Cape Schools Week 2015 – fixtures & match day reports

FINAL SCORE: Eastern Cape 6 Western Cape 6

09h30 Sat.27Jun Dale 14 26 Boland Landbou
10h45 Sat.27Jun Muir 8 19 SACS
12h00 Sat.27Jun Queen’s 25 13 Standard Bank XV
13h15 Sat.27Jun Selborne 20 17 Paarl Gim
15h00 Sat.27Jun Grey HS 15 10 Rondebosch
10h00 Mon.29Jun Muir 15 11 Standard Bank XV
11h15 Mon.29Jun Selborne 34 17 Rondebosch
12h30 Mon.29Jun Dale 14 28 Paarl Gim
13h45 Mon.29Jun Queen’s 20 27 SACS
15h00 Mon.29Jun Grey HS 16 10 Boland Landbou
09h00 Wed.01Jul Selborne 10 8 Boland Landbou
10h15 Wed.01Jul Dale 53 3 Standard Bank XV
11h30 Wed.01Jul Muir 0 26 Rondebosch
13h00 Wed.01Jul Grey HS 28 10 SACS
14h15 Wed.01Jul Queen’s 5 34 Paarl Gim

Standard Bank XV

Name School
1 Michael Briggs Grey HS
2 Shane Kluyts Kirkwood
3 Rikus van As Despatch
4 Jacques Louw Burgersdorp
5 William Duckitt Framesby
6 Tertius Groenewald Grey HS
7 Frank Fourie Brandwag
8 Dirk Louw Volkskool Graaff Reinet
9 Wayne Moss Framesby
10 Kyle Greyvenstein Aliwal North
11 Reco van Meyer Daniel Pienaar
12 Wian Engelbrecht Brandwag
13 Leslie Sharp Framesby
14 Austin Fredericks Westville (EP)
15 Tarquin Alexander Humansdorp
16 Andre de Wet Burgersdorp
17 Jerome Brown Humansdorp
18 Etienne Janicke Nico Malan
19 Lwandile Charlie Development
20 Samkelo Ndlovu Development
21 Jonathan Cranksaw Union
22 Solomzi Nomzanga Development
23 Siseko Miggels Nico Malan

Reports by EP Rugby

Selborne and Paarl Gymnasium provided the highlight of the day when the Standard Bank Cape Schools Rugby and Crosscountry Week, in association with Powerade and Spur, began at Grey High in Port Elizabeth on Saturday (June 27).
In a match of fluctuating fortunes, Selborne led 15-12 with seven minutes remaining. But Paarl Gymnasium immediately went on the attack for Morne Buxman to cross in the corner, putting the Cape side back in front at 17-15.
Then, with three minutes remaining, a piece of individual brilliance by Selborne centre David Brits saw him outpace the Paarl Gym cover defence to deliver the win for the East London boys 20-17.
Hosts Grey High were made to work extremely hard for their 15-10 win over Rondebosch, who showed superb commitment on defence to cut down the home side attacks time and again.
Grey, though, were finally able to crack the Rondebosch defence with 12 minutes left for Aya Oliphant to race through for a try. Curwin Bosch’s conversion made it 15-10 and although Rondebosch spent most of the rest of the match on the attack, Grey were equally resolute in defence.
In the first match of the day, Boland Landbou got off to a fast start to score three tries for a 19-0 lead over Dale after 18 minutes. The Dalians fought back well with two second half tries, but the damage had been done and they were not able to make up that early deficit, losing 26-14.
SACS had a tough encounter against Muir, but were in control for most of the game in the 19-8 win, while Queen’s ran in five good tries to defeat the Standard Bank XV 25-13.

Boland Landbou 26: tries by No 3 Tristan Hill, No 15 Luke Philander, No 10 Danrich Visagie, No 18 Reinhardt de Jager; three conversions by No 9 Deon Carstens
Dale 14: tries by No 7 Kwanda Dimaza, No 5 Oratile Mabusela; two conversions by No 10 Courtney Winnaar.

SACS 19: tries by No 12 Kyle Boyd, No 6 Dylan Hadzigrigoriou, No 10 Liam Abrahams; two conversions by Boyd.
Muir 8: try by No 13 Luphelo Miggels; penalty by No 2 Senkosi Ncapayi.

