Paarl Boys’ High 150th – World Schools Festival 2018

14h30 Tue.03Apr Boland Landbou Napier BHS (NZ)
16h00 Tue.03Apr Outeniqua St Ignatius (USA)
17h30 Tue.03Apr Oakdale Namibia XV
19h00 Tue.03Apr Monument Cavaliers Rugby (AUS)
11h30 Wed.04Apr Glenwood Italian All Stars
13h00 Wed.04Apr Paarl Gim Rhino Rugby (USA)
14h30 Wed.04Apr Hilton AP Dragons (Pacific Islands)
16h00 Wed.04Apr Affies Hartpury College (UK)
17h30 Wed.04Apr HJS Paarl BH Jaquares (ARG)
19h00 Wed.04Apr Grey College Christchurch BHS (NZ)
13h00 Thu.05Apr Oakdale St Ignatius (USA)
14h30 Thu.05Apr Glenwood Namibia XV
16h00 Thu.05Apr Outeniqua Italian All Stars
17h30 Thu.05Apr Monument Napier BHS (NZ)
19h00 Thu.05Apr Boland Landbou Cavaliers Rugby (AUS)
11h45 Sat.07Apr Hilton Rhino Rugby (USA)
13h15 Sat.07Apr Paarl Gim Jaquares (ARG)
14h45 Sat.07Apr Grey College Hartury College (UK)
16h15 Sat.07Apr Affies AP Dragons (Pacific Islands)
17h45 Sat.07Apr HJS Paarl BH Christchurch BHS (NZ)
19h15 Sat.07Apr SA Legends Boishaai Legends


The final line-up international opponents for Paarl Boy’s High 150th are even weaker than initially expected.

The official press release stated: “The international event, which will feature the top 10 schools in South Africa and 10 of the best school teams from around the world, will be hosted by Paarl Boys’ High School as part of the institution’s 150-year anniversary celebrations.”

Start-up festivals are extremely difficult to get going. Boishaai have undertaken a massive challenge. 10 out of 10 to them for the local schools they managed to attract. It is as good a local field as one could ever hope for. No doubt with continued effort and budget things can only get better from an international school participation point of view. The only sad part is that the 150th is a special occasion and hopefully the weak international line-up does not detract from the celebrations.

1 Christchurch BHS New Zealand 1 HJS Paarl BH
2 Napier BHS New Zealand 2 Affies
3 Hartpury College England 3 Boland Landbou
4 Glenwood
4 Unión Argentina de Rugby Argentina 5 Grey College
5 Cavaliers Rugby Australia 6 Monument
6 The Namibian Rugby Union Namibia 7 Oakdale
8 Outeniqua
7 Africa Pacific Select XV 9 Paarl Gim
8 Italian Select XV Italy 10 Hilton
9 Rhinos Rugby School United States
10 Saint Ignatius High United States


Blog from 15 October 2017- Boishaai 150th Festival : out of the box thinking may be needed to prevent cricket scores

The Paarl Boys’ High 150th rugby festival overseas team are closer to being finalised and the challenge of putting together competitive fixtures required for overall success is coming to the fore now.

1 HJS Paarl BH Hamilton BHS  New Zealand
2 Affies Christchurch BHS  New Zealand
3 Boland Landbou Otago BHS  New Zealand
4 Glenwood Napier BHS  New Zealand
5 Grey College Hartputy College England
6 Monument Millfield School England
7 Oakdale Combined Team Africa/Pacific Islands
8 Outeniqua ??? France
9 Paarl Gim ??? Argentina
10 Paul Roos ??? Italy/USA

Hats off to the Boishaai organisers: the concept (thought up by Sean Erasmus) is excellent, it’s unique and it’s exactly the sort of magnitude befitting of a great celebration like a 150th birthday.

The local school line-up is off the charts awesome but it’s also extremely strong – they can bat all the way down the order, score big runs and score them quickly. The overseas visiting school line-up looks very shaky. It’s like they have a top 3 batting line-up and then a really long tail. One can’t help but believe that some overseas teams are going to get annihilated by an innings and a 100+ runs!

The original idea of local schools versus overseas schools is maybe something that has to be reconsidered this time around.

If Boishaai want to avoid a fantastic concept, a landmark celebration and 100’s of hours of hard planning work from turning into an event that partly remembered for churning out cricket scores, it might be a plan to hold back on finalising remaining festival fixtures until after Day 1 when they have had a chance to assess the strength of the overseas visitors. From their Boishaai can organise best fit strength versus strength match-ups for the remainder of the festival – and this may have to include allowing some of the powerful local schools to play each other as part of a contingency plan.


