Graeme Rugby Day Squads

Still a work in progress but here are what some of the 1st XVs will look like for the Graeme Rugby Day

1. Zipho Hena 1. Peter Moolman 1. Matthew Howes 1. Zimi Ngqonqwana
2. Litha Magacoba 2. Alandre van Rooyen 2. Robin Stevens 2. Sango Mtotywa
3. Jason Ihlenfeldt 3. Sakkie Rautenbach 3. Keegan Branford 3. Kuhle Mokhoabane
4. Shane Wewege 4. Pieter – Steyl Swanepoel 4. Michael de Marco 4. Johan Loubser
5. Brandon Hobbs 5. Dirk Staats 5. Junior Pokomela 5. Lwazi Poswayo
6. Lazola Nunwana 6. Andries Jacobs 6. Johann van Niekerk (c.) 6. Buntu Ponono
7. Amahle Salman 7. Carlo du Toit 7. Josh Mudrovcic 7. Munono Sindi
8. Piwe Mdyesha(c.) 8. Dean van der Westhuizen 8. Lamond Bouwer 8. Ronald Jiri
9. Abongile Ntondini 9. Diaan Hartzenberg 9. Brody van Goevreden 9. Sibusiso Ngcokovane (c.)
10. Khanya Mgebisa 10. Darren Domingo 10. Curwin Bosch 10. Courtney Winnaar
11. Mitchell Best 11. Curwin Potgieter 11. Dylan Vermaak 11. Luzuko Mase
12. Bulela Sotyelelwa 12. Ruben Botha 12. Jeremy Ward 12. Siyamthanda Mgubo
13. Mihlali Boqwana 13. Armandt de Lange 13. Richie Bryant 13. Yamkela Nyalambisa
14. Sirra Ntsibantu 14. Charlton Geswindt 14. Athi Mayinje 14. Luyolo Khuse
15. Hlumelo Mnyute 15. Dominiq Uytenbogaardt 15. Keanu Vers 15. Justering Davids
16. Tristan Mopp 16. Pierre Janneke 16. Wahl Enslin
17. Siba Gxolo 17. Billa Uys 17. Dylan Barendse
18. Ukho Jafta 18. Martin Pretorius 18. Hanno Minnaar
19. Pumelelo Tongo 19. Aljoran Didloft 19. Matthew Lawson
20. Lwazi Mnyute 20. Kavan Trzebiatowsky
21. Oyisa Hakula 21. Paul Briggs
22. Lihle Nkula 22. Mohammed Connelly
23. Nathan Brown
1. Wessel Strydom 1. Sky Bawden 1. Michael Strever 1. Kaden Prince
2. André Lategan 2. Grant Venter 2. Brian Ferguson 2. Dandré Delport
3. Roché van Zyl 3. Tango Balikile 3. Adrian Parsons 3. Erich de Jager
4. Ludwig Liebenberg 4. Greg Shean 4. Zach Melvill 4. Frankie Fourie
5. Wihan Coetzer 5. Daniel Froneman 5. Jono More 5. Rio Kriel
6. SF Nieuwoudt(c.) 6. Adrian Gregg 6. Peter Kroon 6. Morney Moos
7. Ruben Pretorius 7. Lutho Salem 7. Gordon Everard 7. Stefan Janse van Vuuren (c.)
8. Neal Brophy 8. Jason Steyn 8. Matt Andrews 8. Bernardus Coetzee
9. Rouché Nel 9. Ryan Boy 9. Camran Macfarlane 9. Branden O’ Neil
10. Tiaan Stander 10. Morgan Steyn 10. Hugo de la Fargue 10. Shevaan Hendricks
11. Mfundo Ndawo 11. Milani Lubelwana 11. Tom Lane 11. Davian Swanepoel
12. Malan Marais 12. David Brits 12. Robert Ball (c.) 12. Wian Engelbrecht
13. Tiaan Louwrens 13. Jacinta Da Silva 13. Ben Dovey 13. Derick du Toit (v/c)
14. Rikus Zaayman 14. Tristian Coetzee 14. Grant Dixie 14. Michael Venter
15. Jaquis Oosthuizen 15. Liam McLoughlin 15. Brendan Owen 15. Juandré van Ghent
16. Gerhard van As 16. C van Tonder 16. Richard Lever
17. Dean Verwey 17. Heinrich Niewenhuizen 17. Stephen Cragg
18. Ruan Louwrens 18. S Dunjana 18. Aidan Stoll
19. Wikus van Rooyen 19. Brandon Perks 19. Hamish Hughes
20. Jurgens Viljoen 20. P Makalima 20. Ryan Neill
21. Wayne Moss 21. Michael Botha 21. Luke Alexandre
22. Dillon Carr 22.Boloko 22. Anthony Dakin
23. Tiaan Potgieter 23. Voight 23. Courtney Archer
24. Matthew Bloem
1. C Sauter 1. Siyavuya Mlwayo 1. Mpumalanga Malangeni
2. F Burchell 2. Uhuru Vanda (c.) 2. Siyambonga Konzani
3. JP Jameson (v/capt 3. Simpiwe Matanzima 3. Siphamandla Mbusi
4. M Gambale 4. Bonke Matikinca 4. Devon Botha
5. J Lizamore 5. Dean Momsen 5. Ntsika Tsotso
6. R Victor 6. James Roberts 6. Unathi Ntwasa
7. F vd Westhuizen (capt 7. Alan-Graham Rautenbach 7. Musa Mahlasela
8. D Barnard 8. Dancan Mureguzi 8. Lusanda Badiyana
9. D Cameron 9. Raegan Oranje 9. Dwaine Bowles
10. J Shelley 10. Lee-Roy Kuyler 10. Sandile Mantantana
11. J Amadi 11. Jerry Danquah 11. Xolisa Mato
12. S Jho 12. Juan du Rant 12. Litha Mabece
13. M Braans 16. Avela Jubase 13. Sapho Makaluza
14. E Mager 14. Sikhokele Ngozi 14. Sinawo Ntsaluba
15. C Hertz 15. Olwethu Foslag 15. Ludwe Badiyana
16. N Cannon 17. Sokhana Matanda 16. Amvuyile Ntlawuzana
17. H Potgieter 18. Dale Vensky 17. Thando Mnyanmana
18. A Dawe 19. Kevin Ngcofo 18. Nathan Dickerson
19. B Pinicella 20. Johan van Heerden 19. Camagu Zixesha
20. N Schenk 21. Mvuyo Tshefuta 20. Mduduzi Ntongana
21. M van Breda 22. Sihle Lutseke 21. Lutho Magopeni
22. J Theron