Queen’s 25: tries by No 6 Justin Kuyler, No 23 Asithandile Mrubata, No 2 Gareth Heidtman, No 12 Mihlali Peter, No 3 Qhawe Bula.
Standard Bank XV 13: try by No 3 Rikus van As; two penalties and one conversion by No 15 Tarquin Alexander.

Selborne 20: tries by No 6 Heinrich Niewenhuizen, No 8 Darren Lemmer, No 12 David Brits; one conversion and one penalty by No 9 Joshua Allderman
Paarl Gymnasium 17: tries by No 14 Max Thalwitzer (2), No 22 Morne Buxman; one conversion by No 15 Naude Wessels

Grey High 15: tries by No 1 Tiaan Coetzee, No 12 Aya Olifant; a conversion and a penalty by No 10 Curwin Bosch
Rondebosch 10: a try by No 5 Dylan le Roux; a conversion and a penalty by No 15 Yaseen Jacobs

Standard Bank 11: a try by No 3 Rikus van As; two penalties by No 10 Kyle Greyvenstein
Muir 15: Tries by No 12 Lunathi Nxele, No 14 Mihlali Mosi, No 13 Luphelo Miggels

Selborne 34: Tries by No 2 Cole van Tonder (2), No 19 Storme Snelling, No 12 David Brits; two penalties and four conversions by No 9 Joshua Allderman
Rondebosch 17: Tries by No 5 Dylan le Roex, No 21 Kyle Ballakistan, No 6 Garth Schenker; one conversion by No 15 Yaseen Jacobs

Paarl Gymnasium 29: tries by No 7 Gustav Marais, No 14 Max Thalwitzer, penalty try, No 13 Andries Viljoen; three conversions and a penalty by No 10 Theo Boshoff
Dale 14: two tries by No 10 Courtney Winnaar; two conversions by No 10 Winnaar

SACS 27: tries by No 13 Ciaran Dayaram, No 12 Nick Redelinghuys, No 6 Dylan Hadzigrigoriou (2); two conversions and a penalty by No 10 Kyle Boyd
Queen’s 20: tries by No 15 Olwethu Foslag, No 8 Pumelele Daweti, No 11 Awiwe Mancotywa; a conversion and a penalty by No 6 Justin Kuyler

Grey 16: A try by No 9 David Masterson; two penalties, a conversion and a drop goal by No 10 Curwin Bosch.
Boland Landbou 10: tries by No 11 Sergull van Niekerk, No 9 Deon Carstens


Selborne 10: tries by No 11 Thakga Boloko, No 18 Hein Rust
Boland Landbou 8: try by No 19 Jaco Conradie; penalty by No 9 Deon Carstens

Dale 53: tries by No 6 Siyanda Am (3), No 15 Sibulele Mbana (2), No 10 Courtney Winnaar, No 12 Siya Mgubo, No 13 Jonathan Booysen, No 18 Cinga Moni; three conversions by No 10 Courtney Winnaar, one conversion by No 21 Sipho Dlongodlongo
Standard Bank XV 3: penalty by No 15 Tarquin Alexander

Grey 28: tries by No 11 Sihle Njezula, No 8 Khwezi Mafu, No 15 Lubs Dubelo; three penalties and two conversions by No 10 Curwin Bosch
SACS 10: try by No 7 Dylan Hadzigrigoriou; penalty and conversion by No 10 Kyle Boyd

Rondebosch 26: tries by No 8 Edward Stiles, No 9 Nicholas Potgieter (2), No 6 Liam Greenhalgh; three conversions by No 15 Yaseen Jacobs
Muir 0

Paarl Gym 34: tries by No 11 Keenan Abrahams, No 7 Gustav Marais, No 13 Andries Viljoen, No 15 Naude Wessels, No 10 Theo Boshoff; three conversions and a penalty by No 10 Theo Boshoff
Queen’s 5: try by No 6 Justin Kuyler



  1. @BuffelsCM: Anyway who ever the boy was that was on for the 10 min he was flippen good and if he is not in the Craven week team it is WP loss that how well he played.

  2. @BuffelsCM: If I made a mistake I apologise when I watched the last game I was sitting with mostly Gim supporters it was one of these who mentioned after the one boy came off after only 10 minutes saying that it was Ernst and that they had given him 10 minutes to see how he went so maybe I heard wrong.

    Anyway was very impressed with the Gim team even if they had 6 or so boys missing. The No 11 was really impressive must be one of the quickest boys I have seen.

