Westville provisional rugby fixtures for 2016

There are lots of changes coming up for Westville in 2016.

The big news story is bound to the appointment of a brand new head coach with rumours doing the rounds that it will be an external appointment and not a teacher.

As far as their fixtures are concerned, Ville’s 1st XV is heading back to Vories Night Series for a shortened preseason, leaving behind the fairly tough 6 game schedule of the Porties Night Series after making their debut there this year.

Westville joins the likes of Affies and Grey College, who have opted out of the next year’s Kearsney Easter Festival. By attending the St Stithians Sports Festival in Johannesburg instead, it means that both Westville’s rugby and hockey teams can participate at one host school.

The annual KES inter-schools has been cancelled for 2016 on KES’s request. KES has a congested season and are battling to fit all their local fixtures as a result of the early closure of Term 1, the three term Johannesburg private school holidays, the fact that they are traveling to Cape Town with a number of teams to celebrate Wynberg’s 150th and the added financial burden this brings. KES therefore will not travel out of province in 2016 but will continue to host Maritzburg College at home. 2017’s inter-schools will be reviewed at the appropriate time.



  1. @GreenBlooded: I not sure his first name is but i believe he is Glenwood – Mukendi’s brother.

    There a few HVJR boys in the mix – Prinsloo, Grant, Heyneke, Boulle, Redgard – if he adds a bit of weight and Horst so big thumbs up to the club and the work they do in the Jnr ranks.

  2. A big ask will be to get the team to gel…. remember this season in-house politics and gr11/12 friction did not help. Only once that was resolved did WV play to their true potential. With a shortened fixture list they cannot afford a repeat…… It would also be interesting to see what sort of off season program gets supplied….. very important especially if we want to bulk/harden the u16 forwards. :roll:

  3. @GreenBlooded: Yip quite a few of them currently in view….. Brogan, Donovan, Hendrik, Taine…. Would be interesting to see how the boys do next year…….

  4. @Rhino_67:

    Would the U16 wing you refer to be Panash by any chance? Known him since primary school days – loads of talent.


    Redgard – another HVJR boy doing well. He might need to bulk up a bit though.

  5. @star: He’s just short of 100kg – needs to harden up a bit though. He has time for the moment, but I think between you and H2O, all bases are pretty much covered. There is also the option of Schwartz at Centre and we also have a handy u16 wing that made Grant Khomo so the competition will be strong in those areas. Its going to be who develops the best in the next two months or so. We need to settle on a group though and begin the hard yards early on. Combinations are vital and you want the boys to be in their best shape to avoid injury.

  6. @Rhino_67: to me it is all about the spine of a team that is a precursor to success. We have Prinsloo(Ist/CW) at hooker, both locks Barnard/Pelser(IST team and CW contenders),Heyneke 8th man ( Ist team and now settled in that position), Boule( current inside center who has to make that position his own) and finally a back three that have all got 1st team experience( 11. Buthelezi (AW), 14 Mhlangu(CW) and Naude). Just need to settle on the half back combo and box smart re the props. How much does your boy weigh now? :lol:

  7. 2 areas of concern for Westvile next year will be the lack of depth in props and also midfield. We will have quality loose forwards, locks. 9/10 there are plenty just to get the right combo. 11/14/15 also enough.

    1-Redgard /Gustav du randt(u16), 2-Prinsloo, 3- William Gilbert 2nds, 4-Marcel Barnard 1st, 5- Jp Pelser 1st, 6-Donovan Grant 1st, 7’Taljaard(u16), 8 -Heyneke 1st 9- Ruan Horst 3rds/jordan phipson (u16)/luke macintosh 4th/Liam Cleland (u19) / kyle wadilove 3rds, 10- merenskie 3rds or hanro naude 1st 11- Sipolele Buthelezi 3rds/nontantdo mthembu 2nds, 12- Brougan Boule (1st), 13- mazibukho (2nd), 14- Tony Mhlangu (1st), 15- jarrod lombaard(u16)/richard van acht (2nd)

