Eastern Province Craven Week 2018

1 Basi Malesu 1 of 5 St Andrew’s
2 Corne Slabbert 1 of 6 Grey HS
3 Bame Malesu 2 of 5 St Andrew’s
4 Dumisa Ngcivana 2 of 6 Grey HS
5 Laken Gray 3 of 6 Grey HS
6 Hendri du Toit 1 of 2 Nico Malan
7 Regardt Ferreira 2 of 2 Nico Malan
8 Ryben du Pont 1 of 3 Brandwag
9 Jaco Nell 1 of 4 Marlow
10 Juandre Liebenberg 1 of 2 Framesby
11 Joshua Oosthuysen 4 of 6 Grey HS
12 Charlie Flemming 3 of 5 St Andrew’s
14 Liyema Matyolweni 5 of 6 Grey HS
13 Lennox Holster 2 of 4 Marlow
15 Enrique Franks 6 of 6 Grey HS
16 Chris Poole 4 of 5 St Andrew’s
17 Zuki Sali 2 of 3 Brandwag
18 Wiehan Pretorius 3 of 4 Marlow
19 Christian Roebert 5 of 5 St Andrew’s
20 Kelvin Kanenungo 1 of 1 Victoria Park
21 Octavian Muller 3 of 3 Brandwag
22 Monray Potgieter 2 of 2 Framesby
23 Claude Jacobs 4 of 4 Marlow


  1. Feedback about EP’s form from the South Coast interprovincial at Oudtshoorn a few weeks back suggested it was not great, so hopefully they can up their game at CW.

  2. @beet: Henri du Toit did not play – he will make an enormous difference.

    My dark horse pick for SA Schools.

  3. Unfortunately EP has relied too much on Grey High to provide the bulk of the players lately and if they have an off season or a dip in form it looks like the continuity and combinations are missing. Individually there is nothing wrong with the player’s abilities, I just think the coaches were so used to players knowing each other they have forgotten how to gel players from different schools into a team as a unit.

  4. @BoishaaiPa: I think you are spot on. EP don’t necessarily need one strong school to drive a competitive provincial u18 team but they do need their players from all the different schools to gel. With the injection of Marlow, St Andrew’s, Graeme and Kingswood players (previous EPCD), it complicates selections but should make for a stronger team if selectors and coaches get it right.

  5. @Wyvern: The EP CW selections leave me scratching my head sometimes. Two years ago, Framesby were having a poor year (not in Top 50) and yet they had about 8 or 9 in the CW team and anotther 4 in the AW team. This year, Framesby are having their best season in a long time (Top 10 per BHP ranking) and they only have two in the CW team?? :?: :roll: :roll:

  6. @Vleis: Was the (perceived) reasoning behind that in 2016 not because the CW coach at the time was the Framesby coach?

    Which begs the question and to @Smallies: point, who are the coaches this year? Looking at the numbers, money on Grey????

  7. @Smallies: With them doing away with EPCD.Where does this leave the Aliwal chaps?I would imagine these coaches etc in PE havent seen anyone from Aliwal play and are not likely to.Are they able to join into the Free State? Unfortunately with the demise of North Eastern Cape and all the other rural provinces your chance of exposure if you are on the platteland is so slim.

  8. @Wyvern: Not correct, the head coach in 2016 was Mr. Derik Olivier from Marlow. Cannot remember the ass. coach be he was also not from Framesby. The reason for fewer Framesby boys this year is due to their absence at final trials – they were at Sanix. EP policy is that you cannot be selected if you are absent at final trials, unless you had previously represented EP, such as Grant Khomo for example..

  9. @Smallies: My broer nou 47. Jare vir Zastron gespeel. Nou met afrigting by die skool betrokke. Is die Dept van Arbeid se streekhoof in die area

  10. @Frik: That would probably be because the boys that paid R200 each to participate in the trials would be angry if non-paying players were chosen.

  11. @Hooit: hy het altyd kwaai gemoan as ek hom uit die lynstane uitstamp terwyl ek my slot support, dan hoor jy net daar van bo af ag neee F@k man…. Dan is hy kwaai vir die res van die game๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  12. @Smallies: Does Goedemoed still have a side.I remember play against them for Barkly when I was back from varsity.Don’t know if you were there yet as it would of been around about 1990.Had a guy I knew Alexander Grist who worked there for a while.