  3. @BuffelsCM:of course , We just messing with you.Like i said i chatted to ploegie and he said it would be worth my while to find you and have a chat,but time caught up with me ,maybe in 2017, if my youngest pulls his finger out :oops:

  4. @Playa: @QC86: Well gentlemen I have already apologised. I got mixed up with all the Qs…..honest mistake.

    Queenian made some unfounded statements regarding Paarl-Gim. I would still like to know who his sources were. They are certainly not reliable.

    Had I known you wanted to meet QC, I would have made an effort. My apologies for the mistake again. I trust you will accept it

  5. @Playa: All i wanted to do was meet the man that i was told was very knowledgeable when it came to rugby matters.Bliksem nearly got moerd for my effort.Friendly bunch on a Friday afternoon.

  6. @BuffelsCM: @QC86: Lesson for the day: Sometimes people mistake people’s identities for no malicious reasons. It’s been a long week, let’s have a beer, smoke a cigar and shake hands, shall we :mrgreen:

  7. @QC86: My apologies sir….bad mistake from my side !!

    Perhaps you can ask Queenian to do the same ? Now he has disappeared !!

  8. @BuffelsCM: I have made no statement,you got the wrong oke,Queenian and QC86 not the same person,apology accepted in advance.

  9. @QC86: I don’t think it matters who I am. The fact is you have made statements regarding CW players of Gim which are not true. Who gave you the false information about Gim’s team ?

  10. @BoishaaiPa: When are the new rankings coming out :mrgreen: how many points do we get for beating PG seccies and Boland cross country side.Round bush we will say no more about them.

  11. @BuffelsCM: you the bus driver,what do you know[u14 coach] LOL ploegie told me about you ,i was trying to find you to have a chat,ploegie says you know your stuff,when it comes to rugby not driving.

  12. Why would Gim play their CW players if they know they are not allowed to?..Their CW players did not even travel with them to PE…Why would you make such statements if they are not true?

  13. @Queenian: There were NO Craven Week players of Paarl Gim at the Cape Schools Week. Your statements are factually incorrect. Ernst was at home in Paarl and NOT in PE

  14. Well Gim started there game against QC with one by No 8 called Ernst Van Rhyn who went off after 10 min so if there was any doubt about who was playing that would settle it.

    And unless there two boys at Gim by that name Craven Week players were used in little bits during the games.

  15. Give Selborne there due they played the most consistently through the 3 games but please somebody at Selborne please coach the boys to guard there ball at the break down it was shocking.

  16. David Brits was really good in the two games he played. Was also very impressed with the Gim No 11 small but really quick. The Dale flanks were also very good.

    Bosch was disappointing except for the second half against SACS.

    Boland Landbou also a very well drilled team.

    Queens vs Gim became a bit of a nightmare when the QC No 8 got hurt who is actually a wing and was then replaced by a centre. At one stage QC had 3 flanks playing and two backline players in the scrum and landed up losing 7 tight head scrums, but never gave up.

    I would say the biggest thing was the amount of Craven week players suddenly appearing on the field in 10 minute shifts.

  17. @QC86: @Ludz: He’s a machine! I hope the hamstring niggle he got is something that will sort itself out soon and not come back to haunt him at CW.He is definitely in with a chance for higher honours.

  18. @QC86: Based on what I have seen of David Brits, he has to be a very strong contender for SA Schools

  19. @GCollege86 Which guy in the Selborne squad has a realistic chance of making one of the national teams this year,will be great to know your opinion.

  20. @GCollege86: Thanks. Too bad Curwin and Mafu possibly won’t play. It would have added a lot to the spectacle. Looking forward to watching that game nonetheless.

  21. @Playa: The game are going to be televised but dont think Curwin will play against Selborne due to SA Schools playing more or less the same dates and possibly the no.8 as well who might also make the SA Schools team.

  22. @Queenian: @QC86: I am back from the dead…Dale finally got a win yesterday :mrgreen: It was great seeing you guys. Great rugby and great vibe at Grey I must say.

    Selborne will be hard to beat next term. Those boys have some serious temperament. David Brits is a special player. the Selborne 10 who is filling big shoes stepped up immensely. The Selborne forwards look like a pack with no weakness. I did spot one weakness though…which I will sms to Griffy….Hahaha!

    QC should hold their heads high. Coming back from 3-24 to only go down 20-27 against a clinical SACS team shows what they’re capable of. The QC numbers 2, 12 and 16 were outstanding on the first day.

