Schoolboy rugby player’s image rights

There is this fun video released on YouTube about a week ago,  showing highlights of Paul Roos’ Namibian born sensation Jurenzo Julius. Very well done to pay respect to one of the players who has certainly left a lasting impression and sparked all sorts of discussions about his future potential and whether SARU can make a plan to hold onto him.

Here’s the video if you’re one of the few who has not seen it:

SuperSport production material is used to made the highlights reel.

Anyways one comment made below the Youtube vid was by Kelvin Watt who is a hotshot at Supersport, so it was really cool to see him endorse it as something positive that adds to the schoolboy rugby community and the product they are trying to grow, rather than feel threatened by it.

Kelvin Watt
4 days ago
Great to see you guys using our SuperSport Schools content! #TimetoShine

Prior to that one of the discussions was a “what if”.

What if SuperSport does not approve of someone using their footage or ven if they did not mind, what if the player is not happy with the arrangement. Where does the player stand in all this, especially if there is commercial gain to be had out of the mini highlights production.

So briefly off the net when you browse:

What are images rights?

Image rights concern the various rights an individual holds in their own persona (including their name, photo and likeness, signature, personal brand, slogans or logos etc).

It’s a big deal in senior professional sports but not contracted or tested amongst minors who are meant to be amateurs.

Here is a bit of legal help I got with a hypothetical question about a school player and a large broadcaster regarding names, images, and likenesses (NIL)

Here are clearly NIL issues which vest in the player, although remember that he is a minor, so his parents/guardians would have to consent. The broadcaster obviously deal with it in the basis that the player is getting value in the sense that he is being featured and marketed for free and so that increases his exposure for future employment/selection.
But much like the college players in the USA the courts have ruled that the amateur players are allowed to conclude NIL deals and I suspect that would be followed here


  1. @PRondersteuner: ek kan onthou dat die persoon wat Next gen 15 run op n tyd BAIE crap gekry het van n seker skole rugby fees maatskappy (nie digitv) dit het gegaan oor hulle digitale regte en so aan ,daardie fees lyk my het genadiglik dood geloop….

  2. Last year all parents at PRG had to sign a form to give permission for exactly this type of thing. It had to do with the POPI Act.


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