SACS or Rondebosch – who is Cape Town’s top school rugby team for 2015?

A very interesting last day of the Western Province season might have had a few asking who ended as Cape Town number 1 team of the big four.

Rondebosch ran in seven tries against Bishops to record a massive 55-12 victory, their biggest ever against their rivals, who have fielded a very useful team this season. In the process Bosch also achieved a third term Triple Crown, having beaten Wynberg and SACS, the undisputed Cape Town number 1’s up until that stage in their two matches leading up to this Bishops triumph.

SACS, who had notched up four out of four wins by mid August, stumbled towards the finish and were surprisingly beaten 30-23 by Wynberg (match report below), to end with two losses on the trot and therefore the same record as Rondebosch, having played six and won four.

Based on the BHP formula SACS still comes out comfortably on top though.

Here are the results:

Sat.09May 4.5 SACS 26 17 Bishops 5.0 Away 5.0 5.0
Sat.16May 4.5 SACS 27 15 Rondebosch 4.5 Away 4.5 4.5
Sat.20Jun 4.5 SACS 22 5 Wynberg 4.0 Home 4.0 4.0
Sat.15Aug 4.5 SACS 14 7 Bishops 5.0 Home 5.0 5.0
Sat.22Aug 4.5 SACS 18 22 Rondebosch 4.5 Home 2.7 2.7
Sat.29Aug 4.5 SACS 23 30 Wynberg 4.0 Away 2.4 -0.5 1.9
TOTAL 23.1
Sat.18Apr 4.5 Rondebosch 38 19 Wynberg 4.0 Away 4.0 4.0
Sat.16May 4.5 Rondebosch 15 27 SACS 4.5 Home
Sat.20Jun 4.5 Rondebosch 23 36 Bishops 5.0 Away
Sat.15Aug 4.5 Rondebosch 29 12 Wynberg 4.0 Home 4.0 4.0
Sat.22Aug 4.5 Rondebosch 22 18 SACS 4.5 Away 4.5 4.5
Sat.29Aug 4.5 Rondebosch 55 12 Bishops 5.0 Home 5.5 5.5
TOTAL 18.0
Sat.09May 5.0 Bishops 17 26 SACS 4.5 Home 1.8 -0.5 1.3
Sat.30May 5.0 Bishops 26 19 Wynberg 4.0 Away 4.0 4.0
Sat.20Jun 5.0 Bishops 36 23 Rondebosch 4.5 Home 4.5 4.5
Sat.15Aug 5.0 Bishops 7 14 SACS 4.5 Away 1.8 -0.5 1.3
Sat.22Aug 5.0 Bishops 53 15 Wynberg 4.0 Home 4.5 4.5
Sat.29Aug 5.0 Bishops 12 55 Rondebosch 4.5 Away -0.5 -0.5
TOTAL 15.1
Sat.18Apr 4.0 Wynberg 19 38 Rondebosch 4.5 Home
Sat.30May 4.0 Wynberg 19 26 Bishops 5.0 Home 2.0 2.0
Sat.20Jun 4.0 Wynberg 5 22 SACS 4.5 Away
Sat.15Aug 4.0 Wynberg 12 29 Rondebosch 4.5 Away
Sat.22Aug 4.0 Wynberg 15 53 Bishops 5.0 Away
Sat.29Aug 4.0 Wynberg 30 23 SACS 4.5 Home 4.5 4.5

Wynberg Boys High School 1stXV gave their retiring Headmaster Keith Richardson the perfect send-off, producing their best performance of the season, in beating visitors The South African College High School (SACS) 30-23.
Wynberg outplayed and out thought SACS producing an emphatic display after what has been a disappointing season for them, while conversely SACS produced arguably their worst performance of the season. SACS were soft in contact from the outset and paid the ultimate price on the scoreboard, trailing 23-6 at halftime.
Wynberg moved their nippy scrumhalf Labib Kannemeyer to centre for the match and he popped up everywhere in the first half tormenting the SACS defence with his sniping breaks and deft kicks. Wynberg played with more width as a result though and after the kickers had traded early penalties Wynberg ran a lineout play into midfield. They reversed the direction of play and moved the ball left where wing Dian Fourie burst through some weak SACS defence and raced clear to score. Flyhalf Mika Ekstrom missed the conversion.
Kannemeyer was back in the pocket from the SACS kickoff and after shaping to kick stepped off his right foot and straight through the SACS defence. Pressure was immediately transferred back onto SACS and Wynberg kicked a penalty to the corner. Wynberg produced a classic “vacuum” play, throwing deep with burly flanker Stephen Mathew peeling around the back. He crashed over to score making it 13-3 after twelve minutes.
SACS produced a period of sustained pressure from the next kickoff but came away with only three points to show for it. “The Kannemeyer-Show” resumed soon after though as he chipped over the SACS backline re-gathered and scored on twenty-five minutes to make it 20-6. Ektrom kicked an offside penalty on the half hour before SACS butchered a guilt-edged chance to get back in the match on the stroke of halftime when they mauled over the line but failed to get the ball down.
SACS had it all to do in the second half playing into the breeze. They started well and ran the ball at Wynberg scoring two tries, one for each of their wings Kyle Boyd and Tumi Mogoje, in the first twelve minutes of the half. At 23-18 with twenty minutes to go it was game-on but SACS lacked composure throughout and chased the game wasting opportunities to kick for the corner and maul, a tactic that had been working well for them.
With nine minutes to go the game was signed and sealed! Wynberg had a lineout five metres from the SACS line. They took too long deciding on the calls and the referee, Egon Seconds, gave SACS a free kick which SACS tapped and ran. Wynberg captain Jordan Holgate read the play perfectly and intercepted under the SACS poles. The kick was converted making it 30-18 with seven minutes left to play.
SACS attacked again chasing an unlikely win and managed to score on the stroke of time. Flank Tommy Posen going over but it was too little to late as the final whistle blew. Wynberg celebrated a well-deserved win with their ecstatic fans and Headmaster who along with Wynberg legends Rob Louw and Dave Stewart joined the boys on the field.
This victory will be a major fillip for Wynberg who have the majority of their team back for next season. They will head into the gym with renewed vigour and no doubt come out snorting in 2016. SACS have seven players returning and with a strong Under-16 group coming through we can look forward to more fiercely contested derbies in 2016.
Tries: Dian Fourie, Stephen Mathew, Labib Kannemeyer, Jordan Holgate
Conversions: Mika Ekstrom (2)
Penalties: Ekstrom (2)

Tries: Kyle Boyd, Tumi Mogoje, Tommy Posen
Conversion: Boyd
Penalties: Boyd (2)


  1. Well done to SACS on a good season however if the played on this coming Sat I would back Bosch by 30. Look at last 6 results of each. Bosch won 5 (incl SACS ) and lost one by 2 points – they racked up 50 + against 3 teams with higher rankings. SACS lost 4/6.
    Overall season – well done SACS. Form side – undoubtedly Bosch.

  2. @Playa: That Affie’s win also did it for me.Selborne played RB at Cape schools and i was a little disappointed,

  3. @QC86: That win alone puts the matter to rest for me. Though this is based on derbies against each other. Goes to show that you can never just pick a derby winner by looking at ‘other’ results.

    The best I can offer as an answer to the question is that SACS were the better starters and Rondebosch the better finishers.


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