Original Blog from August 2017:

World Schools Rugby Festival needs quality touring teams or it may flop

The Paarl Boy’s High 150th Rugby Festival from 02-07 April 2018 is already starting to gain attention not just locally but abroad as well and if anything is all set to be remembered for its uniqueness as it attempts to incorporate an inaugural international festival. The festivity is likely to involve many of the who’s who of schoolboy rugby teams in South Africa combined with a collection of overseas schools and there is even mention of a TV coverage deal in the pipeline to place it a notch above all other existing Easter holiday festivals.

If not very carefully put together by making use of in-depth background homework done before accepting invited touring school teams, the proposed World Schools’ Rugby Festival, could turn out to be a one-sided thumbs down drubbing session rather than a showpiece of competitive schoolboy rugby.

The data available suggest that without too much research, it’s possible to predict within an acceptable range of accuracy what kind of team a local South African school will put out the following year in terms of competitiveness. It goes without saying that generally those teams that traditionally finish closer to the top of the pile every year tend to achieve this because they are good and more consist. Therefore when inviting any of the usual Top 20 suspects, one tends to know in advance exactly what they are capable of.

So if local schools like:

Boland Landbou
Grey College
Paarl Gim
Paul Roos

are on the shortlist for the World Schools Rugby Festival, as a betting man you are well within a comfort-zone placing money on these school all being relatively strong and capable of putting 50+ points past any underprepared or weakish overseas team without raising too much sweat.

Ideally unless plans are to let these local school play each other (bearing in mind that many of them already have annual derbies against each other during the regular season), the international teams that they get matched up against have to of a similar standard to elevate the festival to a good one – and this is really where the difficult comes in.

Most touring teams to SA over the last few decades have flatted to deceive at best. They have been on the receiving end of hidings. Very few of those teams were from New Zealand though. Due to the vast distance between SA and New Zealand, there has not been much interaction between the world’s two leading school rugby nations in the past. That distance and cost is still going to be a determining factor for sure. A special event like a 150th anniversary might persuade a few schools to undertake the long journey as a once off but it’s hard to imagine the same schools committing year after year.

Although there is little evidence to doubt the overall strength of New Zealand school rugby, Boishaai’s own experience in New Zealand earlier in 2017, proved to be a very one sided one up until the controversial final game against Christchurch BHS. There were contributing factors to the big score-lines such as the timing of the tour in relation to the start of the New Zealand season. At the same time there was also a reality check that all that glitters is not gold.

The challenge for former Bok head coach Heyneke Meyer, now managing director of Carinat Sports Marketing, who is charged with putting together what will hopefully be a prestigious World Schools’ Rugby Festival, is to find a collection of overseas school teams at the same level as Christchurch BHS were in April 2017. If he can achieve this, nothing should stand in the way of the festival being labelled as a huge success. If he doesn’t get it right – Eish! We may witness a try-fest of Craven Week 2017 proportions.



  1. I suppose that is always the challenge how do you match schools from different years never mind countries.

  2. South Africans…like crayfish in a barrel…no need for a lid…they will pull each other down.

  3. What Stier said is absolutely true. during the PBH v SACS games, i was speaking to one of the SACS supporters and he said that even though SACS are #3 this year, if they don’t beat PBH this year then they wont stand a chance to beat them for a few years as the rest of the U19’s and the current U16’s suck.

  4. @Falcon22: That is the whole problem and that is why schools should not be to disappointed if they don’t get invited. I think the main reason for this festival is to celebrate Boishaai. It won’t surprise me if Boishaai will choose long time friends that they know would normally be competitive. Any school that attend should at least have some respect or understanding off Boishaai and it’s traditions?

  5. I read that Otago Boys High has confirmed their paticipation in the festival. They are always considered one of the top rugby schools in NZ, and All Blacks like Richie McCaw, Wyatt Crockett and Byron Kelleher are amoungst their old boys. Their presence already is a possitive start to the organisers.

  6. @Kattes-Strofes: Rankings is difficult to use but what I can see Otago Boys is ranked 5th. Sacred Heart, Nelson, Christchurch and St Peters are also in the top ten, so Boishaai played some good schools.