    Dale were let down by having slow starts and allowing Boland and Gim to take big leads before waking up and playing. I was glad to see Courtney show some form, and show his old quality again. Also hugely impressed by Kwanda Dimaza, the Dale flank. The kid has a top drawer work rate, and really does the basics well.

    Border may shock a team or two at Craven Week.

    The Grey PE vs Selborne game (someone please tell me it will be televised) will be a show stopper if what I saw this weekend is anything to go by. Curwin Bosch’s quality is A++ material. He was the difference for me against a gutsy Boland Landbou on Day 2.

    All in all a great 2 days that I got to see. Muir put up a great fight against SACS. Rondebosch were unlucky not to get one over Grey. They just didn’t seem to be able to go past their 5m line – credit to Grey for great defence though.

  23. @Queenian: Queen’s hooker back next year, quality player that kid, which ever flanker it was who stood out, both are back next year.

    David Brits is something very special, best inside centre I have ever seen in the Border region at schoolboy level along with Ace Jho

  24. The other games to come SACS vs Queens I would think the SACS forwards will win it for them.

    And Muir vs Rondebosch I think Rondebosch will have just to much although give Muir some ball and things could get interesting. Sure Rondebosch will not make the same mistake they did 2 years ago against Muir were they came unstuck.

  25. Wrap up of day 1

    Dale 14 Boland 26

    Dale were disappointing to say the least, Boland Landbou were very well structured there fullback had a great game.

    SACS 19 Muir 8

    SACS forwards were very impressive the rolling mauls were top class, but Muir must be given credit they really competed well there backline was very good and kept them in the game.

    Queens 25 Std Inv 13

    The Inv team started off very well and for the first 10 min used there forwards well but after this Queens pace got them on top. The injury disaster at Queens was very evident although there forwards were very quick and mobile I think some under 16 teams have bigger forwards. Queens hooker and flank played very well.

    Selborne 20 Paarl Gim 17

    The game of the day one of the better schoolboy games I have seen for a bit. Gim backline was very impressive and had Selborne at odds many a time during the game. David Britz was brilliant on the day the try he scored 2 min from the end was excellent.

    Grey PE 15 Rondebosch 10

    A game Grey will count themselves lucky to have won, Rondebosch played really well there No 4 had a storming game till going off injured and there No 9 controlled the game very well. There was some aimless kicking by Grey and this was not one of Curwin Bosch’s best games.

    Going forward I think Gim will be far to good for Dale and Queens mainly because Dale seem to be completely off form and the injury hit Queens just will not have the forwards to counter Gim expect at least 40 point wins here.

    SACS vs Grey should be very interesting as well could be a very close game also Selborne vs Boland and Rondebosch.

  26. @Ludz: I really do feel for the Queens boys this year with their injury sustained situation. You can do all the conditioning in the world and then someone breaks a leg. Really tough. All the best for the recovery ahead young lad

  27. Young Aaron Brody broke his leg at practice on Wednesday. Unbelievable the injury situation Mr Basset and Mr Bolze have on their hands. 3rd lock to sustain season ending injury. Tristan Waller did his ligaments against Pearson at Graeme Day. Johan van Heerden broke his leg against Grey and now Aaron

  28. Anybody looking for updates on any of the games send me a sms to 0723053723 and I will gladly send you half time and full time scores.

  29. Well this what things look like at the moment.

    Squad First Choice
    Muir 21 20 95.24%
    Dale 21 20 95.24%
    Grey 21 19 90.48%
    Selborne 21 18 85.71%
    Rondebosch 21 18 85.71%
    SACS 21 17 80.95%
    Boland Landbou 21 17 80.95%
    Paarl Gym 21 15 71.43%
    Queens 21 11 52.38%

    This might change a little as there was talk about 2 Selborne boys being injured and I have heard there is another Grey boy who might not play.

  30. So none of the WC schools can cry now about having boys out for any reason QC now has more out than all 4 put together.

  31. @Queenian: Ye heard last night it is the Brody boy I think. This must be a record for any school the amount of injuries this year.

    Queenian if this had happened when you were at QC you would have had a real chance of playing 1st team. :mrgreen: :lol: :mrgreen:

    Anyway sitting at OR Tambo getting ready to board keep me updated.

  32. Who would have said at the beginning of the year that only 9 of the original 21 squad would be at Cape Schools.

    Anyway this is a chance to for Queens to show what they made of 3 of the boys started in the 3rd team this year.

