School Rugby fixtures & results – week ending 02 April 2022

Mon.28Mar Maritzburg College 47 13 Ligbron Fichardtpark Rugby Festival
Mon.28Mar Menlopark 15 31 Drostdy NMI Toyota Menlyn Noord-Suid
Mon.28Mar Grey College 57 37 Waterkloof NMI Toyota Menlyn Noord-Suid
Mon.28Mar Garsfontein 19 19 HJS Paarl BH NMI Toyota Menlyn Noord-Suid
Mon.28Mar Robertson 17 19 Sentraal Oakdale Rugby Week
Mon.28Mar Alberton 23 12 Vredendal Oakdale Rugby Week
Mon.28Mar Vryburg 32 14 Parel Vallei Oakdale Rugby Week
Mon.28Mar Westering 25 19 Oudtshoorn Oakdale Rugby Week
Mon.28Mar Oosterlig 05 29 Montagu Oakdale Rugby Week
Mon.28Mar Oos-Moot 13 12 Swartland Oakdale Rugby Week
Mon.28Mar Jeugland 10 22 Augsburg Oakdale Rugby Week
Mon.28Mar Hermanus 19 12 Kempton Park Oakdale Rugby Week
Mon.28Mar Graaff-Reinet VS 07 15 Landboudal Oakdale Rugby Week
Mon.28Mar Hugenote 00 17 Lichtenburg Oakdale Rugby Week
Mon.28Mar Merensky 34 05 Overberg Oakdale Rugby Week
Mon.28Mar Strand 35 12 Upington Oakdale Rugby Week
Mon.28Mar Ellisras 17 15 Bredasdorp Oakdale Rugby Week
Mon.28Mar Brackenfell 27 14 Potch Gim Oakdale Rugby Week
Mon.28Mar Zwartkop 12 24 Langenhoven Gim Oakdale Rugby Week
Mon.28Mar Pearson 11 05 Rustenburg Oakdale Rugby Week
Mon.28Mar Diamantveld 23 27 Brandwag (Uitenhage) Oakdale Rugby Week
Mon.28Mar Boland Landbou 51 14 Presentation Bros College (Ire) Tour of Ireland
Mon.28Mar Tygerberg 26 10 Vredenburg TSRF
Mon.28Mar Ashton 24 33 Paulus Joubert TSRF
Mon.28Mar De Kuilen 26 00 Stellenbosch TSRF
Mon.28Mar Knysna 00 30 Noorder Paarl TSRF
Mon.28Mar HTS Bellville 36 10 Alexander Road TSRF
Mon.28Mar DF Malan 55 00 Klein Nederburg TSRF
Mon.28Mar Schoonspruit 17 25 Monument Park TSRF
Mon.28Mar Kasselsvlei 12 14 Cederberg Academy TSRF
Mon.28Mar Porterville 19 07 Jakes Gerwel Tech TSRF
Mon.28Mar Weston 17 24 Excelsior TSRF
Mon.28Mar Cillié 12 21 Piketberg TSRF
Mon.28Mar Fairmont 07 46 Otto du Plessis TSRF
Mon.28Mar Paarl Gim Eagles 37 05 DF Malan B TSRF
Mon.28Mar HTS Bellville B 15 12 Tygerberg B TSRF
Mon.28Mar Brackenfell XV 31 00 Scottsdene TSRF
Mon.28Mar Scottsville 05 54 Groenberg TSRF
Mon.28Mar Cambridge 05 32 Union Union Rugby Festival
Mon.28Mar Stirling 05 07 Winterberg
Tue.29Mar Jim Fouche 37 05 Hans Moore Glenwood Festival
Tue.29Mar Voortrekker (Beth) 07 10 Wesvalia Glenwood Festival
Tue.29Mar Pionier 03 62 Montana Glenwood Festival
Tue.29Mar Clermont 12 36 Louis Botha Glenwood Festival
Tue.29Mar Grey College Inv 12 17 DHS Inv Glenwood Festival
Tue.29Mar Goudveld 15 24 Heidelberg VS Glenwood Festival
Tue.29Mar EG Jansen 24 42 Stellenberg NMI Toyota Menlyn Noord-Suid