  7. So the SA schools for next year are:
    1. Boishaai (WP)
    2. Affies (Bulls)
    3. Boland Landbou (WP)
    4. Glenwood (Sharks)
    5. Grey Bloem (Cheetahs)
    6. Monnas (Lions)
    7. Oakdale (SWD)
    8. Outeniqua (SWD)
    9. Paarl Gim (WP)
    10. Paul Roos (WP)

    Now just to wait and see who is going to be the international teams.

  8. @odie15: No link, I saw it via someone else as a videofile on a disc. No great quality, was probably taken on cellphone. Saw a few of the many penalties given and the last penalty when the guy that was subbed came running back onto the field to take the kick!

  9. Is die 2 to 8 April gedurende paasnaweek?..Ek dink amper paas Vrydag val volgende jaar op 30 Maart en dat die BH toernooi direk na die tradisionele paastoernooie is. Gewoonlik is die games mos die Donderdag voor goeie Vrydag en die die geval die 31ste. Dan sal die BH toernooi Maandag die 2de April begin.

  10. Otago Boys High ,Scotts College van Australië en Millfield van Engeland het alreeds het deelname bevestig aan die Festival.

  11. @Scrum5: Weet jy wie hulle nog gaan nooi?

    Ek dink daai manne gaan swaar kry in Paarl se hitte.

    @Riempies: I doubt if this wil become a yearly event. Once you do that then you have to start looking at rankings to select the SA representatives and for one school to host it every year without major sponsors will be difficult. But who knows school rugby is becoming so professional one never knows.

  12. @BoishaaiPa: It’s highly disappointing to see that Boishaai didn’t invite any of the southern suburb boys schools to their 150th celebrations to be quite honest. I know you’re trying to get the strongest representatives in SA to challenge some of the strongest schools from NZ but the history and interpersonal relationships are much more important and I think the southern suburb schools would have done well in such a festival. Glenwood have done well over the past decade but lets be honest, the only reason they are there is because Sean Erasmus has some strong ties to them. It’s going to be a wonderful tournament and I probably will make my way to Paarl for the festivities but I am disapointed that none of us(ss boys schools) were invited. Thoughts Paarl boys old boys?

  13. @CapeMan: Agree 100 p Rather have a Sacs/Bishops/Bosch/Wynberg team there than Glenwood.We have much closer ties with f these Southern Suburbs schools. Glenwood/Garsfontein/Stellenberg Eg Jansen still in the wanabee category.

  14. @CapeMan: Ja, it’s a pity that some SS schools was not invited, I know that especially Rondebosch and SACS old boys and the Boishaai old boys have a very close bond and friendship. I believe it could stem from the fact that the tournament was organized by Heyneke Meyer and Sean and that the Boishaai Old Boys did not have anything to do with this specific tournament invites.Perhaps if the Old Boy leadership was involved, the local invites might have looked different, however, it is not something they had any influence on. I am sure that there will be some other function or event where they will involve their SS friends…at least I hope so!

  15. @boerboel: Those remarks are going to leave some deep scares. But as supporter of the 2018 Dreamteam you saying that from a safe place. Do not know if the SS teams get regular oppertunity to play outside the Cape.(I may be wrong here)So maybe 1 or 2 SA teams at the tourno to play SS schools will be great.

  16. @boerboel: Garsies,EG and Stellies not invited and not involved.Why the arogant remark?If the results of the schools you mentioned put them in the wanabee category,where does it leave the ss schools?

  17. @Grizzly: ‘n boerboel is mos van nature bombasties. Het ook al gehoor die HONDE beur maar net vorentoe en probeer so hard as moontlik raas. Rede is hy kan nie die brakke bykom wat hom gereeld aan die knaters hap nie – probeer hulle nou maar met vrees weghou. Ons moet nou net nie vir BH afskryf omdat hy so kwaai is nie ;-)

  18. @CapeMan: Jip ! You are right,especially if one take into account the performance of SACS this season. However! earlier on, on this thread, Falcon 22 mentioned that one of the SACS parents mentioned that SACS will not have such a good side in the coming years. If that is the case, do you still think it would be wise to play against such strong opposition?

    Anyway ! As BoishaaiPa mentioned, the invites has already been done by Heynekke,s company, and there is unfortunately nothing that we can do at this stage.
    Well done on your great season!!

  19. @Kattes-Strofes: We might or might not have a better side next year. In my humble opinion, that is irrelevant. I would have thought that the top brass from Boishaai would have made sure a southern suburb school is invited to a 150th rugby festival. I know that Meyer has been a big component in organizing this festival but there is absolutely no way that the school, governing body, old boys and sponsors gave him carte blanche to choose the teams without getting approval from them. And on the subject of strength, what makes you think we wouldn’t beat opposition from abroad? I can’t remember the last time we lost to a school from abroad.