  13. @Veg: you played for the black jacks??? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚wow, i played plenty games against them, Jannie Pretoruis, Henk vd Merwe, Frik Tauber…. Unfortunately goedemoed rugby has ceased to exist in 1999, some of us continued to play for aliwal-north, the black jacks are the current league champs

  14. @Smallies: I didn’t play for them full time just when I was back from holiday from Varsity.Played with Jannie but at that stage Henk was still playing for Free State.I then went overseas for 11 years and was playing social rugby there.I know all those guys.I am back farming in Barkly.Jannies twins both play Marlow 1sXV and Henk has got a hele trop at Grey.I see the Black Jacks are doing very well again.There are a whole lot of teams in that league that I have never heard of.We used to play against Steynsburg,Colesburg,Aliwal,Burgersdorp etc

  15. @Smallies: Between coming back from overseas and farming I was teaching in Port Alfred and I took my U13 side to the Stuilting rugby day in Humansdorp and bumped into Jannie there with the Aliwal guys.Think it was a dad and kid trip.May be you were there?.The wind was blowing so hard that most kicks went backwards.

  16. @Smallies: the weather were always bad there but the day was a highlight for the boys every year aliwal always go there with u9 to u 13 A teams sort of a tradition at the primary school, pa en seun naweek,

  17. @Smallies: Aliwal had a good little side.I am sure the boys really looked forward to it.A bit of rugby and sea in JBay what more could you ask for

  18. @Vleis: Ek het nogal op n interresante aspek afgekom. Die Griekwas, Grens, Blou Bulle,Boland en WP het almal 7 of meer spelers in 2018 se CW sqaud wat in 2016 Grant Khomo u/16 spanne gehaal het.Die OP daar teenoor het net 2 spelers. Sรช vir my dat daar meer kontinuteit moet wees by eers genoemde spanne.

  19. I think the reason why Framesby does not have more players in is not because they were not at trials but more that for example there 6/7 are good but no were near the two Nico boys. Also i think Framesby raking flatters them a bit if you look at it i would say the top 3 teams in the ECAPE this year are St Andrews/Selborne/GreyPE and so far they have only played one that been St Andrews and they lost to them at home they mught beat Grey but Selborne will put 20 past them.

  20. @Smallies: @Wyvern: Very interesting. Let’s not forget Brandwag in that mix. On results thus far I’d give the 5th spot to Nico Malan.

    In my view, Selborne, St Andrews, Framesby and Grey have pretty much cemented their spots in that top 5…then there is still:
    1. Dale vs St Andrews & Selborne at home (much as Dale will go into both games as underdogs,the are unbeaten at the Graveyard this year thus far)
    2. Nico Malan vs Brandwag & Kingswood
    3. Graeme vs Kingswood
    4. Marlow vs St Andrews

    Depending on where those games go, in my view anyone of Dale, Nico, Brandwag, Kingswood, Graeme or Marlow can take that number 5 spot.

  21. @Playa: Your version is closest to what I see as well…Top 4 is a given…Between a couple of schools who will end up 5th. I will be in Uitenhage to watch the Brandwag vs Nico Malan game on the 4th Aug..Should be a cracker.

  22. @Wyvern: I’ve only seen Selborne’s scores against Union and Pearson. They sent their 2nds. Both games produced big scores – just can’t remember what they were

  23. @Wyvern: I posted the Cambridge Fest results on the EC 2018 fixtures & results section if you interested.

    @Playa: Agree with you on your top five.

  24. @WesterBoy: my personal E C top 5 will be 1 aliwal-north 2 Burgersdorp 3 Volkskool GR 4 Marlow 5 Hangklip๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚and then the rest, but thats just my personal opinion

  25. @BoishaaiPa: That will be a cracker. To think just 20 years ago a top 5 would more often than not have the boys’ schools only. Maybe throw in Dan Pienaar and Kingswood in the odd year. Never would one have thought to see this as a possibility.

    Also now there is Grey who could possibly not be one of the top 2.Theyve lost to SAC and a loss to Selborne will most likely see them 3rd.Unless College fumbles their 3rd term games.

  26. @Playa:

    Now, St Andrews has lost to Marlow; Kingswood has beaten Nico Malan; Framesby lost to Grey.

    Still to come:
    1. Dale vs SAC & vs Selborne
    2. Framesby vs Nico Malan
    3. SAC vs QC
    4. NM vs Brandwag
    5. KC vs Graeme
    6. Selborne vs Grey

    If these games go the way of the ‘underdogs’, then the order, as we saw it could be disturbed.

  27. @Playa: Hmmmm if i had to call an upset in those that you listed, i’d probably go Grey with a win over Selborne…

  28. @Smallies: Of course :mrgreen:

    @Wyvern: Indeed…hence the ‘underdogs’ was in inverted commas. Tough to choose a winner in any of those games – Grey over Selborne, or even Dale over Selborne for that matter would be huge upsets.

    P.S. Though form suggests they should lose to Selborne, SAC and Dale, Queens with their newfound confidence could be a disrupter. Beware of the wounded Kudu


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