3 G Reid Maritzburg College
Shaun Platford Westville 4 B Cattrell © Maritzburg College
John Pool Michaelhouse 5 John Slade DHS
Warren Wilson Maritzburg College 6 M Falkson Westville
Richard Firth Michaelhouse 7 Mitch Reid Kearsney
Richard Dolbey Maritzburg College 8 Warren Wilson Maritzburg College
Murray Collins Michaelhouse 9 A Hawley Westville
Udo Goedeke Maritzburg College 10 Udo Goedeke Maritzburg College
Leon van Rooyen Estcourt 11 Leon van Rooyen Estcourt
Jeremy Thompson Maritzburg College 12 Errol Stewart Westville
J Fernandez Linpark 13 A Herman Grenswag
Nkululeko Skweyiya Kearsney 14 Ian Vynne Maritzburg College
Carl Jankovich Hilton 15 T Labuschagne Glenwood
T Labuschagne Glenwood 16 A Godfrey Maritzburg College
A Hawley Westville 17 H Thompson DHS
D Harris Hilton 18 W Williams Glenwood
B Catterall Maritzburg College 19 Clinton Daddy Beachwood
S Fry Westville 20 J Fernandez Linpark
1988 1989
Costa Mamaliadis DHS 1 Clinton Meyer Maritzburg College
B Layzell DHS 2 Lionel Andreou DHS
FB van Tubbergh Gelofte 3 Dean Richards Glenwood
P Smith Maritzburg College 4 J Venter Durban North
Wim Visser Michaelhouse 5 Tony Maulgue Maritzburg College
Warren Groupe Glenwood 6 Tom Jankovich-Besan DHS
Deon von Benecke DHS 7 Deon von Benecke Hilton
W Mouton Durban North 8 W von Breda Maritzburg College
A Godfrey Maritzburg College 9 Hentie Maartens Hilton
Peter Senekal Glenwood 10 Peter Senekal Glenwood
T Longden Glenwood 11 Frank Goedeke Maritzburg College
W Sharpley Maritzburg College 12 Bruce Lesur Maritzburg College
Robert du Randt Richards Bay 13 Anton Jankowitz Hilton
Ian Vynne Maritzburg College 14 Russell Leahy Hilton
Brett Emberton Maritzburg College 15 Brendan Edwards Northlands
Kelvin Strachan Michaelhouse 16 Mark Armstrong Michaelhouse
Murray-John Wilson Michaelhouse 17 Clinton Rhodes Maritzburg College
Dean Richards Glenwood 18 Jason Dent Hilton
Colin Handman Maritzburg College 19 Byron Holmes Glenwood
E Maree Glenwood 20 Alfie Messenger Michaelhouse


  1. SG Armstrong -1984. The last Alex boy to play for Natal Schools. That’s 30 years ago now. I don’t even think they play rugby anymore.

  2. Hi Beet, some info to help fill in the gaps:


    Shane Withereden College
    Gavin Kretzchmar Glenwood
    Micky Tingle College
    MAO Leclezio Hilton
    AB Taylor College


    Christopher Hattingh College
    Brett Walker College


    Bruce Earle Michaelhouse


    Shaun Gage DHS (not Dagage)

  3. Glenwood Natal Reps 1980’s;

    980 CL. Kretzschmar
    1980 C.F. Haden
    1981 C.E. Muller
    1983 D.B. Baronet
    1984 F.H. Swanepoel (c)
    1984 D.B. Baronet
    1984 B.C. Smith
    1985 D.B. Baronet (SA)
    1985 B.C. Smith
    1986 T.L. Labuschange
    1987 T.L. Labuschange
    1987 B.W. Aigner
    1987 W.M. Williams
    1988 W.P. Groupe
    1988 T.I. Longden
    1988 E.F. Maree
    1988 D.J. Richards
    1988 P. Senekal (vc)
    1989 D.J. Richards
    1989 P. Senekal
    1989 B.M. Holmes

  4. I think 83 should be Dennis Baronet not Trevor, seems Dennis played Natal Schools 3 years in a row and SA Schools, must be a unique achievement that….std 8 to matric…

  5. @Grasshopper: These lists above are as per the Craven Week programmes.

    So of benefit to know who a player missing off the list replaced in the initial 20-player squad.

  6. @Grasshopper: Let’s just say that Dennis was at Glenwood a few years longer than he should have been….

    Trevor was the younger boetie – was at GW from 87 onwards. Great athlete.

  7. The only College rep I see missing is HA Beatie in 1980. 48 in total for the period.

    1980 HA Beattie
    1980 AB Taylor
    1980 MJ Tingle* Captain
    1980 SB Witherden
    1981 HG Coxwell
    1981 CW Hattingh
    1981 KE Torlage
    1981 B Walker
    1982 BA Mackenzie
    1982 CJ Torlage* Captain
    1982 KE Torlage
    1983 CD Burns
    1983 D du Toit
    1983 RMW Gunning
    1983 BA Mackenzie* Captain
    1983 TA Rautenbach
    1983 R Snyman
    1984 JT Stransky
    1985 AT Arntzen
    1985 SR Glover
    1985 KL O’Connor
    1985 DG Ross
    1985 KLL Smith
    1985 JT Stransky* Captain
    1986 BW Catterall
    1986 RD Dolbey
    1986 AW Gilson* Captain
    1986 UH Goedeke
    1986 JRD Thomson
    1986 WG Wilson
    1987 BW Catterall* Captain
    1987 AJ Godfrey
    1987 UH Goedeke
    1987 DAG Reed
    1987 ID Vynne
    1987 WG Wilson
    1988 BJ Emberton
    1988 AJ Godfrey
    1988 CD Handman
    1988 TW Sharpley
    1988 PL Smith* Captain
    1988 ID Vynne
    1989 FD Goedeke
    1989 JB Lesur* Captain
    1989 AG Maulgue
    1989 CD Mayer
    1989 CB Rhodes
    1989 WT van Breda

  8. @beet: Paul Arnott and Renzi in the 1980 side were from MHS, as was Andy Everett in ’81. Not sure of any others in the 1981side. Should probably claim Mick Tingle in ’80 but I think that the rare victory on Goldstones that year was adequate compensation :lol:

  9. 1980- R Pastorino and the indomitable Oscar Chalupsky were Westville together with Polkinghorne’s partner in crime( Lance Wilson) in 1981. In 1982 there was a huge injustice at center. :mrgreen: I also thought Paul Harris( Hilton) made it as prop in 1982.

  10. @star: I agree about the injustice at centre in 1982. Given the College record against local opposition that year, just a draw against KC, and two big wins against DHS (25-9 and 35-4), I am surprised the College centre pairing didn’t get picked. Gave Hilton a bit of a klap as well that year 31-0.

    In fact, a little mind boggling that the unbeaten domestic team got only 3 in the side. Go figure

  11. Deon Marx – nr8 – 1983 was from Empangeni High School

    Du Randt – nr13 – 1988. First name Robert. Deceased father of Donovan du Randt playing for Glenwood.

  12. @Black and White: Interesting comment about Robert du Randt and Donovan. It would be interesting to see what results the gene pool of this decade produced.

    1981 – Brett walker – his son played for House this year (and next?)
    1983 – Shaun Glover – his son played College u16A this year(and KZN GK)
    1983 – K Smith – his son captained College a couple of years back

    Anyone know of others – there must be more

  13. @Redblack White:
    1984-85 – Mike Taylor – his son Jordan was recently selected for the KZN Duikers U15’s and is likely to join Westville next year after some time abroad.


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