  1. Please confirm if Lyons Voight and Boloko are back from athletics and are in the Selborne squad for tomorrow .

  2. There’s one that got away from the Baboona! Matt Andrews, the SAC vice captain is Keith Andrews’ son (Mark Andrews’ nephew). Quite a strong player as well.

    Should be a great day of rugby, all the best to all the teams.

  3. i don’t see the Baboona losing to Framesby if the Baboona play like they did last weekend. Goodness me those boys were something else. The 10.12 and 13 combination almost brought tears to my eyes.

  4. @Playa: those are the customers we keep losing that i talk about all the time,his dad took one look at our hostel and said he refuses to send his son there.sad, old boy and all, and i have many more examples 8-O

  5. It’s the end of the day gentlemen…let the fun and games begin! I’m behind all the Border teams…including Hudson

    @Playa: If baboona play like they did last week…then I think Matt Andrews will want to come “home” (to Selborne) after he sees the Selborne game tomorrow. :wink:

  6. The 1st XV squad for tomorrow:
    1. Mpumalanga Malangeni
    2. Siyambonga Konzani
    3. Siphamandla Mbusi
    4. Devon Botha
    5. Ntsika Tsotso
    6. Unathi Ntwasa
    7. Musa Mahlasela
    8. Lusanda Badiyana
    9. Dwaine Bowles
    10. Sandile Mantantana
    11. Xolisa Mato
    12. Litha Mabece
    13. Sapho Makaluza
    14. Sinawo Ntsaluba
    15. Ludwe Badiyana

    Replacements: 16. Amvuyile Ntlawuzana
    17. Thando Mnyanmana
    18. Nathan Dickerson
    19. Camagu Zixesha
    20. Mduduzi Ntongana
    21. Lutho Magopeni

    The changes made from last week are:
    Mpuma for Amvuyile
    Thando moves to the bench and Devon slots in his place from flank to lock and Musa moves from 8th man back to flank, as Lusanda Badiyana makes his long-awaited return since he was injured at Border Craven Week trials last year.

  7. @CHS13: I’ve heard nothing but good things about young Lusanda Badiyana. Keen to finally see the boy play. Talked to him last week, seems like a really nice young lad and I believe he’s the Cambridge headboy!

  8. @Ludz: I’m also keen to see what the boy can do. I’ve never seen him play, but my cousing(currently at CHS) says he’s very good, but then again we’ll see for ourselves tomorrow.

