Wynberg Rugby Festival 2014

The Wynberg Rugby festival takes place on 01 and 03 May 2014


Thu.01May Bellville 31 21 Walvis Bay
Thu.01May Wynberg 51 05 Hugenote
Thu.01May Stellenberg 39 05 Pearson
Thu.01May Rondebosch 24 21 St John’s
Thu.01May Tygerberg 50 12 Windhoek
Thu.01May SACS 19 07 St David’s
Sat.03May Tygerberg 58 05 St David’s
Sat.03May Stellenberg 50 00 Windhoek
Sat.03May Rondebosch 29 08 Walvis Bay
Sat.03May SACS 24 45 St Andrew’s
Sat.03May Bellville 29 24 Pearson
Sat.03May Bishops 85 00 Hugenote
Sat.03May Wynberg 42 16 St John’s


Hawthornden 09h20 Thu 01/05/2014 1st XV Bellville Walvis Bay
Hawthornden 10h40 Thu 01/05/2014 1st XV Wynberg Hugenote
Hawthornden 12h00 Thu 01/05/2014 1st XV Stellenberg Pearson
Hawthornden 13h20 Thu 01/05/2014 1st XV Rondebosch St John’s
Hawthornden 14h40 Thu 01/05/2014 1st XV Tygerberg Windhoek
Hawthornden 16h00 Thu 01/05/2014 1st XV SACS St David’s
Silverhurst A 10h50 Thu 01/05/2014 u16A SACS St David’s
Silverhurst A 12h00 Thu 01/05/2014 2nd XV Wynberg Windhoek
Silverhurst A 13h10 Thu 01/05/2014 u16A Tygerberg Windhoek
Silverhurst A 15h30 Thu 01/05/2014 u16A Wynberg St Stithians
Silverhurst A 14h20 Thu 01/05/2014 u16A Rondebosch St John’s
Silverhurst B 11h00 Thu 01/05/2014 u15A Tygerberg Windhoek
Silverhurst B 12h00 Thu 01/05/2014 u15A Rondebosch St John’s
Silverhurst B 13h00 Thu 01/05/2014 u15A Wynberg St Stithians
Silverhurst B 14h00 Thu 01/05/2014 u15B Wynberg Walvis Bay u15A
Silverhurst B 15h00 Thu 01/05/2014 u15A SACS St David’s
Silverhurst C 11h00 Thu 01/05/2014 u14A Rondebosch St John’s
Silverhurst C 12h00 Thu 01/05/2014 u14A Tygerberg Windhoek
Silverhurst C 13h00 Thu 01/05/2014 u14A SACS St David’s
Silverhurst C 14h00 Thu 01/05/2014 u14A Wynberg St Stithians
Silverhurst C 15h00 Thu 01/05/2014 3rd XV Wynberg Walvis Bay
Hawthornden 08h00 Sat 03/05/2014 1st XV Tygerberg St David’s
Hawthornden 09h20 Sat 03/05/2014 1st XV Stellenberg Windhoek
Hawthornden 10h40 Sat 03/05/2014 1st XV Bellville Pearson
Hawthornden 12h00 Sat 03/05/2014 1st XV SACS St Andrew’s
Hawthornden 13h20 Sat 03/05/2014 1st XV Rondebosch Walvis Bay
Hawthornden 14h40 Sat 03/05/2014 1st XV Bishops Hugenote
Hawthornden 16h00 Sat 03/05/2014 1st XV Wynberg St John’s
Silverhurst A 08h55 Sat 03/05/2014 2nd XV Wynberg St Andrew’s
Silverhurst A 10h05 Sat 03/05/2014 u14A Tygerberg St David’s
Silverhurst A 11h05 Sat 03/05/2014 2nd XV Bishops Walvis Bay
Silverhurst A 12h15 Sat 03/05/2014 u14A Rondebosch Windhoek
Silverhurst A 13h15 Sat 03/05/2014 u14A Bishops St Stithians
Silverhurst A 14h15 Sat 03/05/2014 u14A Wynberg St John’s
Silverhurst A 15h15 Sat 03/05/2014 u14A SACS St Andrew’s
Silverhurst B 10h20 Sat 03/05/2014 u16A Rondebosch Windhoek
Silverhurst B 11h30 Sat 03/05/2014 u16A Bishops St Stithians
Silverhurst B 12h40 Sat 03/05/2014 2nd XV Bishops Windhoek
Silverhurst B 13h50 Sat 03/05/2014 u16A SACS St Andrew’s
Silverhurst B 15h00 Sat 03/05/2014 u16A Tygerberg St David’s
Silverhurst B 09h10 Sat 03/05/2014 u16A Wynberg St John’s
Silverhurst C 10h15 Sat 03/05/2014 u15A Bishops St Stithians
Silverhurst C 11h15 Sat 03/05/2014 u15A SACS St Andrew’s
Silverhurst C 12h15 Sat 03/05/2014 u15A Tygerberg St David’s
Silverhurst C 13h15 Sat 03/05/2014 u15A Wynberg St John’s
Silverhurst C 14h15 Sat 03/05/2014 u15A Rondebosch Windhoek
Silverhurst C 15h15 Sat 03/05/2014 u15B Bishops Walvis Bay u15A


