Grey Rugby Festival 2022

The Grey High Rugby Festival is returning with a bit of oomph!

An objective of  a school sports festival is to bring together schools from around the country and in this respect the organisers from the Friendly City have done a first class job.

Four well-known Western Cape schools (including Outeniqua), three top Gauteng English-medium boys’ high schools and three of KZNs top league schools join many of the Eastern Cape elite rugby schools.

Outeniqua from George have opted against the costly trip to Pretoria to be part of the Noord-Suid tournament and are now set to add great schoolboy rugby viewing value to the Grey High School Rugby Festival.


Day 1 : Thu 31-Mar-2022
Philip 1 Westville 22 20 Queen’s
Philip 2 Nico Malan 12 20 KES
Philip 3 Framesby 19 00 Jeppe
Philip 4 Outeniqua 40 07 Selborne
Philip 5 St Andrew’s 05 42 Bishops
Philip 6 Grey HS 41 09 SACS
Pollock 1 Parktown 05 20 Northwood
Pollock 2 Kingswood 12 19 Michaelhouse
Pollock 3 Woodridge 55 00 Andrew Rabie
Pollock 4 Hudson Park 28 03 Despatch
Pollock 5 Graeme 18 24 Rondebosch
Pollock 6 Muir 23 00 Ithembelihle
Day 2 : Sat 02-Apr-2022
Philip 1 Muir 19 15 Parktown
Philip 2 Jeppe 17 13 Rondebosch
Philip 3 Brandwag (Uitenhage) 10 26 Hudson Park
Philip 4 Selborne 19 18 Framesby
Philip 5 Outeniqua 20 31 Bishops
Philip 6 Grey HS 22 15 KES
Pollock 1 Graeme 15 00 Despatch
Pollock 2 Queen’s 14 15 SACS
Pollock 3 Grey Unicorns 07 48 Outeniqua 2nd XV
Pollock 4 Nico Malan 20 23 Northwood
Pollock 5 Westville 21 07 Kingswood
Pollock 6 St Andrew’s 17 15 Michaelhouse


  1. A great festival yet again from Grey. Heartbreaking for Queens, they are a lot better than those two losses suggest.

  2. Dit is goed om te sien dat skolerugby nie net gaan oor hoe groter hoe beter hoe sterker nie.
    Baie goeie oorwinning vir Bishops.


  3. @beet: yes Beet. It were not a decision taken lightly. So new opposition bring new challenges. At least I am now only 200km from the action. :lol:

  4. @Arend: Yeah I miss them at Noord Suid esp since they were one of the first big schools to commit when the tournament was still growing but great see the attraction value they will add at Grey HS Fest.

    Also I think there was a budget consideration. I’m sure the parents who otherwise would have had to fork out big bucks to be part of the Pretoria experience are appreciative of the decisions made.


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