    But will say this these boys have nothing to lose and will going all out to prove a point.

    Good luck I will be there to watch all your games. :lol:

  33. Queens bad luck continues I hear that one of the 1st Team players broke his leg at practice yesterday afternoon. Real bummer. :oops:

  34. @Playa: Ye Scants was a really good player was very big for a centre, I think he was in the only Dale team between 78/89 to get a win against QC.

    So did you know Lewelyn and Roxy

  35. @rugbyfan: Ahhh! I am amongst great men. And ou Queenian here being related to the great Scants King.Tipped as the best center to wear the Red and Black back in ’81. I was in the same class with his nephew (also Queenian’s nephew). He was our 1s team scrum half in 2000.

  36. Tertius Groenewald (No 6 from Grey High) is the youngest of the three Groenewald brothers from Humansdorp. Older brother Ian was in Boishaai up to Gr 10, then moved to Nico Malan, played EP CW and is currently playing for Maties. Martin played for Grey, EP CW , Bulls u/19 and is now also with Maties.

  37. @Playa: @rugbyfan: Tertuis Louw was the best flank QC ever produced by a country mile he played for Free State as well but due to injury only lasted half a year in the Currie Cup never to play again a Springbok for sure if injury had not plaqued him.

  38. @Playa: No but grew up near them by eldest brother also went to QC. The 3 Louw brothers were Erens/Tertuis/JJ all went to Queens the eldest two were very good rugby players Erens I think played in 75/76 and Tertuis 78/79 for QC 1st.

    I am a Slater come from the Venterstad area.

  39. @Queenian: @Playa: @rugbyfan: The one lock No 4 Jacques Louw from Burgersdorp is Tertuis Louw son who was a great flank for Queens in 1979 also the younger brother of Maruis who was captain of Grey Bloem 2 years ago.

  40. @beet: They would have been a great addition. I wonder why they wouldn’t have been invited, especially since Wynberg don’t feature this year. Any idea why they aren’t coming? It’s a real surprise considering that Cape Schools was actually a Wynberg master’s brainchild.

  41. @beet: Some decent players there but they have not played together so they will battle. But agree should have brought Bellville with would have been good.

    I will be there the whole 3 days so will keep you updated on the scores.

  42. It looks like the Standard Bank XV will be in for a tough week.

    It’s a pity a school like Bellville who are good this year and who I understand were keen to come were not invited to keep up the whole West vs East vibe.

  43. @Queenian: I leave for Brazil tomorrow so I will not make it to Grey PE to watch the games please sms me the results.

    Some brave predictions there I see. :mrgreen:

  44. @Queenian: I arrive in PE at 14:00 on Friday. I’ll be there for the Dale game. I may be a little wobbly from the Old Boys Steak Evening on Friday night :-D

    Some pretty brave calls there :mrgreen:

  45. Prediction
    Sat Dale vs Boland Landbou Dale by 5
    Sat Muir vs SACS SACS 20
    Sat Queen’s vs Standard Bank XV Queens by 10
    Sat Selborne vs Paarl Gim Selborne by 5
    Sat Grey HS vs Rondebosch Grey by 10
    Mon Muir vs Standard Bank XV Muir by 5
    Mon Selborne vs Rondebosch Selborne by 5
    Mon Dale vs Paarl Gim Draw
    Mon Queen’s vs SACS SACS by 5
    Mon Grey HS vs Boland Landbou Grey by 10
    Wed Selborne vs Boland Landbou Selborne by 5
    Wed Dale vs Standard Bank XV Dale by 20
    Wed Muir vs Rondebosch Muir by 1
    Wed Grey HS vs SACS Grey by 5
    Wed Queen’s vs Paarl Gim Gim by 5

  46. The who is playing and who is not playing does not phase me just want to see good rugby even if Gym put 50 past the EC sides or not.

  47. @Playa: Saturday will be overcast with no rain / Monday they say a chance of 3/5 mls so not bad.

    @QC86: @Playa: Maybe they can line us 3 up as the front row for the Inv team and give us about 5 minutes to move between scrums. :mrgreen: :lol: :mrgreen:

  48. @gimmie: I care very little if anything about rankings. I would rather a school pull out rather than send a team they do not consider as their 1st team to a 1st team festival.QC have practically played a season with 2nd/3rd team players, and they wear the white jersey, and there’s still no no.13, but a no.16…that’s their 1st team!