  20. @BrotherBear: Jys reg,en nee ek sal nie n skool judge aan n blogger comment nie.Dis net vir moeilik om te verstaan hoekoem uit duisend skole daai juis uitgelig word.Daar was slegs van Stellies blogger n comment op die topic.Geen ander van daai skole se bloggers het tot en met daai post enige komentaar hier gelewer nie.Mindblowing!

  21. @Murrayfield: So jy reken een blogger se siening is die siening van elke liewe mens wat die skool ondersteun en waarvoor die skool staan?..Arrogansie en ego’s is die laaste eienskap wat ek aan Boishaai en hulle leierskorps sal koppel. Jy moet leer om die kaf van die koring te skei. As ek op elke liewer blogger se kommentaar sy skool se etos moet beoordeel sal hier darem n helse klomp swak skole verteenwoordig word!

  22. Way too sensitive g/men-this is schoolsport we talking about.Not life or death.What i meant was that HJS should give preference to their old established competitors.

    the young aspiring guns can wait until theu prove themselves.

  23. @boerboel: One thing i learned on this blog is to say what I mean and mean what I say..If you go down this page,you will find the rankings from 2012-2016.EG-9,Garsies-10 and Glenwood-12.The first ss school would be SACS at 22.If you ment ito age Garsies can’t compare as it was only est in ’87.

  24. @MikeSt: parrow is meer edenvale….paarl is brakpan en springs all rolled in to one……😂😂😂enigste verskil is waar brakpan backyard mechanics het het die paarl wyn plase

  25. @Grizzly: lekker om partymaal k&^%(k te praat met iemand wat dink hy is n iets…………… omdat hy n puik skool se truitjie dra. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

  26. Ek het so voëltjie hoor fluit die Affies-Westville derby gaan weer vervang word met Affies-Glenwood.

    Ook gehoor Glenwood gaan soos Grey (wat ‘n “Scholarship” program deur Montpelier het) ook ‘n oorsese “Scholorship” program van ‘n oorsese klub gaan kry. Weet iemand dalk meer?

  27. Die twee toernooie oorvleuel ongelukkig op die Maandag. Dis jammer dat PR ontrek het, Ek het dit nie verwag nie. St Johns is elke jaar, die 150 geleentheid net eenkeer in n skool se bestaan. Hulle het egter besluit wat die beste vir hulle is en daarmee moet mens berus. Skep dalk nou die geleentheid dat een van die Suidelike voorstede skole genooi kan word wat nie betrokke is by n paasfees nie.

  28. @CharlesZA: As dit van my of ou Kattes afgehang het , het ons julle more genooi…ek het n woordjie in die OB president se oor gefluister, maar die show word blykbaar deur Heyneke gerun!.. :mrgreen:

  29. Ek het groot respek vir Paul Roos wat hulle reeds bevestigde verpligtinge eerbied bo alles en by hulle woord hou ten opsigte van hulle St Johnn’s deelname. Hulle is nou nog meer my gunstelinge.

  30. @BoishaaiPa: Very happy today. My Lekker signed jersey of the 2017 team arrived today. Plus a massive bottle of wine. Going to have to take plenty anti gout pills when I smash that bottle.

  31. @Bush: Growing up in Slummies I loved the way the Ingilse spoke. Ripping this, smashing that, chilling there. Definitely an EC and KZN thing.

  32. @Cappie: Respek.In my opinie vat die ontrekking van PRG baie glans van die toernooi weg.Ek verstaan julle gaan n goeie span he volgende jaar,wat is jou opinie?In myne sal ek se as al die seuns nog daar was wat in 2014 begin het maar aan beweeg het intussen,sou julle haas onoorwinlik gewees het.Ek weet nie wat se toevoeggings julle intussen gekry het nie,my prediction gaan maar oor laasjaar en hierdie jaar se 0/16 groepe.Sterkte vir volgende seisoen,soos gewoonlik speel julle omtrent net harde games.