  1. Grassy, here’s our chance to catch some schoolboy rugga action.Not missing this one. I’ll be there for the Rondebosch vs St John’s game on Thursday, and Saturday will see me starting the day with the SACS vs St Andrews game. Hopefully the weather stays dry at the slopes of Table Mountain.

  2. Quite a few mismatches here but will pop over the road this arvo to have a look…

  3. Some scores
    Bellville 31 Walvis Bay 21
    Wynberg 53 Hugenote 5
    Stellenberg beat Pearson but I cannot remember the core.

    I watched the Wynberg game and most of the Stellenberg/Pearson game – which was the best game of the day to me. The score did not reflect how close the teams were. Stellenberg were more structured with speed out wide, Pearson with more individual flair. The no 3 for Pearson was brilliant, particularly with ball in hand. As a retreaded hooker he would be brilliant.

    The Wynberg game was a bit to easy for the hosts. The coaches should however be a little worried about the front row reserves. When the replacement hooker/prop came on the team went backwards in the scrums and it upset the rhythm of the team. Against a PR or PG if one of the first choice props go off they could be in big trouble. I am not sure if there are any players out, hopefully there is another prop in the mix somewhere.

    I watched a lot if the lower age groups and there were some good contests. Big mismatch at under 16 where SACS beat St Davids 91 – 0.

  4. @Toffee: Score was 39-5 for Stellenberg. Good observation on the Wynberg scrums after the subs came on, noticed the same. This is definitely one of the better Wynberg sides I have seen in the past few years, well coached going forward, but they also look a bit disorganized going backwards. Timm is also one of the biggest units I have seen in SBR, but he will have to up his work rate and Martin will have to have his kicking boots on for the big games. Frylink and the 6 flank had a good game, worth a mention.

  5. I wasn’t there but these are the results obtained from rugby365
    Tygerberg vs St David’s, 58 – 5
    Stellenberg vs Windhoek High School, 50-0
    Rondebosch vs Walvis Bay, 29-8
    St Andrew’s vs SACS, 43-24
    Bishops vs Hugenote, 85-0
    Wynberg vs St John’s, 42-16
    Bellville vs Pearson, 29-24
    Jan van Riebeeck vs Somerset College, 33-6

  6. I watched a few hours of the 2nd day and particularly enjoyed St Andrews/Sacs first teams as well as the under 16 game between these two schools.

    St Andrews have a well balance team with a number of players who can break the line fairly easily. Great centre combination but the player that stood out for me was the St Andrews hooker. He has a very high work rate and besides his cleaning out, lineout throwing etc. he carried the ball so well and I am almost sure he made the most yards on the day. He reminded me so much of Schalk Brits but perhaps a little more physical.

    In the under 16 game St Andrews started well but SACS have a big pack of forwards who dominated. This SACS team could surprise a few of the Boland teams.


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