    For us, playing Gim (well playing at CSW as a whole) is always an honour, regardless of who plays for them…even if the CW players miraculously get clearance from WP and appear for the 2nd half :mrgreen:

    I can’t wait to be there

    @Queenian: How’s the weather looking for the weekend?

  49. @GCollege86: Now that’s not good need the Border teams to be at full strength, that’s a bummer if true I think we need QC86 to shed a pound or two around the gut area and to run on as a replacement. :mrgreen:

  50. @beet: Who got it from his Uncles 3rd cousin removed and then just like a genie out of a bottle they appear on the field of play. They really are magicians sometimes. :lol: :mrgreen: :lol:

  51. Straight from an impeccable source who got it from another impeccable source: Rondebosch will be definitely without Mavovana, Andrews, Adams and Davids for Cape Schools.

  52. @QC86: Selborne might have two players out after they got injured at a contact practice yesterday. Dont know how serious.

  53. @BuffelsCM: @gimmie: But also remember that some of the EC teams as such are not in any better place I know Grey has 1 craven week player not playing and there is doubt on one of the others out. Dale seem to be at full strength, Selborne I am not sure but no Morgan Steyn. Queens well have more players out than all the WC schools put together. And Muir are at best a top 50 side.

    So all in all should be pretty even. If Paarl Gym lose to Selborne I would understand your logic of it not been taken for the rankings but if they lose to Queens then no excuses.

  54. @BuffelsCM: @gimmie: The news is that Paarl Gym will have 6 boys out/Boland Landbou 2 Boys/ SACS 2 boys/Rondebosch 1 boy.

    I do know that the 2 SACS boys who are out are going with the team to Cape Schools but as morale support.

  55. @gimmie: All said for all schools participating if they play I think results will be taken for rankings remember Queens are playing without 9 of there regular 1st team and have been for the last 6 weeks and there results are taken into account. QC team also a Under 17 team squad for Cape Schools week is made up of 3 Grade 12 / 15 Grade 11 / 3 Grade 10 Under 16 boys.

    Although I do realize that been out to injury is a different reason than boys being kept out for Provisional duty.

  56. The WP Union decided that no player picked for Craven or Academy Week may participate in any games for their schools prior to these weeks. Paarl Gym will be without 8 of their regular first team players, basically an under 17 team…but we are still very much looking forward to an excellent tournament… The games should however not in my view be taken into account for the rankings as it is clearly not our 1st team…

  57. Heard all the same BS in 2011,come game day PG v Selborne all the WP boys played,Selborne won but it was a flippen hard game,only then to loose to Boland and their unbeaten record.

  58. Watched Grey 2nd,s play Muir 1st on Saturday herd there that quite a few of those boys are playing in the Inv team. Anyway they beat Muir I think 25-18 will give the Muir team there due they were playing with 5 1st team players short, is there backline is really good. But they will have very long games against SACS and Rondebosch they will do well to keep the margins down to less than 30.

    Although saying that the last Cape Schools week they stunned Rondebosch.

  59. @Playa: Ye agree those big hulk’s sitting on the reserve bench are no 3rd team players my friend that is the insurance policy.

    I suspect they will keep the insurance policy just out of sight but near enough just in case. If Gym lose to Dale or even worse against QC 2016 team there will be some very red faces.

    I think they will put out a strong team against Selborne.

  60. @QC86: I suspect they’ll play their full strength team against Selborne, and take their chances with Dale and QC. But I recall when they played the ‘seccies’ in 2013 against a weak Dale side that gave them trouble in the first half…there were wholesale changes in the 2nd half…I doubt very much that those were 3rd team players that came on. :mrgreen:

  61. @QC86: And I hear the Under 15A pulled the shocker of the season last week losing to Stirling apparently 11 dropped balls on overlaps and line breaks and that’s when they stopped counting people say it was like watching the movie dumb and dumber.

    One parent even commented afterwards he thought there was some match fixing on the go it was so bad.

  62. @QC86: @rugbyfan: Ye the QC Under16 seem to blow very hot and cold not sure what the issue is there.

    Just like the 1st team I know they being hit with injuries and are fielding a young team but against St Andrew they really lived up to the saying snatching defeat from the jaws of winning. They were playing so well and had St Andrews really stumped and then started trying to play like this dear devil stuff which back fired badly really shocking they should have won by 30 points at least.