Tue.29Mar Monument 41 18 Oakdale NMI Toyota Menlyn Noord-Suid
Tue.29Mar Glenwood 17 64 Paarl Gim NMI Toyota Menlyn Noord-Suid
Tue.29Mar Helpmekaar 30 23 Paul Roos NMI Toyota Menlyn Noord-Suid
Tue.29Mar Noordheuwel 35 22 Welkom Gim NMI Toyota Menlyn Noord-Suid
Tue.29Mar Affies 73 06 Durbanville NMI Toyota Menlyn Noord-Suid
Wed.30Mar Hamiltons 22 14 Secunda North-South Derby
Wed.30Mar Worcester Gim 45 31 Marais Viljoen North-South Derby
Wed.30Mar Hopefield 17 43 Transvalia North-South Derby
Wed.30Mar Kearsney 41 40 Eldoraigne North-South Derby
Wed.30Mar Daniel Pienaar 09 17 Klerksdorp North-South Derby
Wed.30Mar Drostdy 40 31 Middelburg North-South Derby
Wed.30Mar Hermanus 08 14 Landboudal Oakdale Rugby Week
Wed.30Mar Swartland 10 07 Sentraal Oakdale Rugby Week
Wed.30Mar Zwartkop 24 17 Parel Vallei Oakdale Rugby Week
Wed.30Mar Jeugland 10 09 Westering Oakdale Rugby Week
Wed.30Mar Oudtshoorn 07 42 Oosterlig Oakdale Rugby Week
Wed.30Mar Robertson 28 45 Oos-Moot Oakdale Rugby Week
Wed.30Mar Diamantveld 34 12 Pearson Oakdale Rugby Week
Wed.30Mar Upington 26 26 Kempton Park Oakdale Rugby Week
Wed.30Mar Brackenfell 10 22 Merensky Oakdale Rugby Week
Wed.30Mar Vryburg 32 14 Potch Gim Oakdale Rugby Week
Wed.30Mar Hugenote 38 14 Langenhoven Gim Oakdale Rugby Week
Wed.30Mar Vredendal 33 20 Bredasdorp Oakdale Rugby Week
Wed.30Mar Strand 26 29 Rustenburg Oakdale Rugby Week
Wed.30Mar Alberton 10 30 Overberg Oakdale Rugby Week
Wed.30Mar Graaff- Reinet 26 17 Montagu Oakdale Rugby Week
Wed.30Mar Ellisras 12 19 Augsburg Oakdale Rugby Week
Wed.30Mar Die Brandwag 36 18 Lichtenburg Oakdale Rugby Week
Wed.30Mar Boland Landbou 80 07 Castelroy College (Ire) Tour of Ireland
Wed.30Mar Groenberg 18 18 Monument Park TSRF
Wed.30Mar Cederberg Academy 17 22 Jakes Gerwel Tech TSRF
Wed.30Mar De Kuilen 12 10 Klein Nederburg TSRF
Wed.30Mar Knysna 12 19 Vredenburg TSRF
Wed.30Mar HTS Bellville 25 12 Stellenbosch TSRF
Wed.30Mar Tygerberg 46 14 Piketberg TSRF
Wed.30Mar Porterville 65 03 Cillié TSRF
Wed.30Mar Kasselsvlei 12 17 Ashton TSRF
Wed.30Mar Excelsior 07 22 Paulus Joubert TSRF
Wed.30Mar Otto du Plessis 31 24 Schoonspruit TSRF
Wed.30Mar Fairmont 03 29 Alexander Road TSRF
Wed.30Mar Brackenfell XV 48 00 De Kuilen B TSRF
Wed.30Mar Noorder Paarl 19 31 DF Malan TSRF
Wed.30Mar HTS Bellville B 05 29 Paarl Gim Eagles TSRF
Wed.30Mar Scottsdene 15 28 Tygerberg B TSRF
Wed.30Mar Scottsville 05 31 Weston TSRF
Thu.31Mar DHS Inv 15 10 Goudveld Glenwood Festival
Thu.31Mar Voortrekker (Beth) 12 00 Montana Glenwood Festival
Thu.31Mar KZN Development 00 57 Jim Fouche Glenwood Festival