  33. @Grizzly: Die 2017 groep sou vooraf seker beter wees as die 2018 groep in my opinie (1ste span). ‘n Paar baie ongelukkige uitslae in beseringstyd het ons drie wedstryde gekos. Paarl Gim, Paarl Bois en Grey. Slegs Paul Roos en Waterkloof het dit reggekry om Affies goed te klop. As ek reg onthou met sewe en agt punte onderskeidelik. Hopenlik het ons beter resultate volgende jaar met meer harde tuiswedstryde wat voorlê. Speel Paarl Gim en Grey by Affies se velde. Ek dink nie die onder sestiens bepaal aldag hoe jy volgende jaar gaan vaar nie. Die tweede en derde spanne se vertonings is ewe belangrik en daar het Affies baie goed gedoen. As jy wil sien hoe dit met die res van Affies se spanne gegaan het kan jy die volgende blog besoek. Heelwat spanne laer af was onoorwonne deur die jaar.

  34. @Cappie: Dankie vir die terugvoer.Ek dink julle was by tye baie ongelukkig.Ek het nog gepost iets in die lyn van met n hop van die bal die kant toe,en n beslising van die ref daai kant toe kon julle daai 3 games gewen het.By Kloof se tyd was julle eenvoudig beseringsvoos,baie soos Garsies hier teen die einde.Ek dink so iets soos 8 eerste keuses volgens ek dink @4×4.Stekte vir volgende seisoen…

  35. @Grizzly: Ek dink dat Affies dalk volgende jaar ‘n verrassing pakket mag oplewer. Daar keer 2 slotte ( 1,98 en 2m..115kg elk) terug wat hierdie jaar geen rugby gespeel het nie, en is daar myns insien 2 yster 8ste manne wat gaan kompeteer vir die posisie.Wat aanwinste aanbetref is daar 2 senters wat opgedaag het, een uit die Wes-Rand en een vanaf Midstream Kollege. Die skakelpaar het reeds die jaar al goeie rugby gespeel en sal hulle gesement wees vir volgende jaar.

  36. @4×4: van waar in die Wesrand? Kan iemand ook dalk bevestig of Andrew Kota na die Noordvaal area toe kom en by watter skool/unie?

  37. Weet iemand hoe lyk HJS se span vir 2018.
    Ek het absoluut geen idee wat om te verwag nie.

  38. @4×4: Sal goed wees,dis die enigste span wat Noorvaal verdedig teen HJS.Ek dink ook die rede hoekom almal van hulle so pro Affies is.Ek dink ek ken daai senter,as dit hy is wat saam daai wilde 8 wat by julle was maar Glenwood toe is,gespeel het.Julle het darem beter bepalings en dit kan nie weer so sleg gaan op beserings gebied nie.Ek dink jul sleutel is jul skakelpaar.Hulle speel al van Bulle 0/13 saam.Tussen hul ore is daar meer bal as party spanne…Die 2000 groep n watertand vooruitsig in pta.Ek voorsien die wen van CW AS die keurders reg kies.In my opinie die beste groep sedert 2012.Ons sal soos altyd volg en ondersteun,GOOD luck,2..3..AFFIES!!!

  39. Nie deel van hierdie tread nie, maar ek merk dat Stellenberg beloon is vir hul sukses die laaste paar jaar deur hul games teen premier A skole te verminder en hul eerder teen 3de liga skole te laat speel. Met die uitsondering van Boland Landbou, geen games teen teen die wynland skole nie. Geen logika in die plaaslike bepalingslys nie.

  40. @HE: Ek dink ons is bietjie in n moeilike situasie in terme van hoeveel spanne ons het. Op die oomblik kan ons so 14 spanne dalk 15 in veld stoot en dit is minder as al die Prem A spanne, reken hulle begin almal by so 19 en op. Die probleem vir ons, die spanne in ons ‘liga’ kan max 10 spanne bymekaar kry so either way moet daar games gereel word vir van die spanne. Wat wel n issue is, is die games teen Milnerton, Paarl Valley en Strand. Dit sou meer sin gemaak het as PV en Strand saam op n dag teen ons gespeel het en Milnerton dalk ingeskakel het saam met Tiere. Ek sal nie verbaas wees as n paar van daardie games afgestel word. Skole soos HTS Drostdy en Outeniqua is lekker ons size in terme van spanne maar ons het net 3 games n jaar wat ons kan kies.

  41. @CharlesZA: Die Brakkies het ook net twee Premier A opponente volgende jaar tw. Bishops en Boland. Sal darem seker weer teen Outeniqua speel op die Brakkies se jaarlikse sportdag.Dinge is besig om te woel by die Brakkies, en die skool hoop ook om meer spanne volgende jaar beskikbaar te hê.

