Border Craven Week team 2018

Selborne completely dominates the squad make-up with 16 out of the 23 representatives.

1 Nolan Kemp 1 of 16 Selborne
2 Jacques Goosen 2 of 16 Selborne
3 Masivuye Mafenyana 1 of 1 Dale College
4 Uzile Tele 1 of 3 Hudson Park
5 Ridge Snelling 3 of 16 Selborne
6 Troy Maynardt 4 of 16 Selborne
7 Jarrod Taylor 5 of 16 Selborne
8 Kwezi Dlamini 1 of 3 Stirling
9 Thomas Bursey 6 of 16 Selborne
10 Avuyile Mabece 2 of 3 Hudson Park
11 Sakhekile Dingile 2 of 3 Stirling
12 Mnombo Zwelindaba 7 of 16 Selborne
13 Mntungwa Mapentsela 8 of 16 Selborne
14 Jarod Ramsay 9 of 16 Selborne
15 Sibabalwe Xamlashe 10 of 16 Selborne
16 Akalinekeli Dlakavu 11 of 16 Selborne
17 Andre Nel 3 of 3 Stirling
18 Shakeel Naidoo 12 of 16 Selborne
19 Raiden Masters 13 of 16 Selborne
20 Tomson Akioyame 3 of 3 Hudson Park
21 Jordon Jv Rensburg 14 of 16 Selborne
22 Likhaya Tingemefene 15 of 16 Selborne
23 Sibulele Mali 16 of 16 Selborne


  1. I don’t agree with this selection. Selborne is strong this year, yes, but not 16 players good IMHO. I think playing Avuyile Mabece at SH is a huge mistake, but we’ll see how that works out.

  2. @Veg: There are few anomalies in this make up:
    1.QC having no reps. I have thought as far as I can and I cannot find one instance of this
    2.Selborne was expected. But 16 reps was not. I don’t think this has ever happened before in any other province outside of Vrystaat
    3.Stirling having 3 reps. The rugby gods must be thinking we’ve come to the end of days.
    4.Dale’s only rep being a prop! For a school that is famed for its backline this is just too out of order :mrgreen: :mrgreen: I can count Dale prop reps in one hand since Greg Somerville in 95.

    Not an anomaly but I feel the Cambridge 9 and 13 will feel hard done by not making it. Not to say those there don’t deserve it as I haven’t been close enough to the action to make that call. But what I’ve seen of them has been impressive.

  3. @Playa:Its sad. In my opinion Border has two scrumhalves; T.Bursey(Selborne College) and Sine Xaso (Cambridge). Unfortunately, Sine is injured maybe that might explain his omission. Knowing BRU, they would have not picked him in any case.

  4. Seems as though the selectors got it spot on this year, lads? Or what do you say?

  5. @The Beast: Border Schools looking kuk hot. I think Playa has some influence there🏋🏿‍♀️🏋🏿‍♀️🏋🏿‍♀️🏋🏿‍♀️

  6. @Smallies: mmmmmmmmmmm,Bulls trying to improve on their shocking record of last year and by all account looks like they succeeding….. 2016 GK champs fighting for the wooden spoon…. again…shocking… but who cares….?….Right….?


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