Boland Youth Week 2018 teams to play WP

Matches vs WP at HS Bellville on Tues 22 May 2018


  1. Very interesting trials that Boland had against WP In the main match between the 2 A sides, Boland came out convincing winners. Yes! WEp did miss some of their star players like SA Schools and Boishaai lock, Adriaan Alberts. However, it would seem that a lot of work needs to be put in by the Streeptrui coaching staff.

    Watch out for Boland this year. They have a more than usefull and hard working forward pack, and some excellent backs. A number of Drosdy,s players took part in the trials. Remember the name Lionel April. This flyhalf of the Boland has some brilliant skills. I spoke to him after the trials, and he confirmed what I expected. No less than 3 of the current
    SA Super Rugby unions are trying to obtain his signature.

  2. @Kattes-Strofes: I spotted him at Wildeklawer playing for Hugenote….he was the stand out nr.10 at Wildeklawer…serious talent. As far as I know , he attends and plays for Hermanus High.

  3. @Kattes-Strofes: Very concerning that the form 1,6,12,13 and 14 this season were playing in team 3 and the form 15 in team 2. Would be a nice exercise to put a 22 together, within the selection criteria and see how close we get to the actual team selected. Team 1 had a very obvious Paarl flavour to be honest, which is disconcerting, as the team with the most form players this year, clearly resides in Stellenbosch. The couple of players in team 1 from a tier 3 school does also not bode well…

  4. @<a href="#comment-@Kattes-Strofes: 173396″>Ploegskaar: Is daar enige spesifieke rede hoekom die WP spanne nie soos meeste van die ander unies op dié forum gelys word nie?


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