  42. For those that wonders about my loyalties to Boishaai. Boishaai is a wonderfull school and was very good to my family.My son received a great education, with many oppertunities. Adding to that, we made some fantastic friends, which we treasure. Hence, I will always remain a strong and commited supporter of the school.

    As we have resided in Brackenfell since 1980, I felt that I can try to make a small contribution to the local community, at this late stage of my life. Therefore I am currently helping the Brakkies with their marketing and recruitment. I feel that the school did not make use of the fact that a number of their ex pupils are currently excelling at national level. Apart from Cheslin Kolbie, Brackenfell this year delivered a Sprinbok (Cortnal Skosan), a cricket Protea (Dane Paterson), a netball Protea (Charmaine Baard) and two athletes (Kyle Appel and Jayson Weber).

    The new headmaster, mr. Jannie Muller , is very keen on sport (especially rugby) and the governing body is supporting his drive for excellence. The school have recently completed an Astro turf for hocky, and the gimnasium is being drastically enlarged, and upgraded.

  43. Het van oggend n insetsel gesien oor die nuwe museum by HJS op die Groot Ontbyt program.
    Very impressive !!
    Nie geweet dat David Frost en ou oom Blackie Swart (ex President) ook oud boois high manne is nie.
    Glo sal seker nog verbaas wees oor talle ander presteerders wat ook daar was gedurende die 150 jare.
    Ek post maar die want daar is amper geen nuus meer deesdae…
    of almal is klaar op verlof…

  44. @Ooorkant Loftus: Maybe with the new shoolyear ahead we must start a conversation on recrutment. Notbif ot is good or bad but what must a ‘new’ bursary parent look for or ask for when negotiating with thr school. Basically advise for people not exposed to bursaries and agents.

  45. There must be 2 sections. For what and how to negotiate wirh the scho
    And what too look for in a good agent.

  46. My Brothers on the bandwagon will soon realise that the dreams are all, that they really are. But why not, we should ask.

  47. Booking my plane ticket today. still looking for a nice place to stay in Paarl. Going to be a great festival methinks.

  48. High School Top 200, an NZ SBR Facebook page, suggesting that Otago BHS has pulled out of this tournament.

  49. @Carl de Kock: They have been busy with the 1st team training squad since September last year. as far as i know my son told me there were 80 players, this will obviously get trimmed as they near the final trials in March. so they don’t have an official team to speak off just yet. i have been to some of the afternoon practices, and either way it looks as though they will once again have an awesome side.

  50. @boerboel: I spoke to him on Friday. He also said he think he will be ready before then but the date he was given is June. I must say I can’t wait for the season to start.

  51. @Falcon22: Ons kyk maar hoe dit gaan.
    PRG en GCB is die spanne om te klop vanjaar.

    Daardie jong Maties oefen dat die sooie trek daar op die Markotter.

  52. @boerboel: maybe we should wait until the trials,i have seen some good talent. maybe a bit preordained to say who will be in the position now….

  53. @CharlesZA: Charles ! Het jy ook gehoor dat daar moontlik in die WP nie meer wedstryde tussen die veskillende ligas gespeel sal word nie, weens die water tekort. Dit sal beteken dat alle skole net teen hul eie gereelde teenstanders in hul ligas sal speel.

    Indien waar, sal dit maar hartseer wees vir skole soos julle en Brakkies, wat gewoonlik darem n paar wedstryde teen die groot honde kry.

  54. @Kattes-Strofes: Nog niks darvan gehoor nie. Ons darem net 3 games die jaar teen daardie spanne. Meeste van hulle laat in seisoen so weet nie of dit ons sal raak.

  55. @CharlesZA: Darem bly skole rugby kom uiteindelik aan die gang. Ek gaan die naweek bietjie Hopefield toe vir hul toernooi. Sal dan kan sien hoe die nuwe inname van Brakkies (0/14) vaar. Hulle het egter n moeilike 1ste hekkie teen Drosdy, met sy, volgens gerugte, 11 Cravenweek spelers.

  56. @Kattes-Strofes: Ja, was n lang wag maar nou is dit sulke tyd. Ons het darem so paar ligte games by junior spanne vir n paar weke voor ons Oakdale aanvat. Die seniors het reeds volgende naweek teen die einste Drostdy n wedstryd op die plaas. Dit gaan n groot game wees!

  57. If the Cape schools can put an evening together like the Bulls if will be a good 150. Well done Noordvaal schools

  58. @Cappie:.. and that AP Dragons teams from Pacific Islands won’t be small either..Maybe not so astute in structured play, but I think they will keep defenders busy!


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