  63. @QC86: Ye wonder what Paarl Gym are up to everybody claims they bringing a young team but I hear from reliable sources they bringing a full squad plus 5 young players saying that the Provincial players are there for support only.

    Mark my words things go a bit rough against Dale/Selborne/QC those supporters will suddenly be on the field. :mrgreen:

  64. @QC86: Agree with you there have watched the QC Under 16 team play 6 games this year and besides the game against Graeme were a bit of 16 man vs 14 lost them the game, I wonder what is going on, against Grey PE they were brilliant and should have won that although it was a draw then hear they were shocking against St Andrew’s although they had 4 players out with injury.

    But ye not sure what’s up with them.

  65. @rugbyfan: not sure what is going on in that QC u16 side,played badly against Selborne and then lost to ST Andrews. :oops: I am not so sure about any of the Eastern Cape sides playing against a “young Paarl Gym side”don’t think they will risk dropping in the rankings???

  66. Anyway my feeling is Dale will give a young Paarl Gym team a run for there money.

  67. Saw the Border Under 16 team and was surprised by how few QC boys there are, specially the flyhalf who I thought would be a certainty although I do know that two boys are out for the season with injury who would have had a chance.

  68. @Playa: @Queenian: Give QC there due playing with a young team like this year will help them big time for next year.

    Maybe even by the last few games this year against Selborne and Dale they will pose a threat even with these youngsters.

  69. I am told the invitational team is made up of Eastern Province players who did not make the Craven Week sides. It will be captained by Tertius Groenewald of Grey

  70. @beet: @Playa: The Queens team for Cape Schools week will be made up of 3 Grade 12 boys 15 Grade 11 boys and 3 Grade 10 boys the last 3 being Under 16 kids so basically a Under17 team.

    Good luck to them. :lol:

  71. @Queenian: I think it’s an EC team.Usually, when a team pulls out, the host team has to find a replacement.When Outeniqua pulled out in 2011, S Andrews was fortunately available o fill in for 2 days, and Dale had to sacrifice a game and only played 2.

  72. It has only just occurred to me that there is no Wynberg this year. Any reason why?Pity as they have been there since the beginning.

    @akw: Hahahaha indeed it would. I would have also liked it better if there was a school to fill the void instead of an invitational team.

  73. Why is a team like Grens not invited instead of an invitational team?

    Would even out the Souties v Dutchmen ratio….

  74. @rugbyfan: @GCollege86: No, I have been reliably informed that Paarl Gim will travel without their youth week representatives. Their willingness to compete without star players is admirable.

    I still think July holiday school rugby festivals should be converted to u17 events. That would help alleviate some of the school vs province decisions.

  75. @rugbyfan: Yes also heard that yesterday. Dont know if they will stay the whole tournament but know that they will play the Saturday against Selborne. The EC schools or at least Selborne have no choice but to play their 12 CW players.

  76. @Playa: In the 80,s I remember at Cape Schools week a few spectators had rugby jersey on which had QC colours on one side and Dale colours on the other we need to find some of those. :lol:

  77. @GCollege86: Have it on good authority that Paarl Gym are bringing there full team plus 6 extra under 17 kids. So the craven week players might just be there for morale support but I suspect its for backup if they hit a banana peel.

    Also heard that some school,s would blood 1 or 2 Under16 players not sure how true that is.

  78. @Ploegskaar: Ok then my reliable source is not that reliable. But then it came from somebody in the EC so he wont really know whats going on in the WC. :oops:

  79. @Queenian: That tick bird thing is what keeps the kudu clean…don’t bite the mouth that cleans you :lol:

    And it’s a heron…and the heron loooves its FISH! :mrgreen:

  80. @GCollege86: I can confirm that Boland will not be fielding any CW or Academy players, they will in fact send a squad consisting of mostly u17’s.

  81. @GCollege86: I hope QC have there two craven week players there otherwise the whole team will be under 17 except for one I think.

    Although I have heard two of the injured players will be back.

  82. @rugbyfan: I have heard from a reliable source that all the CW players from WC and EC will be at the tournament (at least the Saturday). Dont know if all the WC schools will keep them there for all the games. I know that Selborne, Dale and QC will have their CW and Academy players there for the whole tournament.

  83. @Queenian: The WC schools don’t usually bring there Craven Week players to Cape Schools week so field some younger players. Although that been said at quite a few Cape Schools weeks teams like Paarl Gym have been known to fly in players if things get a bit heavy.