    Might have omitted some names…

  8. @The Scout: I would rather wait until the boys have completed there post season bulking and start to show their true potential/form. Not many of the existing u16A side but I would suspect the following could be in the mix:
    10) Jarred Lombard
    6/7/8) Dillion Taljaard
    4/5) Sheldon Veldsman
    9) Jordan Phipson
    Outside chance could be Taine Redgard – Prop, depending on current “Open Team” player selection. Have some quality u17 player this year, so Westville will be in a good space. Just hope the new EXTERNAL Coach will be the correct move because last years u16A record that Westville had is going to be a hard act to match.
    Star: Front Row could be a weakness but fly-half might not be too much of an issue. Look forward to seeing you in the stands! A win against Glenwood must be on the cards? Couldn’t agree more around getting the combinations right early on so we can hit the ground running @ the start of the season.

  9. @Rhino_67: Can you give me a possible starting XV for 2016? How many of those 16A players will be in the side?

  10. @Rhino_67: I am looking forward to being back to watch and give support. The challenge for Westville will again be at flyhalf and in the front row.( although I am looking to HP to keep progressing).They must settle early on their combinations and show the necessary confidence in the boys. The game of the season will be GW in June who will be keen to avenge their defeat on their OB day. Back to back victories would be fantastic. :mrgreen:

  11. I’m looking forward to seeing the Glenwood fixtures, will be very interesting :wink:

  12. @Rhino_67: Agree, Westville will always have the players and number now to put out a very competitive team annually. Westville are not to be written off…

  13. @The Scout: Westville possibly had the best u16A side in the province in 2014. They finished 6th in the country. Beat College by 20:3 in the final match and that was a College side that everyone feared.
    The core of the Team is still very much in contention for 1st Team next year with 9 of that team that played for the 1st Team this year returning. There is also a large contingent of Gr11 boys who played 2nd’s this year also in the mix. Add to that a few talented individuals from the u16 group and I think the coach wont have too much of a challenge to put together a very handy 15.
    It will be up to the selected coach to deliver, so lets hope the selection and annoucement of this position happens soon so coach and students can start to build those relationships needed.

  14. @Rugger fan: And they will be highly motivated celebrating 150 years! The Glenwood vs DHS derby and College vs DHS derbies are going to be huge! Palvie & JJ van der Mescht vs them…

  15. @Grasshopper: Must say – there are some exciting chaps in the DHS mix for 2016 – looking forward to seeing their team. I think a few surprises in store. Barnes is my “one to watch” for the next 2 years.

  16. @Gungets Tuft: Agreed, I think DHS have a very good chance of beating a few traditional rivals next year. Their rugga is on the up, especially at A team level….

  17. @The Scout: That was odd – the U16A had some good guys in it – and on paper – they seemed like they should have been far better. MC 16A had a similar squad and also had a rocky start to the season – but ended well – they had a slightly better hit rate than WV – but not too much better.

  18. Hopefully there’ll be a change at 16A as well. Westville 16A only won 4 out of 10 games. It should be interesting trying to come up with a starting XV for next year.

  19. @Bonthuis: Don’t be in a rush to dump old traditional rivals. DHS showed up this year and without a few key injuries, such as Gareth Simpson and Matt Noot, might have caused a few shocks this year. I fact, the DHS score against College was closer than the first game against Westville.

    My personal view is that KZN schools should go out of their way to fulfill provincial fixtures, this is where the history is and we should value that.

  20. Hosnest opinion is that we should probably drop the DHS fixture and see if we can find space for a double header against Pietermaritzburg College.

    I think we’ve beaten DHS the last 15 years in a row or something ridiculous…

  21. Great pity that we wont be able to see Westville at KERF next year. I think they have helped swell attendance over the last few years. College would be the only worthy local replacements in terms of crowd pulling power.
    If Westville are going the route of employing an external coach, which must come at an additional cost, you have to question why they still don’t play into the third term.
    Kearsney first up will be a difficult fixture. For the last few years they have only really got going after Easter.
    Good to see House back on the list.
    Trips to the Highveld on two consecutive weekends is going to be a big ask.