    @CHS13: I hope these boys play like they did last week. The last time i watched an exciting CHS team was back in 2006, now that was one of our best 1st teams of recent times. We beat St Andrews that year.

  9. It’d be much appreciated if you guys could give us live score updates of the games.

  10. @CHS13: The first team backs were excellent like last week. The looseforwards were good but the front row has got to work on their scrums. Lusanda Badiyana didn’t have the best of games. Happy with the performance though.

  11. Maybe besides Grey PE Selborne played and beat the toughest opposition on the day. Well done boys keep up the hard work ! all the best for the remaining festivals.

  12. It sounded like St Andrews coming from behind to beat Brandwag with a winning try from the last play of the game might have been match of the day???

  13. Great rugby day once more held by Graeme.

    1. Muir vs Port Alfred 45-0
    Bit of a mis-match but will say Muir has some really good backline players No 11 was really good.

    2. Cambridge vs Pearson 23-12
    Cambridge in a good win backline played very well tight forwards not so great.

    3. Nico Malan vs Hudson 36-5
    Nico Malan most likely played the most complete game of the day but in saying this Hudson were pretty average.

    4. Grey PE vs Marlow 26-7
    Grey PE had a great 1st half but seemed to go to sleep in the second half but they have a good team good forwards and some big strong backs they should have a good season.

    5. Selborne vs Framesby 32-29
    Well Framesby did all the playing for most the game and some would say unlucky not to come away with a win but I will say this you must give Selborne there due that they came back and sealed the win. Was impressed with the Selborne No 10 and 12 they seamed to spark the team to life when neaded No 8 also had a good game.

    6. St Andrews vs Die Brandwag 36-31
    St Andrews pipped this at the death with a brilliant try from there No 15 who had a great game although St Andrews seemed to play in spurts and then go to sleep there tackling at times also let them down and Brandwag could count themselves unlucky.

    7. Queens vs Kingswood 15-10
    Well after Queens lost to Grens last Saturday I thought Kingswood had a real chance but the scoreline flatters Kingswood here, Queens battled to round things off and there kicking for posts wash shocking but otherwise I thought they have the makings of a good team.

    8. Dale vs Graeme 22-13
    Dale won this although it was scrappy and some bad injuries at the beginning. Dale flyhalf played well but they will have to organize better going forward.

    Overall some good rugby but from what I saw nobody will beat Grey PE in the Eastern Cape this year, and the Border games this year will all be very close to hard to say who will come out on top there, will say the picture that was painted about Queens last week is not as bad as I thought they could do quite well.

    Player of the Day.
    Well saw some good talent but I think the Queens No 8 stood out for me really good strong fast tackles like a demon and gets everywhere.

  14. @rugbyfan: The Queens No 8 you speaking about is Jerry Danquah the Border Craven week wing I was wondering what he was doing at No 8 but wow what a No 8.

  15. @Ludz: I went to watch the QC Under14A and after last years pretty poor Under13A was expecting to find a weak side but what I saw was a very good team with some really big boys the pack was excellent the one lock is big enough to play for the 1st team so I was presently surprised things look good for the future what happened with the Under15A’s.

    Was at City Lords for half and hour to watch Under16A’s when I left they were trailing 12-3 but the ref kept on sending Queens boys off quality of the ref was very poor and the off the ball stuff by Kingswood was shocking to say the least.

  16. @QC86: Your son had a good game he is a strong young lad very impressed.

    Selborne were quite lucky but was impressed how they stuck it out and nailed it at the end.

  17. @Queenian: Sad to hear the off the ball stuff, KC boys know better than that! I think that may have been the only match we won ended 43-3 I am told.

  18. @beet: Yes sir. That game was my match of the day. It could’ve gone either way, the match became a contest mostly in the 2nd half. It was a battle of the backlines, with both teams having exceptional backline players. The Brandwag fullback(he was wearing a number 10 jesery), was exceptional and my player of the match.

    I think Brandwag let themselves down, but then again St Andrews wanted it more….What a game!

  19. @Wyvern: Sorry boet i missed that game,my youngest was playing on the B field,sadly :cry: @Queenian: thanx for the kind words,still settling in,lineouts were a mess,they scrummed well but early days for him.The Nico Malan hooker was the best hooker i saw on the day

  20. @Mike: Grey was best team on the day. I was watching them for the first time and i must say i was VERY impressed. Their flyhalf was brilliant, i think he kicked 40 something penalty at some stage of the game…great player!