    Maybe this should be a Under 17 festival in future and saying that Queens will be fielding nearly a complete under 17 team so there is a start.

  84. @GCollege86: Speaking about supporting each other, you must remember as much as Dale and QC are each others main rivals the only difference between the two is one has a Red stripe and one a Gold Stripe nothing else.

    Ye and maybe that funny looking Tick Bird thing. :mrgreen: :lol: :mrgreen:

  85. I feel that Grey should have played Paarl gim as that would have been a brilliant game.

  86. In 2011 when the tournament was in KWT, one of the Cape Schools flew in some of their CW players on the Sonday or Monday morning after attending a rugby camp. They played the Monday and Wednesday games. Things might have changed since then. I dont know if any of the EC teams can afford to play without their CW players. Dont think we have as much depth as the WC schools. Pitty of the timing of this tournament. Would of been nice to have it at the end of the season when all the fixures has been finalized.

  87. Does anybody have the whole history of all games played at Cape Schools week since it started in the early 80’s

  88. Ons sien uit…om in PE te speel…teen hierdie 3 puik skole…al 3 gaan taai wees…

  89. The Western Province Union has a strict policy that prohibits any player from participating in any school rugby festivals in June if they are chosen for any provincial rugby week. So that’s Craven week and Academy week. Not sure about Grant Khomo but I presume it’s the same. The Cape Schools still usually dominate though :mrgreen:

  90. @DC ARMY: I was in the crowd in 2001…out in Wellington.And there was this blonde monster from Gim who was bullying ever team.As intoxicated as I was, you are correct that it was him that won the game for Gim that day.

    We clubbed cash and hired a kombi to take us there from Rondebosch, and drank our return cash. Fortunately Kevin Ranger had driven there in his bakkie, and all 11 of us squashed in the back on the drive back…ahhh the life of a student.

    @GCollege86: I think the future of Cape Schools lies in it being a ‘stayers’ festival.Under 18s consisting of boys not selected for Academy/Craven week, and under 16s.I personally would not like that.The EC schools still take it as seriously as they did 35 years ago, and still defy whatever the unions demand.Of course, player well fare comes first, hence the policy employed by the Dale, Selborne and QC that none of the provincial players get a full game.Maybe that can be a short term solution instead of just barring them from playing.

  91. @Playa: Don’t remind me about 2011, as for being afraid never just look at the 2007 team one of our worst ever, that performance against Gim at Selborne enough said.

    @GCollege86: Absolutely even back in the day when we used to go up to Gauteng if we were at St Johns and Queens were at KES we would go across the road to support them and vice versa. I like Cape Schools more as it is the battle of the Cape’s, us against WC. I remember in 2001 when we took it to Gim like it was nobody’s business which had one Schalk Burger in their ranks, the manner in which Selborne supported us you could swear we were from the same school and unfortunately we lost with the last movement of the game i think 19-18 if i remember to a Schalk try.

  92. @DC ARMY: Agree. What is nice of this tournament is that they do support each other. Even at Kearsney the Dale and Selborne teams really supported each other.

    Dont know if all the teams will be at full strenth. Hope they will be. Depending on the Provinces if they will release the CW, Academy and GK players. I do think it will effect the boys that make the Academy side more than the CW boys as the Academy Week starts 4 days after the tournament ends.

    I also think what will play a roll is if it is going to be an u18 or u19 tournament. If its a u18 tournament, we might see some u16’s at the tournament, but then, GK also starts the same time as Academy week.

  93. @DC ARMY: Argh, not afraid of the challenge at all – no Dalian ever is. I am just glad I’ll be watching the boys against quality opposition. I hope we don’t implode like we did in 2011 at the Graveyard. To be honest, I was secretly hoping we get SACS, and get a shot at reversing the loss we suffered at KERF :mrgreen:

    The WC teams usually play without their CW players, while the EC teams always bring their full strength teams. I pray all teams bring their best squads.This festival deserves that much.

  94. @Playa and GCollege86: Why not, no better way to measure ones strength against this type of opposition. This is one tourney that i do not mind throwing my support for the Kudu and the Baboona.

    How many of these teams will actually be at full strength with the Craven Week in mind?

    As for the Std Bank team i guess it wii depend on the schools those players will come from to see how strong or weak it will be

  95. I recall predicting on this very blog, that we’d get Boland Landbou and Paarl Gim…again!!! These organises have no mercy. :cry:


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