  22. @Roger: Agreed! The atmosphere at the KES and St. John’s fest is great. You can choose which games you want to watch. They even transport from one school to the other. That’s luxury right there :wink:

  23. @Kattes-Strofes: @The Scout: hmmm – looks like St Johns have upped the ante. I must admit that the three JHB festivals have a far better vibe than Kearsney (IMHO) – especially at KES and St Johns where you can stroll between the schools and catch the best of the 12 games on show. Saints is just incredible with their campus and all that’s on offer as well.

    Kearsney is a bit flat by comparison (I was there only in 2011 and 2012 though)

  24. @Kattes-Strofes: Plus there was Hilton and St. Benedicts who were no pushovers. It’s nice to see Affies going back to the St Johns festival. This festival used to be the best festival. At some point they had Grey Collge, Monnas, Glenwood, Outeniqua, Affies, Paarl Boys’, Paul Roos, Maritzburg and Jeppe. That’s a serious line up.

  25. @Rugger fan: Sorry, can’t agree with you regarding the slightly easier fixtures at St. Johns.
    Just looking at Boishaaipa’s rankings, St. Johns had 6 top 50 schools, including current no.1[Paarl Boys],5[Paul Roos],6[Monnas],14[Nelspruit], 27[Garsfontein] and 37[Jeppe].
    Saints had only 4[ no. 8[Michelhouse], 9[Grey PE] ,20[College] and 38[Helpmekaar].
    Add to this. Affies [no.3]have already commited to next years St. Johns.

  26. Looks a good schedule, also playing Glenwood later in the season in better. Both teams will be more settled by then.

  27. Still a few KZN surprises to come. Shortened terms making scheduling tough.

  28. I have heard rumours that MC will be at KERF next year – GCB was not at Saints this year (they were at KERF) – Grey PE were there.

    Saints is by no means an Easy festival – always seems to draw some good teams given that it is probably the oldest festival going.

    St Johns and KES seems to get a slightly easier field overall – but still good schools there too.

  29. @Rugger fan: not yet – but besides the Wynberg 150th celebration in the Cape they will be pretty similar to this year:

    PBHS home and away
    X 3 at the KES Festival
    x 3 at the Wynberg 150th
    St Johns
    St Stithians
    St Albans

    16 games – just right in my opinion

    KES turned down Wildeklawer this year because of the Jeppe 150th – remains to be seen if they go back in 2016?

  30. @star: I have to agree with you here on the Kearsney Festival. Tried seeing what Teams would be at Saints but nothing on the web as yet. I see PmB College and Grey College were there this year, so could be interresting. Maybe getting out the province will help the boys to gel that much better??
    I believe they have a shortlist of 3 coaches – all external which is a surprise but only time will tell.

  31. @star: Shush, you are not allowed to mention that Glenwood can only put out 20 teams!

    It is a pity that Westville and College are not doing the double header next year, was worthwhile this year!

  32. Hopefully KC invites the likes of MHS or COLLEGE to their festival next year.
    It would be great to see the boys from PMB at such a prestigious festival as they have been the benchmark for KZN schools over many decades.

    For MHS it would be an eye opener to play 3 top class schools over 1 weekend. That would give their unbeaten season a lot of credence and keep the detractors at bay.

  33. This fixture list looks a lot easier than 2015. Voories will not be as demanding as the P/N series. I also presume that the Saints festival will not have the quality of teams that Kearsney puts out. ( a real pity as the Westville supporters were all over the K festival). It also shows the new emphasis on hockey by Westville. With less fixtures and fewer tricky away games , Westville should be able to pace itself well. I wonder when the announcement of the new coach will take place. I was hoping that the return game against College would become entrenched given that even GW it seems is battling to put out more than 20 teams.

  34. Wow – only a single match vs College next year? pity – is a great day.
    Jeppe and PBHS in consecutive weeks – both Away – the entire school should do an academic exchange too – to reduce travel stress and costs :)

    @beet – you reference the KES fixtures – are they also out yet?


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