    Reminded me of Lionel Cronje (Old Queenian)

  21. Graeme Collelge Rugby Day Results vs Kingswood:
    u14a won 37-5
    U15a won 55-0
    1st won 15-10

    Kingswood Derby Rugby Results:
    u14b won 55-17
    u16a lost 3-43
    u16b won 52-0
    2nd won 27-16
    3rd won 64-0
    4th won 56-0

    Queens only lost 1 rugby game and 1 hockey game vs Kingswood the whole weekend, great effort by the boys

  22. @rugbyfan: Eish! I couldn’t make it to Grahamstown…I was sabotaged by the wife…but I’ll get her back.

    Looks like it was a great day of schoolboy rugby. I see Dale had another scrappy win.They’d better be careful, or else they’ll get punished in the upcoming festivals.I hope the injuries suffered are nothing serious.

    Would have loved to see the Selborne-Framesby and SAC-Brandwag games from what I am reading.It seems the big EC derbies will be hotly contested this year, with maybe the Pansies being the team to beat.

  23. @Playa: Dale played well, its just that Graeme came to the party. I felt that Dale were also playing against the ref at certains times :(

    The Selborne vs Framesby match was scrappy for baboona, but i was impressed on how they absorbed pressure and scraped a win in the end.

    Grey “Pansies” are the team to beat bra. They played very against a good Marlow side. Unfortunately Marlow lost to a better team qha

  24. @Playa: No the injuries were to Graeme boys Dale played okay but like Queens should have closed things down a lot easier. They will both battle against big packs but there is hope for all 3 of the Border big teams.

    They just need to find there straps then they will spring a surprise a team or two.

  25. As long as Dale beats all the co-eds, Queens(in Kwt), Selborne(in Kwt), Grey, SAC and Kingswood it will be a good season. :-D

  26. @Queenian@Playa@Umtata: I presume it has something to do with the Dale u14’s who have joined KC this year…..
    The Jho saga did not help either :(

  27. @Playa: sounds like some of the Dale cricket players were made offers at their last game against Kingswood.

  28. @QC86: There is no truth in that. I think some of the Dale boys are up to mischief on their part too. In fact at the beginning of the year there were numerous Dale boys who were sending in their CV’s and calling the school on a weekly basis to try and secure a scholarship. Boys at KC were also being approached by their former peers to see how they too could get a scholarship :-?

  29. @QC86: I hope schools are mature enough to differentiate between rumours and fact. Was involved Friday where a schoolboy, who already had an “agent” at 17 said he was approached by the Sharks for 2016. At an amazing salary om R 150k per year.
    I know it is a sensitive matter and agree with Dale 100%. But please make sure of your facts.

  30. @QC86: Well watching the Queens Under 14 game vs Kingswood there were 3 Dale Under 13A boys from last year all though it did not help them much, the poor ex Dale boy playing centre never saw the ball.

    Also heard there that the one flank for Queens Under 14A was at Dale last year not sure how true that is, but there are definetly quite a few new kids in that Queens team saw them last year as Under13’s they were small and not good now in Under14’s they big and fast were they got the white boy playing lock I am not sure but at 195 and 96kg for Under14 he is big also was very active and quick. Lets see how long it takes the “Bulls” to recruit him.

  31. A few years back a similar situaton happened between SAC and QC. DC is now becoming a feeder school for KC. If the Kids were offered something at their last fixture then I agree with Dale, CANCEL that fixture.

  32. Although not officially cancelled, the coaching staff are fed up and they say they will fight hard to get the fixture cancelled. Perhaps a renewed Graeme fixture would come from this??? 8 boys have now left to go to Kingswood, whether on their own accord or through a bursary offer. Its a tricky situation…..doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that KC can offer alot more for a child these days than Dale, being a private school and all. One the one hand, I guess Dale is trying to stop the contact between the schools as after every fixture we tend to lose boys. On the other hand, Dale is not doing its part to provide a solid education anymore and needs to get its house in order before blaming other schools for poaching our boys. I personally wouldnt like to see the fixture cancelled, but I can also sympathise with the coaches who develop these boys only for them to produce fruits elsewhere. Very frustrating!

  33. @Dale College Per Ardua Ad Astra: I agree with you 100%. It would be very sad if the fixture were to be cancelled, although if it were to go ahead the 1st XV match (or any other for that matter) could get ugly if there were resentment.

  34. Ja i think it is gonna be a very heated affair if game is played!!! Guess we’ll have to wait and see


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