Thu.31Mar Louis Botha 21 22 Hans Moore Glenwood Festival
Thu.31Mar Grey College Inv 24 07 Heidelberg VS Glenwood Festival
Thu.31Mar Pionier 18 19 Wesvalia Glenwood Festival
Thu.31Mar Westville 22 20 Queen’s Grey Rugby Festival
Thu.31Mar Nico Malan 12 20 KES Grey Rugby Festival
Thu.31Mar Framesby 19 00 Jeppe Grey Rugby Festival
Thu.31Mar Outeniqua 40 07 Selborne Grey Rugby Festival
Thu.31Mar St Andrew’s 05 42 Bishops Grey Rugby Festival
Thu.31Mar Grey HS 41 09 SACS Grey Rugby Festival
Thu.31Mar Parktown 05 20 Northwood Grey Rugby Festival
Thu.31Mar Kingswood 12 19 Michaelhouse Grey Rugby Festival
Thu.31Mar Woodridge 55 00 Andrew Rabie Grey Rugby Festival
Thu.31Mar Hudson Park 28 03 Despatch Grey Rugby Festival
Thu.31Mar Graeme 18 24 Rondebosch Grey Rugby Festival
Thu.31Mar Muir 23 00 Ithembelihle Grey Rugby Festival
Thu.31Mar Daniel Pienaar 10 40 Transvalia North-South Derby
Thu.31Mar Klein Nederburg 07 67 Eldoraigne North-South Derby
Thu.31Mar Worcester Gim 38 29 Middelburg North-South Derby
Thu.31Mar Hopefield 14 22 Secunda North-South Derby
Thu.31Mar Drostdy 33 15 Klerksdorp North-South Derby
Thu.31Mar Kearsney 16 17 Marais Viljoen North-South Derby
Fri.01Apr Boland Landbou 52 00 Corinthians RFC (Ire) Tour of Ireland
Sat.02Apr Jim Fouche 08 27 Montana Glenwood Festival
Sat.02Apr Louis Botha 07 17 Heidelberg VS Glenwood Festival
Sat.02Apr Voortrekker (Beth) 61 00 Clermont Glenwood Festival
Sat.02Apr Grey College Inv 52 03 Hans Moore Glenwood Festival
Sat.02Apr DHS Inv 07 05 Wesvalia Glenwood Festival
Sat.02Apr Pionier 07 22 Goudveld Glenwood Festival
Sat.02Apr Muir 19 15 Parktown Grey Rugby Festival
Sat.02Apr Jeppe 17 13 Rondebosch Grey Rugby Festival
Sat.02Apr Brandwag (Uitenhage) 10 26 Hudson Park Grey Rugby Festival
Sat.02Apr Selborne 19 18 Framesby Grey Rugby Festival
Sat.02Apr Outeniqua 20 31 Bishops Grey Rugby Festival
Sat.02Apr Grey HS 22 15 KES Grey Rugby Festival
Sat.02Apr Graeme 15 00 Despatch Grey Rugby Festival
Sat.02Apr Queen’s 14 15 SACS Grey Rugby Festival
Sat.02Apr Grey Unicorns 07 48 Outeniqua 2nd XV Grey Rugby Festival
Sat.02Apr Nico Malan 20 23 Northwood Grey Rugby Festival
Sat.02Apr Westville 21 07 Kingswood Grey Rugby Festival
Sat.02Apr St Andrew’s 17 15 Michaelhouse Grey Rugby Festival
Sat.02Apr Daniel Pienaar 13 46 Secunda North-South Derby
Sat.02Apr Kearsney 15 35 Middelburg North-South Derby
Sat.02Apr Worcester Gim 36 12 Klerksdorp North-South Derby
Sat.02Apr Drostdy 45 25 Marais Viljoen North-South Derby
Sat.02Apr Hopefield Eldoraigne North-South Derby
Sat.02Apr New Orleans Transvalia North-South Derby
Sat.02Apr St John’s 55 18 St Benedict’s


  1. @beet: A bad practice re-surfaced again at the Noord-Suid tournament. Three from our u/15 players were lured to your alma mater with lucrative offers made to them after the event. I know it is still the pupil and his parents decision but exploiting kids with unrealistic promises to change from schools in the middle of the year, will always be wrong (my opinion). Fortunately only three of the five took on the offer to move.

  2. @Jakkals: Dankie Jakkals. Ons afrigters is Kirstie Odendaal en Louw de Waal. Louw is ook ons algemene rugby organiseerder. Ons het ‘n biokinetikus wat help met die kondisionering. ‘n Paar afrigters het ongelukkig aanbeweeg laas jaar. Middies speel in die plaat afdeling, so ons sien baie uit na die jaar. Ons speel ook weer ‘n derby teen HTS hierdie jaar. Ons mag julle dalk in die PUK super sestien sien as dinge so uitwerk.

  3. @CharlesZA: Scary hoeveel talent ons op skoolvlak het…veral in die Kaap. Tussen PRG, die twee Perel skole, Stellenberg deesdae en dan kom ander Kaapse skole ook nou weer sterk deur. Al wat ons nou kort is talent op administratiewe vlak om al hierdie talent te bestuur.

  4. @Middies pa: Middies lyk goed. Hoe lyk julle Rugby program? Het julle Direkteur van Rugby, Kondisionerings persoon, gym en die hele works? Wie is die hoof afrigter?

  5. @beet: Thanks for the accolades but we had the Drosdy game in hand and we let it go. We know Nellies and the Rotte and are ready for them. We are really looking forward towards the derby. It will be a good one.

  6. @beet: Hopefully the boys will be up for it. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst tomorrow. The game against Framesby on day 2 will be a cracker.

  7. @Rainier: Looking at this Hudson team when they were u14 and u15 they could possibly be the strongest side in the schools history. I’m not counting out Despatch, especially considering the good team they had in 2019, but this Hudson team could upset some of the big dogs at this festival.

    Although I won’t complain if Despatch prove me wrong :lol:

  8. @Palma: Selborne has another tough assignment. I’m looking forward to watching Tiaan Jacobs. I think he’s shown a few signs of being able to play dominant rugby.

  9. @Middies pa: No ways! Wow. I heard Middies have some decent players. I’m guessing that Nelspruit will be favourites to win a NV division trophy this year but maybe a title chasing year for Middies as well? And of course there is also the highlight of the big derby on 14 May to look forward to.

  10. Geluk aan Drosdy met wen oor Middies. Middies moet onthou ‘n wedstryd bestaan uit twee helftes. Om terug te kom 31 – 0 en wen 40 – 31 is ‘n pluimpie in Donkies hoedens. Middies het ‘n uitstekende eerste 30 gehad. Mooi manne, iets om op voort te bou.

  11. The Grey High festival is looking to be a cracker this year. Just wish Hudson Park got a more difficult fixture on the first day.

  12. @beet: when my boy attended Grey they had to do a baseline head trauma assesment before the start of each season with a neurologist, this was then used to measure any symptoms of concussion after a shot to the head during a game ,this was done the monday after …

  13. @Jong Matie: I was speaking to some mates about this. The rugby boys may have missed out on the best part of two year but the intensity of the collisions do seem to be up on what SBR has experienced in the past.

    It is perhaps the influence on coaches and players of URC tactics as opposed to the more openness of Super Rugby.

    It is bound to lead to a higher injury rate though. So perhaps having a number of players sidelined may not be that unusual in a few months time.

    I know the former Grey Bloem head coach Wessel du Plessis who in addition to his 1st XV responsibility, also oversaw the rugby training programme for the entire school, was always particularly concerned about player welfare / overplaying his boys. And Grey are known to have the best conditioned players in SA.

  14. Goeie wen van Affies oor Durbanville. Goeie wen van Helpies oor Paul Roos. Nie seker of Paul Roos hulle 1ste span na die Noord Suid festival gebring het nie.


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